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"Sure" Haechan Imagine (school au)

You dragged your feet as you made your way to the bus stop. Your eyes were heavy and your lips formed a subconscious pout. It was Friday and you literally never worked harder than you did this week. All you could think of was your bed and how much you missed it.

As you plopped down in the bus stop bench you saw someone approach from your peripheral. When they sat down you realized it was Donghyuck, the boy from your chemistry class. “Hey.” he grinned.

You immediately straightened up your posture, not wanting to seem as utterly dead as you were. “Hi.” You said before clearing you throat.

“Stressful week?” His beautifully brown eyes starred at you with inquiry. You nodded as you swiftly broke eye contact.

“I don’t usually see you waiting here.” He observed your defeated figure as he spoke.

“I’m I left school kinda late. Usually I catch the early bus. I’m just a bit out of it.” You mumbled.

Donghyuck’s eyes were glued to your lips as you spoke.

“Ah,I see. My friends and I were gonna get some ice cream. I wanted to see if you could come…….some friends from Chem.” He rambled while scratching at the nape of his neck.

You looked ahead with wide eyes. The bus pulled up as you began to reply. “I’m not that tired. I can come I guess.” you said in attempt to play it off.

“Are you sure? You seem really tired.” He asked as he stood up for the bus.

You quickly nodded and stood up while reaching for your bag. Donghyuck’s eyes quickly adverted to your bag and he grabbed it before you.

Your skin heated up as you watched him walk towards the bus. He turned back and smiled at you as you practically froze.

When you found seats on the bus, Donghyuck scooted closer to you,making room for anyone who walked the isles.

You tried your best to act unbothered but when you gazed over you noticed his beautiful skin, unbearable wide eyes and that you were getting carried away.

When you readjusted yourself on the seat he did too. “So what type of ice cream do you like?” He turned to face you completely.

“Um” you inhaled. “Vanilla is pretty good.” you said while looking out the window.

Donghyuck chuckled at you. “What?” You questioned with furrowed eyebrows.

“That’s such a boring flavor but at least now I know what to get you.” He chuckled again while nodding his head.

Donghyuck slid his phone out and popped one earbud in. As he handed you the other you started at his hand and then up at his face. He gestured towards you again before you took it.

You nodded to the mellow music as he hummed to himself. At the time you couldn’t decide which one was more soothing the song playing or his humming.

Your eyes grew heavier and heavier as the song continued. Your head inevitably landed it Donghyuck’s shoulder as the bus shook passengers side to side. He didn’t move one inch as you rested on him. He continued to hum as you were then surely sleep.


A gentle hand patted your head, in attempt to wake you up. Your eyes shot open quickly after the contact. “This is our stop.” Donghyuck said as he stood up with your bag. You followed him off the bus trying to gain awareness of your surroundings.

“You must have stayed up late last night.” Donghyuck said as he opened the door to the ice cream shop for you. You laughed to yourself as you entered the shop.

“We’re kind of early.” He said as he sat the both of your bags down at a table. “Wanna go to the arcade?” He asked cheerfully.

“Sure.” You said in the middle of sitting down.

Throughout the time you were in the arcade Donghyuck managed to bet you that if he won at air hockey you’d have to try his favorite ice cream flavor. You maintained a tie for the majority of the game but Donghyuck ended up scoring the game winning point.

You dropped your head in defeated as he started to victory dance. “So close.” You pouted to yourself. He ran around the table to tease you more.

“Good game.” He laughed

He lifted your head by tipping your chin up. He looked directly into your eyes. “Yo-” he began to speak in a lower tone but failed to finish. There was a sweet moment of silence where Donghyuck seemed dumbfounded by something you couldn’t discover.

As he realized what was happening he quickly removed his hand from your chin. “I’ll still get you vanilla if you want.” He began to fumble with his fingers. “I’m not really hungry. I think I’d waste it.” You said while leaning on the hockey table.

“Then lets share. I’ll eat vanilla too. It’s fine.” Donghyuck seemed to answer all of your questions before you could get them out.

As you looked over at the cafe section of the store you saw your classmates arriving. The two of you greeted them and stood in line to order.

“You guys had a little date at the cafe huh?” Your classmate said while nudging at you and Donghyuck.

Donghyuck laughed frantically at the comment. “A date? What are you saying?” He shook his head.

You observed his body language and forced a laugh.

When you all finally got the ice cream he ate slowly making sure that there was enough for you. He carefully watched you and occasionally asked if you needed anything else. Your classmates made snarky comments about the two of you, which made you more conscious of your actions.

You could tell Donghyuck was becoming uncomfortable and you became concerned. It was too late to start defending him, you thought. You thought you should just leave to lighten the mood for him.

You began to gather your things quickly. “Uh guys it’s getting late I have to go.” Donghyuck shot you a surprised look as he watched you commence departure.

“Uh I-me too.” He quickly followed you out with his bag. “Are you alright?” He asked while walking with you.

“Yeah, their comments kind of bothered me.” You said nonchalantly.

“What? The comments they made about us dating?” He asked nervously.

“Yeah.” You replied.

“That was a bit awkward.” He chuckled to himself causing you to laugh.

You nodded as you continued to walk. “But was it because you wouldn’t date me?” He asked innocently.

You stopped in your tracks. “What?” You questioned.

He stood in front of you with his head facing the pavement. “Did it make you uncomfortable because you wouldn’t date me? I mean like, do you like me?” He snuck the second question in.

“Yeah, I like you a lot. But how come we can’t hang out without people assuming things?” You trailed off.

“If I were them I’d assume too.” He snickered to himself.

“What was that?” You lifted your chin to him.

“I’d assume we are dating too because we look cute together.” He quickly spoke before taking steps towards you.

You didn’t speak as your face heated up. A smile played across your lips as he got closer. He allowed his nose to graze yours before letting his lips come into contact with yours. You closed your eyes and pecked back. There was an absence of contact that caused you to open your eyes.

You saw Donghyuck in the distance, waving with a huge grin on his face.
You huffed childishly and began to run after him. You chased him to the bus stop and he fell on the bench in defeat. “Thank you for making the Friday so good.” You shook him as he pretended he was sleep.

“No thank you.“ He opened his eyes as the bus arrived. You crammed onto the bus feeling more energized than the last time.

Twist of Fate (Pt 2)

Hey guys! Part 2 is finally here after days of procrastination and exams! I quite like the direction of the plot so far. It’s something I’ve never seen before which is nice. Hope you all enjoy!

Part 1 : Here

               Betty finally spoke out, praying for the moment to finally be over. Jughead’s face flushed red as he remembered she didn’t know her way around.

               "Sorry, sorry. Um, yeah it’s right through here.“ The beanie-clad boy stumbled over his words, eventually managing to form a coherent sentence. He looked over at his new roommate and noticed her eyes shining in amusement. They were walking past the open lounge area and into a hallway that consisted of 3 doors. One, that Betty assumed held residency of Jughead, had a large poster on the outside of "A Rebel Without a Cause”. Betty stopped, entranced by the poster.

               "You like “A Rebel Without a Cause”?“ She asked, studying the poster more thoroughly. It wasn’t a promotional poster, it looked like it was made for some place called the Twilight Drive-In. Betty had heard of that place, it was in the next town over called Greendale. She often went there and put in some suggestions but soon heard it got closed down due to lack of funding.

               "Yeah, I’m a sucker for the classics. Don’t get me wrong, Nicholas Ray did a great job. But I’m more of a Tarantino guy myself. I don’t know what is it but I find something so intoxicatingly beautiful about his work. It’s always a masterpiece, you can tell this guy loves what he does. I don’t know, I guess I just respect that. True art forms.” Jughead babbles on whilst Betty listened, intrigued by the topic. He was shocked that she hadn’t even looked the least bit bored. He’d never gotten this far before without either being told to shut up or boring people half to death.

               "I fully agree! As a kid I used to love “Pulp Fiction” but lately I’ve been more about the “Kill Bill” series. And although Tarantino is possibly the best director in this generation, I’ll always have a soft spot for Ray. I wish I could’ve lived in the 50s.“ Betty responds with enthusiasm and actual knowledge. Jughead is shocked. He can’t help but crack out a goofy grin, maybe this roommate wouldn’t be so unbearable. Although, nothing could be worse than Archie Andrews. "Also, is this from the Twilight Drive-In?” Betty thought it was a long shot but she had to ask, it was all too familiar.

               "Yeah, how did you know that?“ He quipped, wondering how on earth she knew the place he’d spent his entire childhood. Jughead was very defensive over his childhood. It was filled with a lot of heartbreak, betrayal and distrust. He was born into a house that lacked solidarity. His father was a raging alcoholic; his mother was a selfish, egotistical maniac that shouldn’t have been graced with the ability to reproduce. His sister was the only stability that Jughead could grasp on to. Jellybean was the only thing that he stuck around for.

               The drive-in was an important part of his childhood. He would sneak himself and JB through the back and into the crowd, just to spend at least an hour or two away from their parents. Jellybean never got enough sleep, neither did Jughead. The arguing, the smashing of fragile objects, the crying. Sometimes it got too much. His dad would come home one night, reeking of cheap booze and cigarette smoke, and then his mother would snap.

               The drive-in offered clarity and escape for the two children. Though it was short lived when social services caught the bruises on Jughead and the burns on JB. Nothing was said but the police knew what had been happening. The Jones name had a reputation in the town of Greendale. The family with the town drunk, the selfish bitch, the outcast boy and the sweet little girl. It wasn’t longer before both kids were put into the social system and separated.

               How he got the poster was another story. One he isn’t quite proud of but it needed to happen. When his 3rd foster family had refused to shelter him any further, he ran away. Jughead went back to Greendale. He didn’t know what he was expecting, he had been gone for 6 years and as a 16 year old he didn’t exactly look the same. He tried finding his parents and instead found a sight that broke his heart.

               At the drive-in, Jughead saw his father’s old truck. He aimlessly walked over, expecting to see him passed out in the back. But instead he saw his father who looked cleaned up and sober, his mother who was smiling, cuddled next to her husband. But the sight that broke his heart the most, Jellybean wrapped up in both of their arms, looking like a completely different kid.

               Jughead didn’t bother staying to watch the movie. Not even "A Rebel Without a Cause” could make him stay. He had been cheated, rejected and most importantly, he had been broken. Even his own family can’t stand to have him around. Ripping a poster from the wall, he made his way to a destination he was uncertain of. With hot tears stinging the frozen skin of his face, he wondered why no one had the capability to love him.

               "I used to go there all of the time as a teenager. I loved it there.“ Betty gushed, not turning to look at Jughead but instead focusing her attention on the poster. It’s not like Jughead kept it up there to torture himself, it was a powerful reminder that the past is the past . And although it may be painful, it helped us to get where we are now. Betty turned around to the door opposite Jughead’s, noticing the bright yellow post-it note on the door saying "Betty Cooper’s Room”. The handwriting was messy but Betty found it charming.

               "Ah, yeah. That’s your room. The room down the hall, just there, is my office.“ Jughead pushed open Betty’s door and helped her to carry her stuff inside. The room was moderately large. It was about the size of Betty’s room back home, maybe a tad larger. The walls were neatly painted a pastel green that looked almost white. It was furnished with all the necessities; a bed, a walk in wardrobe, a desk and a tall lamp tucked away in the corner. She seemed to have her own bathroom as well. A low set window sill was parallel to her bed, it was very wide. Betty already had ideas of all the aesthetic Instagram photos she could take. The view was incredible.

               "This room is beautiful. Are you sure the rent is high enough?” Betty stared, doe-eyed. Jughead didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t tell the truth, not yet. Instead he merely shrugged, offering her a boyish smirk. “That’s not exactly an answer Mr…” Betty trailed off, suddenly realizing she didn’t even know her own roommates last name. Then again, they had only met 10 minutes ago.

               "Jones. It’s Mr. Jones.“ Jughead offered, still smirking at the blonde haired girl stood in front of him. He looked down at his watch, noticing the time. "Well, I better leave you to unpack and get settled. It around 4 now so when do you want dinner?” He asked, opening the door wider to step through. Betty nodded, quickly throwing her backpack onto the ground before beaming up to him.

               "You cook?“ She asked, amusement evident on her features. At first, Jughead wanted to reply saying that he was forced to learn due to his prior parents being a waste of space. Instead he settled with a wink.

               "I can do a lot Cooper. Eating food is a huge hobby of mine.” He threw back, chuckling slightly. Betty returned with a small giggle and unzipped her suitcase, pulling out items of clothing and packing them into the wardrobe. She seemed to have a lot of clothes, this reminded him of Veronica almost instantly.

               "I’m a good cook too. How about I start packing now and come help you at around 6? It can be a roommate bonding session.“ Betty joked, disappearing and reappearing whilst putting her stuff away in various locations. He statement make Jughead’s heart swell. He didn’t know this girl but she seemed nice enough. He truly did believe they were going to get on just fine. Maybe he could add another member to the Scooby gang. Which, at the moment, only consisted of him, Archie and Veronica.

               "Sure, Cooper.” Betty poked her tongue out playfully at his remark, watching him pace out of the room. She continued packing but at a faster rate this time. A huge part of her couldn’t wait for 6 o'clock. Jughead walked into the lounge and threw himself onto the couch next to Archie, who was playing Fallout 4 on the 65" flat screen Jughead got gifted last year.

               "How’s the new roommate? Lasting well without me and Ronnie?“ Archie’s eyes were glued to the screen but Jughead could tell he was teasing. Slapping his arm softly, he was about to reply when the front door swung open. Stood in a navy blue dress, obviously accompanied with pearls, was the raven-haired princess Jughead learned to love. She had a huge grin spread across her deep red lips, her eyebrows raised in anticipation. Speak of the Devil and she shall appear.

               "Where’s this new roommate I’ve heard so much about, Juggiekins?” She too teased, coming over to embrace him in a hug, placing a firm kiss on his cheek. Instinctively, he wiped his cheek which only making Veronica smirk. Betty heard someone come in and decided to check out who it was. Little did she know what kind of surprise would be hitting her.

               As soon as she walked into the room and saw Veronica, her heart stopped beating. God seems to have graced Betty with one of the greatest gifts she could’ve asked for. It seemed almost too good to be true at this point. When Veronica spun around the meet Betty’s gaze, her jaw fell. Her lips were parted and both girls stood in shock. Jughead and Archie sat, confused at what was happening.

               "Ronnie?“ Betty beamed hopefully. The next few seconds were a blur, The girls ran towards each other at full force, knocking them both onto the ground. They were hugging whilst loudly crying and muffling incoherent words. Jughead was beyond confused by now. How did they know each other? After what felt like forever, the girls separated. Both were crying yet smiling so happily.

               "I can’t believe you’re here. This is so crazy!” Ronnie cried out, pulled Betty into another hug. Archie was about to speak up until Ronnie pulled back again. “Boys, this is my long-time internet friend, Betty Cooper. We lost touch sometime last year but, oh god am I glad to see you.” Veronica explained. “We have so much to catch up on, come on!” In an instant both girls were at their feet, running into Betty’s room and closing the door.

               "Wait. I’m confused. So your new roommate is best friends with your sister?“ Archie whispered quietly, not wanting the girls to hear. Jughead was still in a state of shock. How had he never known about Veronica knowing Betty? At dinner he’d always heard her babble on about this friend she had but he never listened. Now he’s starting to wish he did.

               "Don’t ask me pal, we’re in the same boat.” He spoke out, still bewildered. How is it that the girl he chooses out of 50 other applicants, just happens to be his sister’s best friend? That’s not a coincidence, that’s the work of the lord above.

               Jughead didn’t want Betty to know that Veronica was his family. It’d bring up too much personal family stuff for their friendship at the moment. In time, he wants to share everything about himself. Who he really is, his job, his family, his aspirations. But right now, the story was far too complicated and Jughead was in no frame of mine to give that out.

               He reminisced about the past. The heartbreak after the drive in, the weeks alone in the cold, Hiram Lodge spotting him sleeping behind a dumpster in Brooklyn. He was on the brink of death but the Lodge’s took him in, treated him like a son. They fed him, built up his strength and gave him a warm place to sleep. Jughead was forever in their favor. It wasn’t long before the adoption occurred and Jughead was officially Forsythe Jones-Lodge. Though he preferred to go by Jones. He may hate his family but Jones is more fitting for such an obscure name.

               "Maybe it won’t be so bad. Betty doesn’t seem like the type to judge. Just tell her about the past and tell her about the Blue and Gold. Stop building up walls and refusing to knock them down.“ His red headed friend squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. Jughead couldn’t though. The sad look in Archie’s eye only proved that Arch didn’t believe he could either. It takes time to trust. Even if he feels like Betty will be different, he didn’t want her to be his reckoning.

I hope you all enjoyed this part 2! It’s slightly longer but not as long as I’d like it to be! After I get my exams out of the way I’ll be able to write more! These two weeks cannot come fast enough. As always, feedback is very much appreciated and it warmed my heart to see how many of you loved part 1! There’s gonna be a lot more!

((Subtle plug but my asks are open too if anyone wants to send in prompts for a one shot or just generally wants to talk! I don’t bite ;P))

**PART 3 : here **

I’d love to see a version of Twilight where Edward is only interested in Bella because he obsesses over not being able to hear her thoughts, because that’s really the only reason we’re given anyway.

I’d love to see the vampires sparkling have more of an impact on the plot than “if we stand in the sun we’re all shiny and stuff”.

I’d love to see Charlie as more of a character, especially using the fact that he’s a cop in the narrative.

I’d love to see Edward’s abusive behaviour called out by the characters.

I’d love to see Bella actually struggle to keep up with her old friends, both from Arizona and in Forks after she becomes a vampire.

I’d love to see Bella give something up that she actually cared about in her transition to glorified mosquito.

I’d love to see some of Tyler’s point of view after his van nearly kills Bella and see how he copes with apparent PTSD - without Bella’s self-absorbed narration filter over it.

I’d love to see ONE conversation between any two characters that didn’t make it sound like everyone hates everyone.

I’d love to see Bella refer to her parents as “Mom” and “Dad” rather than “Renee” and “Charlie”.

I’d love to read the plot without being able to guess what happens next. (IDK you guys, but that dream in the first book was SUPER SUBTLE and I’d have NEVER guessed that Jacob would turn out to be a werewolf when he appeared in it and turned into a wolf!) (Ignoring the fact that Meyer apparently didn’t plan that, so she was either being extremely unoriginal, lying or subconsiously spoiling her future books in the laziest way possible. At least make him into a werespider, an ogre at night, a zombie, a dancing skeleton with a tophat, a leprechaun, or SOMETHING other than that thing that was heavily implied in a FUCKING DREAM SEQUENCE)

I’d love to see Bella actually care about characters that aren’t vampires or Jacob, including herself.

I’d love to see a reason for me to care about Bella, Edward or Jacob as characters.

I’d love to see Bella’s physical appearance described in more detail, and not just by having Bella describe how average and uninteresting she is. (Especially since Meyer apparently didn’t describe Bella much so that the reader could insert herself into the book and then made Bella the worst female role model this side of the 20th century.)

I’d love to see a scene between Bella and Edward that made their relationship adorable, like if they talked about anything that didn’t involve the danger that they were in or how much they ~*~loved~*~ each other on the ~*~astral plane~*~.

I’d love to see the characters show how much they loved the other, rather than just repeating it in dialogue to try to get the reader to believe it.

I’d love to see more indication that Edward is actually over 100 years old, including struggling with electronics, complaining about how easy “Kids these days” have it, and providing his own point of view of historical events. What was he doing when WWII was happening? The Cold War? Did he listen to Elvis? What does he think of comics? What did he do with his life, aside from waiting for ~*~the one~*~?

I’d love to see Bella enjoy Jacob’s company for him, rather than just for providing a distraction from Edward.

I’d love to see what the other vampires do with their powers in their daily lives, and how they’ve lived with these powers for so long that they don’t remember that they shouldn’t morally be doing any of it. (Jasper can control emotions, for god’s sake. Nothing important would be lost if this power - or character - was removed. Did he ever make a girl super horny to get her to sleep with him, or just get some random guy super unbearably angry when he got bored at school just to watch him flip out?)

I’d love to see any of the characters actively working to improve.

I’d love to see any single character’s personality evolve between the first book and the last.

I’d love to see Edward at least attempt to make Bella feel better about herself as a person.

I’d love to see any character respecting another character’s personal space, privacy or free will.

I’d love to see the main plot begin before the halfway point of the book.

I’d love to see Edward turn out to be gay at the end.

I’d love to see ONE person at least comment on how creepy imprinting is.

I’d love to see the influence of Shakespeare, Faulkner, Chaucer or any of the other famous writers who are namedropped in an attempt to sound more well-read in the writing.

I’d love to see a werewolf imprint on someone who ultimately rejects them, especially considering the apparent wife-husbandry involved.

I‘d love to see a werewolf imprint on someone terminally ill or only minutes away from death.

I’d love to see any character not end up in a relationship by the end of the book. Especially the baby.

I’d love to see evidence of imprinting actually being a rare thing, especially considering it happens to at least three characters after it’s introduced.

I’d love to see the Volturi actually hinder the characters at any point.

I’d love to see a description of Edward that told us what he looked like, rather than that he was attractive, because that tells us nothing.

I’d love to see female characters who aren’t bitchy, and male characters who aren’t SUPER HYPER MASCULINE.

I’d love to see an actual conflict at the end of the series.

I’d love to see the Volturi snapping their fingers dramatically as they approached the main characters at the end of book 4.

I’dlove to see Edward actually have to contain himself from eating Bella when they are relaxing on the couch, instead of having it as a threat that might totally happen maybe.

I’d love to see a characteristic of Bella’s that matched up with what people actually said about her. (”intelligent”, “intuitive”, “selfless”, “mature”, “amazingly non-whiney”, “non-violent”, “honest”, “not a manipulative person”, etc)

I’d love to see the plot twist that Edward’s beautiful, glorious, godlike appearance actually turns out to be a product of his vampiric form, and all the times where Bella can’t bring herself to be angry at him, becomes physically weaker at his kiss and skews her priorities so hard that she’d give her life just to keep from seeing him unhappy are actually her falling under his hypnotic influence.

I’d love to see Bella snap out of her trance when she turns into a vampire herself and finds out that she’s been tricked and she can’t go back.

Mostly, I’d love to see any of this done by an author that isn’t Stephenie Meyer.

Twilight actually has some cool ideas, but they’re all executed terribly. No character experiences real loss, character growth, or any conflict that isn’t about romancing the opposite gender. Every character that we are supposed to like gets everything they ever wanted and everything they didn’t know they wanted at the end. I never thought a book with vampires, vampire government, werewolves and sentiend disco balls could be so boring.

i’m almost convinced swan queen was going to happen in s5 with dark swan. i think emma was going to have a real arc of own. i think there was going to be a focus on her issues with her parents abandoning her, how she really felt about being forced into the savior role, her true feelings for hook & regina. but then it all got sacked in favor of hook & robin didn’t die and it all went to shit. regina was supposed to kill emma to save everyone & the underworld arc was supposed to be about saving her and maybe hook was going to die & be with milah. maybe he would have actually been redeemed instead of this puppy love bullshit & clearly unchanged man unless he’s on emma’s leash.

i’m just so disappointed. i swear it was *right there* bc the first part 5a does not connect to the second part and it literally seemed to happen in the middle of an episode. and maybe a few things were changed around to fit the new plot a little better. but that was when i really stopped watching bc the disconnect to me was just so intense & unbearable, it didn’t make any sense whatsoever. at least through season 4 things made sense & were p cohesive even if 4a was boring af & 4b had some completely irrelevant episodes.


Okay it’s 2:10 am on Christmas Day but I have to write this down.

So imagine Yuri waking up earlier than Victor (for the literal first time ever because of the excitement of it all. It’s one of the first mornings they’ve woken up next to each other) but he doesn’t want to wake him up because he is shy and doesn’t know if Victor would rather sleep in or not. figure skaters need their rest, man.

Imagine Victor trying to surprise Yuri by making katsudon, but failing miserably. Yuri tries it anyway, and throws it in the trash. Only to turn back around and tell Victor that he’ll teach him, and they’ll make a better one together. Victor doesn’t know how to feel about how Yuri presented that offer (so rude!!). They end up making yummy pork cutlet bowls and force feed yurio some.

Yuri comes home after clearing his mind through ice skating. He takes off his shoes and socks at the front door. Victor notices the state of Yuri’s feet and takes him into the bathroom. After some repeated questions from Yuri, Victor silently cleans and massages Yuri’s feet. When victor is done, Yuri wants to return the favor.

Yuri always tries to sneak kisses and subtle affectionate touches with Victor. It became a game to see who could come up with something small and new each time they saw each other. They got fed up after they ran out of ideas so they just made out. (Their favorites are kissing hands and hugging tho. Victor is very particular with hugs coming from behind. Yuri found out that Victor has a major weakness for neck kisses.)

Yurio sometimes comes over for their wifi. At least that’s what he says. (Everyone can tell he is obviously lying) In reality he misses them at times. Until he remembers that they’re unbearable.

They watch old recordings of GPF series on Sundays. Yuri always watches closely to the performances, when Victor, on the other hand, gets bored and very drowsy. He almost always falls alseep on Yuri’s lap or shoulder.

Every night they brush each other’s hair. Victor loves it when Yuri’s hair is a bit longer than usual because it’s more fun to play with. Yuri doesn’t mind because it feels so good.

Anyway, I’m sure something similar to this has been made up before, but I NEED DOMESTIC VICTUURI SO MUCH. I have so many ideas but I have to be up in a few hours. Goodnight and Merry Christmas!!

klaine advent 2015 #5: escape

au: Kurt finds himself at an unbearably boring company holiday party as the date of an unbearably boring acquaintance. He decides to get out of there, but he (literally) runs into a stranger before he can find the door. (ao3)

notes: ♫ jingle bells, jingle bells, i fell way behind, but that’s okay ‘cause it’s not may so really there’s still time ♫

This has turned out to be one of his worst decisions of the year. It’s right up there with the time he thought he could drink just one more shot of tequila (as it turned out, he technically could, but not without repercussions). At least that hadn’t bored him to pieces. Maybe he should have expected this, given the nature of the person he came with, but he thought that an entire company couldn’t possibly be that dull.

The problem isn’t necessarily getting away from Colin - when Kurt tells him he’s getting tired only half an hour into the party, he merely nods and thanks him for coming - it’s getting out of the building. All Kurt knows is that he’s in a massive hotel with a series of event spaces, from large convention-style rooms to smaller conference rooms. He can’t remember how they got in, and they had been wandering around the rooms aimlessly anyway, so he picks a direction and just starts walking.

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i used to wake up and look in the mirror and tell myself
“i am enough.
i am enough.”
and years later i began to ask myself why i needed to say this to myself every morning. i started to think that maybe, just maybe, “enough”, wasn’t enough anymore. i don’t remember why i ever felt like i needed to be “enough”. i think because when i was young and sad, and feeling insecure, people would tell me “you are ENOUGH.” and somewhere inside, i would feel better. but in my years of living i realized it had made me feel better because it was my mind, settling for what my heart was too afraid to want. i realized that i didn’t want to be “enough”. not anymore. when i finally LISTENED, “enough”…sounded like “ENOUGH”.
“you’re just barely enough”, i told myself in the mirror for years. i realized that maybe that’s why i was content, and i thought i was pretty, but i lived in fear and never yelled at idiots when i wanted to.
i remember when i would paint in my room and i would start off on the canvas but it would begin to be too small. so i would start painting my wooden chair and then i would move to my dresser, and eventually the walls and my mom would come in the room and yell “that’s enough!” and i would wash the paint off, scrubbing the color away for hours until it was back to wood and white walls. then i would silently go back to my canvas and use smaller paintbrushes and muted colors.
or think about the times you’d be at olive garden and the people are bringing you your salad and you want cheese so they start grinding the cheese on it and they say “tell me when”, with a smile, and you count to three in your head and you politely smile and say “that’s enough”. when we all know you wanted more fucking cheese.
or i remember one day in class i was really emotional. it’s been a hard week, but of course no one knew why. i wanted to tell someone, but everyone in class wore earphones and even if they would listen, i wasn’t the talkative type. but one day there was a boy overly ready to listen, and i was alone and feeling brave. there in class, almost in tears, i whispered him the story of how a girl in my neighborhood molested me for years when i was younger. and how i forgave her, but not myself because i was stupid and i should have known. he began to speak back to me and the teacher stopped midlecture and yelled “that’s enough!”
they didnt tolerate talking in their class. but i couldn’t tolerate myself. and now i’ll never know what the nice boy willing to listen wanted to tell me.
so no. i don’t want to be ENOUGH. i have decided today, that i do not want to be “enough.”
i want to be too much. i want to overflow. i don’t want to be ENOUGH. i want to be MORE. even to the extent of being unbearable. as long as i am not enough, i am willing to be hectic, passionate, chaotic, powerful, intimidating, messy even. like fire. or a drive by shooting; sudden, with boiling blood, quickened heartbeats, and some shouting. i didn’t really want people to feel ‘nice’ around me. i didn’t desire comfortability at the cost of being wild. i did not want people to feel comfortable around me. life was so boring recently, i didn’t want to resemble life, in the least bit.
so, stop telling yourself “i am enough”, in the mirror. you don’t know it yet, but it’s killing you.
—  my personal farewells to being “enough.” - k.b.