so amused by this though

She’s intelligent and all, too, but she’s also afraid of the dark and has that little hairband and she likes cute things and have you seen her when she blushes… what’s not to like?

—Boyfriend! Taehyung au

Request: Your Hoseok boyfriend was so good. Please do one for taetae

Boyfriend Taehyung au

  • Buy stuffies for you but ends up stealing them all
  • Going to amusment parks and Tae dragging you to every ride
  • When shopping he pushs you around in the cart
  • Lots of hugs + back hugs
  • Cute jokes and faces to make you laugh
  • Taking you on tour with him because he can’t stand not being with you
  • Playing cute little board games at his dorm
  • “Jagiya! come play overwatch with me! i’ll let you win!”
  • Calling you cute names {Baby, Baby girl, Darling, Sweetie, etc}
  • When holding your hand he’ll rub your palm with his thumb softly to make you feel comfortable
  • Tons of tickle attacks
  • Watching you do your make up and smiling because it’s so amusing to him, even though he knows you don’t need it
  • Giving you his shirts to wear at night + in general because he thinks its adorable
  • Attempting to straighten your hair for you
  • Making sure you’re eating healthy by checking up on you almost every hour
  • Whenever he sees you he tells you how much he loves you because he truely does so so much
  • Talking about your realtionships future, how he wants kids, etc
  • Playing with your hair softly while laying in bed
  • Interlocking your fingers with his and playing with them
  • Squishing your face cutely
  • Telling you about his day and always asking about yours
  • Sending you hand hearts while he is on stage
  • Movie nights every weekend that include lots of cuddling, food and blankets
  • Being so cute when he’s jealous becuase you’re talking to the other members
  • Sleeping so closely next to you at night time to make sure you’re warm

-in conclusion taetae is possibly the cutest human alive


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a breathtaking duet staring victuuri

Happy Birthday to this luck boy!!!!!!!

For this day only i’ll accept birthday asks and requests!! You can greet, interact with him personally or ask ANY characters from the dr, sdr2, udg and dr3 series to interact with him (which will all non canonically happens in this au (maybe :^D)).


Post quali press conference, Argentina

“Karel, if you could take one MotoGP rider as a passenger around the world on your bike, who would it be?”

Karel: “Well, I was quite good friends with Colin Edwards but he retired - does that count?”


Karel: “Oh, thank you.”

Cal: “Take Dani. He’s lightest.

Marc: *howler-monkey mode engaged*

He almost manages to compose himself before bursting out laughing again.

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Nobody could quite agree on why Rekina did what she did. Some claimed she was searching for something (although nobody was sure what). Others said she was doing the exact opposite, that she was running away - usually from her own mortality, to hear them tell it. A few psychologists with more degrees than patients adjusted their half-moon glasses and spoke loftily of self-esteem issues and paternal absence. Most people didn't care - they only loved the stories.

This is amazing. And those psychologists can fight me and my dad might try to punch them too lmao

ENFP Females I’ve Met (by an INFJ)

I also have an “ENFP Males I’ve Met” post. I just decided to split ENFPs into two posts because I noticed some distinct differences between the two genders. 

What I noticed and observed about them: 

  1. They talk. A lot. I admire how they can talk about anything out of thin air–just to fill the awkward silence (or just for the very sake of talking). However, sometimes they just won’t stop talking. They tend to talk about a lot of different things at once, that even they forget why they were talking in the first place. It’s so amusing. (They’ll keep talking even though no one’s actively listening or paying attention to them). 
  2. If they aren’t talking, there is definitely something wrong. Sure they have their calm and quiet moments, (since they are known for getting drained quite easily for extroverts), but if their silence is accompanied with an emotionless face and cold vibes (totally different from their usual cheery disposition)–then that means they are not in the mood. This side of them will make you miss their loudness (or noisiness). 
  3. One ironic thing I observed about the two ENFP females I know are that they are not morning people. You would think that their sunny attitude would match the morning sun–but no. They are the moodiest and most negative people in the morning. It is just not the right time for them to shine (yet).   
  4. They are rarely on time. Pretty much a continuation on why they aren’t morning people. This is why an early class schedule (or them having to get ready for something early) makes things worse. Both of the ENFP females I know are constantly late to class (and would blame other things for it–such as traffic and other people). They don’t like admitting that they could have gotten out of bed earlier–and not have purposely ignored their alarm (or anyone who attempted waking them up). 
  5. However, if they are going out to see their friends or if they’re going to camp–or some other place where extroverts thrive in– then they will wake up even before the sun rises. Basically, if they’re motivated and excited, they will give their full-on effort. 
  6. They aren’t the most organized females. They prepare their things last-minute, misplace things in their own room, study right before taking their tests–yes, they live dangerously. But for some reason…they still manage to remain unstressed–which is why the same cycle goes on and on. 
  7. When they are in the mood, they are the most energetic, hyper, random, and upbeat people ever. They can easily brighten people’s day. Or well, overwhelm people with their happiness. 
  8. They are super inspiring people. They stand up for what they believe in–even if deep down they’d actually prefer peace and unity with everyone. They are the type of people who are constantly torn between doing what they want and what is right.
  9. I know that the both ENFP females I’ve met had tough childhoods. They were bullied badly for being different, had bad experiences with so-called “friends”, and were judged at a young age. They were pretty much misunderstood. 
  10. Growing up, they learned to embrace their uniqueness– and that’s why they are so good at being no one else but themselves. (I truly admire this about them–they are strong-willed people who know that the ones who don’t accept them aren’t worth their time). 
  11. They dress quirky and don’t mind looking weird or dorky. They are full of surprises. They don’t give a care about what’s “in or “out.” They will wear mismatched socks and a ‘ton of different patterns at the same time and feel like gold. 
  12. They make the corniest jokes (or memorize them) and have a whole portion of pick-up lines and memes in their brain. 
  13. They are so caring and cuddly and clingy. Even to people they had just met. Their actions are as expressive as their mouths.    
  14. They love helping people. They know exactly how it feels to be down, and they wouldn’t dare let others feel the same way. 
  15. They have several groups of friends, yet they still don’t exactly know who their true friends are. They are always on a quest on finding true friendship.
  16. They do get quiet, when they end up in a place where they feel surrounded and outnumbered by people who judge/have judged them. They feel threatened and are unable to hide it–at times. 
  17. They are emotional people. They cry after watching sad movies, happy movies, bad movies, good movies–or after finishing their favorite book. And they will always end up crying–even after reading/watching a really good book/movie a thousand times. 
  18. There are times when they would just isolate themselves– After all, outgoing people also have the urge to just laze around and be couch potatoes too. Reading books and manga, or watching Buzzfeed videos (or just random videos that don’t make sense)–are activities that they like to do during alone time (is what I noticed, at least).
  19. They don’t admit it when they need help. They do show it though. They keep complaining–yet when you offer help to them, they just give that “It’s okay” phrase. But well, they are strong enough to get through it on their own. 
  20. They can almost talk to anyone and everyone–as most extroverts can. But what makes them different is that they even have the ability to be completely civil around people who clearly dislike them.
  21. Despite being such a people-person, they rant a lot about the human race. Check their Twitter or just pay attention to what they’re saying.
  22. Their presence has a big impact. You will feel their mood, whether you want to or not. 
  23. The ENFP females I know are much more friend-oriented than family-oriented. Well–it’s because they get to choose their friends. And that’s completely understandable. 
  24. Making fun of them (such as the way they do things, wear things, or the way they talk) is a big no-no. They are sensitive people beneath their confident and lively exterior. They need as much light as they give us.

Well guys, what do you think? :)  Agree or disagree?

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Emma accidentally calls Regina "mayor milf" during a town meeting but Regina finds it hilarious (much to Emma's surprise)

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Set in Season One. 

“I can’t believe I said that,” Emma groans as she leans against the wall outside the town hall. She knows she’s in trouble. She stood up to address everyone about her security proposal but instead what does she do? 

“People of Storybrooke, town council and Mayor Milf.” 

The words echo in her ear and she shudders. Of all the slips she had to make that one?! She’s just thankful that Storybrooke aren’t up to date with their acronyms or else everyone would be gossiping about her crush on Regina. 

“Miss Swan,” Regina greets, “Cat got your tongue?” 

“Oh yeah…about that…I’m so sorry Madame Mayor…”

“Relax dear,” Regina smiles, “I found it amusing though I never realised that Mills was so hard to say.” 

Emma blinks before realising that Regina has no idea what Milf means. She lets out a sigh of relief before smiling, “I just got my words jumbled up…don’t worry it won’t happen again.” 

“I know dear,” Regina replies. 

They stand in silence and for a moment Emma believes she truly has kept her secret under wraps…that is until Regina smirks and leans in close to Emma, “Maybe I think you’re a milf too.” 

Emma blinks stunned, “Wh…what?” 

Regina grins, “Come by my place. Seven sharp if you want to find out.” With that she sashays off, adding an extra sway to her hips as she leaves Emma dumbfounded by the town hall. 

“You okay Em?” Ruby asks as she walks up to the blonde, “Did she rip you a new one for your slip?” 

Emma grins as she thinks of seven o’clock tonight before finally answering, “Not quite…”


«When King Alistair makes his appearance in Dragon Age II and calls his Queen “the old ball and chain,” it’s actually a callback to Awakening. Anders asked the Queen what she would be doing if she weren’t in Amaranthine, and when she said that she’d go back to court, he remared, “Ah yes, the old ball and chain.” The Queen mentioned it in her next letter, and Alistair finds it so amusing that he occasionally calls her that… though never where she can hear him, of course.»

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oh hail Cockles High Lady! I have a theory about very drunk and flirty Jensen and all the Cockles tension at JIBCON . Misha seems a little annoyed about the "who Cas? who's Misha" and Jensen noticed and thought "oh no he's mad" and the apple juice apology didn't really work so Jensen got full on drunk and decided to go full out on the flirtiness and dirty jokes to make him forgive him and like you could see Misha being amused even though he was mad so it kinda worked?

agree !

also he was probably tired and sad about Cas

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That Team 7 disotpia fanart is so good but Inlegit thought Sasuke was Hinata for a second and am now laughing to myself imaging them getting mistaken for each other while in the Academy. Hinata forgets her jacket, Sasuke tries to cut his hair himself, and neither are prepared for the confusion this causes. Though Sasuke makes maximum use this when dealing with fan girls. Hinata is not amused.


Oh god, that would be so amusing though???

AssClass Character Book – Random Stuff

I tried scanning the book to find other bits of interesting, wholesome information about Kunugigaoka Academy and its students, but nothing really stands out right now. A lot of what’s covered in the book is old news.  There were a few totally gratuitous sections I found oddly amusing though. Primarily-

They’re father and child, so it’s only natural they’d resemble each other…!?  We researched their points of similarity!

Apart from their unusual talents, Gakushuu-kun and Chairman Asano resemble each other in all sorts of ways. Our journal’s reporter continued close contact with the Asano family for an extended period of time to research their similarities. The results of their investigation is here!

1) They look scary when they’re mad

They’re usually a temperate pair, but their expressions when they are angered are super scary. The reasons the two get mad is yet another way they greatly resemble each other in unreasonable ways.  

2) They look unhealthily pale

They both share handsome features, but it’s their constant pallor that makes them the spitting image of each other. Are they getting enough sleep?

…The answer is clearly no. If this reporter knew what they were doing, this section could’ve been at least five pages long. I’ve seen people on Twitter post much more compelling content showcasing their family resemblance, such as their identical facial expressions, hand gestures, and body language.  I’m glad that they are supposed to look a little sickly though! When I first saw Gakuho (in the manga), my first thought was that he looked ill. He practically leaked “I’m a madman who doesn’t take care of himself” from his pores. I got a similar but weaker vibe from Gakushuu when he made his first appearance, so I was wondering if Matsui was just trying too hard to make them handsome or if they were supposed to look unwell.

But yeah, this section literally just consists of “They’re scary and pale”  XD

The second part I thought was pretty funny was that those two Class D kids got a feature:

Friends!? Or perhaps… they share a “forbidden romance” <3

Their excessive physical contact is proof of their deep affection. The girls in their class whisper rumors about them, but Tanaka thinks that the girls viewing things that way are the ones being impure. This is friendship no matter how you look at it.

They weren’t likeable in the slightest in the actual storyline, but I have to admit, their friendship is something else XD   They’re still hanging out with each other seven years later too, according to the Graduation Album. True Friendship.

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headcanon percy accidentally drinks some kind of truth syrum or someone from the apollo cabin made him say everything he was truly thinking for a week. From random thoughts to the more intimate ones ;)

what is it with me today that all headcanons turn into little monsters o.o?

  • So, not sure if you are aware, but Apollo is also the god of truth. hmm. 
  • let’s just imagine Percy has done something to piss him off, and because Apollo is a little shit, he curses Percy like this
  • Percy has no filter under normal circumstances, this is just much worse
  • The first person he goes to is Will, because he’s one of the persons Percy trusts the most and he isn’t afraid of accidentally spilling his secrets to Will
  • that changes when Will checks if Percy is, part from the curse, alright, and he is just tilting up Percy’s head when Percy mumbled “I used to think a lot about kissing you.” (and wow, the infirmary has never gotten so silent so fast)
  • Will is amused though, thank the gods, and he asks Percy what stopped him from trying and Percy doesn’t have an answer, he just stares
  • In the end, Will has no way to reverse the curse, but at least Percy is physically fine, so Will advises him to avoid people until it’s worn off
  • (but Percy is an idiot, so he doesn’t)
  • Within a day everyone in camp knows that Percy is not, in fact, straight, which is not much of a surprise to many people
  • he admits to a lot of things that are amusing: how he used to imagine that blue food would give him his powers, like potions in video games, and how he knows every line to an endless number of disney songs, and that he really likes Nico’s hair (which he tells him by standing next to Nico and twirling a strand between his fingers) ad that he would totally do Jason if he asked
  • and then suddenly things become much less funny
  • Percy whispers quietly about how he is still shaking with nightmares more nights than not, how he never tells anyone because he doesn’t want to be a burden and how he feels a deep, dark rage within himself sometimes that scares him shitless. how he is extremely afraid about losing people and always considers pushing them away and keeping them even closer at the same time, how guilty he feels about never having noticed Nico’s feelings and that he still blames himself for Bianca’s death.
  • By the third day, Percy stops leaving his cabin altogether. Last evening, he admitted that he knows Annabeth is still scared because of the darkness she’d seen inside him and that he knows that it’s the real reason they broke up and that he’s having a hard time even understanding what the difference between his feelings for her and his feelings for his friends are because it’s all one big mess (at this point, Percy had started crying silently, turning his back so no one would see)
  • In the afternoon, Nico comes by with some food for Percy, and Jason is there soon after
  • Percy can’t stop himself from telling them that he likes being close to them, in a physical ‘please hug me’ kind of way, but at the same time, he also admits that he just wants them to go before he can spill all that is left of the secrets he keeps.
  • they are having none of it, and promise they won’t say a word, so Percy doesn’t get provoked into talking too, and then they just cuddle up with him to calm him down.
  • Will brings food in the evening, after he get out of the infrmary, and he’s not even surprised to see Nico and Jasonn there too.
  • over the next few days Percy admits to a lot of small things, but the worst ones are already out, so he manages to relax a little again.
  • Percy tells Will, who is the only one to have actually known Luke out of the three, about the feelings he’s had for him, and the hurt he’s still feeling because Luke’s gone and somehow, the curse is starting to be less of a burden because getting things like this one off his chest feels good.
  • Nico is the first to start offering secrets in return, to everyone’s surprise, but he can tell how much it weighs Percy down to be the only one vulnerable and in the end, it’s only fair.
  • the four of them have one of the most heartfelt conversations Percy has had and will have in his life, so many secrets out in the open, and even though there are many things hard to admit to, by the end of it all, they are so much closer than before.
  • (it’s only when they wake up all curled up together the next morning that Percy realises his curse had already worn off and the fact that at least some secrets he shared willingly makes him feel a lot better )
This is the best description I’ve ever seen.

The time Tom’s got a decent number #15 (among 50) in Elle Girl’s “Hottest Guys in Rock, early 2000s” .