so an entire season wasted

My bitterness at what they did to Vanessa and Ethan right now is so real

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About the Olicity love triangle situation

Even if there is a love triangle situation, I don’t think it will be explicit.

I explain myself : if everything’s going according to the plan, we will see that Oliver really meant it ( duh, we already know it ) but the act “ I can’t be with someone I could truly care about ” is still on so we might see acknowledge it to someone ( maybe to Tommy’s grave, that would so beautiful to see Oliver getting all emotional ! ) but not to Felicity. 

EBR said that the introduction of new characters and new love interests will push the situation we’re on between O and F but I don’t think it will push it to the point where Oliver will act  like a jerk because she’s dating someone else ( maybe not in front of her though only to keep good appearances)  ; i think it will be more subtle like lingering looks to Felicity, that sort of things. 

I do think he wants her happiness since he thinks he can’t be with her but I also think that Felicity, even with someone else, will keep her love to Oliver. I also think she’ll try hard to be someone who can be with her but the thing is : love shouldn’t THAT hard to keep, love should feel right, you should’t have to fight and we’re coming back to what Diggle said to Oliver in the season 1 :

I don’t think love is about changing or saving a person, I think it’s about finding someone who’s already the right fit.

I think Felicity will realize this ( that would be so cool if Diggle could say this to her this time, that would make a hell of parallel between O and F) and that she’ll end her newest relationship ( yeah I don’t want to classic situation where the new guy says : I see the way you look at him and you’ll never look at me this way ).

In this hypothesis, that would make Oliver realize first, then Felicity realize after him ( we have the slow burn though at this race I think we will be all like “ KISS ALREADY WE’RE ALL GOING INSANE”) and after all this, finally they could be together.

The only thing that’s bugging me is this : if Oliver realize he doesn’t have only platonic feelings toward Felicity, how are they gonna deal with his love life ( please, Oliver Queen can’t be single for an entire season, it’s so much waste! ) , especially if there is a possibility of getting him back with Laurel again ( yes, I really see that happening now that she knows his secret, knows his secret life and all ! ) even if I think this season will be more about Laurel becoming BC ( she can’t do this over a summer let’s be realistic) and interacting with Oliver as the Arrow than rekindle the light between her and Oliver romantically but we don’t know maybe the writers are going to pay a tribute to the comics and get them back together so they have some closure, don’t know still arguing in my head with that. 

Feel free to complete or disagree with me lol I want to know your thoughts :) or ask me questions :)