so amazing

I was blessed to commission @dahliadenoire for this most stunningly sensational artwork of Klance. She is seriously such a gem to work with and if you can, you defiantly should commission her! She’s seriously a sweetheart. I can’t thank you enough for this artwork, it’s so so amazing that I’m just at a loss of words. ❤❤❤

Her Commission Info  ❤


“…I had stolen a whole sackful of apples one night, and by no means ordinary apples, but apples of the very best sort. It was the fear of the moment that made me seek refuge in this story–inventing and telling stories came naturally to me.”

“Whether my crime was stealing or lying–(hadn’t I sworn a false oath by God and everything that was sacred?)–was immaterial. My sin was not specifically this or that but consisted of having shaken hands with the devil. Why had I gone along?”

- Demian ; Hermann Hesse

“so what are ur religious views?”

idk i really like bees

“what’s ur sexuality?”

who cares about sex, i want bees

“how do u feel about politics?”

i feel really passionate about saving the bees. i like bees. actually let’s just make a bee our next president. just a fluffy little bee. we can name him o-bee-ma. world peace is truly within our grasp