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This blog has only been around for like two weeks and holy shit never imagined to get this much activity. I love the FE:A community very much! I’ve meet some rad people through it and tons of fun! You guys are all a hoot! Thank you for giving me a chance and my interpretation of Aversa! It means so much to me! Always feel free to come to me for a chat or a thread! 
Now, time to post lists of my favorite people and those I find hella– 

The babes: @chariotofhoshido @grimtact @awakenedprince @tactiically @tipxthexscales @cawtastrophicrhyne @burdenedwithhope / @berceusesonata @balefuldragon @hierophantgrima @madkingtrashking @burningheartdragneel @byakuyanya-purinsesu @troubadontcha @tombedtomes

Those I admire from up close and afar: @stratigiki @bornxsteward @rosannesarcher @the-biggest-blackest-wolf @grimathephilosopher @pherxs @kakuchu-hansha @king-jehanna @noircisaint @chasingbxtterflies @nesufuratu @blueflamedhero @hiddensxrenity @kamthebirdman @exaltbound @armsthriift


Can I just remind people that many bisexual and pansexual people, myself included, use gay as an umbrella term for all people attracted to the same sex and we use it as a descriptor for our and everyone’s same sex attraction because it’s specific to that part of our identity. So please stop policing me for using gay to describe my and characters’ same sex attraction. Using gay as an umbrella term is not the same as invalidating and erasing a bi/pansexual person’s identity.

a simple Ladynoir drawing for @raysdrawlings thank-you so much for reaching out to chat hehe Chat lol with me recently and for always having such supportive things to say and for making me feel welcome. I’m not good at talking to people first so it makes my day whenever people message me.
New Home: Chapter 1
HAPPY 50th VIDEO SPECIAL! This is my favorite Steven Universe comic series ever, and I am SO glad to have dubbed it. Due to all the editing, this video took ...

Oh my god someone dubbed it by themselves

I don’t even know what to think like omg


They’re Going To Be Happy – an upbeat Johnlock playlist

8tracks | Spotify

A playlist for two smart idiots who are in love, and will get their happy ending someday… and for the fandom that’s usually filled with angst, but believes in that future happiness.

I love angsty playlists as much as the next person, but sometimes you really need upbeat, happy music to listen to as you think about your ship. There’s not an overabundance of playlists like this for Johnlock–for obvious reasons–so I decided to make one. Songs are about either one or both of their POVs. All of it’s fairly upbeat, and a solid 85% of it is happy. (The rest is an homage to the end of s2 + s3.)

I hope it brings you as much joy as it brings me! Go forth, have fun listening to a beautiful story arc, picture these two running around solving cases while pining, think about how they’re so in love, and remember that eventually they’re going to be happy. :)

omg ok so i always see oikawa having fan girls n all that cute stuff but ,,, what if ushijima also has his own fanclub (since he’s a famous vball player—maybe even more famous than oikawa) and imagine how cute it would be …

ushijima not understanding why he even has one because a) he’s just playing for himself b) what’s the point of this?? but anyways he tries hard for his “wakafans” (as tendou calls them) and !!! the first time someone asked for a picture there was like a big space between them and ushijima’s smile was so small and awkward but so cute and aaaaa

but since he’s kinda got the hang of it, he always puts an arm around them to make them comfortable and always says thank you for the gifts he receives and even messages them when he goes home to tell them what he thinks of it …!!!!

please imagine ushijima with his own fanclub and him appreciating them so much in his own awkward lil way