so an owl walks into a bar

Gin, Ice and Everything Nice [draco malfoy x reader]

Summary: This oneshot takes place some years after Hogwarts, in the early 2000s, where Draco and the reader meet again by coincidence, to find out they’re not as different as the thought.

A/n: This is for @littleroserabbit as she’s a total sweetheart and needs a little bit of fluff in her life, like we all do. I’m usually writing for the Marauders, it’s my first time creating something for Draco and a lot more modern than my usual fics, so I hope I’m meeting everyone’s needs.


  • Warnings: fluff, get’s a little steamy but nothing too wild
  • Word count: 2.6k

The past week has been nothing but absolute shit. 
It should have gone so well, everything was meant to be perfect in your new, independent adult life. You rented a cosy flat in London, managed to get a job in the Ministry’s headquarter and even met a chap called Aaron, who was interested enough to ask for your number. It all seemed excellent, except that it wasn’t.

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anonymous asked:

Oh my god I love you're work! Can you do a scenario where Qrow is dating a faunus but s/o is a little scared to show anything in public because they're in a faunus/human relationship. I love your Qrow work, it's so good! ❤❤

“Qrow! You ready to go?” You call to your boyfriend, twirling your car keys on your finger.

You see him come out of your bedroom, adjusting the collar of his shirt “I’m comin’, date night waits for no one, huh.”

“Exactly, hurry up or I’ll leave your sorry butt behind and take myself out.” You lead the way out the door and to the car, a soft beep sounds as you unlock the doors.

“Yeah, I don’t doubt you would.” He gives the tail swishing behind you a playful tug as he passes you.

You roll your eyes. Qrow sure can be a snarky bastard, but that didn’t change the fact you loved him more than anyone. As you sit down you see Qrow smile at you from the passenger seat. You return the expression. The two of you gaze at each other for a moment in a loving silence, until your tail twitches and a spark of nervousness ignites in your mind.

You certainly weren’t ashamed to be a faunus, but being proud didn’t stop you from being afraid sometimes. The atmosphere between humans and faunus… wasn’t the best. Especially now with the actions of the white fang. It’d been a while since you’d encountered anyone who acted on their distaste and was aggressive directly to you, but there was still the looks. Out of the corner of your eye, seeing people narrow their eyes at you in suspicion, whispers behind your back. It was almost worse when you were in a relationship with a human like Qrow. He never cared that you were faunus, he fell in love with who you are. A silly tail didn’t matter. Some people, though, seem to look down on your relationship because of that silly tail. You hated that they could make you nervous to go out for a night on the town with the man you love.

Qrow, sensing something wrong, takes your hand. “You okay?”

You nod “Yeah, yeah sorry. Guess I got lost in thought for a second.” Ignoring the look he gives you, you start the car and drive.


“I told you, it’s too early for a bar.” You shake your head at the man walking next to you.

“Ah, is it ever too early for the bar, really?”

“Yes, Qrow, I consider five thirty too early for the bar.”

You were both walking through downtown Vale, on route to a restaurant you’d chosen for the night. The sun was only just starting to set, so the crowds coming to enjoy the cities night life hadn’t arrived yet. Give it another hour and the streets would fill with teenagers running around, groups doing bar crawls, lovers such as you and Qrow looking for a romantic night, lonely people looking on in envy, and other night owls. Qrow thought it would be fun to check out one of the bars before they started filling up. He didn’t seem to realize that once the two of you started drinking you’d probably end up wasting the whole night. After being gone on a mission for so long, you just wanted at least a few hours of a relaxing, normal date night. The bar could wait.

Qrow runs a hand through his hair “Okay, okay. After dinner?”

“Sure. Call me old fashioned, but I’d rather wait till dark to get plastered.”

“Ha, don’t worry, I’ll love you even if you act like a grandma” He puts a hand on the side of your head and pulls you in to press a quick kiss to your temple before grabbing your hand.

You smile and chuckle, but your joy fades when you hear someone scoff nearby.

On a bench just behind you, a man sits. You see him glare at you, lip curled downward in disgust before turning away. You stiffen. This was exactly the kind of person you hated running in to.

Qrow notices your discomfort and looks over his shoulder, eyes landing on the man now looking at his scroll. “Wha-“

You tighten your grip on his hand and pull him along “It’s nothing, come on.”

His eyes lock on to yours “Did he look at you weird or something?” He looks concerned, but there’s also a bit of anger in his voice. He’d probably willingly go and pick a fight if you gave the word.

You shake your head “I- well yes, but it doesn’t matter. Let’s keep walking.”

He gives you another wary look, but then he nods, squeezes your hand, and keeps walking.

You take a breath to steady yourself. Glancing at your joined hands, you push down that knee jerk reaction to let go that came with seeing that man’s contempt.


Qrow laughs in the middle of his story “It was the oldest prank in the book, I still can’t believe Tai fell for it.”

You try and stifle your own laughter, not wanting to be too loud in the restaurant. “Ice water? Seriously? What did he even do to you?”

“Called me ‘bird brain’ one to many times, babe.” He scoops up the last of his meal with his fork as he talks.

You chuckle, playing with your drink’s straw. The nights been going well, just a few hours of hanging out and talking to your boyfriend. You couldn’t shake the feeling that something else was going to happen, though. Ever since your run in with that man. You tried to ignore it as left over nerves.

“Here you go, sirs, madam. I’ll bring you your menus in just a moment.” The waiter must have just sat some group at the table next to yours. You hoped they weren’t loud; it’s so annoying to sit next to loud groups of gossiping people. Then again, you supposed you should be getting your check soon, you’d been here a while.

You look at Qrow “Ready to go?”

He nods, pushing his plate away. You raise a hand to catch the waiter’s attention and they leave to get your check.

That done, you lean back in your chair and glance around the room. The restaurant is a pretty nice looking place, good food, too. There was quite a few people, but it wasn’t crowded. All it caused was a mildly loud chatter as a soundtrack for your meal. Not a very fancy place but better than a lot of other places you’ve eaten at. Carpeted floors, a few painting on the walls, it looked like someone had broken and glued the head back on to the bust near the door a bit poorly, though. Your eyes wander and drift to the table next to yours, you wonder who’s-

You freeze. There he was, the same man who had looked at you and Qrow so disgusted earlier. Why, why did he of all people have to be here? You’re so focused on him you barely register Qrow paying the waiter across from you.

Feeling a pair of eyes on him, the man glances to the side, for the first time noticing you. He gets that same look on his face, eyes flicking to the tail hanging behind you, then back to your face. Qrow notices him for the first time as well.

His eyes narrow “Isn’t that…”

The man turns back to his friends and says, loud enough for you to hear. “You know what I can’t stand, those faunus scoundrels waltzing around asking to be seen on the same level as a human, and then they turn around, put on those fang masks, and wreck our shops. It’s ridiculous.”

The woman nods “Ugh, agreed. I’m sure they’re not all bad, though still, it’s hard to know for certain.”

“Right, and I can’t understand why anybody would want to get too close to one, much less date one. Interspecies relationships are just so… unnerving.”

The other man chimes in “How weird it must be to date someone with four ears. Or worse, they have fangs and end up tearing your throat out when they’re supposed to be kissing your neck. Unnerving is right.”

“What’s really unnerving is how many people have the capacity to be such ignorant pricks and spout nonsense all day.” Qrow focuses his gaze on the original speaker.

“Qrow.” You whisper. You didn’t need him starting a fight for you. He knew you could handle yourself, but it seems this douche has caused you to feel uncomfortable one to many times for him to sit quiet.

“Excuse me?” The man says, all three of them turning to look at you. The woman notices your tail and her cheeks redden. The other man seems to wince and puts a hand on his friend’s arm, a gesture to stay down.

“You heard me.” Qrow says. Oh he is not starting something here.

“Qrow.” You say again, more forceful. Finally, he looks at you. You stare at each other, silently arguing about whether or not it was worth it to start a bar fight in the restaurant. Finally you win, and he sighs and downs the rest of his drink. He stands, pushing in his chair and scowling at the other table.

You stand as well, moving to be by Qrow. You’re still too frazzled to take his hand, your own hands curling in to fists in frustration.

The man looks angry, only staying sitting because of the man with his hand on his arm. His friends give him pointed glares and he eventually slumps down in his chair. You start to turn away when he whispers “Freaks.”

Now you stare him down, fed up with this nonsense. “The only ‘freak’ here is you sir. The freaks are the sad, lonely bastards such as you who have nothing better to do than spit hate at people for baseless reasons. Lucky for you, I’m tired from fighting grimm and actually protecting people, and would rather save my energy on something better than scum. Good night.” You take Qrows hand and march out of the restaurant, not bothering to check the man’s reaction.

You walk silently with Qrow for a few minutes before he speaks up. “Well, that was some speech.”

You sigh and stop moving, rubbing your face with one hand. “I got a bit heated, I wanted to just leave without confrontation, but it’s just so tiring. I hate people like him. I hate being afraid to show affection to you in public.”

“You don’t have to be afraid; nothing is ever coming between us, you know that. I love you, (y/n).”

You shake your head and smile dryly. “I’ve dealt with those people long enough that the fear and hesitation isn’t something I can shake off so easy, but,” You take Qrow’s other hand and look into his eyes, smile softening “but you’re right. Nothing will come between us. I won’t let a few pricks stop me from loving you. Because… I really do love you, Qrow.”

You move forward and let the crisp night air and the sounds of laughing revelers flow past you as you kiss each other, hands clasped and fingers intertwined.

sleepingpowder  asked:

Dva trying to make hanzo laugh!


so like obviously hanzo tends to keep his emotions on the down low and even if he did feel any kind of emotion really strongly you probably wouldn’t be able to tell because of the resting bitch face (same hanzo)

so hana fuckgin makes it her personal mission to get him to laugh at least once

she isnt exactly sure where to start but she figures she needs to start somewhere

she starts with impressions, hanzo cracks a smile and shakes his head when she throws an apple at the nearest person and tells them to “experience tranquilty” but no laughter

she tries fatalistic humor next, she falls down while chatting with hanzo and says “oh man if only that killed me” that wins her a concerned look and hanzo asking if she needs to talk about it, he reminds her that he’s here for her, it’s touching, but not what shes looking for

she tries memes, they just make him confused

now shes getting desperate, hell she even tried juggling (which resulted in a confused but impressed hanzo)

so she goes to genji for help, i mean they’re brothers! they don’t have to get along but they have to know each others sense of humor!

turns out hanzo loves anti jokes

hana smacks herself for not trying that sooner

so one night, over dinner, hana asks hanzo if he’d like to hear a joke

hanzo has pretty much caught on to what she’s doing but humors her anyway

“a horse walks into a bar, several people got up and left as they spotted the potential danger of the situation”

hanzo chokes on his food for a second and it looks like he’s stifling a laugh, so she continues

“i still remember the last words my grandpa said before he kicked the bucket, he said ‘hey, how far do you think i could kick this bucket?’”

hanzo’s shoulders are moving and he’s not looking at her so she goes with one more

“an owl and a squirrel are sitting in a tree watching a farmer go by, the owl turns to the squirrel and says nothing because owls can’t talk, the owl then eats the squirrel because it’s a bird of prey”

he’s actually laughing now, he doesn’t bother hiding it

hanzo is actually one of those people who cry when they laugh really hard (again, same hanzo)

hana throws her hands in the air in victory! she never lets him live it down that anti jokes make him laugh of all things

tsukishima-tadashi  asked:

Another horror prompt: Ennoshita is a vampire and Tanaka accidentally happens upon him draining some rando dry and watches on in terror and, oddly, arousal.

Ryuu hates being out late, despite what people would assume. He isn’t really a night owl; and walking through Miyagi in the middle of the night is intimidating. There are thugs and hookers and drunks, and…

He prefers to stay away from those types of people. 

But to walk from Noya’s house to his own, he has to cross town. In doing so, he must go through three bad neighborhoods, walk past three bars and a night club, and one whore house. The dark brings out all of the people he tries to avoid, as well as petty childish fears. 

Like vampires, and werewolves, and monsters. 

“W- Wait, what are you–” Ryuu’s head whirls around, wide eyes flying to the empty alleyway he’s walking past– or, what he thought was an empty alleyway. “Please, no m- more–!” 

Ryuu’s eyes catch a set of dark, human-like figures against the wall of a dingy-looking bar, one latched onto the other, smaller’s neck. The figure biting the other pushes its victim, struggling, into the wall. 

“Please, you’re taking to much, Chikara–!” 


The big figure pulls off, and in the yellow of the street light Ryuu catches the glint of red, dripping blood on long, razor-sharp teeth. The other, a pale young girl with short black hair and large breasts, collapses against the wall, blood dripping from her collar bone where a large, round bite mark. Ryuu makes eye contact with the beast that had attacked the poor girl, and he gasps when his eyes meet the beast’s. 

Its eyes are so familiar

“Ryuu?” Its fangs retract, and Ryuu is met face to face with Ennoshita Chikara, blood dripping from his lips. Ryuu stares, breath caught in his throat, and he whimpers lightly. 


The girl on the ground groans, and Ryuu takes a step back. “Shit, Ennoshita, what the fuck did you do to her–?!” 

“Please, Ryuu, don’t be scared–” 


The girl grunts, reaching out to Ryuu, and he’s inclined to listen. He takes two more slower steps back, before turning and starting into a run, his heart pounding. He hasn’t even moved a meter and when Ennoshita – no, the monster that looks like Ennoshita – appears before him in a flash. 

“Shit–!” He gasps as Ennoshita slams him into a wall, all of his breath leaving him. 

“Please, don’t be scared.” Ennoshita begs, his voice light and scared. Ryuu stares at him. How can he be scared? He just– Ryuu looks at the girl only to find her laying on the ground, slumped over herself, and he can’t seem to look away. She’s deathly pale, now, her eyes open in terror, and she isn’t moving. 

“Did y- Did you kill her?!” 

“No! God, no! She– She’s an old friend, we meet up every now and then so I can eat–” 


“God, Ryuu, you’re really stupid, aren’t you?!” Ennoshita all but shouts, and Ryuu flinches. “I…I’m a vampire. Did the sharp teeth and blood and speed and strength not tell you that?” 

“I…She told me to run…” 

“I’m starving,” Ennoshita breathes, and Ryuu could swear he was eyeing his neck. He struggles against his friends’ hold, but he holds him strong and unwavering. “She – Uzumi-kun – She knows what I’m like when I haven’t eaten in a while…” 

Ryuu takes a deep breath, and looks at the girl. Her eyes are closed now, and the wound on her neck is healing quickly, her breathing soft. His own shakes. 


“You can…bite me if you want…” Ennoshita drops Ryuu, and he falls to the alleyway ground with a grunt. He looks up at the vampire, eyes trusting. He stands, and approaches Ennoshita. “You said you were hungry? Still?” 

“Y- Yeah…” 

“Then bite me. I trust you.” He bares his neck. Ennoshita takes a deep breath, takes a shaking step back. Ryuu catches his wrist. “Come on.” 

Ryuu doesn’t even recognize his own voice; it’s soft, and breathy, a far cry from his usually loud, cantankerous voice. It scares him. But he’s a good scared. 

He tugs at Ennoshita’s wrist, pulls him close. This time, Ennoshita bares his fangs, really just a set of sharper teeth, and leans in hesitantly. Ryuu takes his free hand and presses it against the back of Ennoshita’s head, pushing. Encouraging. 

And Ennoshita bites. 

need a quick Thanksgiving cocktail? pro tip: The Gingersnap

  • plenty of (5 oz) R.W. Knudsen Ginger Apple Cider
  • splash (1 oz) of lemonade
  • generous splash (2 oz) of Jack Daniel’s Honey

throw a cinnamon stick and/or apple slice on top: awesome 5 minute cocktail. serve hot or shaken cold, depending on your preference. omit Jack Daniels and substitute ginger ale for a cold, kid-friendly mocktail. you’re welcome.

Crazy For You part 2 [The Joker x Harley]

Part one found here

Summary: Harleen Quinzel can’t wait to sink her teeth into the Joker, unravel his elusive past, discover his secrets, and cure him in the process. But what she doesn’t realize is the Joker is equally excited to sink his teeth into her.
Author’s Note: Set in the suicide squad universe, before the movie.

Session 1

The Joker was nothing like Harleen was expecting. After all the warnings she had been given about him merely based on his appearance, she had expected horrible scars, boiled skin, all the things you would see in a horror movie, but this man in front of her was almost… attractive?

Sure he did have a few scars here and there, but he was nothing to gag at, nothing to strike fear into her bones. In all honestly he sort of looked like a punk teenager despite his age. His skin was bone white, and his face marked with a few tattoos. The one across his forehead read “damaged”, how interesting, and there was a small ornament “J” adorned on his cheek bone. His hair was a blinding green, and considering the amount of time he has been in Arkham and the lack of roots showing, this was his, shall we say, natural, hair colour. 

However, his smile was by far the most interesting thing about him. The Joker was known for his famous smile, but after his last run in with the bat man, his teeth were smashed in. Now a magnificent silver grill was in place of his missing teeth.

There was so much to learn about him from simply looking at his face, she felt as if she could stare at him all day.

“Don’t get lost in my eyes there Doc!”

The Joker’s high pitched laugh broke her from her mesmerized state. So far his laugh was the most chilling thing about him, well that, and his horrific criminal history. Although, oddly, that never fazed her.

She cursed herself for staring so long. His first impression of her wouldn’t be the professional doctor she had wanted it to be, but a dumbstruck 20- something year old.

“I apologize Mr. Joker, lost in my own thoughts, I suppose. My name is Dr. Quinzel, and I will be your psychiatrist for the time being.”

She extended her hand to him to shake, but quickly dropped it, when he shifted his eyes from his shackled hands to her eyes, wearing a small smirk on his face. She tried to play it off as she had just been readjusting her hair, but it wasn’t believable.

She took a seat in the chair across the table from him and smoothed her notes in front of her, attempting to calm her nerves before she spoke again, but he beat her to it.

“You’re a pretty little thing aren’t you Doctoorr, it would be a shame if you weren’t anymore.”

He punctuated the sentence with another of his loud laughs.

“Threatening me is not going to help you Mr. Joker. I’m here to help you, I’m on your side. Besides you don’t scare me.”

“Oh don’t I?”

He rose to his feet, and she was able to see him at his full height. It was obvious he was trying to intimidate using sheer size. It was true he was tall, but he was also very slim. His orange jumpsuit hung off his small frame as if it was too sizes too big. She studied his face once again, he had to be in his thirties, but no one knew his real age. She was about to find out. Harleen stood up as well.

“Mr. Joker, you do not scare me. I am your doctor, if you did scare me that would be a problem now wouldn’t it?”

The Joker laughed yet again.

“Alright, now what I came here to ask you.”

She sat back down, signalling for the Joker to do the same, which surprisingly he did.

“I realize you’re quite fond of your secrecy, somethings I’ve learned by researching you. I know everything there is to know about you, which isn’t a lot. As far as the internet is concerned, you didn’t exist until about ten years ago.”

“13 to be exact Doc.”

“Placing you at 34 years old, thank you.”

“How do you know that?”

He snapped, but he didn’t seem as much mad as he did interested.

“I’m quite smart Mr. Joker, and as I said, I’ve been researching you.”

“One could say you might be obsessed with me. You should know as a doctor that obsession is an unhealthy tendency.”

He used a mocking tone for the last two words. His smile never left his lips, his brilliantly red lips. Another side effect of his chemical bath.

“So after reviewing your records with your past doctors, it’s obvious you don’t acknowledge your life before your chemical disfiguration, why is that?”

She ignored his observation of her, she didn’t need to be analyzed by a mentally unstable man.

“Disfiguration? Jeez Doc that’s harsh! Do I really look disfigured to you? No no no, my dear, what you see as a disfiguration, is, in reality, my birth.

“Tell me more.”

He just laughed.

“Why don’t we talk about your present Mr. Joker?”

This seemed to peek his interest, as he leaned forward flashing her yet another metallic smile.

“You seem to have built yourself an empire shall we say since your-, um, your birth.”

“Rightio darling, right you are!”

His laugh rang out in the dark little room.

“I’m quite successful Doll, would you like me to show you?”

Harleen’s heart beat faster, exhilaration shot through her veins. A private look into the Joker’s chaotic world, who could say no to that.

“Yes! Erm- I mean, alright Mr. Joker.”

“You’ll have to unlock me than sweetheart, and I’d be happy to give you a tour of my life.”

Her hope crashed to the pit of her stomach, he was trying to charm her, manipulate her. 

“I’m going to tell you right now, I am not anything like your old Doctors. You will not manipulate me, or use me in any way. I’m smarter than you, so don’t think you have any advantage in that area. I realize i am your first female doctor, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to charm me either. The sooner you stop treating me like you enemy Mr. Joker, the sooner we can get on with this.”

Joker smiled yet again.

“You’re a brave one Doc, but I swear I will break you like I did the rest of them.”

He began to rock back and forth in his chair, his body shaking with laughter, the sight was almost comical. She placed a hand over her mouth, stifling the giggle rising in her throat. He suddenly stopped.

“Was that a laugh Doctor?”

Harleen froze, unsure whether to lie to him or not.

“Y-yes, it was.”

He leaned for coming as close to her as he could. The chains around his hands stopped him about halfway to her. His smile stretched wider if that was even possible, and he moved his head as a snake would as he spoke.

“You like to laugh don’t you Doc? You like a good joke to really get you going? I like jokes too.”

“Is that so?”

She replied, humouring him. At least this conversation was going somewhere.

“Knock Knock!”

He sing songed.

“Who’s there?”


“Who who?”

“That’s what an owl says!”

He burst into another fit of laughter, before composing himself.

“What’s the last thing that enters a fly’s mind before he gets squashed?”


“His ass?”

Even more laughter, admittedly he had actually gotten a real laugh out of her with that one.

“You wanna hear my favourite joke Doc?”

“Why not?”

“Okay, so a pretty little girl walks into a bar, and guess what happens?”


“She gets the shit beat out of her, and bullet between the eyes. Oh wait, that’s not a joke, that’s a Tuesday night for me, my bad. Still pretty funny though.”

His eyes searched her for some form of horror or disgust, but there wasn’t any there for him to find.

“Funny.” She noted nonchalantly, scribbling in her notepad.


“I mean not your best joke, like the time you drop kicked that CEO off his own building, but still sorta funny.”

“You known honey, your not so bad.”

Her heart soared at these words, she was gaining his trust. She thought it best to end the session on a good note.”

“Well, that will be all for today Mr. Joker, it’s been… interesting.”

‘Oh that it was my dear. Listen why don’t you call me Mr. J?”

“Because that’s what your henchmen call you, I do not work for you, I am your superior.”

She gathered her papers, and strode over to the exit.

“Oh and one more thing Mr. Joker, cut it out with the pet names. you will address me as Dr. Quinzel, or, I suppose, Doc is acceptable.”

“Whatever you say Doc. Say Doc what’s your real name?”

Before she even thought if this was a good idea or not, she was answering as she knocked on the door to be let out.”

“Harleen, Harleen Quinzel.”

As Tom opened the door, and she left the room she heard him muttering to himself.

“Nonono, that won’t do, not that name.”

hogwarts au pt. 2

by @ohfucktherewashomework

  • september 1st is a trip, man
  • (like, forget diagon alley. that was weird. ollivander creeped everyone out and took an hour to give root a wand. shaw ate three ice cream cones. harold’s dad nearly had a heart attack. but it was okay! everyone got out of it alive)
  • but the first of september is a trip
  • root arrives at kings cross first, alone, with an owl and hand-me-down pants that are three inches too high above her ankle
  • she’s not sure what to do, so she waits
  • she watches
  • john arrives next, his dad on one side and his mother on the other
  • they nonchalantly walk through the barrier
  • john is pretty proud of his toad
  • root follows them. john’s mother sees her and asks if she wants any help loading her trusty little trunk onto the train
  • root politely says no and fades enigmatically into the steam because she’s a melodramatic little shit with problems asking for help
  • shaw and her mother were told what to do by hersh when he came to speak with them, but they’re both skeptical
  • like, that brick looks pretty damn solid
  • they wait until they see someone else with an animal in a cage, and then mama shaw approaches them
  • “are you here for…the school?” she asks the father
  • it’s harold’s dad
  • he turns pink
  • “yeah,” he says, glancing around nervously. he’s so overwhelmed. poor guy
  • “do you know what we’re supposed to do, or…?”
  • he shakes his head. he really doesn’t want to say ‘walk through that brick barrier at top speed’
  • they start waiting together
  • harold doesn’t look at shaw. he’s reading his school books already
  • shaw doesn’t look at harold. she has a cat. who needs weird boys with glasses when you have a cat
  • they wait there, mama shaw trying so hard to keep a conversation going with harold’s dad, until carter’s family arrives
  • that’s much better
  • mama shaw and mama carter hit it off immediately, chatting about daughters and strange happenings and are we really gonna walk through that barrier?
  • joss’s dad says yeah, they really are
  • shaw thinks carter’s cool from the start. she doesn’t say anything until carter compliments her cat. shaw returns the favor by complimenting her barred owl. they roll their eyes at their mothers. shaw decides she can tolerate carter more than most human beings. sameen strikes carter as a little odd, but since when has odd been bad
  • harold is still reading
  • they finally get through the barrier
  • they get separated. shaw’s mum is making sure that her daughter has enough tea for the next seven years.
  • “maman, I’m coming back for christmas” “you can never have too much tea”
  • eventually eleven o’clock rolls around
  • there’s lots of hugs. john might shed a tear. no one can prove anything
  • one kid runs in late, huffing and puffing, and nearly misses the train
  • that’s fusco
  • harold finds a compartment and sits in the corner, his knees tucked to his chest, his book pressed against the window
  • root is also in that compartment, also reading. they try not to look at each other
  • john, unable to find anywhere else to sit, asks if he can join them
  • harold is in shock. john, with his puddlemere united jersey and checkered pants (his parents don’t know how to dress like muggles for the life of them), steals his heart from the get-go
  • he nods mutely, his eyes wide
  • root snorts. john glances at her and is kind of scared by what he sees. he sits down next to harold instead
  • root is very intimidating, okay. she accidentally stained her hands red for the week and is pretending it’s for the aesthetic
  • carter and shaw bumped into each other in the hall and are now compartment hunting together
  • they decide this bunch of weirdos is better than the kids who were making fun of shaw for saying goodbye to her mum in farsi
  • besides, shaw’s not really in a position to judge on the weirdo front
  • they ask if they can sit
  • everyone shuffles awkwardly and nods
  • they’re not really a talkative bunch
  • carter sits next to john and shaw gets saddled with root. root looks up at shaw and sees something in her
  • maybe it’s the frown. maybe it’s the bomber jacket that shaw’s mum bought from marshall’s on sale. maybe it’s the fact that shaw has a cat
  • whatever it is, root’s smitten. she stares
  • shaw looks root over carefully. when she gets to the red hands, she frowns, then meets root’s eyes with grudging respect
  • carter notices them too
  • “you kill somebody?”
  • root shrugs. that’s personal. shaw’s respect grows
  • john looks uncomfortable. so does everyone else.
  • carter breaks the silence again. “so…what are your guys’ names? i’m joss.”
  • “john,” john says. he grimaces at carter
  • harold is over the moon. john is such a good name. this poor little gay baby
  • “i’m, um, Harold,” he manages. john smiles at him.
  • oh god, john smiles at him
  • “i’m sam. sameen. whatever.”
  • root looks at shaw sharply, then grins. of course she would be named sam. they’re destined to be
  • root is also a little gay baby
  • “I’m root,” she announces
  • everyone stares at her. they could’ve just sworn she said her name was root
  • “like…the part of a plant?” carter asks
  • root nods seriously
  • “but what’s your real name?” harold pushes
  • sameen doesn’t like his tone. “she just said. it’s root.”
  • “no, her real name. nobody’s got a name like root.”
  • sam was ambivalent towards harold before, but now he’s tipping onto her bad side
  • john saves the day
  • “if she wants to be called root, why not? i think harold was just asking in case a teacher wanted to know”
  • harold wasn’t, but the short scary girl with the cat isn’t glaring at him anymore so he’ll go along with it. he nods vigorously
  • john tries to change the subject to quidditch teams, but is shocked to find out that only joss knows what quidditch is
  • like this boy is gobsmacked. horrified. appalled. he has to take a minute. joss pats him on the back. she understands
  • shaw says she likes football, which doesn’t make it better. she lives for the look of terror that crosses john’s face. she needs to tease this kid more often
  • root and harold were bored the moment they learned it was a sport
  • the trolley lady comes around with her sweets, but only john and joss have any money
  • the others pretend not to want anything, but it’s hard to miss the way that shaw’s eyes follow those cauldron cakes
  • they pull a harry potter and buy a few of everything
  • the rest of the ride is spent convincing harold that no, this bean flavor is actually a good one, I promise
  • he never learns

Originally posted by srogersxbbarnes

Summary: You had a summer fling with a guy that you haven’t seen in four years.  You let your best friends convince you to go out to a club.  Things go horribly wrong, but someone comes to your rescue.  Only you don’t realize that your life will go downhill from then on.  And it’s all because of one man that you can’t get out of your head- James Buchanan Barnes.

Warnings: attempted rape, curse words

Words: 1,202

The atmosphere of the nightclub made you feel ecstatic.  You can’t believe you let your friends talk you into coming here.  You haven’t gone out in years, but you felt like it was time for change.  You couldn’t stay hung up over some guy you had a summer fling with four years ago.

But damn was it one good summer.

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