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Part 3 is up! Click here to view the comic archives and here to see the rest of the update.

I’m not sure when part 4 will be up, but all updates will be tagged with #always human update and the rss feed is here.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s given Always Human a chance :D
The past few weeks have been so surreal and I’m so happy and humbled and motivated by how supportive you all have been THANK YOU <33

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P.S. Yes, apparently one of the ways they’re judging the contest is by looking at how many likes the comments get???
So, um, if you happen to feel like re-reading Part 1 and Part 2, perhaps you could click on the thumbs-up button next to some of the amazing comments people have left :) People honestly have left me the coolest comments, here’s one of my favourites:

See? How cool is that? ;)