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Newbie (Harry Hook x Male Reader)

Summary: You joined Uma’s pirate crew and caught the eyes of a pirate.

“Okay people, today is your first day. We don’t play around here. What we mean is business. You don’t pick just anyone so consider yourself lucky you are even standing here.” Uma started. “I’ll assign people to come and get you started on your duties.”

You were biting your lip nervously. You weren’t really that special. You were just walking home from school when Gil came towards you. Harry was pacing back and forth in front on you newbies.

“For those of you whom I personally came to, you will be my fighters. You will train 8 hours a day. You will improve your combat skills and you technique. You shall follow me to your location" Uma said. A third of the people followed Uma. You bit your lip nervously. Harry then stopped pacing and stood in front of you.

You couldn’t believe how close he was to you. You heard so many stories of this pirate. His sharp jawline, his chiseled face, his gorgeous ocean blue eyes.

“Those of you who I came to. You guys will become our raiders. You guys are quick and sneaky. I will teach you how to polish your skills.“ He said. He began to walk. He turned around and saw no one following. He used his hook to motion them to come. Gil then took the center stage.

“Um, hi guys. You will be cleaning and fixing things around. To be honest, I had no idea why I’m leading. Most of you guys are brawn.” Gil giggled. You sighed in disappointment. Gil taught you guys how to do the ropes and sails. After cleaning, you prepared to go home.

The next morning you went to school. You were running late so you stole an apple on the way there. You bump into someone. You quickly apologize putting an innocent act.

“I am so sorry. I did not mean that at all.” You say taking their hand. You then slide your other hand and slide it into their pockets taking the first thing you could grab. You then turn around and make a run for it.

You made your way through the Isle and into Serpant Prep. You went throughout your day when you arrived to your last class. You sat there and tried to make mental notes, yet you couldnt dismiss the fact that someone was watching you. You look around and saw the infamous Harry Hook. He looked at you and gave you a smirk. You rolled your eyes and turned around. You then felt someone sit beside you.

“That is a pretty cool watch you’ve got there. Where did you get?“ Harry asked you. You tried to focus on the teacher. Harry Hook then leans closer making your breath hitch. “I think it is wise giving me my watch back. Unless you want to be hooked.”

You look up from your position and looked at him. Harry began to giggle like a maniac. You did not want to be belittled by him, so you gathered up your courage.

“Being hooked by you doesnt seem that bad. Maybe I should try taking your father’s hook next time. Make this game rough and dirty.” You said with a wink. Harry stopped giggling. Gil laughed from behind as Uma snickered. Harry was quiet impressed with the newbie. He didn’t know how to respond.

The second the bell rang, you bolted out to go home. You were almost close when someone walked in fronr of you. You fell on your butt and groaned from the impact. You look up and see Harry. You let out a sign and got up.

“Not happy to see me baby boy? Aw, I was hoping to have fun with you.” He laughed. You tried to pass by him, but he mockingly blocked the way.

“What do you want Harry?” You askes. Harry tsked at you and held the hook to your neck. He walked towards you until your back hit a wall. It was as if time stopped. His moves were unpredictable. Harry than began to lean in.

“I want my watch back.” He said in a raspy voice. Your breath hitched. Harry then aligned so your eyes would meet. You tried to guess what he was going to do next. You place your hands on his chest and went for it.

Harry grabbed you by the waist. He brought you closer. Your hand flew to his hair. Sparks were flying everywhere.

You and Harry parted. Both of breathing heavily. He rested his forhead on yours. He then got up and adjusted his hair.

“I’ll make sure to have you on my team. I would love to get to know you more, darling.” Harry said with a wink before walking away.

“What did I just do.” You breathed out holding your beating heart. You just kissed Harry Hook.

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Can you do a gone if thrones imagine? Maybe Robb, Jaime, or oberyn?

Answer: You wanted one, well darling I give you all 3, SURPRISE! XX
Gifs not mine
A/N: Hope you like these imagines, I’m a HUGE GOT fan lol, anyone have a good day/night/evening/morning/afternoon where ever you all live. XX basicKassandra

Robb Stark:
You were serving the soldiers from the Lannister house at the tavern nears Petry’s brothel, most men confused you with the whores that worked in the brothel. “Ay! Girl, come here!” a man in gold called for your service as you made your way to the gold cloak the bar fell quiet all the men looking in the direction of the door causing you to turn just in time to see Robb Stark and his men walking to a secluded part of the tavern you watched them until you felt a slap on your ass which caused you to turn quickly back at the man raising your hand to slap his face but your hand was caught by another worker, Lucia always coming to your rescue “(Y/N) go and assist Lord Stark.” she said in a low tone walking towards the gold cloaks. You quietly fixed your composure and began to walk towards the back booth “Can I offer my services men?” you say softly looking at the intimidating men who sat in the booth and then your eyes locked on Robb as he slowly lifted his eyes to look at you, the simple eye contact made your body react in a foreign way. “Are you a whore?” he said bluntly not taking his eyes off you as he scanned your body, your tiny bust and wide hips made any man think you were a whore “No my lord I’m just a bar maid.” you said holding your hands together “Do you stand with House Stark or Lannister?” he asked you now moving from his seat until he is directly in front of you “Stark, my Lord. My mother raised me in Winterfell but… when she … pass-was murdered I fled to Kings Landing.” You said instantly regretting your words because the eyes that now looked at you were cold and unforgiving. “Well, I am terribly sorry about your mother, and ale. My man and I will have your best ale.” He said walking back to his seat watching you as you walked away in a hurried pace to fulfill his needs for him and his men. The entire night you had been serving Lord Starks table and only them, it was just about time to close and the men were pouring out with Petyr’s whores all but one, Robb was watching you clean the bar, watching you bend, tip toe, jump, and struggle. He stood behind you grabbing your arms turning you around to face him “You serve House Stark from this moment on.” he said reeking of Ale but his voice was so low and his eyes so serious causing you to become nervous, you simply nodded “Now assist the drunken fool i am back to farm house.” he said leaning on you, as you began to walk in the direction he instructed until you’d finally reached the farm house looking for a bed to drop him in once you had found an unoccupied room you gently placed Robb on the bed. You began to remove Robb’s clothes until you felt his hands grab your hands which made you look at him, his eyes were still closed and his breathing steady “I don’t even know your name yet you now serve me.” he said softly to the air “My name is (Y/N)” you said letting his hands go and continuing to take off his clothes “God that is a beautiful name.” he said but this time he rose from the bed and placed his hands on both of your shoulders “Well (Y/N) your mine now. I own you, but you are not property you are server. Anything I ask, said or demand will and must be followed do you understand?” he asked brushing a loose strand of your hair behind your ear you nodded looking at the ground “Good, thank you. Now find a room, lock the door and come to me in the morning.” He said laying back down falling asleep before you even left the room, and today marks a brand new start of your brand new life.

Jaime Lannister:

You were in the yard straightening your position even though you were fighting a training dummy any enemy could approach at any second and you would be ready for them. You stabbed the dummy a couple of times until you heard the crunching of someone’s boat on the fallen leaves which caused you to be on your guard, you were nothing more than a blacksmiths daughter but people stole for worse things here in Kings Landing, you heard the noise again coming from behind you and just as you swung to chop off the persons head you held your sword in the air “Kingslayer… forgive me, I do apologize, I had no idea it was you…” you said placing down your sword looking at your feet. Way to piss of a royal (Y/N) you thought to yourself but instead of the profanities and threats you thought he was going to deliver you heard his roar of a laughter, he laughed so hard he and to grab his sides “You are a one funny woman, has anyone ever told you that Lady…?” He said waiting for you to speak your name “I’m simply (Y/N), Kingslayers I’m not really what the men would call a “lady”“ you said honestly seeing no true reason to lie. He looked at you with a sense of understanding "So you can swing a sword but are you truly any good?” He said giving you a challenging look “Well take out your sword and we shall see how good I am.” You said holding your sword in your hand preparing yourself, within seconds Jaime pulled out his sword and began to quickly slice it in front of you and thus the challenge begun. You could hear the sound of the swords clashing from miles as well as the grunts from Jaime and your groans of disappointment, Jaime thought you would truly be an easy attack but he was wrong. You’d dodged yet another one of his attacks and before he could recounted you had tripped him causing his back to hit the ground hard and before he could get up you stabbed your sword into the soil next to his face “Kingslayer what would the kingdom think if they saw you were defeated by a simple blacksmiths daughter?” You teased bending down to rub it in his face and before you could process what was happening Jaime had grabbed you a pulled you onto the ground rolling over so he was now on top of your body “Screw the kingdom. I had a very interesting time battling a simple woman as you say but you (Y/N) are far more than simple.” He said kissing your cheek before he grabbed his sword got up from the ground and left without utter another word, but something in his walk told you he would be back, and you would be waiting better and more prepared for next time.

Oberyn Martell :

You were held in shackles around both your arms and feet “Please sir, I’ve done nothing wrong! Please let me go!” you yelled as you heard your jailer approach you but what shocked you was when the jailer opened the door and grabbed your shackles which forced you to follow him “Shut up girl, you should be honored that you’re being given as a gift of good fortune to the Prince of Dorne.” the jailer said pulling your shackles with such force causing you to tumble forward falling on your hands, he grunted in anger harshly picking you up and dragging you to the main room where Queen regent Cersei was waiting for you with Prince of Dorne Oberyn Martell. Once you had made it to the room the jailer had shoved you to the ground in the center of the room, the jailers action caused Oberyn to shift forward in his car fascinated at the women who’s hair was so long and dark that it covered her face. “Speak peasant.” Cersei said unimpressed with the girls looks, a gift should be wrapped with a pretty bow not look like a distasteful meal. “Forgive me, Oberyn it seems your gift is a bit horrendous, if she doesn’t not meet to your needs please let me know so I can have someone find you another.” Cersei said waving her hand for the jailer to take her “Wait!” Oberyn shouted causing the jailer to stop in his tracks, as Oberyn walked over to the shackled girl, he softly moved her hair from her face and all he saw were her big beautiful eyes that held so much pain, and hurt in them. “I will keep her, thank you for your offer. If my gift could now be unwrapped I would be forever grateful.” He said gritting through his teeth. He felt the anger begin to rise in his body, once the girl was freed from her shackle Oberyn gently grabbed her arm dragging her out of the main room and taking him to his temporary home until he returned to Dorne “What is your name girl?” he asked opening the door to an empty home “(Y/N) my Lord” you said softly feeling his hand on the small of your back guiding you to bench that was on the balcony facing the sea, you sat but he did not. He kneeled to look at your face pushing your hair away from your face “Now (Y/N) what does a beautiful woman like you do that got you caught by that witch Cersei?” he asked sneering at her name, looked at your face not listening to your explanation he was too busy examining for injuries, bruises, etc but thankfully he didn’t find any. “Well, you must not worry, we will be in Dorne soon… Well the only thing you truly need to worry about is not falling for me.” He winked before leaving you to watch the sun fall slowly.

My Queen

Characters: Dean x Reader, Celeste (reader’s sister), Travis (reader’s ex boyfriend)

Word Count: 2,311

Warnings: Mentioned of abuse in relationship (very minimal), a little angsty, but Dean fluff at the end

Summary: You haven’t seen your sister in years so you and Dean pay her a visit. What happened when she’s dating your ex boyfriend? 

A/N: I know I’ve been completely disregarding my responsibility as a writer and I apologize for that. I’ve been stressing over school and work but things have simmered down enough. All I ask from you guys is to send in requests. None of the fics I have written were requested and I am running out of ideas on my own. Please send in what you want to see written!

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Growing up, you and your sister were inseparable. You always told each other your secrets, stole makeup and clothes from one another, talked to each other about boys and drama, and always had a bond that was unbreakable. However, as you grew older, she turned into this other person that you didn’t recognize.

She started going to parties, getting drunk more often, smoked a cigarette or two, and was transforming into a girl you didn’t know. Of course, you told each other everything still but it was like you were losing that bond with each and every day that passed.

It wasn’t until you started hunting that you did everything together. Yes, she knows about the supernatural because you couldn’t keep her from not knowing but you could keep her from hunting alongside you.

You were glad that she didn’t want that life and decided to be extra help with research if you needed it. You wished that you knew how to fight like you did now for when you were kids but now you could really put her in her place thanks to the Winchester brothers.

They taught you everything you knew about combat and firing multiple guns and also other weapons. You knew how to fight a little and you’ve been shooting before but this time, it was different. They really knew their stuff around weapons. You didn’t know where you would be if it hadn’t been for Dean Winchester saving you. Before you met them, you and your sister lived together and tried to make just enough money to pay rent. You were the hardworking sister while she could barely hold a job.

You had gotten sick and tired of her shit that you decided to be on your own and let her deal with her life by herself. You were tired of holding up her weight. She needed to learn that what she does have consequences. After you left her, you didn’t know where you were going and decided to spend a few nights in the nearest motel.

That was the worst, yet, best decision you could ever make. Good, because you met the love of your life but bad because a demon was going around motel rooms and possessing people or trying to make deals.

You were relaxing one night until all of a sudden, you heard someone knocking on the door. You opened it and the next thing you knew, you were knocked out. When you came to, you were awake and alive but you weren’t in control of your body. It was like someone pushed you out of the way and had taken hold of you.

You didn’t know what was going on since you didn’t know about the Supernatural at that time. You watched yourself do pretty horrible things including killing someone, stealing, and fighting off two very attractive men.

They started to exorcise the demon but that didn’t change the fact that you killed a person and participated in criminal acts. They tried to assure you that it was the making of a demon and from one look at them, you knew that they weren’t lying to you. You immediately trusted them because you instantly felt safe around them.

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The curse of a clumsy soulmate

Derek Hale was comfortably on his couch, cookies nearby with a glass of milk and his favourite book on his lap.

Just as he got to the good part of his book, a piercing pain shot through his left leg.
Derek even dropped his book on the floor, holding his leg, in the hope the pressure will help against the pain.

It didn’t. It didn’t go away for hours, werewolf powers be damned.

Ok, Derek may be a little dramatic, it just took two hours of that insanely pain, denying the tears in his eyes, Derek ate every cookie on his plate without taking a sip of the milk.

The mood is gone to read is beloved book.


Derek always had that little problem. Since he was a child, he would feel pain, even though he didn’t do something reckless.

The first time it happened was when Derek was ten, listening to his dad, who told him a story about pirates.
His head started to hurt, horribly, that he even started to cry.

Laura still makes fun of him for that.

A few days later his parents explained Derek, that this is because of his soulmate, he can feel every strong physical sensation, and pain is a part of it.

His soulmate is, with other words, a klutz.


After knowing about his soulmate, Derek felt somewhat proud, in pain but proud that he has one.

That’s also the time around he felt immensely sad, waking up due to his own loud sobs.

His mother came in his room, trying to comfort him, but Derek couldn’t calm down, no matter what. His soulmate is in great pain and he can’t help.

After that night, Derek tried to find his soulmate, but his mother told him it’s better to wait, to let them find themselves first before they find the other.

He accepted his fate, trying to do lots with his family to be happy, so his soulmate can also feel happiness, even when it’s just for a second.


From then on, Dereks soulmate broke way too many bones. Sometimes, Derek believes that his ‘better half’ just loves to walk against hard things.

Every time, Derek is outside, he has to be careful, it happened once, he hold a beautiful vase for mothers day but obviously his significant other had other plans and broke his finger, or something similar, Derek can just remember the pain and the pain of paying for a vase that he can’t give his mother.

That’s why Derek drinks his hot coffee with a straw. At the café of his friend, Erica, who laughs every damn time.

Why he keeps doing that to himself will be a mystery.

The chiming of the chime above the door, interrupted their bicker, and at the same time as a 20 something year old boy groaned out of pain, probably because he walked against the door, Derek felt the pain in his left shoulder.

Holding his shoulder, Derek went to the boy, disbelieved.

The boy with the honey brown eyes, started at Derek with confusion, his friend beside him looking nervously.

Not knowing what he’s doing, Derek pinched the other on his arm, as the boy shrieked and slapped his hand away Derek also felt the pain on his arm, exactly where he pinched the other.

Erica, howling with laughter, tried to apologize for Derek, the friend nervously laughing.

The boy rubbed at his arm, glaring at Derek.

With a deep breath, Derek said that to his soulmate, what he wanted to say since he was ten years old.

“I will buy you a full body armor. You are a danger to yourself and to me.”


@hoechlbutt I stole your idea about the full body armor ;)

4 AM Mysteries

Pairing: slight Nozoeli

Words: 5500

Summary: All Eli wanted to do was find the person who set off the fire alarm so she could make them see the error of their ways. She didn’t count on sleep walkers, flirting, and blatant lying. What was this, a reality TV show? 

Note: If you think you figured out who set off the alarm, let me know in an ask or the tags. I’ll post a second update with the answer in a week or so.

College AU

“I’m trying to do the sensible thing here and find out who pulled the alarm so that I can fight them, and you’re trying to ask me out. This is unbelievable.”

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