so an owl walks into a bar

So much happening

So last week I went on another date with Chef. This was the second one. We were supposed to go to a grandma themed bar, but it was a little to hipster for us when we got there. So we ended up just taking a long walk. It was really fun just talking and getting to know each other better. And at the end of the night we had our first kiss! It made me so happy!

Then on Saturday Owl was meeting up with both of the girls she has been talking to. So she was out all day. So I decided to go see a movie where Chef works. And I picked the last showing so that I would have a chance to get to see her when she got off or possibly if she could sneak away from the kitchen. Well she didn’t have the opportunity while she was working. So I decided to wait for her to get off. I kind of got myself in trouble with owl at this point, but I will go into that more later. So I waited for her and got to see her and it made me so happy! We talked for a little bit, but she needed to get up early the next day and I was going to see her in less than 24 hours. We had a date the next day.

So they way that I got myself into trouble was by making Owl worry about me for not texting her. We have an agreement that we text each other when we go places or when we are out late or both. Just so that we don’t have to worry about each other. And I forgot to tell her I would be staying to see Chef after the movie. It would have taken me 5 seconds to tell her and I forgot. So of course she was mad. I slept in the living room that night and didn’t really sleep. I knew what I had done wrong and I felt terrible. I felt my anxiety kick in as well which didn’t help.

So the next morning I woke up Owl and we talked it through. I still felt terrible then and had a break down. She said we probably should have talked it through that night, but I wanted to give her some space and a little bit of time. I then talked to Chef after all of this and asked her to help me text Owl when we go different places or when we are out later so that she doesn’t have to worry.

So then after we figure all of that out Owl got ready to go spend the day with, who I will now call Groomer, for the day. And I was waiting for Chef to come over and spend time together. When she got here we talked for a little while and made out a little. Watched a couple of movies that night too. Then Owl came home and I made chicken tacos for all three of us. We all talked for quite awhile. But my favorite part was sitting on the couch between both of them while we all talked. I had the biggest grin on my face from this. It all made me so happy. And they got along with each other so well!!! I couldn’t ask for more!

So today I got a message from Chef saying that she thought that my wife was awesome!

Everything is going so good at the moment! And Chef and I have another date on thursday!!

Introducing the first in what’s expected to be a long line of frantic give-me-caffeine-I-need-to-study mixes; the Mind Meld

a.k.a, 1 half neuro sonic Wild Berry & 1 half Mtn Dew, straight up. Serve in whatever glass you can find amongst your notes and toss it back before the carbonation can settle- ice is a novelty. Also good for keeping in a water bottle in your backpack as emergency rocket fuel.