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“Do you think we only get one chance at love?” she asks him as soon as the question pops into her mind. His eyes are closed, but she can tell from the way his hands are resting on his lap that he’s not asleep. There is too much tension in his fingers for sleep.

“Hmm?” He opens one eye and looks at her before closing it again. “Like one true love?”

“I suppose,” Ivy says. “Sort of. One true love, and if you mess it up, that’s it, it’s gone.”

Harry’s quiet for a second, and she watches him think. She likes that she can watch him think, can practically see his brain working beneath the bones of his face.

“No,” he says finally. “All loves can be true loves, can’t they? Or at least more than once can. Love is real whether it’s the first time you’ve felt it or the thirtieth. And real makes it true.”

you, the ocean, and me // a winter story // coming this weekend as part of the winter challenge featuring @dagnywrites @madminniefics and more


I know i gush about lutteo’s heart-eyes game quite a lot. But these silly things are also quite pros at it. Through most of part 2 Gastón looked at Nina like he was absolutely amazed at everything her. 

Things Trans People Are Not Likely To Just Up And Forget:

-How society usually defines gender

-What their own anatomy is

-That medical treatment has risks and costs

-That being cis would be an easier life


So you can relax, everyone sending me asks that are very concerned about this!  We didn’t forget!  We’re all good!  Thanks for your help but it’s really not needed!  Thanks so much anyhow!  Always good to be reminded!


Whew, wanted to shade these but I doubt I got so lazy ;__;

Anyhow, here is a few character designs for my Undertale AU Underkeep! Mettaton rules the underground (not following the neutral ending though), and everyone we know is appointed to a position of sorts in this fantasy land like place:

Frisk - The Hero (shown in both their prince and princess outfit)

Papyrus - Second in command of the Royal Guard

Sans - The Royal Jester/Overseer of Snowdin

Muffet - Duchess of the Spiders/Royal Baking Specialist

Mettaton - High King

Alphys - Marquess of Hotland/Royal Scientist

Undyne - Baroness of Waterfall/Head of the Royal Guard

Hopefully I can get the other characters done soon as well! Also, everyone’s outfit is (hopefully) reminiscent of their location and/or title (Alphys represents fire, Undyne represents water, etc)…

Incorrect Quote
  • Rowan: Why would you wanna marry me for, anyhow?
  • Aelin: So I can kiss you anytime I want.

ON THE SHOOT - A Jesse McCree Fanmix

An electric playlist featuring songs with Americana roots and a driving beat. (x)

1. Dangerous - Royal Deluxe (x)
2. Railroad Track - Willy Moon (x)
3. Bad Man - Blues Saraceno (x)
4. Hey Mama - Big Wreck (x)
5. Trouble (feat. Ryan Levine) - Ethel and the Chordtones (x)
6. Electric Worry - Clutch (x)
7. Last to Know - Electric Owls (x)
8. Bad Things - Rayland Baxter (x)
9. I’m So Sorry - Imagine Dragons (x)
10. Hold On I’m Coming - Welshly Arms (x)

This list is live on Spotify and will likely expand and change!