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The many different ways of writing “Charcoal”

Im working on categorizing materials in the lab (aka going through tagged excavation material and putting it in our database) and I encountered a phenomena of fellow Israeli archaeology students who find the word “charcoal” enigmatic and just cant for the life of them write it correctly. This is WAY too funny to keep to myself so enjoy a compilation of archaeologists who cannot correctly english the word “charcoal” (black boxes of death cover up excavation details):

sharcoal? sharcool? who knows



Chacroal. SO CLOSE


chorhole?? chorkhale?

yeah, “carbon”

dude just gave up


charcoale, fancy charcoal



charcls. many many charcls. As opposed to:

a SINGLE charcal.

And my all time favorites:

fucking SHRSOAL


Youre welcome.

Dear tumblr,

Archaeologist ≠ Paleontologist

Archaeologist = Digging Up Dead Humans (and their belongings/homes/ environmental impact); think H. Neanderthalensis, H. Sapien, H. Erectus…

Paleontologist = Digging Up Dead Non-Humans (ok, can include pre-modern humans, there’s some intersection in the fields with human ancestry); think dinosaurs, prehistoric life, all that shit from the Precambrian Explosion…

Archaeologist ≠ Paleontologist

The Archaeologist and the Skull

A very silly #microfiction…

“Hey buddy.”

The voice appeared to be coming from a skull that sat on one of the tomb’s dusty shelves.

The archaeologist leaned in to take a closer look. He leaned in very close indeed.

“Whoa! Bit hecking close there, aren’t we?”

“I dunno,” the archaeologist stared over the top of his glasses at the skull. “Are we?”

A small tongue flicked out of the skull’s eye and licked him on the nose.

“I guess so, bucko.” Said the little gecko sitting in the skull’s eye socket. “I guess so.”

“Oh,” said the archaeologist, “I thought you were a talking skull, but you’re just a talking gecko.”

“Oh, the skull talks too. She’s just shy.”


“No. She’s actually a real extrovert.”


The archaeologist didn’t lean back at all, but kept leant up close to the skull and the gecko.

They stared at each other.

“Hey, buddy?” Said the gecko. “You know we’re in a tomb, right?”

“I do!”

“So … why are you wearing sunglasses?”

“They’re prescription.”

“Reaaaaally?” The gecko could not raise an eyebrow because it didn’t have any. But, for the sake of understanding its tone, please imagine that it had eyebrows and it was raising one.

“No.” Said the archaeologist. “They look pretty cool though, right?”

“Heck yeah.” Said the gecko. “They do.”

“Rad.” Said the archaeologist, radly.

“Hey, bucko.” Said the gecko. “Can I trust you?”

“Of course.” Said the archaeologist. “I have a PHD.”

“What’s that mean?”

“It stands for Pretty Heroic Dude.”

“Badass. I’ll trust you then.” The gecko continued in a whisper. “This skull is hella magic and some really evil folks want to find it to do An Apocalypse.”

“Oh no.” Said the archaeologist, his square jaw bristling. “I would hate to do An Apocalypse!”

“Then you must steal this skull, friend!”

“I *will* steal this skull-friend!”

“Great.” Said the gecko. “Ooh. When you leave, duck your head into your coat and put the skull on your head, so it looks like you’re a skellington walking out…”

“I like the way you think.”

So the archaeologist walked out of the tomb with a skull on his head, so he looked like a skellington and the other people at the dig were well freaked out.

And this was just the first of their many adventures.

anonymous asked:

As for your question,yes Rhianna was one of writers of reboot comic so it's the latter, bad writing. And i seriously did not understand why some Turkish readers caused trouble for you. Your surname or name might be from different origin but that doesn't mean you are not Turkish. Besides Turks and Arabs are really similar to each other, almost one in the same so what's the problem? Man, it's really hard to understand people. Anyway if you want to learn more about Turkey please let me know

That being so, yes, they’re probably plotholes or inconsistencies and bad writing. Or just a violent, sudden change of point of view when considering doing everything about lost mad friends and dead parents. In any case, I don’t care. I don’t even like the Top Cow storyline, much less this one.

Awwww thank you so much for the support! Well those Turkish readers considered it was offensive I created a Turkish character with an Arab surname. They thought I was ignorant of the Turkish history/people and their names and surnames. Truth be told, I chose the name Selma after the last Otoman princess and Al-Jazeera after the original Arab name of the town next to my homeland - not after the Arab TV channel, as some derogatory feedback had suggested.

Then I made her daughter of a Turkish mother and Arab father, but after all, she’s Turkish and she lives and works in Turkey. I get all the hate toward this OC’s surname was due to misunderstanding. 

Another misunderstanding was related with this drawing, made by Fernando Moreno (Kaworu) for the second chapter of The Golden Seal:

The dressing of the two women on the left attracted also hate and bad comments, claiming Turkish women don’t dress like that. I was aware, so when I wrote “women dressed all in black” the artist understood they were wearing some kind of hijab/niqab and drawn them like that. I didn’t want to reject the drawing, since it wasn’t a commission and the artist did it as a gift, and I was so naive I thought there would be no major problem - but it was.

Anyway, I’m aware most of Turkish women don’t use headscarf, and of course, I never intented any offense toward Turkey, much less Turkish people, whose recent history I know despite I’m not an expert. At some point I was so sad about this I almost dropped the character or killed her off, so she wouldn’t appear again and cause me major trouble. Of course an easy solution would’ve been to change her surname and planned origins and made her 100% Turkish, but again, I am not fond of correcting original ideas that didn’t mean any harm in the first place - and after all, what’s wrong with being from mixed origins? Aren’t we all, anyway? 

That’s why it’s a great relief to me that you, as Turkish, don’t see anything bad in my OC and even enjoyed her. I can say I am still writing about her and she’ll have more chances to shine soon. Thank you :)

What’s incredible is that there were two thousand years of history that were completely forgotten. Completely. An entire civilization that nobody even knew about. No residual folk awareness. No garbled semi-historical legends. Everyone between the Atlantic and the Himalayas owed Sumer a direct debt for writing, the wheel, and social hierarchy, and yet the only scrap of Sumer that remained anywhere in the archive of civilizational awareness after the last cuneiform tablet had been incised around 75 CE was some Near Eastern demon named Jiljamish whose name got passed around between different sects until its last attestation c. 1500 CE.

Both Christian and Islamic civilization got their account of history from the Greeks, and the Greeks only knew about stuff as far back as the Neo-Assyrian Empire. That’s only 900 BCE. Everything before that they had only the faintest awareness of. I mean, with Egypt, they were aware of the Pyramids and stuff. They knew Egypt was old as fuck, but they had absolutely no conception of the actual time depth, or that there had been entire other civilizations contemporaneous with Egypt during its earliest history.

It was basically the biggest file format transfer failure in the history of the world. How is it that no Greek ever bothered to learn cuneiform? Or at least ask one of those Babylonian priests what that gibberish they were chanting in was? It’s like I found a floppy disk and was like “Hey this floppy disk has records from an entire lost civilization on it” and you’re like “Oh too bad…the last floppy disk reader broke 70 years ago and nobody knows how to manufacture them anymore.” Actually not even, it’s more like I found a floppy disk, said “Who cares about floppy disks, Herodotus already told me about everything that’s on these things” and threw it out without even knowing there was a whole civilization on there.

And Sumer was only rediscovered in the mid-1800s by Western archaeologists. So now two million cuneiform tablets are sitting in storage in museums around the world today, but only a hundred thousand or so have ever been read or published, since there’s only a few hundred people in the entire world who can decipher cuneiform. Sure, most of them are probably tax records, but there’s absolutely no chance there’s not some really important history, poetry, and spicy interdynastic drama in there, as well as probably a dozen or so undiscovered languages. And it will all have to wait for now.

I just looked at some archaeology job offers in the US and HOLY COW the majority of them pay between 50 to $80,000 per YEAR while here we are getting paid THREE TO FOUR TIMES LESS for the same job.

Like holy fuck when I move to the US yall better hook me up, help a digga out!

in a completely different note! my script changed so i had to update my glasses and ended up buying another pair while also updating the lenses in my favourite grey ones. my new ones look just like frances’ glasses and i’m in love with them.

I didn't, but I wish I had.
  • Case worker: Mom is very worried about how she is spending her days and not comfortable with her going to work with you. Can you tell me, broadly, what you do?
  • Me: I'm an astrophysicist. I mostly study the big bang and the formation of the Milky Way. Basic science stuff. And my husband is an archaeologist, so Katniss has been helping him organize dinosaur fossils.
  • Case worker: Did you ever get her school books?
  • Me: Nope, but when I was her age I was definitely in a sex ed class, so she's doing a report for me on the female reproductive system. When that's done she's going to make up an educational poster about different kinds of birth control and whether they protect from specific STDs. Katniss is very into calligraphy and art so this should be a great project for her.

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Nami, do you and Robin often give each other outfit advice? I definately suspect your influence in Robin's outfit during the Dressrosa incident.

“It was definitely a cute dress, wasn’t it. ♡  I liked it too, but that was all Robin’s decision.”  

“Sometimes we’ll ask for each other’s opinion, but we still have different fashion tastes.  Robin’s style is much more grown up than mine.  I probably ask her for advice more than she does to me.” 

“—– I was talking to my kid earlier on the phone asking him about his day, how school was as you do to a seven-year-old, when he all of a sudden asks ‘dad, when are you going to show me some real dinosaur bones from your work’. Needless to say, I don’t think he really understands what I do for a living.”