so awkward poor thing


Your “hapy” picture with camel, 5 piastras

quicksilver-ace  asked:

Some actor things for my favorite British asshole: Hakuba can't actually flirt. He tried hitting on Aoko and ended up stuck in bed for a week because he twisted his ankle. He, Hattori, and Kuroba are actually really good friends, Kudo is the one who doesn't like him. He wears brown contacts. He's really f-in awkward, the poor thing And finally, he's actually afraid of large birds. PS Love your AU~ <3


Okay, first of all. Hakuba. unable to flirt? YES PLEASE? hE is the dorkiest dork! So shy and awkward! Poor thing, save him! 

Hey, if he’s afraid of big birds he’s a really brave guy cause… he had to hold Watson for a while in DC????? WHAT A BRAVE BOY

And are you telling me… that my nerd son Shinichi, my pure cinnamon roll, the same guy who doesn’t know how bras work… that guy… does not like Hakuba? I’m feeling attacked right now??? lmao