so as much as this ship still bothers me

Imagine if Tormund’s interest in Brienne wasn’t just comic relief.

Imagine if they had an actual conversation about wildling culture and strength and honor and Brienne realizing that someone is genuinely attracted to her off the bat, that ‘Brienne the Beauty’ can be more than a scathing, sarcastic nickname.

Imagine characters having meaningful interactions that lead to character development and fleshed-out personalities and greater understanding.

I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt. 4

My brain is going a million thoughts a second as I swipe the screen, “Y/N! I’ve called you three times! What’s wrong? Are you okay?” she bombards. “Relax, I’m fine. Actually I’m not fine, I just ran into Ashton and Calum,” I breathe out and rub my temples. “Oh my goodness. I’m heading over to your apartment now,” she says and I can hear her jiggling keys. “I’ll buy the beer,” I say. “And I’ll get the Ben & Jerry’s” she replies and we both hang up; this is gonna be a long night.

You can find pt. 3 right here –> I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt. 3

“So…what happened again?,” y/b/f/n asks as she swallows two big spoonfuls of ice cream and finishes her third beer. “I’ve already told you twice,“ I say as I roll my eyes; I love her to death but she can be a real pain sometimes. “Yeah but I learn something different after each time you tell me,” she says, but she really means, “I’m not paying attention.” “Please, y/n last time,” she begs and her words are starting to slur as she reaches for another beer. “No. You’re done,” I snap and take the cold bottle from her hand. This is what I mean, she’s a pain. I’m the one who just went through what felt like life’s worse case scenario, I should be getting drunk, not her. “Awww y/n but I’m not even tipsy,” she says. “I thought you were coming over here to help me figure out what to do with Calum and Ashton, not get drunk,” I say looking down as she ignores me and goes on babbling about some nonsense. This has been a crappy day and all I wanted was my best friend to make me feel better by talking about what happened, her saying a funny joke, or consoling by saying, “I’m out of their league” or “They don’t deserve you” hell, suggest we go out, anything besides what she’s doing now. I open my phone to block out her noise and I notice my Twitter has a million notifications, I open the app to see #Calum&Y/NOfficiallyOverParty trending. My heart beats faster as I read the first tweets: (g/n = girl’s name)

“I’m so happy for Calum. He deserved much more than y/n. #Calum&g/n”

“Calum & g/n are so cute together. I ship them.”

“Calum’s new girlfriend is so much prettier than y/n.”

I throw my phone across the room as tears roll down my face. I literally just seen him 3 hours ago and he didn’t bother to tell me he moved on. No, of course Calum wanted to frick with my emotions and make me believe there was still something there when he already had a new girlfriend. “Y/n what’s wrong?” y/b/f/n asks suddenly sobered up. “He has a girlfriend,” I say looking at her. “Oh sweetie,” she says, immediately knowing who I was referring to, as she pulls me into a tight hug. I cry into her shoulder for a few more minutes before she says, “Sweetie, he is not worth your tears, you already wasted so much on him, don’t waste anymore. Save them for when you’re watching Les Miserables or Lion King,” she jokes making me chuckle. I stop crying and wipe my face on the sleeve of my pajama shirt, “I just wish he had told me. I’d rather hear it from him than Twitter,” I add. “Forget him! There are so many other guys out there, which reminds me why I was calling you,” she says wiping some smeared mascara off my face. “Yes, please tell me why you kept calling,” I say while taking a heaping spoon of cold cream into my hot mouth.

“So guess who asked Niall, who asked Luke, who asked me if you were seeing anyone…” she perks up and jumps to sit on her knees, her eyes all big and excited, now that’s the y/b/f/n I know. “You and Luke?” I question as I raise my eyebrow at her, suddenly their relationship taking my interest. “Don’t change the subject,” she warns and I wiggle my eyebrows at her. “We’ll talk about that later. Now come on, y/n, guess!” she squeals as she gently shoves my shoulder. Oh no, another boy I can’t even deal with the two frickers right now, how can I add another to the pot? I stutter, “I-I’m n-not really interested in–

“Come on, y/n. Honestly, you need to move on. It’s obvious that Calum acted that way in the store because he was jealous seeing you and Ashton that close. Remember how adamant he was about you and Ash and how you could never be alone together; it just brought back memories. And yes Ashton is a good candidate but you already dated Calum. Y/n you can’t mess up their bromance. Both I and the fandom will murder you,” she says seriously. She’s right, it’s been six weeks and I should move on, Calum already has and I can’t break up Cashton. “Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to go on one date,” I breathe out, finally giving in after weeks of her begging. “Yay!” she squeals, “So, who asked about me?” I ask curiously, “Shawn,” she sings as she grabs my shoulders in a death grip while giving me the biggest smile. “Mendes? He’s like 2 years younger than me,” I groan as I rub my temples. “So?” she asks. “So? Y/b/f/n he’s a child,” I exclaim, how am I supposed to get over two daddies (lol) with a boy. “Y/n, you’re 21 and he’s 19, what’s wrong with that? Plus he’s fine as hell and I know you like him! I saw you eye-fucking him when he was at the 1D release party,” she says as she reaches for the ice cream again. “I wasn’t eye-fricking him!” I gasp as I snatch the ice cream from her. “Okay, so what was this?” she asks as she looks at me with sexy eyes and starts biting and licking her lips. I burst out laughing at my best friend “eye-fricking” me, “Okay, I did not look like that!” I say. “Oh honey, you were worse. But he was doing it too,” she says taking the ice cream back. “He was?” I ask, not believing the girl. “Totally babe,” she says winking at me. “He is cute,” I admit. “He’s having a party tomorrow night and you’re going,” she says as gets off the couch pulling me with her. “Where are we going?” I ask, “To pick out your outfit. We gotta make you desirable,” she says as she turns around to face me. “Oh I don’t know. A simple outfit will be fine,” I tell her as I turn around to sit back on the couch. “Luke told me that he and the guys were gonna go, meaning Calum and Ashton are bound to make an appearance,” she smirks at me. “We better figure out how I’ll do my hair too,” I say popping off the couch and leading the way to the bedroom as she follows me laughing. “And you better be ready to spill the deets on you and Lukey,” I tell her as she stops laughing making me laugh at her.

A/N: Hello beautifuls, I know this is well overdue but so much has been happening right now. I have been offered new jobs and positions at my school and that’s been taking up all of my time. I’m sorry that this is so late but please still tell me what y’all think. I feel like the more I write the more the plot will change, is that bad? Talk to me! Part 5 is coming soon!!!!!!!!

Part 5 —> /i-dont-love-you-anymore-pt-5

On the topic of age differences...

I find it incredibly important to understand that age doesn’t matter UNLESS the people in question are not adults.

People over the age of 18 are allowed to romantically see anyone they want, so ships with age gaps that are WITHIN THE ADULT AGES do not bother me. That being said, I don’t condone age difference ships being FETISHIZED. That’s where it gets inappropriate and shifty with the morals, though I’m not gonna kink shame someone who feels that way. IF THE TWO CHARACTERS ARE ADULTS, THEY HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO CONSENT IN RELATIONSHIPS. IF ONE CHARACTER IS YOUNGER, THEY STILL ARE ABLE TO LOVE SOMEONE MUCH OLDER THAN THEM. As someone who actually prefers older partners, I can vouch that age gaps are not creepy when you think realistically. Love is love, just make sure it’s adult! (and if we’re being really realistic, what’s the chance a 19-year-old character is going to fall in love with a 40-year-old? I’m not defending crazy, evidence-less ships. Just trying to support the ships that are shot down for arbitrary reasons.)

it pisses me off so bad when people don’t acknowledge yumikuri as a canon ship or just totally disregard the ship at all because they aren’t “sure if the feelings they share for each other are romantic or platonic” like yeah ur right

totally unsure.. proposals are really common between straight girls

bestestest gal pals 

i exaggerate my wounds all the time so my not gay friend will remove more of her skirt for me in a totally platonic no-homo sort of way

totally platonic not-lesbians

ymir has a totally one-sided platonic crush

  and christa totally doesn’t return those feelings at all

ymir only lives for herself so risking her life to protect someone else is just the friendly thing to do and totally not a blatant example of her true feelings at all


the way their friends even acknowledge the way they feel means absolutely nothing


not gay

in the slightest

hhhahahaaaa just some cool dialogue of ymir living for herself and no one else

and some official art of them being totally not gay together

and of course this means nothing

…platonically in love with her probably 

therefore as you can see, we are all still very unsure of whether or not these two lovely not-lesbians feelings are romantic or platonic..

Stay in your lane, Supercorp.

‪Ok, So now that it’s not 4am, I think I can now coherently articulate what bothers me most about the Supercorp fiasco.

The Supercorp ship mocking indicates how w/w relationships on tv still have an aura of titilating fanservice and aren’t seen as relationships that organically develop between characters.

Basically it’s like “here’s the lesbian relationship space we created for you- now stay in your lane.” These scripted relationships (Sanvers) have a lot of ‘after school special type baggage’. So much of the scripted lesbian relationship is in processing her gayness- and performing to the world- “we’re (the show runners and CW) not homophobic- look at what virtuous people we are!”

Honestly- the Sanvers relationship is kinda boring. ‬
(Sorry, but it is.)

Lesbian viewers want what straight viewers want- fun, multi-level dynamics. ‬Korrasami. Carmilla. SS Endurance. Xena and Gabrielle. They just have so many levels that actually make them interesting.

I jumped into the series on the tip there there was a w/w relationship- and the first scene I saw between Kara and Lena, I thought -“oh, how interesting- this must be it-so cool!” But I guess not. I was supposed to just be looking at Alex and Maggie*.

‪Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone where you don’t model how much they need their families to accept them? It’s queer for straight. Queer Drama meant to appeal to straight people and give them the feels for how important it is to accept queer people. That’s a good thing. That’s something that’s needed- But that relationship, imo is boring to watch.

‪It’s like inviting a vegan over for dinner and all you have is salad. Of course they’re going to be bored and looking in your fridge to see what else there is to eat. ‬

*edit that Sanvers became so boring, I forgot what Maggie’s name was for a second 😂

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• when or if I started shipping it.

External image

Like I was off handedly contemplating it before this scene, but the lobsters was my end. Cupid’s Shipper Arrow struck me the second it started up because it was so, so, so, sooooooooooo hypnotically ADORABLE. I couldn’t help but pay attention to all of their interactions because they were always like…either pigtail pulling or just outright bickerflirting. But the lobsters, man. The lobsters just…destroyed me. All resistance I had before then was lost. 

• my thoughts:

Since the ship was something that more dawned on me as I played the game, it wasn’t until replaying it that I realized how OBVIOUS it was. The comments that they made, the way they bickered pointlessly, the way my game was diabolically rigged so that Final Guard seemed to have a freakish preference to Yusuke….looking back I think what makes them work so well is that Futaba and Yusuke are clearly COMFORTABLE with each other..

Yusuke and Futaba hit it off immediately–even if the circumstances were Yusuke screwing up her belongings, to me the fact remains is that in the moment she was hiding away from the others in the room, it was YUSUKE’S actions that brought her out of it all. It was YUSUKE safely brought her outside the first time. This is just personal, lowkey speculation but I feel like Futaba’s focus on making fun of Yusuke is supposed to represent a NEET expressing a crush. Not clear on how to express it, so she more childishly falls into a pattern of picking on him instead. 

As for Yusuke, I think he really does care for her even if he’s trying to hide it. He says it himself in the game that her palace is beautiful, that she’s talented, that she may look good in a bikini–Futaba annoys him but I think its more in a playful way. He would never want rid of her and frankly I think he could connect to her on the basest level of being someone purely into a THING. 

• What makes me happy about them:

Sooooo lowkey canon okay I can’t say that because I don’t know if its true. But the fun little nicknames, the teasing, the bickering, I love how they interact with each other in so many cute and silly ways. I’ve always felt that when someone can tease you and give you dorky nicknames without it bothering you, that’s when that person is really tight with you. It’s how I always operated with my friends anyways. And it makes me happy to see it in Yusuke and Futaba. 

• What makes me sad about them:

It’s gaining traction but its still not too popular…..

• things done in art/fic that annoys me:

Not much art or fic yet so I can’t really say. I haven’t seen anything yet that annoys me.

• things I look for in art/fic:


• Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: 

Well I also like YusuRyu, so Ryuji I guess. For Futaba I also like Ryutaba, so that then! Ryuji’s winning the fucking superbowl tonight. 

• My happily ever after for them:

An art studio scattered with computer equipment and walls painted with the little hands of adorable kids who they help connect with their callings or interests in art or tech. Or art through tech! 

• what is their favorite non-sexual activity?

Art. With Futaba’s computer skills I can’t believe she wouldn’t have fucked around in SAI or Photoshop and NOT have a tablet. Yusuke would be painting on an easel all formal-like and Futaba would be kicking back at her computer with her tablet. Chill as hell. 

Some AA youtubers are so good, some AA fans are so bad

I usually don’t talk about topics like this because I don’t want to stoke flames, but today I need to say something.

I guess some of you know who lucahjin is? Well, she’s a youtuber and she’s playing Ace Attorney blind. I do like her videos for many reasons and, since I’m a huge Narumitsu shipper, I clearly love all her jokes about Edgeworth and the Phoenix/Miles ship.

Her channel is pretty popular, so I’m not surprised that many people follow her AA playthrough even if they don’t like the Wrightworth jokes. I don’t even know if she really ship it: she’s still at the beginning of 2-2, so perhaps she hasn’t decided yet or she just likes the pairing but not so hard. However, what I don’t understand is why some fans in the last comments are sort of trying to convince her that a different ship she doesn’t like is good, hinted in the game (?) and almost canon (??). AA fans also started to argue about which ship is better between Narumitsu and the other one, and it’s not surprising at all, but still bad. (No, I’m not going to say which is the other ship and I’m not going to tag it. You can still figure out easily.)

So, I need to say something: please stop. If lucahjin’s jokes about Phoenix/Edgeworth bother you so much, why do you follow her? If you think your OTP is better, why don’t you follow a youtuber who ship it? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you must ship Wrightworth to like lucahjin, but I don’t understand why some fans comment just to start a ship war and complain.

Just try to respect other opinions and personal preferences.

I really, really hate Jonerys.

Wait a second, hear me out, because this is definitely not normal for me. Yes, I ship Jonsa - proudly - but I love Dany, and I’ve never been bothered by multi-shipping before. I’m used to my ships not being canon. I have very few NOTPs, and the ones I do are usually because I find them dysfunctional or abusive. And this got me thinking: why do I hate Jonerys so much? I ship Bellarke, but I loved Clexa. I ship Drarry, but I’ve never hated Hinny or Dramione. I ship Brienne and Jaime, but I still like watching Tormund and Brienne’s scenes. You get the point.

So why do I hate Jonerys? Tumblr. I hate Jonerys not because I don’t ship it, but because I’ve read enough stupid posts by antis to make me want Daenerys to die. Out of spite. And I love Daenerys!!! It’s ridiculous. And then I started thinking about it more, and wondering if some Jonerys shippers feel the same way about my ship.

Anyone else - Jonsa or Jonerys fans - agree with me? I’m tagging for both because I’m honestly curious if this goes both ways. 

EDIT: Just to be clear, I am not trying to call out any one person, nor am I trying to demonize the Jonerys fandom or make an untrue generalization like “all Jonerys shippers are mean, so that’s why I hate your ship.” What I am trying to do is start a discussion, because I think there is a lot of unnecessary hate between these two sides of the fandom.


if in your efforts to normalize homosexuality and queer relationships you end up harassing those who identify as bi and pan and calling them homophobic when they ship het ships in addition to gay ships….you’re probably fucking up.  Especially if you aren’t even LBGTQ+ and you claim to be an “ally” but you really just enjoy gatekeeping and fetishizing gay relationships. I’m kind of appalled at this.

There are gay and lesbian tumblr users in the overwatch fandom who multiship where some of those ships happen to be het that are getting death threats like??? are you kidding. There are people in the gay community that ship gency, that ship meihem and anahardt and lucihana and symmrat alongside mchanzo and reaper76 and widowtracer and zaryamei and pharmercy and roadrat. Now they’re traitors to the gay community and deserve hate? wtf?

I loved when Tracer was confirmed in a lesbian relationship like the whole website was celebrating and it was amazing! And the crybaby dudes who wanted to continue to fetishize her and fantasize about her went to their corner raging all the way and we kept up the support and happiness on our end because fuck them. Blizzard is legit making an effort and they’re listening to us as fans. Why are people threatening the creators lives? What the fuck. Whatttt the fuck. You can be dissatisfied but it is NEVER OKAY to tell someone to kill themselves whose legit done nothing to you. A creator of OW ships gency and ya’ll want him to die? Really tho? That’s the person you are? 

Originally posted by lifetimetv

There are polyamorous overwatch fans being called out because not everyone in their polyam relationship otp is the same gender or sex. There are bi and pan tumblr users that ship both ends of the spectrum as well, WHY are they being bullied so terribly and lumped in with straight people or seen as enemies? That’s TERFy as fuck. And for what?  You can’t just be like “Overwatch belongs to gay men and lesbian women only” in an effort to stop erasure and heteronormativity when you’re excluding like everyone the fuck else in the queer community.

There ARE toxic people who are homophobic and sexist and fatphobic in this fandom and to find them and call them out is necessary, but some of ya’ll are missing the mark entirely. The biphobia is unacceptable. My cishet ass can take the backlash for shipping my het ships alongside my gay ones because I get it, I get that frustration and I know representation matters and you have a right to demand it.  I mean I still don’t think it’s right to attack straights that ship het pairs for simply doing so, but I’m not really going to get into it because het relationships get so much priority anyway so it would be wrong and selfish for me to sit here as a straight person defending straight people who ship straight pairings as if we don’t get representation and validation literally everywhere else. It doesn’t bother me that much. I’ll let ya’ll emote because as a black woman I can relate to where you’re coming from. I’ve been there. When it feels like there’s nothing for you and you have to fight just to have a space that yours and caters to you and validates you. Just know that you have NO idea where people are mentally and whatever comes from your words and harassment is something you’ll have to live with. I’m talking about unprovoked harassment and people putting triggering shit in the ship tags and asking people to die. I’m just parroting what other members of the fandom that ARE LBGTQ+ are dealing with and feeling because it can’t be said enough. And for that to come from the people that are supposed to be down for them? Not cool.

You can be upset with Blizzard if you don’t feel like they are doing enough to satisfy you as a consumer. That’s fine. Honestly, you’d be completely justified in calling it erasure if someone ships a character that is gay in canon (like Tracer) in a het ship. Be petty and competitive in the ship tags, whatever helps you live. Just STOP the harassment. Stop targeting specific tumblr users or twitter accounts and telling them to kill themselves over a fucking ship. This is like someone being ace/aro and calling anyone who ships a romantic ship or depicts two characters having sex arophobic or acephobic. Don’t be ridiculous.

wackyperson1234  asked:

I'm sorry to bother but can you please draw a Meg x Jake I know it's to much to ask and I know I'll get a lot of hate bc I feel like I'm the only one who ships them. Anyway still love your art and the other ships too so cute and awesome and also sorry for asking this

Hi, cutie. You wont get hate! I will protect you. uvu 
Here you have a little bit of Jake x Meg. I hope you like it.
Thank you very much for your support! Feel free to ask me anything you want.


princce7  asked:

are people not allowed to multiship anymore???????????? you drew cool soriel. you've drawn cool torigorey. i don't see the problem like? you can like both ships? i do??????

Its kinda sad to see a game showing love and tolerance can still produce so much hate :. but almost every fandom has that side of it.

When someone in the Harry Potter fandom was being rude about the fans who have ships, headcanons and so on:

Okay, I have to step in here because this did bother me. I adore this story. I’ve adored it since I was about five or six years old. I appreciate the canon very deeply. But yes, I ship pairings that aren’t actually canon. It’s not about wanting the story to be different, though. I love the story as it is. Sometimes it’s about wanting more LGB+ representation in stories. Sometimes it’s about just thinking two characters would be cute together, in much the same way that I sometimes think two non-fictional people would be cute together (but that doesn’t mean I think that they absolutely should get together). And sometimes it’s just for fun.
Please don’t assume that people didn’t enjoy the story if they have ships or like fanfiction. That actually did hurt me a little - and things like this usually don’t really bother me - because this story means the world to me. Having ships, liking fanfiction and so on doesn’t automatically mean that someone actually wants the story to be different. A person can appreciate a story just as it is and still think that two characters would be cute together, still like to daydream about background characters and what their lives might have been like, and so on. It doesn’t mean that we think the story should be different; sometimes we’re just daydreaming about it and trying out different interpretations of it.
I’m a writer (unpublished so far) and I hope I never make assumptions like that about my fans if they have ships, fanfictions and so on. If anything, I think I’ll take it as a compliment and think that they probably enjoyed the story so much that they wanted it to continue beyond the books and so created their own little spin-offs and whatnot so that they could stay with the story.

Also, from slightly later on:

Speaking as a writer, I can imagine that it would be uncomfortable if I knew that people were doing this with my characters. However, I wouldn’t be against it because I know why some people do it. A lot of us are from marginalised groups that are very poorly represented in mainstream fiction. So we take characters who we know, who we empathise with as they are, and imagine them as though they are part of the same group as us. Because it helps us. It makes us feel less alone. It makes us feel like someone understands. It makes us feel like we have a place in the story, instead of feeling left out and isolated as we usually do (in fiction and in reality). It makes us feel like perhaps we can belong in this world too. I envy people who can read / watch things about fictional worlds and never question whether they would be accepted there or whether they would face the same prejudice that they face in reality (Not saying that’s you, by the way).

I don’t think that people should actually ask a writer to change any of their characters, because who and what the characters are is up to the writer and no-one else. But I can understand why people change them in fanfictions and so on, and I don’t think it’s wrong for them to do that at all.

Besides, for the majority of the Harry Potter characters, I don’t think race, sexual orientation and so on were ever mentioned.


Ambrollins Appreciation Week - Day 3: Favorite Quote/Promo

There were so many quotes/promos involving these two that I love, but I had to choose this one. One reason being that it was the first exclusive ambrollins moment I’ve gotten to witness live since I started watching WWE again after a four to five year hiatus. The other reason being that there was so much unresolved tension between the two in this segment and the way that Dean still can’t let go of what happened makes the part of me that craves angst more alive than ever.

( GIFs aren’t mine, credit to @ambrollinsasylum )

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One thing I never understood with the Naruto fandom is how people can say Sakura is useless and for some reason they can't understand that she was from a normal family she wasn't from a clan and didn't have some hidden special power like really?!?

It’s definitely one of the only arguments that people use to hate Sakura. ‘She’s so weak and such a crybaby.’ I don’t understand this considering that so many other characters cry in the manga/anime too – including Naruto. She really outperforms so many BECAUSE of her family’s history. 

No clan, no hidden/specialized jutsu. Nothing. 

It’s very frustrating when you can literally shove one of the many chapters that has someone being impressed with Sakura, equating her to Tsunade, or even surpassing Tsunade in power and they’re still too hard-headed to really see it. Facts honestly don’t matter to these types of people.

And don’t get me started on the people who hate her just because she’s in the way of a certain ship they like.

Trust me, anon. I know your pain and it bothers the hell out of me that such a strong, developed girl can get so much hate just because of who she is.

Originally posted by utsukushiicaps

Let them have their hatred. We have Sakura! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Fives - Priceless

Dating a clone is always going to come with its own set of challenges - and the latest one is that Fives seems to feel…replaceable. Well, you’ll just have to set him straight about that.

Wordcount: 2221

Warnings: Insecurity (not reader’s), drinking

Notes: Fives is so wonderful and precious ok I really love him and I’ve been waiting to write this for like weeks.

“We should do this more often,” you remark wistfully, taking another sip from the bottle and staring out over the skyline. The air’s just a little chilly - cooler than normal for Coruscant - but he’s so close to you it doesn’t matter. The dark grey fabric of his under-armor clings to his chest and quite frankly, you’d be a liar if you said you didn’t appreciate that.

“What, sit outside the barracks and drink? Yeah, we’re really living the dream,” Fives says, but he’s got a soft sort of smile on his face as he looks at you. 

He’s right, in a way - it’s not much in the way of dates. But he ships out tomorrow - again - and so this time with him, no matter how you spend it, is infinitely precious. Just being this close to him (man, he smells amazing) is sweet enough to make your chest ache.

Keep reading

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It still baffles me that the sheer pretentiousness of some fans, instead of being 'oh, so maybe we're wrong about this' when the vld crew openly support shaladin and would know more on the subject than most people on this hellsite, they choose to accuse them of being pedophiles. Also makes me question why they bother watching the show if they're so against supporting anything produced by these so called 'pedos' they bitch about so much

Lmfao deadass it makes me laugh so hard when their response to the producers and VA’s shipping shaladin ships is to call them pedophiles like why tf you watching a show written and produced by pedophilies then if that’s what you think they are

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Are there any ships besides James?Teresa that you like on the show?

Hey, anon!

Not really, to be honest. None of the canon ships interest me usually because I dislike one or both halves. Camila’s two relationships, with Epifanio and then Cole, were a bust because I dislike her and both men. Nothing there to interest me. Isabella annoys me so I don’t care about her and Kique. I still believe Kim was stepping out on James and I don’t think they were really compatible. While I believe Brenda had some awareness of Chino and Guero’s theft I still think Chino kind of screwed her over; it doesn’t look like he had much of a plan in case they got caught. Kellyanne deserved better than a violent asshole like Cole. And of course, I can’t bear Guero and Teresa; he’s like a curse for her.

So that really only leaves non-canonical ships. Loya/Teresa doesn’t bother me, they’re both pretty people who are kind-hearted, but I don’t see any chemistry there. Sorry, Pote/Teresa shippers but that one makes me cringe. I might one day come around to them being friends but never more than that. King George/Teresa really only work as friends and business partners; I like that there seems to be genuine respect, trust, and affection there. Kellyanne/Teresa is actually kind of sweet? I think Kellyanne might have gotten Teresa to smile/laugh more than anyone else in season two and I thought “we’re like Thelma and Louise” was cute. Camila/Teresa over my dead body.