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okay AU where mer!Drift was kept as an exotic pet and is dumped into the ocean by a careless owner who doesn't want to take care of him anymore and he's got NO IDEA.(using this for an rp and I want to know what you think !)

First off. Owwwwww my heart

Send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

*Uhhhh. I’d imagine that Drift would be really confused about having so much open space and stares up at his owner from the water. The owner would make a ‘go swim’ gesture and Drift would do just that.

*I imagine he’s some kind of marlin mer or something.

*He’s really excited because so much room to swim around. And he’s like a bullet in the water. He even jumps out of the water a few times in excitement. 

*When he encounters fish, live swimming and wriggling fish, Drift is hesitant about them. Until he keeps staring at them and something just clicks together. He zones in on a fish and chases after it. At first, he’s kind of clumsy trying to chase it, but eventually Drift catches it after scraping his tail and colliding into coral. But…now what does he do with it?

*Drift then goes back above water to show his owner, but his owner isn’t there. Drift freaks out and tries to climb back out of the water and only then does he realize that the rock is too steep to safely climb on. But, that doesn’t stop Drift from trying several times.

*For a few hours, Drift mopes. He wonders what he did wrong. Until he spots a boat and immediately thinks it’s his owner’s. Drift swims after it and when the boat stops in the water, Drift jumps up on it. It’s not his owner. It’s Ratchet’s hehehehe.

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In which sometimes Jamie is actually the cleverest one of the team.


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