so at least i know i'm not behind

opal-bee replied to your post“not hating, but why’d you choose trevelyan? lavellan looks so much…”

How shallow are these jackasses that are picking a Lavellan for Dorian purely for aesthetics? Aesthetics that are deeply subjective, by the way? SMH

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I dunno, man. I really don’t, but at this point, I’ve lost my ability to care, too.

(Not to mention, I don’t know about them, but as far as my aesthetic preferences go? Come on.

I mean. Come on. It’s not like they’re that different, OR like you wouldn’t say this is an objectively excellent butt. Give the booty the respect it deserves.)

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Rosy, I'm curious about something. I'll try and word this as least spoilery as possible. In your latest chapter of Got You, at the end you do not have Bellamy touch Clarke. Was there any particular reason behind that?? Besides torturing us I mean. :)

You know I”m putting this on the inside, because I’m too close to the story and I have no idea if I’m putting in spoilers. So, I’m putting my Got You meta inside. 

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Ugh, I’m behind on writing the new chapter of RI again, I had to remove about 3,000 words cause they were unnecessary and the parts could be addressed in the actual moving plot later of the chapter. Also I was planning on writing today to make up for that but I found several movies I want to watch on Hulu and I have a media tower to build-so I’m going to being working and watching Castle Freak instead.

Totally plan to work my butt off writing this weekend though so I can post up a sneak peak.