so applicable to my life rn


ok so I’m new to this, usually I don’t go asking for new friends on the internet but hey…first time for everything am I right? anyways, lets get to the point. I’m looking for someone who…*ponders for a min* , who can take a joke, sarcastic but not rude, creative, loves to text all the time because they have no life, aren’t judgmental and who has a F’d up life so we can complain to each other about how F’d up our lives are. there is more but I just listed a few. if you don’t have any of these qualities then CONGRADULATIONS you still are eligible to apply for this friendship application because I’m open to meeting new people who are different than I am, I don’t judge. if you do have all or most of what I listed above then you should message me….like rn.

ask for me, I’m totally names Jaylynn I’m 17 , I love books, I play volleyball and softball, I can cook…sort of, I LOVEEE FASHION annnd that’s all ill share because what’s the fun is reveling everything all at once?

if you think we would make great friends and cause absolute destruction and chaos to the world then I hope to hear from you soon <3

****all social media: ill let you know personally***

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Have you been feeling good recently? Anything exciting or pleasant happening rn on your life? xx

nO my life is just constantly writing med school secondary application essays at the moment and my brain is melting out of my ears. i am So Tired

im thinking bout…. going back to school?? next winter session maybe bc applications for the fall are already over i think. i just dont know bc school has never in my life been hard for me academically but i kept failing classes in college bc i could never get myself together enough to get my work done and somehow every time i start something important and meaningful the depression comes out a month in to ruin the fuck out of it like it’s clockwork so i doubt if this time will be any different. :/ i want to do something with my life though. i’m sick of my mental health making me into basically nothing more than a parasite for my family. i wanna achieve independence some day and take care of myself.