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Made of skin and bones

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Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Language, A/B/O dynamics

Summary: Due to the premature death of the King of your clan, his son, the alpha James Barnes, must assume his destiny and lead his people. As the tradition commands, he must choose some worthy omegas to make their his wives and with which he will ensure the subsistence of your clan. All the omega women are obliged to appear before their king, including you. Luckily for you, you would never be chosen… right?

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2. Chess

- M-me…?

A chorus of scoffs and gasps from the other girls echoes though the walls making you feel minuscule and ashamed, but Bucky doesn’t even blink giving you a nearly imperceptible nod. 

- Thank you everyone for coming - his potent voice fire all the other women in the room without breaking eye contact with you - the meeting is over

Soon the room gets filled with scoffs of indignation and suffocated curses of the rejected women and you want the ground to swallow you whole.

- Follow me - he says before turning his back to you and giving to his guards a signal that you suppose it’s for them to make sure that you don’t jump over a window. 

- Wan… - you search confort in your sister opening and closing your mouth without utterly understanding what’s happening. She is still looking at you wide eyed but she quickly shakes her head and push you towards the guards

- Go Y/N, go - she whispers - I’ll come to visit you, I promise

- No, no,no… Wanda I don’t… 

- Miss, please, follow us - one of the guards places gently his hand on your shoulder as a subtle order.

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Troll-hole adventures (Thorin x Reader)

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Requested by Anon: “Hello! What about number 13 with Thorin or Fili ? :).”

Number 13 = “Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.”

Thank you very much for the request, anon and I’m sorry that it took me a few days to write it! But I had to change a lot to improve it and I still don’t like it very much… I bet y’all would have prefered if I had done something like them being locked up in a room by Kili or something, but I wanted to try something new, and well… let’s just hope you’ll enjoy it :)

I chose Thorin, because I did Fili not long ago, I hope that’s okay xx .

Word count: 3216

Warnings: Fluff and let’s just pretend that you and Thorin never feel the urge to go to the toilet and you aren’t that hungry while being locked in there

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Note: Here is the Monsta X version of this request. For the Vixx version you can look at my masterlist which you find on the sideline on my blog. :)

Short backstory:

You have been together with him for a year soon. Everything seemed fine for so long, he was nice, funny and always seemed to know how to make you smile when you were feeling down. Now however he was different. He was gone untill late, barely talking to you and when you asked him about it he`d answer you with short annoyed statements, almost angry. You had tried talking to him more than once but he wouldn`t listen. This is what made you draw your conclusions and you decided it might be better for him if you dissapeared. So packing a small bag with your most needed belongings you ran away.


He is the leader of his own mafia gang so he had a lot on his mind. His attention was always on his work and in the mids of that he had completely lost track on how you were feeling. That`s also why he was so confused when he came home and you were gone only leaving him with a note. After reading it though he`d finally understand that he had indeed been so caught up with himself that he had neglected you completeley. Not wasting a minute more he`d set out to find you. With the help of his connection quickly finding you, only to be crushed the second he saw your tear stained face. He`d envelope in a big hug stroking your hair while letting you cry on his shoulder, whispering soflty.

“I am so sorry I made you feel this way y/n. I should have paid more attention to you. You aren`t useless. You`re very important to me. I promise I`ll make more time for you, so stay with me.”


The mission has taken up a lot of his energy lately. Every time he came home he`d go to bed as soon as possible and in the morning he`d be gone before you`re even awake. This morning it would be different however. He`d wake up rolling over before noticing that you side of the bed was empty. Getting up he`d walk through your shared apartment only to break out into panic when he saw your shoes and jacket gone and a letter by the door. Calling everyone he knew in the business of security he`d figure out where you were quite easy, also based on the fact that in some sense you`d hope he`d find you. He`d stand timidly a few meters infront of you head low, not being able to see your sad face. Before speaking up and walking slowly up to you taking your hands in his.

“I have been awful to you lately, haven`t I? I should have noticed but I was too caught up with these stupid things that are unimportant compared to you. Please don`t think you`re a burden. You aren`t. Y/n, I love you and I will show it to you. I will make it up to you I promise, please stay with me. I promise you won`t regret it.”


Finding your note by the kitchen he`d get mad instantly. Not at you but at himself for not noticing your feelings of loneliness and selfdoubt. He`d need time to calm down after having destroyed a few things too many in the apartment in his fit of rage. He`d proceed getting a few of his men in close proximity around you to guarantee your safety before making a plan on how to show you his love. He`d get a rooftop on a romantic spot and make sure all of your favorite things are there. Flowers, food, jewelery, expensive clothes, from shoes to dresses, lights all around, anything he could think of to make you happy. He`d know these things weren`t the reason you were with him but he`d be so scared of losing you he`d try anything for you to stay. Then he`d let his men bring you there. Upon your arrival he`d stand infront of you, impeccably dressed and showing you everything he had gotten for you. 

“This is all for you. And I will buy you more if you want. Anything you want, just please don`t go. You`re not a burden and you`re not useless Y/n. You are the only thing that keeps me grounded in this horrible business. I have been too blind to notice your feelings but now I know, and I am ready to do whatever it takes to make you stay. So tell me what you want, I will gie you whatever you ask me for.”


This is not how he thought his day would go. He had made a good deal and was rather happy with the outcome of the hard work he had put into it. He would`ve noticed your increasingly saddened behaviour and was determined to make it up to you. He had planned to come home earlier, bringing your favorite candy and flowers and take you out somewhere fancy. However all that was shattered when he came through the door seeing you dressed into your jacket, shoes on and a bag in your hand. He`d be a little mad at first probably starting off rather unpleasand and ask you if he`s worth so little of your time you`d just run away like that, but his whole stance would change when you told him he`d be better of without you anyway as you`re probably just a burden. To this he`d drop the things in his hands enveloping you in a hug and sternly say

“How could you just ever think something like that? Y/n, you`re the best thing that has happend to me. I`m sorry I haven`t shown that to you lately. From now on please talk to me, scream at me if you have to. Don`t just run away like that. I won`t ever neglect you like this again, I swear.”


He`d find your goodbye letter one evening after coming home late. But not because you had placed it for him to find, in fact you were still struggling with the choice and decided to hide it untill you had made up your mind. Thining you were gone already Wonho would run into your shared bedroom to find you asleep, or rather currently waking up from his harsh entry. He`d instantly relax before taking you into his arms, holding you tightly as tears escaped his eyes. He`d literally beg you not to leave him. 

“Don`t go, please don`t leave me. I didn`t even notice that you feel this way. I am horrible, but I am selfish, I can`t loose you y/n. I promise I will do anything to make it up to you. I will change I swear. I love you y/n, i beg you, don`t leave me.”

man jooheon has been climbing my bias list lately that should be illegal


Jooheon was in a good mood when he came home early that evening. Stepping into the apartment he`d announce his early arrival, asking if you had dinner already or not. Upon not receiving an answer he`d og around the apartment searching for you but not finding you. Panic would rise and he was about to run out the door when he saw the note you had pinned on it. At first he`d calm down thinking it`s probably a note saying you were out getting groceries or something but his pulse would rise again when he read it. Now once again on his way out the door and in his car racing down the streets of the town he`d be filled With regret. After a solid hour searching he`d finally find you. Approaching in big steps he`d take you into his arms, frantically apologizing for his behaviour.

“I can`t believe that I was so blind to not see how you were feeling. You could never be useless or a burden. I`m so sorry that I made you feel lonely and that I was such a jerk to you. I understand that you would want to run away, and if this is really what you want then I won`t stop you. But know that I don`t want you to leave. I will change y/n. If you stay I`ll make you happy, i promise.”


Finding your letter he`d have to sit down first. He`d think about his behaviour, realising that it was true. He had been angry and ignorant, leaving you to your own devises even though he had promised always to take care of you. He`d Call you over and over untill you answer, the only thing leaving his mouth asking where you are. After finally getting an answer from you he`d be there as fast as possible. He`d stand infront of you, softly taking your hands in his, kissing your knuckles before speaking up softly.

“I broke my promise of taking care of you. I was blind to your feelings. I made you think these rediculous Things, made you think you were useless. I don`t know how to tell you how sorry I am. No amount of words can do that. But this opened my eyes. I never stopped loving you and I never will. You are the most important person in my life y/n. So I`m asking you, will you come away with me? We go away somewhere for a while and figure this out together. That is if there still is a together.”

You always loved that smile

Work: I

Owkeey, this is my very first Imagine ever wrote! I’m a hugh Vikings fan, an even bigger fan of Ivar soo … I thought to write something about him and you. So first of all, it’s an imagine, not historical right, second … English isn’t my mother language so don’t mind the grammar, small errors, or large for that matter. I’m a little nervous and excited about this so pleaaaaase leave a comment or whatever so that I can build on that and maybe write more of this stuff.

Thanks you!!

Summary: After three long months your husband returns from Engeland.
Words: 1233

“Mommy,” You immediately looked up to your three year old son who stood very close to the kliff. You lived here already for a very long time, a three hour walk from kattegat,closer to Odin then anywhere else. You loved it here, the silence, the vieuw that travels many miles over the sea. It was peacefull up here and it’s the kind of peace you and your husband derserves.
“Don’t stand to close!” You said to him. He was just his father, dark hair, deep blue eyes and just as much temper like your husband had.
“But look!” He pointed out. You walked away from the cradle where you two month old daughter was sleeping and get to your son. You followed his finger and than you saw it to … the ships.

Finally, after three months of waiting they returned from Engeland, the great heathen army. Loki wrapt his arms arounds you legs will you both just stood there, watching the vieuw of a hunderd ships sailing back to Kattegat. “Come on little men.” You pulled Loki with you back to the house. As a former shieldmaiden you wanted to go but your husband never let you, becides you where pregnant again, and you had Loki to take care off. You saddled the horse en put Loki before you in the saddle, your daughter wrapt in you cloak, she slept the entire way down to Kattegat.

By the time you arrived the ships where all docked and the treasures where already unloaded. By the looks of it the sons of Ragnar had there revenge. Loki was impatient to see his father but you where just afraid. What if the Gods didn’t answer your prayers? What if he died in battle? You eyes found his carrage Floki made for him, you looked at the dried blood on it, spooked by he idea you where maybe a widow now. You held your daughter closer as you walked futher with Loki by your side. “Dad!” He suddenly yelled.
“Loki!” You demand but he just disappeared in the crowd.

You looked around only to find Ubbe watching your son as he ran to his father. He was smiling and that was a good sing. Your eyes travelled further, following Loki right to you husband who was sitting on a crate. You had held your breath the entire time. You didn’t knew you where stopped walking, you just looked at him and your son who was trowing his hands around his father. Ubbe was laughing, even Hvitserk had a happy smile on his face. All of them proparbly wanted some love after a journey like that and this was some kind of that. Ivar pulled Loki away from his chest and put his hands on Loki’s schoulders. “My son, did you take care of the house?” He’d asked.
“Yes father.” Loki replied proudly. Ivar was so occupied with your son that he didn’t looked up at you yet.
“We missed our favorit shieldmaiden in battle.” Ubbe said with a smile looking towards you. You smilled to him, glad to see him healthy and in one piece.
“I missed you boys to.”
“Don’t claim here brother, she’s mine.” Ivar said with a sharp yet light tone.
“You were to busy with your son and y/n just stood there.” Ubbe defended himself. Your eyes meet those of your husband,  those deep blue eyes you loved from the very beginning. His face softened a little, you saw that loving sparkle you missed so much come back to his eyes.

Ubbe pulled Loki from Ivar away and threw him around, telling all about the battle so that you had a clear path to your husband. He reached his hand to you, you took it gladly as he pulled you on his lap. You dreamed for days of this moment, the moment you just could be with him, his smell of sweat and battle, de toutch of his fingers throught your clothes. “y/n, I missed you.” He said. He cupped your face, gentle pulled you closer until you fourheads where against each other.
“I prayed every day for your safe return home my love, I missed you terribly.” You stroke your hand through his dark hair, looked in his blue eyes before you revealled your daughter to him. His eyes sharpend a little and he held his breath for a minute. “She is fine Ivar.” You knew he was scared of the idea that his sons or daughters could turn out to be like him, a cripple.
“Does she has a name?” He asked softly while he runs his finger over her small head. She maked some noice, hardly waking up about it.
“No, I waited for you.” “She’s beautifull, as beautifull as you are.” He looked up at you again, pressed his lips against yours. You opened you mouth, let his tast and smell overwelm you for a moment.
“I thought I’d never see you again.” You wispered when you break the kiss before it became to much to handle in that moment.
“You will always see me again y/n, here or in Valhalla.” He comforted you and you smiled a little.
“We have much catching up to do.” You said. His seductive smile travelled up his face and you slapped him on the arm. “I mean it,  there happend things here.” You turned your head to Ubbe and Hvitserk. “We were attacked.” You began.
“By who?” Ubbe asked. You looked down to your lap where your daughter was still sleeping. The memory of the attack passed by and the idea of almost losing Loki makes you shiver.
“Who?” Demanded Ivar, I froze a moment from the harsh tone in his voice. “Y/n, you always loved a good fight, the fact that this one scared you said enough.” He stroke his fingers under your chin. Your eyes brought themselves to Loki who stood between Hvitserk and Ubbe. “Tell me, so I can revenge your pain.” He said softly, You shiverd again.
“It was a bastard son of an earl, he was under command of King Harald.” You didn’t looked to your husband as you know what kind of look you would find. You looked at Ubbe instead. “Lagertha and Torvi protected me because I couldn’t fight so far in pregnancy. Lagertha saved Loki.” You looked at Ivar who was pressing his jaws together in anger, his eyes darkened and focust.
“Ivar, not now. We are just back, let Lagertha handle this with Bjorn.” Hvitserk said.
“He almost killed my son, my wife!”
“But I’m good, Ivar I’m good, we are safe, look at me.’ You demanded gently. He looked at you, his rage tempered by the love in your eyes. “I wanna go home with you, I missed you, please don’t do this now.” You begged him.
“I will talk with Bjorn.” Ubbe said with a straight nod. You looked back to your husband.
“Do you want to  come home, please?” You asked. His jaws relaxed a little and he nodded. “Like I said, we have much catching up to do.” You smiled a little while saying it. His blue eyes met yours and his eyebrown kicks up.
“Let’s go home then.” He wispers while his fingers leave a promesing pressure behind in the small of your back. You stood up, only to see that amazing smile spread over his face.

NCT Hyung Line - Him cheating on you and tying to apologise

My first reaction. Yayyy :D (English isn´t my first language so sorry for any mistakes)

requested by americanoology    - thanks for requesting again !


You saw him at pratice and there where this new really pretty trainee girl. First they were having a small talk but she got really flirty. After a few minutes she leaned in for a kiss and he didn´t stop her. He kissed her back and didn´t realize that you were there. Watching him and the girl kissing with your eyes full of tears. As the girl saw you she pulled away making Taeil confused. Then looked at the direction the trainee was looking at. His eyes widden as he saw you and with that you left. He ran after you, trying to stop you from running away while his tears couldn´t stop falling. He told you that it wasn´t his fault. You couldn´t believe him “So thats why you kissed her back” was the last thing you said after smashing the food you bought for him to the floor. The last time you looked at his tearful eyes. 

“Don´t ever contact me again. I hope it was worth it.”

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It was your first wedding anniversary and you prepared his favorite dish at home. He was late again and you guys stared fighting cuz of it. He just couldn´t take anything serious. After a few minutes of agruing he left the apartment leaving you completly alone. He stopped by his new fav bar and bought a few drinks. A woman was catching his eye. She was just as pretty as you. After a small talk with her she left with him to a motel. He was drunk and didn´t realized what he was doing. Right in the action he came back to reality and left the woman he was rushing to your apartment. You were sleeping in the bedroom as you heard Hansol coming in. His eyes teard his hands shaking. He pulled you into a hug telling you how much he loves you and how much he was sorry for what he did. You confused asking him why he was acting like that. Your eyes widen as he told you the truth. You immediately pulling away from his touch. “Leave” you told him. 

“Baby I´m so sorry I know it was my fault…b..but I was drunk….please don´t do thi–”

“Leave!Or I´ll leave” you screamed taking a few steps away from him. You couldn´t just forgive him. So you packed your stuff and ignored his calls for you. And the last time he tried to stop you but couldn´t. So you left and forget the little present you left at his nightstand. After you were gone he saw a little box on his nightstand with an sticky note. -`Happy first anniversary babe! I love you forever and hope you´ll like the present I have for you! I´m sorry about our fight and hope we can forget about it´- Hansol opened the box.

There was a pregnancy test on it. - prositive -

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You and Johnny were in a secret realtionship. Even his own members wouldn´t know about you and him. Since you were new in Seoul you needed a job and luckily did get one at yours and Johnnys favorite coffee shop. You hadnt told Johnny about your job yet. You wanted it to be a suprise. But you were the one who was getting a suprise. You saw him entering the shop while he was holding the hand of a beautiful girl. They sat down and looked at the menu. He was still holding her hand - telling her that he loves her and only her. You grabbed the drink that was in the corner and started walking to his direction.

“Here is your order Sir.” you said after pouring the smoothie on his now wet head and clothes. Then smiled at the girl. “He´s a f*ckin´cheater be careful.” and with that you left the shop.

Ignoring his calls for. And ignoring all the calls he left you on your phone even after weeks. You weren´t going to forgive him.


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It was NCTs comeback party and everyone included you were invited. The boys and you were having a great time but Taeyong was acting a little bit strange. He just didn´t like the fact that you were spending time with Ten on the party when you should be by his side. As he saw that Ten was getting a little bit to touchy with you he coulnd´t take it anymore and pushed Ten away from you. Catching everyones eye to you guys. Taeyong started agruing with you. Saying that you were flirting with him when the oppsite happend. Ten was telling you about the cute girl that he currently liked. As you tried to calm Taeyong down he grabbed the girls arm who was just passing by you guys. 

“Should I show you how it felt?!” he said after grabbing the girls face and pulling her in for a kiss. Your eyes filling with tears as you walked out of the club. Jaehyun pulling Taeyongs face away from the girl. Yelling at him and telling him the truth about what happend. Taeyongs eyes widden as he heard Jaehyuns words. He rushed out of the club to find you sitting at a bench a few blocks away from the club. His eyes teary as he apologized to you. You crying with him and pulling him into a big hug and saying ´I´m sorry and I love you´ again and again.

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Doyoung was ignoring you for a while now. You didn´t know why he was acting like that so wanted to talk to him. You went the the guys dorm knocking at the door. A few seconds after the door was being opened. A suprised Mark looking at you. At first he didn´t wanted to leave you into the dorm without telling you the reason. You were trying to pass him but he stopped you. Telling you that this wasn´t the right moment and pleasing you to go. You pushed the little boy away and went into the living room.  Just to see Doyoung and a girl sitting on his lap.

“WTF IS GOING ON!” you yelled at Doyoung. He was shoked seeing you standing there. Doyoung pushed the girl out of his lap trying to explain. “It´s not what it looks like Y/N!Let me explai–”

“its not what it looks like my ass! I called you everyday and YOU ignored me EVERYDAY just so that little b*tch can sit on your lap?! Are you kidding me!”

“NoO- I just- I- … I´m so sorry..” he couldn´t look into your eyes.

“Yes. I´m sorry too. Sorry for trusting you.” you slapped his face leaving his eyes widden.

And like that you went out of the dorm out of his life.

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It was late night and you were by yourself again - your bf wasn´t home today. He told you not to wait for him but you did it anyway. Tomorrow he was leaving for his worldtour and you wanted to see him the last time before he leaves. You were focused on this new netflix series as your phone ringed. It was Johnny calling you. “Hey John´what´s up?”

“heyy..I´m sorry for calling you this late but we need to talk.” Johnnys voice was shaking and you were getting confused. “You can tell me everything John. Whats wrong? Did something happend at pratice or with yuta?” you asked confused.

“Its about Yuta….I´m so sorry.. I know that you love him but I just can´t take this anymore. Y/N… he isn´t at pratice he wasn´t even here. He is with that girl again….. he has been cheating on you….since months….I thought that you have to know about it….I´m sorry for not telling you sooner. You can talk with me anytime and I´ll be always there for you. You deserve better Darling and you know that.”

2 hours later Yuta arrived at the front door of your apartment only to find his stuff at the floor with an sticky note.

“Greet your new girlfriend by me” - Y/N

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Hit the stage season 2. Todays theme: Love

Hit the stage happend again! And you were so happy about the fact that Ten is in the show again. He even got you backstage vip cards for you and your best friend. But you weren´t happy about the todays theme. Ten has to dance a slow romantic dance with that sexy SM Dancer girl who everyone loved. You have gotten the chance to see the dance before everyone else and you didn´t tell him but of course you were jealous. Maybe a little bit too jealous. Everyday you would text him- who he was with - what he was doing - if everything was ok-. After the performance you looked for him.

But you couldn´t find him. After the whole search for Ten action you received a text message. 


Ten from the rookie boy groub NCT is dating his beautiful dance partner from the new popular dance show Hit the Stage! We wish the couple much luck and are happy about the realtionship.

And there was that picture. That picture that broke your heart into million of pieces. - his arms around her waist. her arms around his neck. and the lips connected.

Days later he tried to contact you. Telling you it was fake. Telling you he loved you and only you. But the picture was telling another story.

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Kun and you were currently dating. You guys first met at the new book shop he was working for. Before you guys stared dating you were just an normal customer who loves to read.Your friend gave you the recommendation to this new book shop where that cute boy worked. He was always kind to you, bought you coffee, spend his breaks with you,gave you book recommendations.After a month of being close friends he finally confesed his feelings for you. After 3 months of dating he gave you that beautiful necklace; you wore it everyday, feeling special because of it. You were his first and last love; that´s what he had told you.

But was he telling the truth?


Today was your guys anniversary and you wanted to suprise him. You had bought him  flowers; the ones he bought you on your first date. You went to the book store waiting for his shift to end. As the time finally arrived you saw him walking out of the shop. But he didn´t saw you. He kept walking so you started following him.

He wasn´t going to the direction where his house were. But why? You followed him quitely. And there she was. She had beautiful long dark hair. Dark brown hair and was a little bit taller than you. And she had the necklace.

Maybe you were his first love. But not his last.

As the warm tears were running down your cheeks you felt someone holding your hand. And you turned to the direction to saw a strangers face.

“Forget him. You are to beautiful for him anyway.”said the handsome boy to you

 who was now your husband since three years.

– You hadn´t heard what happend to Kun after that. But he knew as you stared ignoring his messages and calls that he had lost you. And even that dark haired girl couldn´t replace you. He made that mistake. 

(Hmmm..who is that handsome stranger??- i kind of thought about WinWin cause why not;D)

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Jaehyun and you were in a dream like realtionship. But dreams don´t last forever right?

Jaehyun broke up with you, two months ago. You were begging him to stay, begging him not to end your realtionship. But you weren´t enough for him; that´s what he had told you. As you guys were still together you knew that he was cheating; all this ignored calls, make up on his clothes and not showing any love to you anymore.

You now moved on, no, you tried to move on. You thought that you did get over him, that you were ready to meet new guys. But were you ready?

That night he came to your apartment;completely drunk. Telling you he was sorry, telling you you were his only one, telling you he can´t get over you.

Now there were you. Sitting on front of your door just to listen to the voice who where behind the door.

“Please…..don´t leave me again……i need you……” said the person who´s voice was shaking from crying.

So… are you going to open the door for him? To the door to your heart? Will you let him in .. - again?

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I´m so sorry guys but I just can´t imagine WinWin being a cheater.

Brothers Drake

What gets me the most is the fact that Sam is the one Nate was always listening to, and even when Nate is grown up he still looks for Sam’s approval or “what Sam is going to do about it”

I mean look at this, when shit gets down:

Sam is actually the only one person that can tell Nate what to do in every situation and Nate will listen to his words, like can you imagine other situations similar to this? When something bad happend and Nate was all about “Sam?” because Sam is the answer to everything. KILL ME. Once I’ve realized how big is the weight Sam is carrying on his shoulders, man… since he was a little boy he was responsible for explaining things to Nathan, all of the stuff that were happening in their lives. No kid should be responsible for explaining to their younger siblings that their mother is dead and their dad dumped them.

Sam was a teenager. A bloody teenager. He was supposed to have fun at this age and not worry about stuff like money or future of his little baby brother and yet here he stands, not complaying, but trying his best. He could just simply say “bye” and walk away buT NO

and then because Sam knows his job is dangerous and it will be a better solution for Nate to stay in the orphanage

He’s not even like “but I’VE made it work”, no. He makes sure Nate knows he is important too and that he’s doing a fantastic job and everything’s gonna be okay. Seriously I don’t fucking know how is that possible that Sam has so many strenght. Like what.

“hey hey hey you keep your gun on me” aka I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE


Here is another thing I want to talk about. Even though they are both scared and the situation is pretty fucking tense, Sam is not saying some shit like “come on give me this HURRY UP NATHAN GOD DAMN IT” as probably many people would say in this situation because of the emotions, NO, he is actually sorry that he has to take this journal from Nate and he finds an extra time to let Nathan know that he truly is sorry.

Ok here’s some cute ass little scene with BOOOP

like fuck, look at Nate he’s all proud he found their mom’s stuff BABY LET ME HUG YOU AND LOOK HOW GENTLE SAM IS WITH HIM WHAT

Sam actually cares about Nate more than we could ever imagine and I’m crying don’t mind me

and here’s the scene I wanted to talk about at the beginning. Even if they are old Nate is still looking at Sam because he trusts him so much and is still looking for his approval

remember when Rafe wanted to hold this cross but Nate said no because he didn’t trust Rafe

guess who changed his mind

see? Nate is looking for Sam’s approval and it kills me like he trusts Sam so so so much and I’m done

bonus: Rafe’s face

mmmm yaaass

also I can’t with this whole “Sam is always calling Nate by his full name - Nathan” like i neeD TO GO BYE :(


Scars on your body - Peter Parker/ Spiderman

A/N: I used gifs of Tom Holland because he is the latest Spidy, but you could imagine this with anyone!


You two were lying in bed. It was the morning after and the memories of last night flood your mind and you smiled sheepishly. He was lying on his tummy, his arms under his face and was lightly snoring. Even though he said, he wasn’t. The sheet was only covering the bottom half of his body and you could see all the scars on his back. You leaned on your elbow and started going over his scars with your other hand.

“Morning.”, he said with his rusty morning voice and you jumped a little, not expecting hin to wake up. You leaned in and gave his side a quick kiss before you went on examining his body. And there it was. A fresh, deep red scar right above his forth rib. You gasped and sat up to have close look. “When did this happen?”, you asked and sat down on his bum so he couldn’t move.

“Ou-….what do you mean?”, he muffled into the pillow and was trying to get up, knowing exactly what you meant.

You pressed him back into the matress by his shoulders and held him down. “You’re not moving until you tell me what happened. I thought Tony didn’t give you new jobs. I thought he was letting you take a break.”, you said and your voice was very concerned. The scar was barely healed. Nearly still a wound and it made your heart beat faster.

“Okay, I’ll tell you. Just let me turn around. As much as I enjoy your position I’d like to look at you while talking.”, he joked lifting his head as much as he could. You pinched him in his side because of his naughty mind and made him laugh. After thinking about it you let him go and rolled off of him. He sat up also and went through his hair with his hands. A nervous habbit of his.

While he sighed and prepared himself you took his shirt off the nightstand which must’ve landed there last night and put it on.

He looked at you with a raised brow and you shrugged. “I’m not discussing this with you naked. Go on now.”, you simply said and crossed your arms infront of your chest.

“Look I wasn’t gonna get new jobs. I was taking a break. But Tony really needed me at this gig and you were out of town so…”, he started but you cut him off. “So you decided to get you nearly killed while I wasn’t here, is that it?”, you said obviously pissed now. “No! No. Of course not.”

“And you didn’t feel like…I don’t know…telling me? What if something really bad happend to you? I wouldn’t even have known. Peter for gods sake, what were you thinking?”, you said and stood up. You were really wrecked by the fact that you didn’t even know he was in a fight. Not that you could change anything about it. But the thought of him never coming home and not knowing why was killing you.

You took your clothes and stormed off to the bathroom, locking yourself in. “Babe, please!”, he yelled after you and you could hear how he fell out of bed trying to catch you. You would expect more from a man with spider senses but he was Peter after all.

You took his shirt off, put on your bra and your shirt. Your pants and shoes were next. “Babe, come on. Open the door. Nothing happened. See I’m fine. You wouldn’t even have recognized me being in a fight if you hadn’t seen the scar.” You were determind not to open the door but his last sentence made you flew open the door to glare at him.

“That- does not- make it okay!”, you yelled at him and were careful to emphasize the right words. “I know! But you know that it is my job, my responsibility to help out. You knew that all along.”, he said and to your ears it sounded more like an accusation. “What?”

“You knew who I was from the beggining.”, he said and your brain translated it to:“You knew I was spiderman and that I wouldn’t change. Deal with it.” “I have to go to work.”, you said and formed your hands to fists and stormed right past him, crashing your shoulder into his. “Wait no! We’re not finished.”, he said and tried to stop you but you shook him off furiously. “I am!”, you yelled at him and took your bag from the corner.

“Fine!”, he yelled.

“Fine!”, you yelled back and slammed the door behind you, leaving your apartment.


You two didn’t talk to each other for four days. No message. No calls. Nothing. It broke your heart that he didn’t even try to make it up to you. You two would fight every now and then. But it was always over in no time. Angry make up sex was the best. But this time it was different. You two didn’t break up,  but with every passing day it felt more like it. It was a thursday evening. You got home late in the evening from work and were exhausted. You warmed up some leftovers and were sitting on your couch watching some TV when you heared your apartment door click.

You put dour bowl down on to the coffee table with furrowed brows and walked into the hall. You gasped immediatly when you saw him and covered your mouth with your hands in shock. Tears filled your eyes seeing him like that.

“I don’t have anyone else to go to. You’re the only one who knows about this and cares for me at the same time.”, he said and his voice sounded awfully exhausted. His suit was shredded into pieces, blood and mud was smeared all over his body. Blood still dripping out of some wounds. He held his mask in his hands. Barely holding it. His hair was a mess, his face was also fucked up. “I’m…”, he started and stumbled a few steps towards you and you jumped forward to catch him because you saw how unsteady he was on his feet. He was heavy and you took him directly to the couch where you could look after his wounds. “What…happend to you?”, you gasped but it was a rethorical question. “Tony.”, he joked and gave me a half smile which turned into a frown because his lips were swollen and bleeding.

An hour later he was sleeping on the couch with his head on your lap. You helped him get out of his suit and take a shower. After all the mud was gone, you treated his wounds and closed them up.

You were stroking his hair while watching a TV-Show. You were looking down on him every now and then to make sure he was okay. His lip was still swallen but not bleeding anymore. His eye was bruised deep purple as was his right cheek. You leaned down and gave him a kiss on his forhead when your heart couldn’t take it anymore and a tear dropped down on his cheek.

He blinked twice and then opened his eyes. “I’m sorry.”, you apologized and wiped away the tear on his cheek as well as the ones on yours. He sat up immediatly, moaning because of the pain his fresh wounds and bruises caused him. “Sleep well?”, I asked and he just looked at me with his sad puppy eyes. “Come on. You’re not the one allowed to be sad. I am.”, I joked half heartedly and smiled a little. “I’m so stupid.”, he said suddenly and leaned in for a kiss. He put his hands on your neck and pulled you towards him. When you kissed him back he winced lightly and parted from you. He leaned his forhead against yours and you chuckled. “I guess not being able to kiss you or do anything really because of these studip wounds is punishment enough.”, he said and made you laugh even more.

“I’m still mad at you.”, you said and he nodded.

“I know.”

“We still have to talk.”, You said and he nodded.

“I know.”

“But not right now.”, you added and he opend up his eyes in surprise and held you an armlength away. “Come on. Lie down. We’re watching a movie.”, you commanded and he did as he was told. You snuggled yourself into his chest and you cuddled the whole film.


You did have make up sex. Not necessarily one where he did much, because of his wounds but we did. You just had to be on top. Which you were not complaining about. When you woke up in the morning the bed was empty. You found his spidey-mask and a note beside you.

“I’m sorry. Because of everything. Tony called because of some meeting. No fight. I promise. I’ll be home later.

I love you, P. XX”

You smiled to yourself reading his chaotic note and took his mask to look at it. He gave it to you as an apology. He handed himself in. He trusted you with his responsibility. He knew you wouldn’t make him choose but he gave you the power and that was the message. Trust. And you loved him for that. You put the mask on and let yourself fall back into the matress, laughing happily.

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Wanna One reaction to their gf being shipped with another member


He looked on instagram hoping that his fans are shipping you with him,but most of the photos and comments are about you and Sungwoon.We would not take you at their dorm anymore.You hang out with him,but you meet the other member and he’ll glance all the time at Sungwoon.When Sungwoon comes to show you a photo,Jisung will overreact and come between you just to separate you two.

“Why are you acting like this?”

“They like you more with that old kid.”


“Our fans.They said you would look much better next to Sungwoon.”

“But I don’t think so.”

“Yes,right?You only look good next to me.” 

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He will be a little worried when he hears that fans are shipping you with Jisung.He knows that Jisung is a good guy and wouldn’t come between you two but he’ll still be a little worried that he is not good enough to be with you.He’ll tell Jisung about fans shpping you together just to be sure that Jisung will stop giving fans more material to ship you.He’ll try not to show that he is jealous,but Jisung will be happy to tell you in his place.

“Sungwoon,I love you.”

“Why so suddenly?”

“Someone told me that you’re afraid that your fans prefer me with Jisung.”

“Jisung told you?”


“Agh,I told him not to.”

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Minhyun will not care too much about this.He will be just slightly uncomfortable with the fact that people don’t think he is the right person for you.He knows that you woudn’t leave him for anyone else so he wouldn’t think to much about this.

“Can you spend less time with Jaehwan?Just for a while?”

“I spend time with Jaehwan because he is always with you,you know?”

“Well,you’re not wrong.”

(ignore the gif caption,please)

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He’ll be so extra.You would think that we would just be a little jealous and then move on,but no,we’re talking about Ong here.He would be overly dramatic and everytime Daniel comes near you,Seongwoo will cover your eyes,hug you,pinch your cheeks,laugh without a reason.He will keep Daniel as far from you as he can.He will post photos,be always seen with you in public just to change the fans mind.

“Baby,I think you are trying a little too hard.”

“I’m not letting my girlfriend to be shipped with my bestfriend.”

“But I don’t like Daniel.”

“I know,but our fans don’t.”

“And why does it matter ?”

“Cause they don’t think you are mine.”

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He wouldn’t show that he cares about this,but when he’s alone he would only think about it.He doesn’t wants to look like a pathetic boyfriend in your eyes so that’s why he’s hiding his feelings.When Minhyun is near you,he’ll feel a little jealous,but he knows that he doesn’t needs to worry.

“Is everything alright,Jaehwan?”

“Yeah,I’m just tired.”

“You should sleep.”

“Just if you come with me.”

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This little cutie will just be a little jealous that fans like you more with Ong rather than him.He is confident that he looks good and you like him more than anyone else.Ong will make jokes about you two being shipped trying to make Daniel angry.

“I think I should be the one scared of losing you,Daniel”


“Ogniel says it all.”

“We can be three in a realtionship too.”

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He wouldn’t show that he is jealous in front of you,but when you leave he’ll give Baejin some weird looks and talk with him about it.He wouldn’t know why are people think that Baejin is better for you.He knows that you spend time with Jinyoung because is a close friend of him,but he’ll still be jealous.

“Jihoon,what happend?Why are looking like that at Jinyoung?”

“Do you think he’s cute?”



“But you’re cuter.”

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He would feel uncomfortable knowing that his fans prefer you with Daehwi and not him.He can’t be jealous on his friend because of this.Since he is a little shy he will find it hard to tell you that he is afraid to lose you,but when he wil tell you he will feel much better.

“You know that you can tell me everything?”

“I’ll tell you from now on.”


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I think he will prefer to tell you from the start that their fans think that you suit better Jihoon.Just to make sure you won’t give them reasons to think more .He wouldn’t have any problems with Jihoon,just the usual biting when he gets annoyed.

“I heard you bit Jihoon again.”

“He told me that you fell for his wink before you fell for me.”

“And you believe him?


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He will be the most afraid of losing you.In his past he received a lot of hate and now that his fans think he is not good for you,he’ll feel really down.He will try to hide his feelings just to not make you worry.But someone from the maknae line would tell you altrough it was already obvious that he’s not feeling good.

“Daehwi,is just a ship made by fans,It doesn’t mean I’ll leave you.”

“You promise me?”

“I promise.”

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He will feel a little jealous because he is the youngest and he doesn’t have the experience to keep you close.He would think that Woojin is much better than him and he doesn’t deserves you.But when you’ll ask him about it he would laugh and seem like he doesn’t care about it.

Guanlin,I’m going to buy ice cream with Woojin,are you coming?”

“Do you think I would let you alone with him?”

“Woah,I like protective Guanlin.”

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Please request 💕

A lady all the way from the North

Pairing: Petyr Bealish x Reader

Words: 2138


“A lady all the way from the North… I wonder what brings you down to the capital.”
You had been walking the corridors before Lord Baelish had cornered you. He wasn’t physically blocking your way or anything, yet there seemed no way to just walk past. He had this way of looking at people, all open, friendly and well… curious.
“Lord Stark thought it fit to bring me with his daughters, my lord.” You replied close enough to the truth without giving anything away.
“Ah but why?” Lord Baelish tilted his head to the side, looking even more curious. Which was ridiculous if what you heard about the man so far was true. There was no way he didn’t know why Lord Eddard Stark had decided to bring his young ward south.
“A mystery to you and me both.” You replied smoothly. You certainly wouldn’t play his games. The man was not to be trusted. 

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Destiel and Aragorn x Arwen

So I was watching Lord of the Rings lately and I couldn’t help but think about how much the relationship between Aragorn x Arwen and between Dean x Castiel is alike.
I mean, let me start with the similarities between Arwen and Cas first. Hell just look at their eye color.

Anyways, that’s not the point, let’s get started:
Both, Cas and Arwen, are immortal. Castiel is an angel of the Lord, his father high above, almost like a king for some people. Then there is Arwen. An Elf, an actual princess, the daughter of the Lord of Rivendell, eminent just like Cas.
Both have been quite alone in their long past and both never happen to experience love until they met their ones. (Unecsessarly to say that I am talking about Aragorn and Dean here.)
However, then there is the fact that both happen to be human at some point. Arwen decided to choose humanity to be together with Aragorn. Arwen: “I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.”
It was a hard desicion for her to make, but she chose Aragorn over a fulfilled and immortal life, even if that would mean her death.
Arwen: “This was my choice, Ada, whether by your will or not, there is no ship now that can bear me hence.
So you see, to her it’s more important to be with Argorn than anything else. Of course at the beginning she was quite unsure about what to do. She didn’t know rather Aragorn is going to live and going to become the king of Gondor or not. But important is that she never lost hope.
Elrond: “He [Aragorn] is not coming back. Why do you linger here when there is no hope?
Arwen: “There is still hope.”

Until she saw her future, their future. Together.

Now you would argue with the fact that Castiel didn’t choose to be human and a mortal life and that is true, BUT remember why he became human! Why the angels were falling! I mean of course it was Metatrons work but think further back. Also don’t forget that Cas would choose Dean over and over again. “You have to choose, Castiel. Us. Or them.”  And he chose Dean. “You gave us order, Castiel, and we gave you our trust. Don’t lose it over one man.” and Cas’ answer was: “No. I can’t.”

Who knows what would have happend if he didn’t choose Dean. Maybe everything would have been better for him, we don’t know, but he didn’t care about that at all, because all he cares about is Dean and that’s the same with Arwen and Aragorn. Just think about it! If Castiel would have to choose between an immortal life and being together with Dean for the rest of his life, wouldn’t he choose Dean and with that mortality as well? Yes! I mean, come on, it’s quite obvious.
So infact both Arwen and Castiel would sacrifice everything, just to be with the ones they love and care about the most. Both of them would do everything to make sure they will be fine. Like for example with appearing in their dreams. Aragorn: “I am asleep. This is a dream.”  Arwen: “Then it is a good dream.”

Dean: “I’m dreaming, aren’t I?”

or just by their presence and comforting words.

Now to my last point. Lets be honest both are hella sassy. Castiel:“You should show me some respect. I dragged you out of hell, I can throw you back in.”

Arwen:“What’s that? A Ranger caught off his guard?”

Like I said: Think about it, it’s quite obvious.

So now let me start with the similarities between Dean and Aragorn.

First of all is to say that both of their parents died “quite early”. Of course Dean was around 27, when his father died to safe him, but he was only four years old when he saw his mother burning on the ceiling. After that Dean started following his fathers orders, continued the family business, took and still takes care of his little brother.

“’Cause you’re following Dad’s orders like a good little solider? Because you always do what he says without question? Are you that desperate for his approval?!”

He grew up very fast, too fast actually.

We don’t know much about Aragorns parents, just that his father served as Chieftain of the Dúnedain and that Aragorn was two years old, when his father got shot between his eyes, while he was hunting orcs and that his mother died when he was 74 years old.
However Aragorn didn’t see his mother often, after he left Imladris with the age of twenty, to fulfill his mothers wishes to become a Ranger and to wander in the wild. So we can see both did what their mother (in Aragorns case) or father (in Deans case) wanted them to do. Following their orders and wishes.
But still we know that Aragorn had a better relationship to his mother than Dean had to his father, though. Also Aragorn kind of grew up very fast and learned how to survive alone in the wild.
Next point is their past. Both Dean and Aragorn are quite afraid of their past or rather are having a kind of dark past.
Well, for Dean at least it is hard enough remembering what happened to his mother and thinking back to all these years of hunting with his father and brother to find the thing which killed Mary and which also destroyed his childhood.
Also looking at new seasons of Supernatural he is afraid of what he became. I mean like he was in hell, got the Mark of Cain then the Demon accident. Of course it’s not his fault but still all these things are hunting him.

He is ashamed of what he became and about letting that happen and as we know Dean he gives himself the fault for everything bad that happened.

Aragorn, in that case, is more ashamed about his relatives/ancestors, because they were seeking for power over whole middle earth and all that just beacuse of  this one ring.
“The Ring passed to Isildur, who had this one chance to destroy evil forever. But the hearts of Men are easily corrupted. And the Ring of Power has a will of its own. It betrayed Isildur to his death.”
He is afraid of becoming just like them.
Arwen: “Why do you fear the past? You are Isildur’s heir, not Isildur himself. You are not bound to his fate.
Aragorn: “The same blood flows in my veins. The same weakness.

Aslo Dean is kind of scared about becoming something he don’t want to be. Both are trying to hide the pain inside of them. Both are kind of broken, but still want to seem strong from outside. They love and care about everyone around them more than they love and care about themselves.
Aragorn:“I give hope to men and keep non for myself.


Dean:“ I know how you look into the mirrow and hate what you see!”

But despite that fact they keep on fighting for what’s right, because that’s what they are good at.
“I can see inside you, Dean! I can see how broken you are, how defeated; you can’t win and you know it, but you just keep fighting, just keep going through the motions. (…)”

If not saving themselves from their past or from their future, then at least saving as many people as they possibly can and that for the greater good.
But for exactly that, Dean as well as Aragorn, have got the ones they love the most by their sides. Cas loves Dean with all his flaws, no matter how broken Dean is inside, no matter what happend to him, even when he turned dark, Cas was there, always came when he called, always did everything Dean asked for. He is showing Dean how wonderful he is, that he is loved and that he is a beautiful person inside and out and Dean appreciates that more than even Castiel can imagine.

That’s the same with Aragorn and Arwen. Arwen stands by his side, always, she is showing him how important he is to her and knowing that he will not make the same mistake his ancestors did years ago, that he can be what he was meant to be and not be afraid of it. She gives him hope and strength.
Arwen: “Your time will come. You will face the same evil, and you will defeat it.”

And not to forget both are hella badass.

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Castiel and Arwen are the best that could ever happen to Dean and Aragorn and they both are showing them that there is nothing to be afraid of as long as they have someone by their side, who loves them for exactly what they are and that is important. That is what they need in life. No matter how dark eveything can get, together they can defeat it.

A tragic love story between an immortal and a mortal. That’s what I signed up for!

I’ve been debating making a post about joysparklebs for a while and it looks like the time has came, so here we go.
I found joy when she still had under 400 subs, I commented on some of her vids and we chatted a bit. I told her I was the one that wrote the Polyamory vs. Polygamy rant, to which she said she loved and so on. She even offered to pay me for an “interview”, to which I’m glad I didn’t, on the subject. Some weeks later I started the chat and she was one of the first to join, being there for the first chat. When I started the chat I wanted it to be a “safe place” for everyone to talk about onion. Things that we couldn’t talk about on our blogs and such. I try to screen everyone before adding them to the chat for this reason.
Granted there were some pretty big red flags from both her and her minion Angel, but I give people chances and over looked it for the time being. About a month into the chat I found konstigo’s vid. Like I said in the chat when I posted it for everyone to see, I didn’t want this to be posted about because she is a teen after all and she is brainwashed by onion, not her fault and something she will grow out of. I didn’t want this girl to get hated on or anything. Well joy decided to seek her out and do an interview and we all saw how that played out.
I do not agree with what happend to this 17 year old girl at all, which joy likes to say she stole, but she wouldn’t have anything if it wasn’t for that girl anyway (and saying she spent time editing it is hilarious, you only added your intro). It was a witch hunt. During the last interaction you also said “I didn’t know what rob was going to say” but you had tweeted him a few hours before asking him to email you about the 17 year old before he made the vid.
You, joy, should have never contacted her, she is a fan, she is naive, but you are a grown ass woman. You should have known what you were getting yourself into by the mentally his fans tend to have. This is your fault to begin with. Then she displeased you by “stealing” (again something you wouldn’t have with out her) and go on a rage calling her a bitch. This is a child, she is one of the one’s you say “you’re trying to help”, you know her brain is not as developed as 30+ year old you, and again you knew she was a brainwashed. I didn’t want her posted at all cause I didn’t want any hate her way, you brought hate to her.
In the beginning I tried to help joy. I told her I was appart of lolcow (and despite what angel said to joy in their private chats, I didn’t lurk her thread until the konstigo thing happend), I tried to give her advice on it when ever she got her first thread and such as to not draw attention to herself, instead she (and angel) decided to troll them. Then we started noticing that angel would come in and say nothing, very weird, after her and joy came in together being defensive, so I figured something was up. Around the konstigo incident joy and angel had a falling out, I’m still unsure why (I have a few ideas though) and angel posted a vid of their skype convo. Granted it was a fast vid but me and another from the chat got some nice screen caps ( and if you wamt joy I can post those caps too) of them talking about us and the chat. Funny how joy is now saying not to talk behind people’s back and everything but in the chats they talk about eavesdropping on us and talking shit like “what a waste of time” after telling us we “know our stuff and are knowledgeable” (and ya know taking info from us to use for your gain). It was the 2 faceness I didn’t like and that she didn’t know about when we finally blocked her. I’m wise to your game. Now I have been apart of your lolcow thread, and you are everybit as bad as onision. You say you want to help these kids but your actions prove other wise (not just in Do5 case).
In your meltdown chat lastnight/today you also brought up how people were bringing up your past, mainly your beliefs. I don’t have a problem with what anyone chooses to believe in as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, but (much like onision again) you are indigo, you (info from your old myspace) have made money scamming people into believing you talked to angels. I’ve seen your writings of healing people and the indigo documentary you tried to make. You are doing the same now. Going off on people like Mr Rep for criticism of how many vids you made vs the info in them. I didn’t blame you for making many onion vids because each had some new stuff in it and was for the most part worth it, but this, making up to 12 vids a day with each vid being repetitive with maybe one new fact is not the same, that’s using the issue to make money, which you say you’re donating SOME (she never has said all) but still no “ receipts”. Then also bashing others who have done way more for this family then you have or ever will (nick, based, chambers…. even if I don’t agree with each of them 100%). You are a user, you used them just like you used us, just like you’ve used many before.
I’m going to end this here for right now, but if you would like to come to the chat and talk private about this, joy, we will welcome to a new different chat with those who were affected by you in the original chat, you know how to reach me. And in your onision like narc rage your in right now if you want the “FAAAAAXXXXXXX” me and a couple others have many many caps for you.

Voltron and Atlantis au (Spoilers to the movie btw)

I’ve heard some stuff about this and some fan art but I wanted to contribute lol (Also, you should probably see the movie in order for what I say to make sense because I ramble a lot.) This is not a fanfic thing, I just go into major detail on how I imagine it. It is basically a shitty summary of the movie but with different characters lmao. I think it is kinda interesting though.

(Keith is a lot more bad ass than Milo, I mean Milo is like a clumsy little dude. Keith has the same personality as well, Keith.)

(Lance is a lot more carefree and funnier than Kida. Like He is really chill unless something bad happens.)

Baby Lance (Kida) is a prince that is running with his parents, when his father gets chosen blah blah blah. The beginning part where it shows Atlantis and what happens to the people there.

First things first. Same as the movie, it is set in 1914. Keith (Milo) works at a museum, in the weird boiler room that Milo spends his time in. Keith wants to find Atlantis. His father (Kinda like Milo’s grandpa) told him all about Atlantis, and when his father died he felt like he needed to you know, follow in his dads footsteps and shit like that.

Nobody believes Keith and thinks that he is an idiot for even thinking that Atlantis is real, and that only makes him want to search more. When he goes to his apartment and goes to find his cat, Red, he sees a woman sitting in his living room, which in the movie she is Helga, but in this au she is Haggar or Nyma (Couldn’t really decide :/)

Nyma or Haggar takes Keith to Mr. Whitmyers mansion, where he is told to find Atlantis and that stuff. Mr. Whitmyer is oF COURSE- Coran

Keith and Coran talk about the plan and stuff like that. Then next thing you know Keith is on the ship thing. There he meets the commander, which in the movie is Rourke, but in this case he will be Zarkon. 

Then he meets Mole, which is none other than my boy Hunk . And then there is Dr. Sweet, which is Shiro because they are both strong and very dad like :)). Audrey will be Pidge. I mean the personality is sort of similar? Smol girls that are good at fighting and being cool I guess. Jebidah… I thought maybe he could be Coran, but I dunno. Whatever you think Coran would work the best with. Also, that old lady that talks into the speaker thing on the ship, I think her name is Mrs. Packard, yeah that is gonna be Prince Lotor. Don’t ask why. I just think that I would be the happiest this way.

Okay, and I know these two personalities are not the same at all… but I thought it would be really funny if Allura was the dynamite guy. I think his name is Vincenzo. I thought it was hilarious. 

And those are the characters, which I hope I am not forgetting any.

They do some boring shit- until Keith goes out of his tent one night to play around with his knife and look around the cave. He then notices that little bugs are setting things on fire, he wakes every one up, they escape with the camp in flames. When they are trying to escape, they fall off of a bridge thing. Keith gets injured, and that’s when Lance comes into the story.

Keith is bleeding, and while everyone is looking for him, Lance approaches him. He grabs his crystal and heels him. Keith sees Lance only for a moment before the others find him and Lance leaves. 

Keith and the rest follow Lance, only to find Atlantis. Lance approaches Keith, and you see, Lance thinks that Keith doesn’t know how to speak Altanian, so this is how their first convo goes.

If I were a stop light, I’d turn red every time you passed by, just so I could stare at you a bit longer.” Lance says with a smirk.

“Thank you?” Keith blushes. Lance turns red too, because he did not except that to happen.

They eventually find out that Lance can also speak other languages, but they all settle on English.

Lance walks all of them through Atlantis, chatting away with Keith the whole time. They then meet Lance’s father, who is of course the King in the move. I forgot his name. Oops.

The King tells them to leave, but Zarkon and Lance somehow convinces the King to let them stay a night. 

Of course Lance and Keith then get closer, Keith finds out that Lance is like 8,000 to 9,000 years old and then responds with the fact that Lance is “Lookin’ good’ for his age.

Then the iconic swimming scene where Kida takes her skirt thing off (Lance does the same thing but more in a suggestive way because he is trying seduce Keith lmao)

And when they figure out some shit they go back above the water to Zarkon and the rest of the team waiting. They force Keith to tell them what they learned or else they would shoot Lance.

Then sneaky ol’ Zarkon and the gang go and attack the King, which pisses Shiro off because he didn’t want to hurt anyone. So Shiro decides to help heal the King instead of following Zarkon.

They go to the King, and they try to find what the heart of Atlantis is. Which was that cool rock circle thing. Zarkon, Haggar/Nyma, Lance, and Keith all go down to the heart of Atlantis. Lance has a mini little meltdown thing, and when Keith tries to help him Zarkon starts to get impatient, and commands Lance to do his magic shit thing. When Keith tries to go after him, Zarkon says “Hold on, lover boy” (One of my favorite scenes in the goddamn movie idk why).

Lance then rises into the air and does that super epic thing that Kida did in the movie, and he goes back to the ground, and scares the living shit out of all of them. Zarkon and the rest of them then lock Lance in a metal box.

As they are leaving, Keith tries to negotiate. But… Zarkon punches him. 

“I hope that you will now have enough money to open that second garage with your brother Pidge.” Keith says, defeated. He turns to Allura. “And maybe now you can open that flower shop. I am sure your family will be proud.” Allura and Pidge both look down shamefully. 

Pidge feels guilty, and goes to Keith. Allura does the same. Then Lotor gets out of the truck with a cigarette and goes “We are all gonna die”. Hunk goes with them too. 

Zarkon and Haggar/Nyma laugh because they think that they are all idoits for not going with them to get the money. Boy they were wrong. Zarkon leaves, with Lance imprisoned with them. Keith tries to run for them but is pushed down by Allura, who tells  him to wait. When Keith looks up he sees that the bridge is exploding. “Okay you can go now.” Allura informs him.

Keith goes to the King. Shiro tells him there is nothing else he can really do. When Keith talks to the King, he gets that super cool crystal that he saw Lance had. Sadly the King dies in that scene tho.

Shiro is able to convince Keith to keep going, and he does. He tells the gaurds in Atlantis how to fly those car things with their crystals, and the rest of the team learn as well. They fly after Zarkon. 

Zarkon is trying to escape, even trying to get rid of Haggar/Nyma because he wants everything to himself. They then get into a fight, which causes Haggar/Nyma to fall off of the air balloon. 

They try to get Lance and kill Zarkon, but they start to run out of time. The fights are just really messy and as much off a bad ass he is, Zarkon is stronger. Keith then loses his shit and stabs Zarkon with a crystal, causing him to turn to this stone like thing and crumble. Haggar/Nyma shoots the balloon from balloon, causing it to plummet to the ground. The team tries to get Lance, but the volcano that they happen to be fighting in was about to arrupt. Luckily they are able to get out of there and back to Atlantis, but lava is flowing towards it, causing panic.

Lance is let out of the metal box, and still in his magic daze, he floats the freakn’ sky and does some cool magic shit again. He makes these stone guard things and everything is super cool. They make a force field that protects Atlantis from the lava. Lance goes back to the ground, as him normal self, where Keith catches him. 

“Keith?” Lance hugs him.

When it’s time for the team to say goodbye, they take pictures for a memory. Keith stays in Atlantis with Lance, meanwhile everyone else goes back to America.

When Coran asks them what happend, they say that everyone besides them died.

Coran opened a letter from Keith, that talked about how he now has proof. In the letter is a crystal. Which is all that Coran needs.


S.H asthetic where he falls in love with someone and being so confused and baffled at first that he can actually fall in love, and he doesnt really know what that is.

It was a late night evening, you were lying on a bed and rethinking the several episodes that had happend with you and Sherlock in the past several weeks. You were his neighbor, a girl with a knack for deduction. You never really made a big deal out of it since you really couldnt care less about the things happening around you, that was, untill Sherlock Holmes had walked in your life. He pulled you in to his world of mystery and case solving, of murder and danger, something you were not familliar with. But what you hadnt noticed untill recently was the growing connection between the detective and you. You actually did notice, but well, it was fairly obvious that the detective wasnt interested, well that is, that is what he was saying. You could see how every time when you walked in the company of Sherlock he stood slightly closer than he should, a few shoulderlenghts away, or how he subconsiously glanced your way whenever you talked, and not necessarily with him, how he mimiked your actions slightly, and adapded some of your phrasing for himself. Of course you knew all of it was subconsious, but you also knew that he himself would notice this as well. And that brought you here, sleeping in Sherlocks bed with a perplexed detective in the next room.
You were in his bed because of a situation you were in, to simply put it you might be in danger, and Sherlock wasnt taking any chances, so you were stuck in his apartment for the time being. Loud banging was already an expected issue you had experienced may times before in the past few days. You simply sighed, looking up at the ceiling, thinking about when exactly he will come to his conclusion. Just as you had thought that, the door had opened, and a rather perplexed detective walked in. No words were said as he simply strode in the room, and lied down beside you, his eyes fixated on the ceiling. A moment of silence passed, untill finally you decided to speak up.
“So…, finally figured it out.” You asked, to which Sherlock grimaced. “Oh please, i figured it out a long time ago, its just-….” he stoped mid sentence as if not quite able to finish it. You glanced at him from the side “Just the peculiarity of it?” You decide to finish for him as he sighed out a small “Yes, i suppose you can call it that.” He muttered as another round of silence enveloped the room. “So you like me.” “Yes i though that was fairly obvious.” He retorted, with a slight annoyance in his voice, he sighed again as you put on a slight smirk. “So what now?” You asked, he turned to look at you before turning back to look at the wall as he sat up. “I dont know, what is it you normal people do when this happens?” He said grimacing again as you smiled again, you could see that he was at a loss for what to do, this was the first time he had fallen in love. “Well we usually date, the proclonation of boyfriend and girlfriend is also a part of a relatonship, oh and then theres the ocasional intimacy act- ”
“Yes i know what a relationship is, dating, hand holding, physical intimacy-”
“See your practically an expert!” You grinned at the annoyance he was emmiting “But all those people meant nothing before that! They were a necessary sacrifice for a case or just people who i needed information from, they didint make me-” he stopped as if at a struggle with his own words bedore finally deciding upon the correct one"-feel…“ as he finished you were amazed at the thought that he had actually put in to this, i suppose that was a given, seeing as it was the first time he had actually felt like this.
"You do  know you’re over reacting, right?” You  questioned after a while as he turned to you with a perplexed expression. “Love isnt something you think in to, its not something you dysect and analyse Sherlock Holmes.” You said as you sat up.
“It is feeling, not fact” you looked in his eyes, his own confused ones staring back at you.
“You simply accept it.”
You muttered before looking away slightly, you could feel Sherlock moving slightly closer to you, you guessed it was a subconsious action and you paid liitle mind to it.
You could feel his eyes staring at you, as if looking for clarity, looking for an answer to all of this. Looking at him you simply rolled your eyes as you slightly pushed at his shoulder. “Just dont make such a fuss about it.” You said as you stood up, feeling his eyes follow your every move.
“What are you doing?” He asked in a deep quesrioning voice as he straightened his posture.
“Well its getting late, and all of this talk about love in the middle of the night is making me anxious enough.” Putting on your jacket, you checked your wristwatch before turning to look at him “Im sure the case has been handled, Im going home Sherlock. Goodnight” You said before reaching to open the door but the action was interrupted by by a gentle hand laced around your upper arm. “No.” A deep gentle voice had you looking back at the detective with a questioning look, only his eyes staring in to your own intensely “What, why?-”
“Its still dangerous for you to walk outside alone, and even more so with other people, im not letting you walk out of this apartment”
“And besides…” his face inched closer to yours as your breath hitched lightly in your throat. “Im not letting you go untill i figure out what to do with this situation.”
“So what, you want me to move in?”

You find out he cheated/is cheating on you

I posted this to my wattpad as well so you may have seen it before?

Ashton - You were waiting back stage after the show for Ashton. You hadn’t told him that you were coming to the Melbourn show because it was his birthday and you wanted to surprise him. Sitting with your back to the door reading, you hadn’t heard the boys come in, but suddenly felt a set of lips on the back of your neck followed by “I can’t wait til we get back to the hotel Sammy, I need you”. You did not know which bothered you more, the fact that he called you Sammy, or the fact that he couldn’t tell the difference between his girlfriend of 3 years and whoever Sammy was. You untwisted your legs, closed your book and turned around. “ Well, I hope Sammy can please you enough to make you forget about the past 3 years.” With that you walked out of the room leaving Ashton dumbfounded standing behind the sofa.

Luke - You woke up at 3 am to an empty bed. Walking into the living room that you shared with Luke and Cal you find Luke sitting on the couch whispering into the phone. You knew you shouldn’t evesdrop, but you wanted to know who he was talking to this early in the morning. “No babe, I just - I can’t do this anymore” you hear him say. You felt your heart drop. You had heard rumors, but you assumed that is all they were. “Listen, I really enjoyed the time we spent together in LA but now that we are home - well it’s alot of work hiding this from (y/n)”. That was it, you heard enough to confirm what you suspected and you decided to speak up. You walk up behind look and take his phone. Looking at the screen, you see the name Lindsay <3. “Hi Lindsay, don’t worry about what Lukey boy said, the cheating fucker is all yours now”. You throw the phone on the couch and look at Luke. “You can sleep down here, I will have my stuff out by the afternoon.” You walked away, not wanting him to see you cry. You walked into your bedroom and locked the door. Reaching for the nearest duffle bag, you start to pack your cloths and call your best friend. “Hey Kasey, do you still have that spare room? I’m looking for a place to live.” She didn’t bother to ask what happend, she figured you would tell her when you got there. The next day you had your car packed and you left without another word to Luke.

Calum - You were sent home early from work because you had the flu and being that you worked in a hospital, they didn’t want anyone else to get it. You decided that you would take a nap because you remember Calum saying that he was recording that day, so he would be home late. You got into comfortable clothing and before you went to get into bed you heard the front door open and laughing coming from the front room. You felt your gut twist because it was not only Calum you heard laughing, but a laugh you knew too well. You heard footsteps getting closer to the bedroom door when you hear Calum say “We are fine, she won’t be home for another 4 hours.” You stand motionless by the head of your bed when the door opens and you see Calum and your best friend Melissa enter the room half dressed and making out. Calum stops dead in his tracks when he realizes that you are there. “ (y/n) I can explain” he starts. You wanted nothing more then to cry and scream, but you would not let either of them see that. “oh this should be priceless” you say with your hand on your hip, staring daggers at them. “you know what, no….no, I don’t want an explanation. I want you out. Right now, out” you say while shoving them out the door and into the front room. “I will pack your stuff and leave it in the garage” you say before shoving them out the door.

Michael - You walk into your bedroom to find Michael sitting on the edge of the bed crying. “Babe, what’s wrong?” you ask. “(y/n) I screwed up and I am so sorry. I didn’t mean for it to happen but I was drunk and this girl looked just like you and it was dark and I kissed her but I promise, I thought it was you.” he cried. Your heart shattered. You wanted to be mad that he had technically cheated on you, but he was still obviously drunk, you could smell it from the door and it was hard to be mad when he explained it the way he did. “Mikey, listen to me. I love you and I believe that you didn’t mean to do it. I want you to take a shower and when you get out, I will have some food for you. When we wake up in the morning we will talk about this and go from there, yeah?” You took his hand and brought him into the bathroom and turned on the shower for him. You tried to not let him see the tear that fell from your eye. “no no no no no, baby I’m so sorry. I promise you, I really thought it was you. Ask Luke, I freaked out when I found out it wasn’t.” Hearing him say that made you feel better. You smiled and kissed him before helping him get out of his clothes and into the shower. “I will be in the kitchen when you are done babe.” You walked into the kitchen and heard you phone ring. “Lucas McGucas” popped up and you laughed a little remembering the day he put that into your phone. “I was just going to call you Lukey, Mikey told me what happened and he is so drunk that he isn’t capable of telling a lie. You don’t have to tell me twice.” you heard Luke sigh on the other end of the line. “Thank the lord” he said. “Mike was freaking out and I wanted to call you earlier, but he wanted to be the first one to tell you and you know how twitter is and I’m sorry I didn’t stop him faster.” “Thanks Lukey boy, I’m glad that you guys have each other. I will talk to you tomorrow.” you replied getting a small “yup” from him before you hung up.

She’s Missing, Not Dead (Liam Dunbar x Reader)

Warnings: Swearing

Sorry for any mistakes, this was sort of rushed

You’ve been missing for three whole months and your boyfriend, Liam, was just about losing it. 

“We’ve been up since four am searching for her, we need to go to school now,” Scott says. “We can’t pick up her scent Liam.” 

“It’s not like Y/N to disappear,” Liam begins. “Something happend to her and I need to know if she is ok. If not, she might as well be dead.” 

“Liam!” Malia snaps. “She’s missing, not dead. Plus I know Y/N, she’s a heck of badass and does a great job protecting herself. Plus she is human, no reason for anyone wanting to kill her. 

“She’s right,” Stiles chimes in. 

“I know it’s just hard for me. I love Y/N, even before we started to date. She’s been my anchor since day one, I can’t bare losing her,” Liam says. 

“We’ll try again after school, for now lets go into school,” Lydia says. 

Liam sat in class, thinking about you. Thoughts were racing through his head, wondering if you were alive, if you were hurt, or if you were dead. 

“So your teacher wanted me to say this, and I can’t imagine how some of you must be feeling right now…tonight there is a assembly for Y/N Y/L/N who has been missing for three months now,” The substitute teacher says. “There is no conformation if she is living or dead.” 

All of the sudden the phone started to ring so the substitute teacher walked over to answer it. 

“Liam Dunbar, you’re needed at the office,” The teacher says. Liam immediately stands up and exits the classroom. He does a light jog down to the office to see Scott, Stiles, and Scott’s mother, Melissa. 

“It’s Y/N,” Melissa begins. *gif* 

“What about her?” Liam asks. 

“They found her. She’s wide awake in the hospital, in fact the first words she said to us was your name Liam,” Scott’s mother says. 

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go,” Liam says. The boys follow Soctt’s mother to her car, they all climb in and Melissa begins to drive to the hospital. 

“She hasn’t said a word about where she has been, she said she’ll only talk if you’re there,” Melissa says. 

“That sounds like Y/N,” Stiles says with a chuckle. Melissa pulls into the hospital parking lot and right away Liam jumps out of the car and runs inside. 

“Where is she?” Liam asks. 

“Room 103,” Melissa replies. Liam takes off with Stiles and Scott not far behind him. He opens the door to see you standing, staring at the window. 

“I told you already. I’m not going to talk till he’s here,” You mumble. 

“Are you sure you don’t want to start now? I’m sure there is a lot to say,” Liam says. You turn around to see him standing in the doorway. He runs up to and pulls into a hug. 

“It’s you,” You whisper. 

“You’re alive! You’re safe,” Liam replies. He kisses your temple then stares into your eyes. “What happened to you? I was worried sick about you.” 

“It’s true,” Stiles says. 

“I-” You stumble. Liam takes your hand and holds it. He brings you to the bed and sits down. 

“You know what that doesn’t matter right now.” Liam says. “I love you and I’m just glad you are here.” 

“I love you too Liam,” You reply.

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Analysis of Kidge
  • When i watched VLD for the first time i was simply amazed by quality. The fact that Dream Works did such a great job on this reboot made my heart skip a beat.
  • All the characters have very nice designs and I.Love.It. Must say i like how they change Pidge into a girl - she is my favourite character(so far) and the possibilities for ships in this show are incredibly. Problematic. For me.
  • Or at least were.
  • When it comes to shipping, i'm usually waiting until the last episode to judge, if those characters could work for me as ship or otp. I love to turn on my analytical thinking on. (that's just how i roll lol) You know - "interaction quality". At first i (what's suprising) din't focus on Klance, the most popular and loved ship or any other ship in particular. My attention drew Pidge x Shiro.(i know, don't get triggered now ok? let me explain)
  • They were just adorable leader - haker team, linked by the situation with Matt and their father. I need to say this, i did ship them romanticaly... But, i found out that she is a litlle younger than him and then Shiro just dissapeared in the last episode of season 2. Poof. Heartbroken lol jk.
  • So my hart was a little confused but i moved on quickly.
  • I decided to rewatch Voltron, just for fun, look for things i did not notice before or just animation errors. Or ANALYSING PLOTS DIRECTION.
  • Guess what happend. Ironically i found fanart of the last couple i could think of. Kidge/Peith.
  • My first reaction was really stupid and bad like :
  • "what is this, who made this, why them together, i don't understand this at all, they don't have much screen time together, did i missed something, must check it out myself and judge"
  • I was really suprised. Like, i don't know why actually.
  • Turns out i was not paing enough analytic attention.
  • It really bothered me so i ended up rewatching voltron just to UNDERSTAND why some people ships Kidge. Seriously.
  • (At that point i was shipping everything BUT KIDGE)
  • And it was good choice to check it out.
  • I was analysing literally EVERY little thing. Like some frikin' conspiracy theory fanatic. And i put my shippers google on.
  • Thats the irony of this situation. Because i find more quality in Kidge than i was expecting. It's true, for some reason they really don't have much time-bonding on screen and i hope it will change in season 3. I don't understand why.
  • If we take a look at things from 80s - they were like ... Best Friends forever.
  • BUT let's go back to VLD. When Keith and Katie do have time on screen together. Ooh. Dude. It's... Really something interesting to watch and think of.
  • Not just because it's suppouse to be cute or whatever, but to understand deepness of the whole show and characters.
  • Both, Pidge/Katie and Keith had someone close to them who was tooked by Zarcons force - Katies brother and father, Keiths dear friend Shirogane Takashi, who (acording to scene where Keith is talking to Shiros hologram) was like brother to him.
  • (brother-zone, thanks Keith for breaking my dreams of Sheith. Still gona ship platonicaly though.)
  • Katie joined the academy, Keith dropped out. Both were devoted and driven by need to search for the answers.
  • Both are inteligent, stubborn and could be daring.
  • Both are not really good when it comes to socialise with people, althoug Pidge is slightly better at this than Keith, who usually plays the role of the lone wolf of Voltron. (not really, he is emo cinnamon roll)
  • Both become voltron arms, side by side working as Sword and Shield of Voltron.
  • It's not just comparisson. They are different in some aspects which brings great balance between them as a duo.
  • Keith is the intuition and feelings, Kaite intelect and logic of Voltron.
  • Just like human left and right side of brain, lions of Voltron working together making it whole.
  • They interactions are not like the rest of palladins, and im not biasing right now to prove my point. There is much more to it than that.
  • It's just pure neutral analysis. When Keith and Lance were showing sings on certain mission it was problematic at first for them to understand each other.
  • While the Keith and Pidge needed only ONE nod to know what is the other one thinking, able to cooperate in case to attack the intruder.
  • That's exacly what makes me interested in this ship.
  • Not sweetness of them. Not becuse it look good/bad. Not the single moments, fanarts, fanfics,of them. But the wonderful pleasure and possibility of analising it just for fun and thinking about the future episodes.
  • Disclaimer :
  • 1. a)they are not my only otp/brotp/ or whatever. I'm a multishipper, and i respect all of the opinions.
  • If you don't like it. I understand and not gonna hate you becuse of that.
  • b) Simply becuse i like all of the characters. Yes, even Galra race needs some love.
  • 2. English it's not my first language, so sorry for every grammar mistake i did in text. Hopefully it's not that bad.
  • 3. I like to draw fanarts of different ships in Voltron, so if you have a problem with that, i'm sorry but it's not gonna change. After all we are all part of the one big fandom. Just like Voltron. We should at least respect each others oppinions.

Note: Awe this is so cute. You sounds like a really cute person! :D I wasn`t too sure how to write this, if you wanted it to be a dating at the end kind of thing or not but I hope you still like it. Do send me a request if you`d like something more in the dating line.


He`d be walking into the cafè, looking for a spot to sit as it was quite crowded. He`d see you sitting on a table alone with another empty chair infront of you. He would walk over to you, gently asking if he could sit on the empty spot. When you looked up he`d be a bit taken aback by the look you`d give him (resting bitch face) but when you stuttered slightly when telling him it`s okey for him to sit there he`d chuckle a little not expecting you to stutter. He had seen you before at the cafè but had never tried talking to you thinking you wouldn`t like it but now that he was sitting infront of you and he saw your slightly red tinted cheeks he`d want to know more about you. 

“How come we`ve never talked before? You come here as often as me. We should talk more often.”


You had been working for the company for a long time as a coordinator of meetings and usually you would send mails but your mail had decided to give up on working so you came to give the schedule directly to them. He had seen you a few times and was honestly a bit intimidated by your height and the way you always seemed a little angry because of you resting bitch face. But this view of you was comletely changed when you came up to him and you tripped dropping all of your papers. Your face would flush before you`d stutter out a quiet sorry. His face would light up and he`d try his hardest not to laugh. Not at the fact that you tripped but at the fact that he had never seen you stutter or shy like that before and it was just too cute to handle. 

“Are you okey there? Here, let me help you pick up your papers. A cute girl like you shouldn`t be sitting on this dirty floor.”


He was perplexed by you. You were way taller than most of the other girls working at the restaurant he`d frequently visit. Your face looked like you were ready to kill someone however whenever you would take his order or bring him whatever he had ordered your face would flush and your stuttering wasn`t easily hid either. He`d think it was the most interesting thing ever which was also the reason why he`d request you to take his order whenever he was there. Ken would probably notice your crush on him and he wouldn`t hide his interest in you either, trying to throw in a little flirt in the small conversations he`d have with you.

“Can you recommend any desserts that are as sweet as you?”


Ravi would frequently visit the gym you just happend to work at. Your job may be behind the desk on the entrance but from there you could see the the whole room, including the very handsome Ravi. He would often see you looking at him before you`d look away again. Unfortunatly your resting bitch face made it seem to him like you weren`t too happy that he is there. He would come up to the desk one day and ask you about it. You`d tell him about the “resting bitch face” problem and that the reason you were looking at him so much was because you thought him really handsome. At which point you were extremely blushy and stuttering. He`d find it very endearing, looking down before letting a chuckle escape his lips.

“And here I thought you hated me. Well, anyway I think you owe me for the inconveniece so how about you join me sometime?”


He had been outside in the park where he`d try to find anything interesting to photograph, again. And again you were sat at your usual spot on the grass reading up for your next exam. He had noticed you looking over at him quite a few times, however because of your gaze he had been rather careful not to disturb you as it often looked like you were angry. He would take a short break on one of the benches around and would then decide to go home. However suddenly he would feel a tap on his shoulder and turning around he`d find you standing there. He`d be a bit cautious thinking he had disturbed you somehow but when your cheeks flushed and you stuttered out that he had forgot his camera on the bench he`d relax. He would take the camera from your hands when his mind finally started to put one plus one together and he understood that you have been watching him, not because you were angry with him, but because you liked him. This would change things completely and he`d find this unexpected shy of yours super cute.

“Oh I didn`t notice I had forgot it. How about I buy you a coffee as a thank you?”


One of his hobbies is reading so he would often find himself at the library, searching the shelfs for a new book. You worked at said library and you had noticed him there often, and so has he. However judging by your gaze he concluded you weren`t too fond of the idea of him in your close proximity so he held his distance. This one fateful day Hyuk was completely lost in his search for a new book, his eyes finally landing on a book that actually caught his attantion. However as his hand reached for the book it came in contact with another hand. Your hand. You were just as lost in finding something to read in your breaks that you didn`t notice him there before it was too late. He would notice your hand retracting quickly and how with pink cheeks you`d stutter out an apology. He`d be so surprised by your shy personality that he`d be silent for a while and wouldn`t be able to say anything before he noticed you leaving. Quickly taking your hand and turning you around he`d hand you the book saying:

“You can read it first, but only if you promise to give me a good review of it after. You work here right? Alright, I`m here often so tell me as soon as you have finished it, okay?”

[ Imagine #3 ] Med-jack ~ Newt (TMR)

Fandom: The Maze Runner

Pairing: Newt x reader

Word count: 1270 words



I stood on tiptoes and streched my arm as high as possible, but i couldn’t reach the medicine. I were too small. With a heavy sigh, i grabbed a chair and used it to fetch the small brown bottle. Right when i stood on the floor again, the door got opened and Jeff sticked his head around the door with a smile. “Y/N? Lunch is ready in a few minutes. You can take a break.” Then he closed the door again.

After finishing my work, i left the med-jack hut walking towards the homestead. Frypan gave me a plate full of food and i made my way to the table where i were sitting with Newt, Thomas, Minho and Chuck. Today the runners had a day free, so they could join the lunch, even if they were usually in the maze at this time of the day. I placed myself next to Thomas and started eating. The boys had an animated disscusion about different possibilitys to kill a griever. Even if the ideas were utterly ridiculous, it was funny to listen to them.

While eating, i couldn’t help staring at Newt. He looked just so good, with his light brown hair and his brown eyes, which were looking at me…oh shit, they were looking at me! I cleared my throat, embarressed at the fact he just caught me staring at him and looked down at my plate. He chuckled and i quickly stood up, mumbled: “I go back to work.” and made my way back to the med-jack hut.

I closed the door behind me, plumbed down on a chair and buried my face in my hands. Why? Why did i always embarressed myself infront of Newt? I mean, we were just friends. Well, just friends for him . I wished i could stop thinking about him, but he was always so sweet and caring, every time he talked to me, i just fell more and more for him, even if i were sure he meant it just in a friendly way.

Suddenly, the door bursted open and Thomas came in. He placed himself on the chair next to me and looked at me. “You like him.” “W-what do you mean?” i asked and felt my cheeks heating up. “Newt. You like him.” he repeated. I stared at him, completely shocked. “But - that’s not true!” He raised his eyebrows. “Oh please, Y/N, don’t deny it. It’s more than obvious. You have to tell him!” I shook my head. “Nope, i won’t do that. It would just ruin our friendship and make things terrible awkward, because he doesn’t feel the same way” i answered categorically. Thomas pouted. “You’ll never know until you tell him! Besides, i think he likes you too. You should see how he stare at you sometimes. And you two would be such a cute couple!” I smiled slightly at Thomas words but then stood up and gestured towards the door. “However, i would love to continue talking about my non-existing lovelife with you, but i have plenty of work to do. So… maybe you could help somebody, too.” Thomas shrugged and left the hut. But then turned around again and winked: “Think about what i just told you. He likes you.” I groaned, pushed him out of the room and closed the door behind him. Then i continued sorting the little medicine bottles.

After a few minutes of working, the door opened again and i turned around stressed, expecting Thomas standing there, but it was Newt. I gasped at the sight of him, he was deathly pale, his hoodie was ripped and bloody at the right side under his chest and he leaned against Zart, not able to walk alone. “Oh shuck, Newt! What happened?! Lie down here!” I hurried through the room and prepared one of the beds for him. Zart helped him to walk slowly to the bed and lie down. Then he asked: “Do you need help, Y/N? ‘Cause i have work to do, but i could send you Clint or Jeff.” I smiled at him. “No thank you. It’ll work.” He nodded and left the hut.

Newt P.o.V

My side hurted so bloody much, it felt like a thousand knives had been stabbed into my body. Y/N looked at me with a worried expression on her face and asked me softly: “What happend?” I tried to ignore the penetrating pain and replied through clenched teeth: “I was trimming some vines and then the knife slipped down and cut me.” She nodded and reached hesitantly for my sweater, but then stopped. “You - ehm, you have to take it off” She blushed slightly and avoided my glance. I had to hold back a chuckle. She was just too cute. “Ok, but you have to help me.” Y/N blushed a little bit more, but grabbed my hoodie and tried carefully to remove it. Where her soft hands brushed my bare skin, i could felt a tingle, and now i felt my cheeks heating up. She put the hoodie down next to the bed and turned to my again. I could see her gaze briefly wander about my body, until she saw to wound. Her eyes widened and she mumbled: “Oh shuck.” Then she quickly walked towards one of the shelves and took a bottle and a little towel. She bent down next to me. “This will hurt” she warned me, but i simply nodded. It hurted so much now, i doubted more would be possible. But when she carefully touched the cut with the towel, i could barely hold back my tears and drew a sharp breath. Y/N looked up with a weakly smile. “I really try my best being carefully. I’m sorry.” I forced me to smile back and she continued cleaning the wound with a concentrate expression. I couldn’t help staring at her, she looks absolutely gorgeous when she bite her lips and narrow her eyes in concentration.

After she finished, she raised her head and when she met my intense glance and realized i had been staring at her the whole time she blushed hard and quickly turned around to clear away the towel and the bottle. Then she took some bandages and came back. “ have to raise your back a little bit so that i can dress the wound” she explained, still with red cheeks.

I carefully tried to sit up and Y/N started to wrap the bandage around my torso and even if it hurted bloody much, i enyoid it because she had to embrace me every time the bandage was at my back. The whole time she said nothing, and when she finished, she stepped quickly away.

When she turned around i quickly tried to stand up, because even if it hurted, i had work to do. When Y/N saw what i’m trying to do, her eyes widened and with a few steps she was next to me and pushed me back at the bed, her hands laying on my shoulders. “What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing? You have to rest! At least two days!” I just stared at her. When she noticed my glance, she stopped talking and her cheeks reddened once more. “Eh…is everthing alright?” I just nodded and then - i didn’t even myself know where i got the courage for that from - i just kissed her. And she immediately kissed me back.


I know the end is kinda crap…but i hope you still like it ♡

Keith and Lance in Episode 6

I wanted to write for a bit about these two, others have been faster but the more the merrier right? Also I’m trying to keep it in a platonic perspective and mostly Keiths side (even though - personally - I’m tempted to see it through shipping googles - a girl can dream right?)

I think this episode established further something I’ve been suspecting in the past two seasons already: Keith really wants to be Lances friend (and cares about him and all the good stuff).

So let’s get into it:

Keith faces a lot of struggles in this season so far and even though Shiro just came back he doesn’t seem to be very releaved. Something is just off and that adds to the weight of his unwanted leadership role, cue Lances entry:

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(Part 3) Sanji x Nami hints - Thematic parallels

So this is part three in my attempt to collect some possible hints Oda has given us when it comes to the pair Sanji and Nami. I’ve talked about their names sharing a connection in PART 1 and how their colors might mean something in PART 2. If you haven’t read those yet feel free to go over there and see what you think. :)

For this post I’ll focus on things that Sanji and Nami have in common or certain themes that might bind them together. Of course it’s all just speculation, but I still feel like there are some interesting points to bring up.


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