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Rin Nitaya || Winter Universiad2017, Free Skating: Legends of the Fall

Dallas Introducing You to the Gang (Headcanons)

-He’ll either make a big deal out of this or no deal at all

-Like he’ll just walk in with his arm around you and if the guys look at him he’ll just smirk and say “this is Y/N” in a real proud voice and kiss your cheek

-OR he will make sure everyone’s at the house and introduce you in a v cheesy way

-(Either way) you can bet that his arm will be around your waist the whole time too

-“This is Y/N and they’re the sweetest damned thing I’ve ever saw”

-He’ll turn to you with a grin and try flustering you in front of the whole gang after that

-“I knew I just had to have you,” he’d say and then kiss you

-After he sat down he’d be free to any questions and probably tell everyone like 50 times on how you guys met


[FINAL FANTASY x Non-Western Aesthetics]

Genesis Rhapsodos + Mughal India





[REGENERATES] river song

Mission Impossible - Kai Imagine

✉ ❝could you do a little something where jongin is your niece’s/nephew’s dance teacher and you meet him for the first time while watching one of their classes aND WOW HE IS NOT WHAT YOU PICTURED MR. KIM TO LOOK LIKE?

▶ 2062 words

To say you were annoyed was an understatement. You had planned out your day perfectly, the underlying activity being you were going to do absolutely nothing but lay in bed and binge-watch your favorite show.

However, your older sister had different ideas. She called you right in the middle of the climax of the episode, her voice pleading and rushed.

“I’m running late with my meeting and won’t be able to pick up my son from his ballet class, can you please do me a huge favor and get him for me?” You had suppressed a sigh, knowing you would be in deep trouble if you didn’t help.

Not that you didn’t love your nephew, he was a ray of sunshine. But the blanket you were snuggled up in was really comfy.

“Yeah, just give me the directions and what time it ends; I’ll get him.” Stretching lazily, you fumbled around for your shoes and a jacket, blinking away the drowsiness.

“Thank you!” Your sister sang and you had to move the phone away from your ear to keep her from busting your hearing. Finding a coffee-stained pad of paper you scribbled down the street name and address she gave you. She said it was likely class could go over time, as it usually did, and as much as you wanted to get back to your Day of Nothing, you were curious to see what it was your nephew did at his practices, unfortunately never having been to one before.

After hanging up the phone, you shuffled out, ignoring the welcoming call your bed gave.

You felt out of place amongst the large group of parents that were all seated along plastic chairs in the dance studio, where they watched their children. They gave you haughty looks, taking in your wrinkled clothes and bed hair. Apparently they had high standards for stressed out college students.

Cheeks flushed, you took an open seat in the back, just wanting to pick up your nephew and be out of here. Your sister wasn’t wrong about class running late. It was supposed to end in about five minutes, but the kids were still prancing and twirling around the room like they had all day.

You scanned the room to find the little boy, and finally spotted him in the back. He was smiling up at a tall man who you assumed must be the dance instructor. His back was to you, but you could tell he was tall and in great shape. You felt a bit guilty for assuming the teacher would be a woman.

Somehow, despite the many people seated in front of you, your nephew saw you at the end of the row. He let out a cry of delight and waved frantically. You grinned and returned his gesture, chest feeling warm at his adorable grin.

That’s when he turned around. The instructor who had been talking with your nephew, the one who you didn’t expect to be this fucking attractive. You almost fell out of your chair as his eyes met yours, his lips pulling up into a friendly smile. You swore you actually gasped.

What the hell is this? Why didn’t your sister warn you about the most beautiful guy you’d ever seen who also happened to be your nephew’s dance teacher? How could it slip her mind to leave that very important information out?

It was also surprising to see how young he was, probably around your age - yes! - definitely not what you had expected. Nothing could have ever prepared you for this.

When he turned back around you felt like you could breathe again, his attention had left your mouth dry and your skin feeling as if it was on fire. You were in serious consideration of asking your sister to get her son from dance practice more often.

You saw said boy speaking with the teacher again, his eyes flicking to you. Your brow furrowed in puzzlement, wondering what he could be whispering about. The instructor then addressed the whole class.

“Alright,” Jesus Christ, his voice was just as beautiful as the rest of him. You might faint. “To finish the day off, we’re going to perform the routine we’ve been working hard on for our lovely audience. As per request of a certain someone.” He winked at your nephew, who giggled into his hand.

The kids were an excited blur, scrambling around the practice room and into their formation. You smiled as they began, doing cute spins and turns, grinning with pride at their parents. Your nephew was looking at you excitedly as he danced, as if asking Aren’t I doing a good job? And he was, he absolutely loved the ballet classes and all his hard work definitely paid off.

The performance was short, but probably the most adorable thing you had ever seen. The boys and girls all ran to their families after they finished, and you were startled by the heavy weight that crashed into you and the little arms that could almost wrap his arms around your waist.

“Y/N!” Your nephew cheered loudly, bouncing up and down as he gripped onto you with all his might.

“Hey there, little guy,” You laughed, returning his hug and kissing the top of his head. “I’ve missed you.”

“I missed you too,” He said with a firm nod of his head. “Did you come to see us dance today?”

“Of course! Sorry I was late, your mom called me at the last minute because she wouldn’t be able to pick you up.” You saw his lips tug downward and began to explain. “But you’ll see her soon, I promise.”

“Okay.” His expression grew cheery again, like he couldn’t stop being happy. “Do you want to meet my teacher?”

Hell yes. But that language wasn’t too acceptable here, so you just nodded and smiled, hoping you weren’t looking too starry-eyed.

Your nephew grabbed your hand and led you to the instructor, who was speaking with one of the mothers. You overheard her gushing about how proud she was of her daughter, who was tugging on her hand and looked ready to run out of the studio herself.

When the woman eventually gave in to her child’s impatience, the guy turned to the two of you and you felt like you were going to melt into a puddle at his feet. You mentally kicked yourself for not putting on nicer clothes or any makeup, having thought this was going to be a quick in and out type of pick up. And of course you didn’t knowing about the hot teacher that you would’ve wanted to look good in front of.

“Mr. Kim, this is my aunt, Y/N!” You were grateful to your nephew for finding his voice when you couldn’t.

“So you’re the Y/N I’ve heard so much about,” He smiled warmly.

“Nice to meet you,” You managed to say, practically unable to meet his beautiful dark eyes. “Thank you so much for teaching him, I know he really loves these classes.”

“It’s no problem, I love teaching them.” He shared a grin with your nephew, who looked at Mr. Kim like he had hung the stars in the sky. You couldn’t agree more. “You know, it was his idea to put on that dance at the end, he wanted to impress you.”

“What? No, I didn’t! I just wanted all the other moms to be happy when they saw us.” Your nephew protested, letting go of your hand to cross his arms over his chest.

“Really? Because I remember you telling me, ‘Please, Mr. Kim, I want to show that girl there I’m a good dancer, can we please do the routine?’” You laughed at this, and felt your heart seize as he looked at you with sparkling eyes. Meanwhile, your nephew was gaping at him.

“Sellout,” He muttered, and that killed both you and the teacher, doubling over in laughter. Where had he learned that, anyway? He glanced  between the two of you, a thoughtful expression on his chubby face. He gestured for Mr. Kim to come closer and stood on the tip of his toes to whisper in his ear when the teacher kneeled to the ground.

You stared at your nephew with confusion, wondering if this was another one of his games. It looked like he had asked the guy something because the reply was, “Yes, definitely.” The smaller boy grinned before murmuring something else. You were growing suspicious to the possible diabolical scheming that was taking place.

Before you could stop him, he was running toward the door of the studio, giggling to himself. You began to move forward to go after him when a hand came to gently pull you back. You felt yourself blush as Mr. Kim looked you straight in the eyes.

“He said he’ll wait by the entrance, don’t worry.” He assured you, dropping his fingers from where they had brushed the fabric of your sweater. “He’s uh, trying to set us up.”

“What?” You blanched, taking in the way he licked his lips nervously - God, please don’t do that - and how he was shifting the weight from his feet. “Oh God, Mr. Kim, I am so sorry about him. He doesn’t really care whether he gets into other people's’ business or not and it usually ends badly.”

“You can call me Jongin you know, we’re the same age.” Huh, your nephew must have spilled quite a bit about you. “And it’s totally okay, I don’t mind at all.”

“Really? Because I can ask him to stop, especially if he’s trying to trick you with those big eyes. Can’t trust the cute ones.” Mr. Kim - Jongin chuckled, the sound making your heart pound, and shook his head.

“He has this idea that we’d be good together. He’s actually talked about this with me before, many times.” He finished with a laugh, seeming to be the definition of confidence even with his pink cheeks.

“Was that what he was just talking to you about?”

“Yeah, he asked if I thought you were pretty and I said yes, because you are.” You blinked, thinking you may have heard him wrong. But his gorgeous eyes were looking at you with complete earnestly. You glanced to the side, feeling as if you should be the one calling him pretty.

“Oh, thank you.” You gave a nervous smile, trying your best to not come off as the complete wreck you felt like, unworthy to be breathing the same air as Jongin. He was a masterpiece.

“And he also requested that I ask for your phone number.” He licked his lips again. “I wasn’t supposed to tell you that, so pretend like I did this all on my own without using him as an excuse.”

“If you don’t want to ask me for my number you don’t have to.” You said quickly, feeling bad that your nephew was guilting the poor guy. “I should get going anyway, his mom’s expecting us back soon.”

“No wait,” Jongin was beside you again just as you turned. You let your eyes rest on his face again, heart still beating uncontrollably. “I do want your number, I just thought you might - you know - reject me, so I kind of used your nephew as a way to be less creepy.”

You didn’t hear the apologies he gave after, too surprised that he had really meant it. He was still rambling as you took out a pen from your bag and scrawled your number on his hand. Pausing, he stared at the figures like he couldn’t read them. Giving a small wave and a smile you went to meet your nephew who had been waiting all this time, leaving Jongin standing there astonished.

The little boy grinned at the two of you, muttering a sly Mission accomplished, before taking your hand as you headed out to your car. Not a moment after buckling your nephew inside, your phone chimed in your pocket. You pulled it out to see it was a text from an unknown number and just like that your pulse was quickening once again.

Hope to see you again :*  - Jongin

Smiling to yourself, you slid into the front seat and started up the engine. Your sister was never picking her son up from dance practice ever again.