so amazingggg


endless list of favorite charactersAlice Liddell

“Is it mad to pray for better hallucinations?”


please let Jhope slay your life


Small, but firm.

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You reblogged something Tokio Hotel, and my lil teen emo heart is screaming ahahaha

i knooowwwwww theyre so amazingggg ;;;; loves of my childhood ahhh and tbh bill is even hotter than before wow my poor heart

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OMG YAS THE EYEBALL BOI PURRSIA MADE!! AAAAA SUCH A CYOOTIIIEEEE-- (Also HECK NO I COULDN'T! One, I don't have the super creative mind like yours to think of something like that and TWOO YOUR BABSSS ARE AMAZINGGGG SO I BET YOU COULD CREATE SOMETHING WAAAAAY BETTER THAN ME SO HUSH YOUUuu-- *paps your face mooore*)


nNaHhH man, your cuties are so well made AND AMAZINGGG SHDFRNMGS


Kuvira / Profiles / Enter the Void vs. After All These Years

The world was descending into chaos while you were gone. In order to fix it, I had to make some tough decisions.

AHHH! I finally watched that first ep everything was AMAZINGGGG and SO BEAUTIFUL just AGh the theme songs the art and wow I didn’t realize how much iida waved his arms around (I love it)

the only cons were

1. A bit too much focus on mineta. I’m js..

2. And.. it kinda felt like I got a second recap episode in the first half. (although this is gr8 for ppl- like one of my friends -who didn’t remember much about the first season and didn’t watch the recap. Technically this is excusable because it’s the first ep lol they usually do stuff like that anyway.. I just feel like a recap episode could have been used for something else idk idk no hate tho I love it

-I could probably type about it for years but I’m pretty tired rn so yep