so all the wrathful who are drowned there can see these rolling by

Essays in Existentialism: FtWD IX

All through the town, the silence of the new world slunk, filling streets somberly, rolling around with the faded trash and debris, prowling on fences and painting windows with dust and decay. The entire world was brown, clumps of dead lawns, upturned dirt, dead branches– it all blurred into the same shade inevitably.

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This just…happened. Kinda AU in the sense that it changes one small aspect in Homecoming, I guess. I’m open to continuing this if enough people are interested! This was lightly beta-edited because I’m tired, so I’ll probably go back and catch my mistakes. 

Summary: In which the rescuer becomes the rescuee. A chronicle of events surrounding you, Peter Parker, and your accidental discovery of Spider-Man’s identity.

Length: 1.7k.

Baby-sitting was not the most glamorous job on the planet, but at least the money is tax-free.

As you watch the eight-year-old boy that you’ve been tasked to watch over for the evening scramble into the swings, you couldn’t help but chuckle at your predicament. Everyone was at Liz Allen’s party tonight, dancing and socializing and being a normal teenager. The idea of music (even if it was Flash Thompson DJ-ing) and having a good time surrounded by your friends was far more appealing that spending several hours on the couch playing Little Big Planet until Ryland got annoyed.

Not that Little Big Planet was the issue; you loved that game. Facing an eight-year-old’s wrath every time they wasted your lives was another story.

Still, you were a teenager with needs and the idea of asking your parents for spending money felt gross and child-like. So here you were, pushing Ryland on the swing while Liz’s party happened not even ten miles away. Sure, you could always pop your head in when his parents returned, but it was a school night. You still had your Chemistry report to complete, given that your partner continuously bailed out on you whenever you tried to make plans to finish it.

Even if Peter Parker was the smartest boy who attended Midtown, you were still going to kill him. First he began to skip out on Decathlon practices, forcing you into the first Alternate seat (which you wouldn’t have minded, save for your rigorous swimming practices that had started up) and now he was ditching you to finish this lab completely on your own.

Okay, so Peter hadn’t completely abandoned you. He’d leave some notes and observations in your locker from time-to-time but you would have never agreed to partner with him had you known he’d turn into such a flake. Decathlon was one thing, but you could not afford to screw around with your GPA if you wanted to get a swimming scholarship into a nice college.

The unsettling smack of something weighty hitting the water jerked your attention away your thoughts. What the hell was that? “Stay here,” you gently commanded to the young boy, your hand releasing its grip on the swing in order to move closer to the edge of the lake to investigate. Unless a tree branch magically gusted across a field and fell directly into the water, you were at a loss for what could have produced such an intense sound.

Gazing over the edge of the lake, your entire body went numb at the sight of what appeared to be a large, white sheet bobbing to the surface. Inching closer, your squinted your eyes to into the darkened lake, a loud gasp emitting from the back of your vocal box at apparent movement inside of the wet fabric.

Something, whether it was animal or human, was drowning. 

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Request: Can you write a Justin imagine where he doesn’t feel well and wakes you up in the morning because he’s been ill and feels really sick? Thanks!

Sorry it took so damn long! I’m a terrible author… but it’s here! 

Warning: UNEDITED!!!

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The morning came faster then the night fell, and soon the sun shone through the silk curtains displayed against the windows. The house was silent which was odd considering the house usually vibed with energy.

But today seemed to be one of those rare days where I could wake up with Justin in a peaceful manner. No friends to interrupt, no manager to demand places to be, no dogs to bark us back to reality, and overall, no noise.

This was perfect…


A groan to my left was heard not even seconds post my thoughts. A grumble, low and husky having me clenching my thighs and leaving me wet between the legs. 

Miraculously, even with the familiar weight of Justin’s arm wrapped against my waist, I had somehow managed to twist my body and face the person behind me, which undoubtedly had been the corporate of the leg clenching grunt.

Justin slept peacefully now in front of me. Hair a golden mess sprawled out against his pillow, skin uncharacteristically pale compared to his usual tanned complexion and mouth agape just the slightest as small, breathy but wheezy breaths escaped through his god-like lips.

The sight nearly had me pouting as the boy sniffled just the slightest and shuffled around until I was pressed further against his chest. And only the had I realised the difference between his nose and the rest of his face. 

His nose stood out like a sore thumb against his face. A bright red contrasting with the pale state his face held. He looked horrible in terms of his health, which left me worried just the slightest.

Natural motherly instinct kicked in faster then I could even process what my body was doing, and soon I had a hand up against his forehead. 

Comparing to the dry state his skin took, Justin’s forehead was actually rather clammy and radiating with a heat unlike any other. He was burning up a high fever judging by his temperature and that lead the frown that had formed on my face to deepen.

Poor baby was sick and hadn’t even woken up to feel the wrath yet. I just knew today was going to be hell for him.

Deciding against cuddling up to him until he awoke, It hit that the best thing I could do for the boy was to tend to his needs which meant a dose of painkillers and a hell a lot of water. 

As slowly as I could proceed to do, I sat my torso up straight and removed the rough grip Justin had on my waist, pouting when he frowned in his sleep and pressed around for something to hold onto, probably me.

slipping a pillow beneath his arm, I rolled out of bed and ran my way down the stairs, also managing to find Esther along the way who had taken it upon herself to follow after me.

In no less then a couple of minutes flat I had managed to prepare a cold wet cloth, make a warm cup of tea, prepare some toast and place a few painkillers on a tray, taking it all back upstairs to Justin thanks to a little bit of multitasking.

With esther at my feet and the tray in my hands, I managed to creak the door open without waking my poor baby up. As I entered the room, I managed to spot him fighting against the bed sheets, breaking just the slightest of a sweat.

He sniffled once against, swiping his arm against his nose before settling on his side with the blankets pulled all the way up to his chin.

As I fell further into the room, my eyebrows fell inwards as I placed the tray against the bedside table, snatching the cold wet cloth into my hands. 

Remembering what my mother had told me while treating my fever years ago, I pulled the blanket away from his body and let the cold air drown against him.

If you shiver with a fever, keep them warm. If you sweat, cool them down.

The blanket would do no good but make it worse for him. So without hesitation, I began dabbing the wet cloth against his forehead, hoping to cool down his temperature just the slightest.

At the sudden sensation, Justin’s eyes slowly peeled open to reveal a pair of tired, droopy and red eyes, slightly swollen over and glassy. With a chesty cough and small stretch, he managed to pull a confused smile over at me.

The sight of him awake left me smiling myself, leaning over to press a kiss against his clammy forehead. “Morning baby. How you feeling?”

Justin sighed, closing his eyes in agony having me frown just the slightest at the action “Sick.” He growled in a husky voice, suddenly rubbing a hand up against his throat with a grimace of pain. “Very sick.”

“Yeah. When I saw you this morning I knew you weren’t feeling so hot. I could see it in your face.” I began. “Thought I would bring something to cool you down, something for the pain and a little to eat so the medicine will work.”

Glancing off to the side towards the tray sprawled upon his bed side table full of everything mentioned, Justin smiled, pressing a hand over my own still dabbing at his skin, just approaching his chest away from his neck. “You’re too good to me baby girl.” 

Trailing my eyes away from the cloth and back to his eyes, I managed a small smile at his words, leaning down to press another kiss to his face, but this time against his lips. 

He was quick to retract his head, pouting when I frowned in confusion. “I don’t wanna get you sick baby.” He spoke low and sorrowful. To which I smiled. 

“I don’t care. I wanna kiss you.” 

Justin chuckled. “Then who’s gonna take care of me?” 

“Me still, I’ll just mope around the house, fetching you whatever you want.” I giggled.

“Like your mother.” Justin added turning my giggle into a full blown laugh.

“Yes! Like my mother.” 

It wall silent for just a few more seconds, nothing but the sound of the wet cloth gliding around his chest and the small patter of Esther’s paws against the ground until Justin’s face suddenly paled and he suddenly shot up.

“Justin?” I frowned, but it wasn’t until seconds later he ran straight towards the bathroom that I sighed in realisation and scattered to my feet to follow after him.

With the tray in tow and esther at my feet, I drew over to his figure bent over the bathroom toilet and was quick to place the cold towel against the back of his neck, slowly caressing his back.

“Oh baby.” I sighed as he heaved yesterdays dinner into the bowl. It was a long couple of minutes before Justin thankfully cleared his stomach. He was quick to lean up against the wall, a frown etched upon his face. 

The sight for the upteenth time today had me frowning against the situation. I hated seeing Justin sick, it was like bubbly, happy person he was was no more, and wouldn’t be back until he beat this virus. 

Finally placing the wet cloth down, I grabbed the tea and pills off the tray and handed the items to justin. 

Justin glanced up lazily and smiled a painful smile thanking me as he picked up a shaky hand which was once cradling his stomach and drowned the pills, swallowing hard, then managed to hold down a mint I handed him.

Once placing everything back on the tray and out of my hands, I slowly made my way over to Justin’s side and was dropped to the floor, crawling oevr to his side. 

Justin’s trailed up just the slightest, confusion clear in his eyes when I suddenly lifted a leg over his body and placed myself on his lap. Without hesitation he shot out an arm and wrapped it around my waist, despite the confusion and buried his head into the coeck of my neck, sighting against the skin.

The feeling of his now minty breath against my skin had me shivering with pleasure, leaning down to place my head against him, a loving kiss following which I placed against his head.

“How you feeling?” I muttered against him.

“Better.” He spoke muffled against my neck. “Now that I’ve thrown up….And that your in my arms.” 

I smiled, slipping a hand around his neck, where I began playing with the small hairs at the nape of it.

“I love you.” I suddenly said.

Justin’s head poked up from my body, leaning back away with  a smile. He was just about to speak up when suddenly, esther jumped up against him and right onto my lap in between us.

We both looked at the little pup in amusement, laughing at the furry little thin before leaning over and pressing a kiss against each other’s lips, Esther still in between.

My hands cradled over Esther and forehead pressed against Justin, he spoke the words I would die to hear everyday of my life. 

“I love you too.”

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I saw you wrote that thingy about Trans!Will on his period and I was maybe wondering if I could request something like that? Like maybe... Will coming out to Nico or something like that? (I've never done this question thing before and its anonymous and my anxiety is urging me to press the cancel button and I don't know why 👀).

never be scared to send in an ask, on or off anon!! i love getting asks tbh… and i love writing trans will stuff!! i have another trans will coming out fic on my ao3 (willsolaceyall) so hit me up there if you wannu to!


Will didn’t hide any part of his identity - that wasn’t his style. He was a Loud and Proud kind of guy. Will Solace was the kind of guy to yell “I’m gay!” at the top of his lungs in response to any personal question. On top of that, he often wore the trans flag emblazoned on different jackets and shirts and even socks. On many an occasion, Will walked around camp with a giant pride flag draped across his shoulders as he zoomed around like a superhero and called himself ‘The Terf Destroyer’. 

So, he never thought he’d have to come out to Nico. But, apparently, he was wrong.

Nico’s eyebrows were furrowed in confusion, pretty dark eyes locked on Will’s blue ones. “Wait, wait,” he interrupted again. “You’re talking like you have that too?”

Will’s face scrunched up like he’d taken a bite of something both very sour and terribly alarming. “What, a period? That’s because I do. You know that, darlin’, don’t you?”

Bushy red hair came into Nico’s view and suddenly he was looking at Rachel with the same perplexed expression. “Are you alright, Nico?” she asks and suddenly Nico isn’t so sure.

“You’re a man..” his whisper came, quiet yet so loud to Will’s ears. No amount of sparring in the distance could drown out his voice. Not even the volleyball game that was taking place nearby. “How do you have .. that?”

Will blinked. He rubbed his eyes, stuck his pinkies in his ears and twisted to clear them. “I’m sorry.” He wasn’t sorry and was obvious. “I’m sorry, I… I don’t think I’m understanding you. Do you have amnesia or something?”

Nico shook his head. “I would remember this, believe me.”

“Nico… I’m not exactly quiet about being trans. You know I’m trans, right?”

Rachel took this time to excuse herself. Apparently a mural was carving it’s way through her mind and if she didn’t skip off to paint it right this minute, they’d all face the wrath of Phoebus Apollo himself. (”It’s always nice to see my dad.” Will snarked. Rachel left laughing.)

When Rachel was finally gone far enough away, Will nervously shifted towards his boyfriend, clearing his throat. “You do know I’m trans, right? Like, this is okay?”

Nico shrugged. “I don’t know what trans means.”

“You…” Will’s blond curls fall over his forehead messily and that he didn’t automatically bring his hand up to toy with them or move them out of his face said something very loudly to Nico. And then Will sighed, brought his hand up in one motion, and tugged all of his own light hair backwards, pulling it. His eyes were wide. “How has no one told you yet…”

And Nico just shrugged again. He said, “Will you?” and smiled a bit when Will agreed because, of course Nico, why wouldn’t I?

“Well, there’s a lot of ways to explain this,” Will murmured. “But, I guess that the easiest way for someone who was born in your time period is… I was born a girl.” He paused at the look of surprise on Nico’s face. “Well, not really. But everyone though I was a girl because of body stuff. You know how doctors are. Bunch of quacks.” It’s here that Nico laughed, bringing hope to Will’s heart like he always did. “It wasn’t until later in my life, when I figured out I could be a boy that I realized that I always had been, secretly, inside. So.. I’ve got all the funny birthing components, like a uterus, or whatever you need, but I’m still a dude. There’s intersex trans dudes who might have different stuff,” Here, Nico’s face grew more perplexed, which cue’d Will’s turn to laugh. “Okay, okay, we’ll save that for a different discussion. But, basically, I’m transgender, which means ‘identifying as a different gender than the one assigned at birth’. They said I was a pretty little lady,” he shrugged with good humor. “I say I’m a pretty little man.”

Nico scratched his chin. “Is that what those colors are for? The flag?”

“Blue, pink, white, pink, blue,” said Will with pride. “If that’s what you’re referring to, then yes. That’s the trans flag.”

“And.. the other word. The one you-”



Will smiled at his boyfriend happily. “You’re very open-minded for a guy in your 80′s.”

Nico rolled his eyes, but Will could see him smiling. “Just shut up and tell me what it means.”


aaaa hope you enjoy!! idk why it was so hard for me to keep tense through out this, i kept wanting to switch to present tense?? haha anyways, hopefully it’s alright! i’ll see if i can save it, edit and revise a bit, and then post on ao3 in its Final Form … thank you for sending the request!!! - mod will

Picture Perfect (pt. 4)

PT. 1 | PT. 2 | PT. 3 | PT. 4 | PT. 5 | PT. 6 | PT. 7

Reader x Yoongi

Plot: After finding yourself in the same situation day after day, a stranger with a camera happens to change up everything with just a snap of a button and a lot of misunderstandings.

Genre: Drama/Romance

Count: 6,356

(gif to rightful owner)

A/N: I’m actually very excited to finally get this up after such a long wait. School is hell hard, haha. Thanks so much for waiting around! Also, a very late congratulations to our smol bean on his mixtape <3 

“You’ll Sleep Better.”

“That’s your brother?” I inquired, flicking a finger between the two. One of them must have gotten major plastic surgery…

“Well, step-brother,” Jimin smiled, wrapping an arm around a scowling Yoongi, “but I guess we really have that true brother bond, huh hyung?”

I bit my lip, trying to stop myself from bursting out into laughter. Jimin was completely different from Yoongi – his bright and excited voice was a drastic contrast to a grumpy and flat mumble, and his youthful face didn’t seem as angry or worn-down as his step-brother’s. Looking at them was like seeing the difference in black and white.

Well, it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown.

“Y/N? That’s a really pretty name,” Jimin took my hand out of my lap, shaking it with as much charm as the grin on his cheeks, “it fits such a pretty face.”

I adverted my gaze as I felt heat rush up to my cheeks, and saw – if possible – Yoongi stiffen even more, his fingers beginning to tap harshly on the bar surface.

“Jimin what are you doing here, and why are you flirting with my girlfriend?” A taut smile pulled at his mouth, threatening the younger to say anything out of line. I frowned at the term, upset that I was now a pawn in one his useless games.

“I could ask you the same question, hyung. I thought you’d be more happy to see your little brother after all this time, but I see you’re still waking up on the wrong side of the bed.” Jimin pouted, unwrapping his arm, “I’m sorry about him Y/N, does he bother you much?”

“Damn it, leave her out of this.” Yoongi’s lips pressed tightly together and his nose crinkled. “Why would you ask me that?”

“Well, for starters, you left home unexpectedly just for me to find you two hours away in a shitty little town without any explanations why or a fucking goodbye.” Jimin’s appearance darkened as his eyes squinted, “Is this your way of coping? Cause’ frankly, hyung, this blows.”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Yoongi swallow thickly, his stance weakening before he straightened up and crossed his arms, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” A grimace washed over him, his eyes giving some type of warning and the air around us became rigid. I wished I could have disappeared, the awkwardness suffocating me. Shoving his hand roughly into his pocket, he pulled out his wallet and threw bills on the counter while working his jaw. “We’re leaving.”

This was a conversation that I shouldn’t have heard.

Jimin put his hand on Yoongi’s shoulder playfully, “Ah, what? Where are you going?” I flinched at his death grip on my wrist as he tugged me out of the seat, the stool scraping harshly against the wood.

“We’re going home.”

“Oh come on, I just got here. Hyung, I really need to -”

“And I really need a distraction from the disappointment of knowing you.” Yoongi shrugged the hand off as he turned abruptly towards the exit – dragging me along with him.

Jimin’s words echoed throughout my head as we walked away from the scene. “Is this your way of coping?”  I didn’t even know I was wondering, it’s not like I knew him well enough to ask – nor should I care, but it was almost one of those questions that just begged to be heard… and I felt the words bubbling in my throat. “Where are we going?”

“Home, remember?” He retorted, scooting past the few people blocking the doorway and finally letting vice grip my on arm free. I rubbed the area, cursing at him mentally for leaving potential bruises.

“We don’t live together…?” I squinted at him, “What did he mean that this was your way of cop-”

“Can I stay the night again?” Finally turning to face me as a hand went up to push hair back, “I don’t have a key to Taehyung’s place and I’d really rather not go back in there to get one.” He sounded annoyed but I could hear light desperation in his tone, leaving me taken aback. Emotion.

“Uh, I mean yeah but -”

“Thanks.” He replied, turning back around as he pulled out his car keys. “I’m sober enough so I’ll drive.” I didn’t know if that was true or not, but I wasn’t going to argue with him so I opened the door and wearily slid into the seat.

The ride back to my apartment was uncomfortable – an understatement, to be honest.

The space was toxic and I was scared to breathe in, wondering if even the sound of air escaping my lips would set him off and all would spiral to hell. I stared out the window and covered my face with hair in a cowardly manner, not wanting to start a conversation I knew wouldn’t work out anyways.

“Don’t think about it too much, or your head might explode.” He stated a little too casually in the seat besides me.

“Who said I was?” It couldn’t have been too late, but all I wanted to do when we got back to the apartment was fall asleep and avoid something messy. I silently prayed that Yoongi staying over at my place wasn’t going to become a recurring theme. “It’s not even my business anyways.”

I didn’t get a response.

I turned to face him slowly, almost carefully, to only find him looking eerily normal and almost tranquil as he drove down the deserted street. His face was wiped clean of emotions and his hands showed no tension as he turned the steering wheel. It was almost as if ten minutes ago had never happened.

“This is the first time I’ve ever had the joy of silence around you.” Stopping at a light, he tugged his lips up, keeping his eyes on the road. Maybe they were the only things that let emotion slip through.

“Oh ha ha.” I rolled my eyes, looking out the window once again, “If you say something like that again, I’ll pop you and show you silence.”

I wasn’t disappointed this time with his silent comeback. Oh well.

He was the first to get out of the car once we stopped in front of my building, still avoiding looking me in the eye. I didn’t know exactly what to say to him, so as I, too, scurried out of the vehicle, considered dumping him in the living room right away so we could skip the whole so-that-was-awkward chat.

Shoving the keys in the door, I swung it open and let him in first. As much as I was happy to be home, now the relaxing energy was drowned with my own anxiety of him finally snapping. Closing the house, I locked it back up and turned around to face the rest of the night after taking a steady breath.

Why was I so scared to talk to him? This isn’t right.

“So, uh…” I stuttered, not really sure how to break the barrier between a robot and the actual human, “I thought we made a pretty team.” Wow, best conversation starter ever – not lame at all, Y/N.

“What?” He said, finally looking up. I was afraid to return the gaze, since he would either look wrathful or exactly like stone– and I couldn’t decide which one was more terrifying at the moment. I didn’t want him to a bitch, but at the same time I wanted to speak with someone who at least had some form of emotions and could feel something – anything.

“Never mind, that didn’t make sense.” I rushed, shaking my head and shuffling to setting my bag down on the counter, “Sorry, I ju-”

“Wanted to break the tension?” His voiced stopped me as he finished my sentence, resulting in me turning around to face him. An eyebrow was raised as he leaned against the kitchen wall, his arms relaxed behind him.

But this is exactly the tension.

Everything about him seemed relaxedtoo relaxed, and it pissed me off but at the same time had me worried. How could he just shut off all his emotions like that and make it seem like everything was completely okay? Was he just pretending that tonight had never happened and it was just one in countless other days that didn’t matter? It had me thinking that this was a normal thing – him getting all riled up after something clearly made him upset, and having to strip all thoughts from his brain so no one would know?

“Y/N, I’m not mad at you? I’m not even mad.” He remarked a little after I had left the question blank. “My little brother just really annoys me – you’d understand if you had siblings or something.” Mumbling, he pushed off the wall and made his way towards the bar stool to take a seat. “It’s fine, really.”

“Seriously?” I questioned, breaking the contact to go fetch a glass. “Because you were pretty pissed when we left.”

“Sorry about that. I’m cooled off now, he just touched a sensitive topic I’d rather have erased from my mind.” He shrugged, leaning on the counter. The aura around him seem less chaotic, and I took a sigh of relief. Maybe we could have this erased from our minds.

“You’re fine, nothing to worry about. Want something to drink?”

Shaking his head, I turned to fill my cup up with water from the tap. I was still slightly tipsy from the bar, but the whole ruckus from a sibling bicker had cleared the fog up pretty well. Checking the time on the oven, I grimaced to only see it was a little past midnight. Sure I had to work tomorrow, but I didn’t usually go to bed this late – even on a night where I had gone out to drink.

“Thanks for this though.” Yoongi’s voice shook me from my train of thought, “I’m sorry to bother you so much. I know you hate me and all, it’s even worse that I’m becoming your personal freeloader.”

“Are you still drunk? Because sober Yoongi is never apologetic.” I chimed as he rolled his eyes, “It’s fine if you stay the night. It’s not like you’re loud or too annoying – you can crash here whenever. Besides, I don’t hate you, didn’t you hear me at the bar?” My own words surprised me; I took a sip nervously.

What the fuck did I just invite into my life?

“You don’t have to pretend, but I’m grateful for the offer.” He yawned, swiveling around in the seat to exit. “I think we’re both due for some sleep, so I’m going to the living room.”

“I’ll probably be gone when you wake up, but you can make yourself breakfast or whatever.” I watched him drag his body towards the couch, unzipping his jacket as he only chuckled at me.

Quickly rushing to my bedroom and leaning against the door I tried to close silently, I shook my head. I guess the only reason why I was being so kind and sympathetic was because I could tell what Jimin had brought up tonight resulted in a healing wound being torn open. Yeah, I didn’t like Yoongi, but I couldn’t stand to see anyone under stress or being reminded of something that ached them to the core. Maybe my homely offers would do me good, and in return I’d receive a raise or perhaps a promotion – but I felt selfish thinking that I needed to get something in return for just helping him out.

Slipping on something I could comfortably fall asleep in, I crawled under the covers of my mattress and turned off the lamp. Staring at the ceiling, I promised myself that after tonight I would block what could have remained a secret between Yoongi and I out of my head, and the file would be destroyed somewhere in my mind – never to be touched again. I felt nice giving him a place to sleep, but I couldn’t help but ask myself again:

What the fuck did I just invite into my life?

I didn’t know exactly how the rude, freeloading shit had gotten my number – maybe I had left my cell on the table and he called himself – but sure enough, days after I had come home from previously letting Yoongi stay the second time, a random number had called me during a shift, making me regret answering once his voice rang through on the other side.

“So how’s work going?” He asked a little too casually. I hated casual – especially from him.

“Well I’m kind of having to pause and answer a call at the moment, but it’d be great if I could do my job.” I rolled my eyes mentally. “What do you want?”

“Why would you assume that I want something? That’s a little rude, wouldn’t you agree?”

“If I agreed I wouldn’t be asking.” I hissed. “But I haven’t spoken to you in maybe two weeks and suddenly you have my number and are asking me about my private life, so chances are,” I glanced behind me to see if my boss was ready to rip my head off, “you want something.”

After I had gotten home, I had found my apartment completely deserted of any signs of life. It was almost as if Yoongi had never been there at all.

The couch had been made, there were no dishes in the sink, no mess in the kitchen, and certainly no clothes on the floor. I also didn’t see him anywhere during that time, either. He wasn’t brought up in conversations by Taehyung, and I didn’t spot him at any parks snapping pictures of decaying architecture. I assumed he had moved back to where ever he had come from, but the thought of that actually made me a little sad if I had to be honest. I mean, he wasn’t that bad of company, and it was nice to be able to bash someone without them taking it personally.

“Well, I guess you could say I’m red handed.” He chuckled, the voice cracking like he had just woken up. “But, big surprise… I need to stay the night again.”

I groaned loudly into the phone, “Why,” I rubbed my hand down my face, sighing, “why can’t you just stay where ever you’ve been staying? Don’t you have an apartment or at least a spot somewhere in your car?”

“Sorry to be the bearer of bad news sweetheart, but no.”

I thought about his request for a few seconds, considering turning him down just to piss him off. Instead I mumbled a “yes” into the receiver and growled when I could hear the smugness leek out of his voice and strangle me. You little shit.

“Thanks, I’ll just text you when I’m on my way.” He yawned. “I’ll tell you why when I get there – I got your number from Taehyung, by the way.”

The line went dead, and I shoved my phone back into my pocket.

Of course it was him. Taehyung didn’t understand personal boundaries. I didn’t know whether to be pissed at him or not, because while I hated that he could just give my number out to anyone, it was pretty handy to have Yoongi’s number in mine as well… for revenge purposes.

Or that’s what I tried to tell myself, at least.

The rest of my shift was achingly long, and every second that ticked by seem to be getting slower and slower. The constant loop of taking orders and setting down plates started to make my head hurt, and I didn’t know why since I basically did this every single day religiously. I tried blaming the migraine on stress from Yoongi – since it seemed pretty plausible.

I also didn’t know why I found myself constantly checking for text messages. It was still early in the day and I seriously doubted he would be coming over anytime soon. I really wanted to punch myself for being so paranoid about the whole situation. What the hell are you being so obsessive for.

I, again, blamed my abnormal behavior on the amateur photographer that annoyed me to no end.

I had been waiting for some time before my phone finally buzzed with Yoongi announcing he was on his way. Instead of sitting in the kitchen, I opted for watching television in the living room to avoid looking like I was awaiting his return. I would hate to let him see that I was actually “awaiting” for him.

I stared blankly at the animal documentary on TV, the only other choices being old romance movies or boring sports. Sure I liked animals – some I even loved, you could say – but to be completely honest I wanted to rip my head off at having to learn every single fucking fact about an animal that I would never see in real life.

The edges of the room started to blur and eventually darken from my eyes becoming heavier and heavier as the narrator’s monotone was lulling me to sleep. I jerked myself awake a few times, but eventually gave up the fight and let my eyes close completely and my breathing to slow. Somewhere in the distance, I heard to be what seemed a door close softly, the click barely audible.

I hate the fucking wind.

I didn’t hear anything else after that, so my mind return to a comatose-like state. The documentary went on and on, the mumbles not forming words to me anymore. The sound was like a low breathing – right in my ear. It was so soothing, and I briefly thought about maybe trying to find the show after this quick nap since well, this was making me drowsier than school lectures did. Only after a minute or so of the “breathing in my ear”, did my eyes shoot open.

To my horror the little animal show wasn’t playing – the TV wasn’t even on anymore.

Don’t scream, don’t scream don’t scr-

The prosecutor somehow sensed my distress, and a hand suddenly covered my mouth as the other pinned my shoulder back towards the couch– leaving me unable to run away, let alone even get up.

Isn’t it okay to scream right before you die?

“Miss me mu-“

On instinct my hands flew to the attacker’s arms and began pinching and scratching to stun or maybe even hurt him. Why the fuck are you obsessed with cutting your nails? Why don’t you have that female instinct to go and get the fake ones that look like they could cut through stone?

“JESUS CHRIST HAVE MERCY – WHAT THE FUCK Y/N?” The hands were roughly pulled away as they retreated.

“SHOULDN’T I BE SAYING THAT TO YOU?” I whipped around to find Yoongi inspecting the damage to his forearms. A smug smile traveled to my lips as I noticed patches of skin here and there were red from tearing. Should have made the bastard bleed. “Why didn’t you fucking text me? Did you really have to give me a heart attack?”

“I did ‘fucking text’ you, moron.” He seethed, glaring at me as he turned away and held his arms to his chest, “But I suppose someone fell asleep on duty.”

“How the hell did you even get in?”

“Well you said the door was open, so…” He answered sarcastically. I backtracked to a few hours earlier, desperately trying to remember if I had even thought of telling him that.  Unsurprisingly – I turned up empty handled.

“You’re lying.” My eyes became slits, “I didn’t text you once after you hung up.”

He stayed silent for a minute, staring at me with the same expression, before sighing, “Red handed.” He raised his hands into the air, “You weren’t answering me and I got tired of waiting so I turn the handle and to my luck…” his hands made the motion of a small explosion, “viola.

“Cool story,” I raised from the couch, heading towards the kitchen, “you should say that to the police when they come and arrest you for breaking and entering.”

Yoongi chuckled, following close behind me. Circling around the counter, he leaned against it as I took a seat at the bar stool. It seemed most of our conversations were held here.

“So are you going to tell me why I’m so graciously allowing you to step foot in my home?”

“It’s complicated.” He closed and reopened his fists, adverting his eyes. Nice try.

“Well, I obviously have time since you so rudely awoke me from a nap.” I smiled coldly, “Please, explain. Now.

He took a deep breath before running his fingers through his hair, “You remember Jimin – obviously, the kid is kind of hard to go unnoticed.” Agreed. “Well, it turns out you’re hard to go unnoticed as well.” He looked up at me.


“Long story short… I was spending the night at Taehyung’s peacefully up until two nights ago when my brother came to me and asked why I wasn’t sleeping with you – since you’re my ‘girlfriend’ and all.” The fists began the loop again. “I said we had a fight after we came home from the bar and we both needed space, but he’s convinced that I need to come back and ‘apologize.’

“He also said that if I ‘dodge the bullet’, he’ll tell Taehyung to kick me out and make me ‘realize how shitty I am.’” He paused, pushing off the counter. “I don’t know about you, but I don’t want Taehyung and our ‘friends’ to think we’re dating when we’re far from that. So basically, I need a place until Jimin leaves town and you’re the only person I can think of.”

I blinked, my mind processing what he had said, “So… what I just got from that… is that you’d basically rather die than have anyone assume we’re dating. You didn’t have to tell Jimin that, you know?” I think your car is comfier than my prehistoric couch, buddy.

Sorry, it was in the moment and I panicked. It’s not like I can take that back.”

“So it’s a yes on the rather die part?” I grilled, raising my eyebrows.

He groaned, pulling his hand down his face, “I never said that.

To either my surprise or dismay – I couldn’t quite decide which one – sharing my four walls with Yoongi wasn’t as bad as I had originally thought it would be. I had to work during the day and at night he usually left the apartment to do whatever his little heart desired. I tried to assume it was at least something productive, like getting a job so he could move out when Jimin left, but I couldn’t get my hopes up.

Mostly we only acknowledged each others presence when he needed something.

Which is why on a particular night a week or so after I had acquired my lovely roommate, I was surprised – or maybe dismayed, I still couldn’t decide – when he had come back to my place very, very late.

The door had slowly creaked open, much like the first time he had come unannounced, and shut after a minute or so. My attention was focused on the TV, but I could assume he was trying to come in quietly. At least that’s something nice.


“What?” My groggy voice was weak compared to his drunken one. He must have been at the bar for hours, since I could tell that he was pretty out of it at the moment and he could really hold his liquor. Unfortunately for him, I didn’t have much patience tonight. My boss was unusually cruel today, even for him, and I was left doing duties I wouldn’t so much getting a dime for working overtime. Great, now I have to babysit. “What is it?”

“What’s the time?” He asked. I could hear his coat shrugging off as he made his way towards the living room, “S’cold out.”

“Pretty late. I was just about to go to bed.” I turned off the TV, turning sideways so I could find out how bad his condition was. “What’cha want?” I had to squint in the dim light now, only seeing a silhouette outlined by the dim light in the kitchen.

“Nothing?” His voice frowned, seeming to be disappointed in me. Well, I see we have something in common. “Why do you always assume that I want to take?”

I sighed heavily, abandoning the confrontation and standing up to make my way towards the bedroom, “We wouldn’t be having this conversation if you would just listen to yourself for one second. The term ‘need’ is all that spews from your mouth.” I didn’t mean to take my frustration out on him, but I mean, he was living with me and didn’t pay rent.

“We’re in a grouchy mood tonight, aren’t we?”

“Fuck you.” I turned to raise my hand and give him the bird, only to be met by his hand grabbing my wrist and twirling me into the wall beside us. I rushed to step to the side so I could escape, but the other arm crashed violently next to head. What is your deal?

“What?” He breathed, tilting his head down towards my ear. “Did you want to repeat that?” I could feel his breath fanning out dangerously onto my cheeks, my nose. The stormy voice taunted me, begging me to say it once more just so it could erupt.

I swallowed thickly, choosing not to open my mouth as I sunk deeper into the wall. Why are you acting so small? I closed my eyes, surprisingly troubled at what he was trying to provoke out of me. This is your own damn house, your own damn rules. The familiar scent of liquor invaded my lungs, stinging my throat. Tell him to get out.

Suddenly the grip loosened, and my eyes sprang open to see him staring at me with that horrible statue-like face he seemed to carry everywhere. The frozen limbs next to me dropped wearily, and my full height hesitantly returned. I didn’t know what to expect next, since I’d only seen Yoongi wasted one other time and that led to some pretty strange things.

“There’s got to be something more to all this.” He susurrated, his voice fatigued and rough. “This can’t be it. This can’t be all there is.” Yoongi blinked rapidly, seeming like his mind was racing a mile a minute. The light penetrated the sharp angles of his face, making him look more upset than he was – or I least I thought he was.

“What are you talking about?” I whispered, afraid to break the eerie silence that hovered in the room. “God, you’re really out of it, aren’t you?” Concerned, I lightly wrapped my fingers around his forearm, beginning to lead him to the couch so he could sleep, whatever he had seemingly chugged, off.

My plan backfired, and resulted in my shoulder blades digging into the wall once more. Only this time Yoongi was much closer than before, resting his forehead against the wall next to my neck – my neck that was trying to keep a string of cuss words and threats at bay. Just go to bed, please.

“Why couldn’t I had just told Jimin we broke up? I could have slept on his couch, spent time with him.” He mumbled to himself. I didn’t interrupt, confused on whether he was battling with himself or speaking to me. “S’not what I really wanted, though. I wanted to sleep on your couch, spend time with you. S’that stupid or what?” He chuckled sadly, the words slurring together to form one giant, incoherent mess.

“I keep having these weird dreams, where I wake up and you’re the one making banana pancakes.” He sniffled, raising his head so he could look at me. “They suck.”

I couldn’t help but laugh a little, even though what he was saying made me extremely uncomfortable and awkward. My lips were smiling but in reality I was petrified at what would happen next. He already wasn’t himself at all, and I was afraid this unpredictable alcoholic taking his place. Yoongi’s thoughts were all over the place.

For some reason I was disappointed, and maybe even a little sad with the conclusion I had come up with. He doesn’t mean this. Not a single part of it. A little part of me wanted him to mean the things he was spewing out – even if they made absolutely no sense at all.

“S’nice to see someone who can appreciate my humor.” His lips twitched upwards as his eyelashes began to slowly droop. It stayed like that for a what seemed like hours – his heavy breathing flooding the room as I was glued to my uncomfortable position underneath him. I was not risking the chance that he had fallen asleep like this and having to camp out here, and was about to duck under him when his eyelids shot open. This time his face wasn’t filled with anger – finally it was filled with something – but what I could make out was confusion.

“I guess you’re right about me taking all the time.” Finally, you dipshit. “I mean half the time I wanna take your hand…” The voice mumbled amusingly, while also sounding confused with the words bubbling out the mouth. “…and I wanna hold it? Why would I want to hold it? I hate you.” Eyebrows furrowed and the twitching lips ceased.

“Y-you do?” I stuttered, not sure how to respond. Why the fuck did you kiss me then you damn hypocrite?

“I’m…” He started, leaning back. His eyes gazed into mine and I dared not to blink, frozen on spot. “S’not clear.” His head shook, hair strands fell onto his cheeks, shading his eyes, “This sounds like s’from a romance novel or some shit, but… I don’t know… feels right?” His head lifted, his eyes boring into mine once more. “I kinda wanna… I guess, give something for once?” I like sober Yoongi better believe it or not.

I didn’t know what to expect exactly. I sure as hell didn’t expect his hand to travel up to caress my jaw – or his arm to back off mine only to snake its way onto my waist. I really didn’t expect the kiss to be what shocked me the most. Was I that oblivious to not get his cues? Of course I was.

“Yoongi…” I weakly pushed his chest away from me. “You’re drunk; you’re not thinking clearly at all.” I tried to deny that maybe I did like drunken Yoongi… believe it or not. “Stop it.”

“What if I am?” He retorted, leaving me squinting at him in the dark – our voices not much louder than a whisper. “What if you’re the one not thinking clearly?” His tone was filled with curiosity, even though he had asked such an accusing question. I held my tongue, completely done with this conversation and the entire night altogether. Adverting my eyes, I opted for staring past him hoping he’d get the clue to just leave me alone.

“Hey, look at me.” Our lips were mere centimeters apart but his words seemed so far away. Everything was so… confusing. Am I thinking clearly? “Y/N, please.”

My eyes hesitantly wandered back to his, instantly being engulfed in the darkness of his orbs that seemed to take over the room. They seemed to take over everything. I suddenly became hyper-aware and insecure of his fingers still grazing my cheek, the digits seemingly burning holes into my skin. His skin seems so much softer than mine. His thumb on my rib rubbed soothing circles so close to my racing heart, leaving me to wonder if he could hear the chest aching beat of it. Fuck, he’s hypnotizing.

“If you wanted me to stop,” he purred as his chin dipped, causing my breath to hitch in my throat as his eyes somehow grew larger, “why did you kiss me back?”

“I….Instinct?” I gulped as the word tumbled out weakly.

I felt him smile against me and he shook his head softly, his answer silent – but also very clear – as he closed his eyes along with the small distance between us. And for some reason, I accepted it.

My hands. They were still glued to the wall. What the hell do I do with my hands?

It was very much like the first time – gentle, slow – only my senses weren’t numbed down from any alcohol. In fact, I was far from intoxication, but my mind was still clouding up and making a fuzz out of everything for some reason. I couldn’t tell if the light from the kitchen had shut off or my eyes had closed, but the world around me turned pitch black as I found myself letting go of a breath I didn’t know I was holding onto. Yoongi tipped my mouth up into his, his head tilting as he leaned into me more – either for supporting his drunken frame or getting closer, who knows.

Everything was hot.

Not mentally, but I could physically feel myself burning up. The places where his fingertips feathered over my skin started gradually warming up, spreading then to my chest and eventually the rest of my body. My face felt like it was melting off, but I could have sworn I wasn’t sweating. Am I blushing?

Somehow my hands left their position on the wall – the only thing seeming to be sturdy at the moment – and found his neck. My touches were also feathery, ghost like, as they traveled from the collarbones up to right under the jawline. Maybe it was just me, but Yoongi also seemed – physically – hot. His heart is beating so fast. Curiously, my palms moved upwards, the tips of my fingers grazing his cheekbones to see if the rest of him was also heated. Is he blushing?

Are we blushing? Why are we blushing? Why are we –

My thoughts slipped from my mind as it began to focus on what was happening. I guess he had taken my reaction as a cue for something, because somehow the thumb that was once soothingly massaging my rib, now found itself under my shirt – the pad circling my navel while the other extremities dug into my hipbones. The palm that held my chin up navigated to the back of my neck and pulled forward, causing the kiss to deepen.

I felt almost helpless as the action gradually intensified, his lips persistently parting mine open as a low groan emerged from my throat unconsciously. He must have noticed, because immediately afterwards his tongue began gliding against my bottom lip repeatedly with what seemed as slight desperation. Instinctively, I retorted by biting his – my teeth dragging along the delicate skin.

He seemed to like that, my yes making sense somehow, and pinned me in place to the wall with his hips all while intending to explore the mouth that had insulted him so much. One of my hands went past his cheek to behind his ear to twirl his hair while the other remained cupping his jaw to give myself some form of grounding. I was thankful that my mind wasn’t racing as much as my heart – the only thoughts I seemed to be having was of admiration. Towards him, though?

He began to turn his head to the side, the kisses turning into pecks at the corner of my mouth that began to journey to my cheek and then my jaw. He doesn’t want this, what is he doing? I tried to silence my mind so I could relish the nice feeling of this, but the question kept screaming at me. He doesn’t want this, what is he doing?

His tongue making trail down my jugular that ended with quick nips. He doesn’t want this. They didn’t hurt, but they were hard and left aches as he apologetically went over them with open mouthed licks. What is he doing? My shirt began riding up, my nape being released as both hands roamed up and around my torso, the contact making me dizzy. He’s drunk. He doesn’t want this.

The sudden reality hit me like a freight train, my head hitting the wall as my stomach dropped. He doesn’t actually like you. Yoongi was too preoccupied leaving to be what felt like a bruise my on my collarbone to notice my change in demeanor. He’s only doing what every guy does. He just happens to live with you – what an easy fucking target.

“H-hey.” My voice shook. “I have work in the morning.” I had to stop this – whatever this was.

“So?” He murmured into my skin, his breath hot. “You’ll sleep better.” I could feel him smile, his lips trailing up towards my own once more, his own humor amusing him.

I took his face in my hands, holding his head away from mine as I swallowed thickly, “Not knowing that you’re drunk I won’t.”

His eyebrows knitted together; the hands treated from me. “What?” The voice was soft, child-like. My hands dropped. “Is that stopping you? Y/N, I’m buzzed – not a different pers-“

“Go to bed.” I turned away shyly from my cracking tone. I didn’t know why I was getting so upset over this, it was strange that I was worried, let alone even thinking of his current mindset. Don’t I despise is presence? Isn’t he just a nuisance to me? My fists were welded together tightly, the nails digging into my palm all while I was trying to remember how to breathe again.

Why are my eyes stinging?

The weight along with the warmth of his body disappeared from me, and I took the time to duck away towards my room – feeling my way along the wall and finally gripping the knob tightly. I didn’t want to look at him. I didn’t want the chance of seeing that disturbing poker face once more. I swung the door open before turning weakly in his direction, “You’d would’ve regretted it, man.”

Grounded: A Nessian One-Shot

Setting: After Chapter 25 in “A Court of War and Starlight,” my ACOTAR 3 fan fiction.

Summary: Nesta has found herself bound to the Cauldron, but the ancient, wild power of the artifact overwhelms her at every turn. She spends time in the forest of the Summer Court, where she and the rest of the Night Court have secured an alliance, to try to get a grip on herself. Unfortunately for her, she’s not the only one in the forest.

Ship: Nessian

Word Count: 3,861

A/N: You do not have to have read all of ACOWAS to understand this fic–only that Nesta is attached to the Cauldron and everyone is taking refuge in the Summer Court before preparing to attack Hybern.

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angelina024  asked:

Can u do tratie(travis and katie) head canons?

(A lot or these are in collaboration with @knaveofmogadore)

  • They hate each other for a very long time. Neither can stand the other. This does not change the fact that they are both super attracted to the other in a purely physical way.
  • Then one day in the winter, Katie cuts off Travis calling her a pain in the ass with, what Travis can only describe as a violent kiss. She had him pinned up against the side of her cabin, muttering “Don’t tell anything” as he kissed back.
  • This became the norm for them. Whenever they had arguments, and yelled at each other, they ended up hooking up. By April they’re sleeping together.
  • They keep this up, yelling and fighting, then having wrath-hook ups, yelling at each other through the hook up, then walking away from each other, to repeat the next day.
  • Travis ends up stealing a pair of her earrings around May, and Connor finds them. Pretty soon the whole camp knows, but nobody tells Travis and Katie that they know.
  • So they keep up their what-ever-you-call-it as usual. The only one who gives any hint that they know what’s going on is Chris, who throws Travis in the lake, complaining that if he (Chris) can’t get laid because of his brothers’ constant pranks, spying, and general annoyance, they he (Travis) shouldn’t either.
  • After that happened, things start to change between them, because Travis goes to Katie angry, and they have sex as usual, but they weren’t angry at each other. They didn’t even argue through it.
  • After that day, Travis started to think about her a lot more, and admits to himself that he does like her, and that he might have liked her for a long time.
  • When summer starts and camp gets crowded, it becomes a game between them to see who can get whom more flustered. Katie always wins, but she loses quite a few pairs of underwear to the cause.
  • Miranda has known about them for a while, too, but she’s never had the misfortune of catching them in the act until July, when she finds the two of them in the strawberry fields during the camp fire.
  • Then they just start hooking up for fun and pleasure. They don’t even argue anymore, and people have started to notice. After a few failed attempts to ask her out, Travis finally works up the courage to tell Katie that they should spend a weekend together. He tells her about a hotel nearby, and the excuses he’s come up with for them to get permission to leave. “Just spend the weekend with me. You can call me a son of a bitch all you want.”
  • Katie just smiles and agrees.
  • This is the first time that they actually have sex in a bed, and Travis is pretty sure its the best thing he’s ever done. They actually cuddle, and have a real conversation. And she calls him “Travis” instead of “Stoll.”
  • At the end of the weekend, Travis tells her how he feels, and it doesn’t go very well. She kind of freaks out and tells him that that’s too much to handle at the moment, and doesn’t talk to him for a few days after that.
  • After a week, they accidentally run into each other. And then the fighting reconvenes: “Will you watch where you’re going, Gardner?” “Fuck off Stoll, stay out of my way.” “Oh my god, could you be more of a pain in the ass?”
  • Everyone knows that this is not a good thing at all.
  • It gets to the point that Drew and Piper have to charmspeak them both into the lake. “Do you think this is a bad idea?” “Well, they might drown each other.”
  • Once they’re both in, they do try and drown each other. That doesn’t last long, though, and this time Travis kisses first.
  • Katie pulls away from him: “What the hell?”
  • “What do you think, Gardner? We try and kill each other, we fuck, and then we keep going. Did you change your mind about any of that?”
  • She just looks at him, and gets out of the lake. He doesn’t follow her. Percy shows up in an hour, and pulls him out of the lake.
  • When she’s not at breakfast the next day, he goes to her cabin, and she’s still in bed (and her pajamas have strawberries on them.)
  • “Moping about yesterday, Gardner?” He asks, sitting on her bed.
  • “Don’t flatter yourself, Stoll. I caught a cold from the lake yesterday.”
  • Travis kicks off his shoes and lays down next to her, so they’re face to face. “Do you really need to invade my personal space before 11AM?” She asked.
  • “Yes,” he told her, “I want to talk to you about everything.”
  • Katie just roles over. Travis pulls her into little spoon, and she gasps. “Travis.” She says.
  • “Katie.” He took a deep breath, “I wasn’t kidding, you know, when I said I liked you.”
  • She didn’t say anything, and Travis just kept going. “If you don’t want do any of this anymore, I understand. I won’t even prank your cabin anymore.”
  • She rolled back over, and kissed him softly. He kissed her back, hoping that was her way of saying ‘of course I like you too.’
  • Katie pulled away. “Do you think we could manage to date without killing each other?” She asked him.
  • “I’d be willing to see.” Travis said, moving in close to her. They didn’t get out of bed all day, wholly disregarding the no-two-people-alone rule. 
brighter than the sun

(I’ve been rereading Harry Potter lately and fic was only inevitable. Mostly canon-compliant, diverges from DH just enough to indulge all my little headcanons.)

Harry watches him with wary eyes, and all at once Ron wants to either snatch him into a tight embrace or shake him until his teeth rattle.

“You,” he says, very clearly, “are an idiot.

Harry doesn’t blink, but he draws away somehow without moving at all, and Ron stalks a solid step forward that makes sure his friend is cornered.

An article appeared two days ago in the Daily Prophet, one that boasted The Chosen One’s Secrets Revealed! with exclusive interviews conducted by none other than Rita Skeeter herself – interviews with Harry’s rotten Muggle family, who, Ron thought with more cruelty than he was used to thinking with, probably saw a stack of shiny Galleons and were happy to sit in the same room with a few freaks for as long as it took to land that gold in their greedy pockets. Nevermind what it would do to Harry, nevermind the kind of conclusions Mind-Healers and scholars and Harry’s teachers and friends would rightly draw from the article.

It’s not like the Dursleys came out and said they locked Harry in a cupboard and fed him through a cat-flap and left bruises on his arms from where they grabbed and yanked too hard, but what they did say – even looking past Skeeter’s blatant editorializing – said more than enough.

And in the wake of the public outcry, Harry disappeared. Locked the Floo in Grimmauld Place, strengthened the wards to keep out even owls, and Ron stood on the Apparation point and stared at the front door just out of his reach, drowning in a cresting wave of dread and worry and aching sympathy.

Then he went to George for a way to get through Grimmauld Place’s toothed defenses. And without hesitating, George put aside the horrible-looking device he had been working on –

“For Skeeter,” he offered, without smiling –and gave Ron a violent hammering spell that would work.

(If Ron is ever, for some reason, asked to rank the members of his family by their levels of iron-clad devotion to Harry Potter, George would only be second to himself. Harry knows grief and loss and hopeless yearning better than anyone, and comes the closest to understanding the gaping hole in George’s heart after the war, and is probably the only reason George could be coaxed back from the terrifying, perilous edge he had been living on since the day that Fred died. They’re still close, even now, and George loves Harry dearly.)

As in the way of all Wheezes, benevolent or otherwise, George’s spell did its job better than well. Ron felt the wards break without remorse (it’s not like Harry would have to fix them on his own, after all) and ignored the heavy ache in his limbs as his wells of magic all but drained in favor of kicking the front door open and stamping into the entrance hall. 

And that’s where he found his best friend – wand in his pocket and out of reach, because he could pick Ron’s magical signature apart in a crowd of thousands, and he knew who it was storming their way inside – staring at Ron like he had never seen him before.

He’s still staring, with eyes the color of lightning, and that only means he’s two seconds away from either anguish or anger, and Ron has to force his temper down under the heel of his foot to make sure neither of them blow up.

“You’re an idiot for thinking you had to hide from me,” he clarifies with forced calm, fists clenching. “How could you think – honestly, mate, I’m at a loss here.”

Hermione is out of the country, on holiday with her parents in France; a holiday Ron opted out of, in favor of the case that had landed on his and Harry’s desks last-minute, and thank Merlin for that. He doesn’t know what might have happened if both of them had been gone when this fresh hell broke loose. 

As it stands, he wrote to Hermione immediately, hardly more than two lines of urgent need you along with a clipping of the headline story that turned the Wizarding World on its ear, and he knows it will only be a matter of hours before she comes home and brings her own special brand of wrath down on Skeeter and the Prophet and any unfortunate soul who happens to be standing in between.

It isn’t often they get to bare their teeth at the world and protect him, for a change. Harry is strong enough to weather most blows without flinching, with his wild magic – fractured irreparably, ever since that final, day-long duel with You-Know-Who – and his iron-clad control of that wild magic, and his working knowledge of Defense that’s as deep and rich as a sprawling forest. But certain things can cut his legs out from under him as easy as breathing, and never before in such a big way as this.

(Harry stands unflinchingly between his friends and danger as if that’s all he’s good for, but Ron has always known why. Ron was twelve when he saw the bars on Harry’s windows, but it’s not as though he’s forgotten.)

“I didn’t – ” Harry starts, and stops, and then pushes on again with the same remarkable courage that called Gryffindor’s sword to him in the Chamber of Secrets. “I wasn’t hiding from you, Ron.”

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it happened one night

okay, you all can blame nobodytoldthehorse for this one and the prompt that that started it (see here).

In which Jack (not intentionally) breaks into Katherine’s apartment. Shenanigans ensue.


There is a man on her couch.

There is a man on her couch who should not be there.

Well alright, he isn’t a total stranger—he’s from the apartment next door, the one who leaves at all hours of the day and who lives with two other boys. He’s the cocky, smiley one, who always gives her a little grin and tip of the head when they pass each other in the hall. The other two she doesn’t see near often enough but she’s caught glimpses of them, here and there.

None of this goes any further to explain why this particular man is on her couch.

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Red Sky at Morning - Part 1

Word Count: 1684

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

You were on your way to interview someone for a new case Dean had found. A young woman drowned in her shower. Not the bathtub, the shower. The ride so far had been tense silence. You knew Dean knew something happened. He checked the colt regularly. It was just one of the weird little things he did.

“So I’ve been waiting since Maple Springs.” Dean broke the silence. “Either of you got something to tell me?”

“It’s not your birthday.” You shrugged.

“No.” Dean glared at you with a look that yelled ‘don’t play dumb with me.”

“Happy Purim?” Sam laughed. “Dude I don’t know. I have no idea what you’re talking about – “

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“Fight Me for Him” - (Yuri!!! On Ice)

Yuri gets angry when people talk shit about his friend.

Yuri bristled. What did you say?

Yakov’s hand came immediately to his arm and squeezed it, a warning. He shoved it off and pointed his finger straight to the face of the journalist he had hissed against. The woman had straight brown hair and an anonymous face that forced him to think for a bit before recognizing her as the same who had asked Viktor if he wouldn’t prefer to face Yuuri as a competitor, at the Rostelecom Cup.

She looked taken aback and it made him furious. “What the fuck did you just say?!”

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PREAMBLE TIME. Ok so! Here’s the deal. I actually write these recaps while I watch the show — a lot of pausing for ~thoughts breaks~ of course, but everything is recorded in the moment. My Realtime Recapping process is what gives these their charming (“charming”) and not at all chaotic live-blog quality. It’s funtimes!

Where this system cracks into pieces, however, is in episodes like this.

In the dual interests of honesty of feeling and my own sanity, I haven’t done any substantial revisions on what I wrote before the events of act 5. So what you are about to experience is a journey by my side as I blithely skip headlong into tragedy, while you keep ducking your head to hide the look on your face. “Hey, is something wrong?” Past Me asks, so innocent. “Oh, it’s alright,” you say, smiling back with eyes full of pity. “Let’s…. let’s just keep going.”

(Also this recap is long as heck, but it’s owed. This is an elegy.)

Previously on Vikings: Fraternity President Ragnar Lothbrok, fresh off his semester abroad in England, tries to arrange a spring break trip to Paris. Meanwhile, Athelstan can’t decide on the direction of his religion major, signs on to TA for Advanced Paganism despite having already declared a Pre-Modern Christianity focus.

Season 3, Episode 6: “Born Again”

Oh man please tell me this episode title means Athelstan is gonna rediscover Jesus and fabulously NERD OUT about it and make everyone uncomfortable, because that would be a dream. You know how much I stan for Actual Saint Athelstan. [Ed. note: oh my god Past Me is going to destroy us all]

Anyway, the show: Athelstan has made a working model of the River Seine! Best TA. Ragnar tries to play Pooh Sticks in the mini river with no other players and no bridge. Together they work on a model of the fortified city of Paris.

um, C+ effort guys

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anonymous asked:

Can i request a markson hp!au in which jackson is the gryffindor quidditch captain and mark comes from slytherin? and like when they are officially dating, people looked at them stangely since their houses are rivals so jackson became really protective (i have a thing for possessive jacks sorry T T) I hope you understand what im trying to say since my english is so lame T T Thanks a lot in advance!!

warnings: none

word count: 7.6k why am i alive T.T

author: angel

omg so this took me forever and I’m like dying right now, my exams just finished so I’ve been on this writing spree (watch me expertly gloss over the relevance of my writing to this blog) so yes omg I hope you like this T.T I know it’s a little jerky and stuff but it was like growing and growing and I had to make it stop so yeah. /cries

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"The dinner party-part 2" (bog King and Marianne drabble)

Marianne paced nervously in front of the dining room. A set of golden doors stood behind her that lead inside the room and where her father was. Dawn watched her sister boredly until she threw her hands up in the air letting out a groan.

“Marianne stop!” She said going in front of her. She grabbed her shoulders, stopping her in her tracks. “What are you so nervous about?”

Marianne let out a scoff and slapped her sister’s hands away. “Nervous? Don’t be ridiculous, why would I be nervous? It’s just
Dinner! With Dad! And Bog! What could go wrong?!” She yelled out and grabbed her hair pulling it down, threatening to tear out her roots. Dawn gently grab Marianne’s hands putting them down to her sides while Marianne breathed heavily.

“Maybe-” she began with a strained smile. “You should calm down, I know father can be a little…"pushy” with who we are with but this could be a good thing.“

"A good thing?” Marianne repeated. “How could it ever be a good thing?!”

“Marianne-” she sighed. “Is Boggy really a bad guy?”

“It’s Bog.” She stated with a deadpanned look before her expression soften. “, I mean, only when he gets angry but that only happens when Thang and Stuff do something stupid.”

“See? Nothing to worry about, you know he’s a good guy and I know he’s a good guy, so what’s there to worry about? You worrier!” She bubbled playfully slapping her shoulder. Marianne let out a small laugh.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“Of course I’m right, I’m like-always right.” Dawn smiled but Marianne let out a small frown as she looked outside through an open window, a mixture of soft dark hues covered the sky as the sun sets.

“It’s almost time, you don’t think Bog would be late?”

“Hmm I wouldn’t know-he’s your boyfriend.”

Marianne let out a blushed hearing that word, while she and Bog do spend time together, calling him her lover took a bit of effort. Can she really call him that? They only kissed once, and they spar daily but-they’re not like other couples who are constantly together, arm by arm, and sharing “intimate” moments together but she and Bog, it’s difficult for the both of them.
Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard shouting in the front of the castle. Dawn whirled with her eyes wide, while Marianne reached for her sword.

“What is going on?” Dawn said fearfully. “You don’t think it’s an intruder is it? Or worse! Billy!” She shouted. “I keep telling him I’m off the market!” She raced off with her wings flapping.

“Dawn wait! It might be dangerous!” Marianne yelled out, flying after her. She flew a hard left down the hall towards the front of the castles and saw a small platoon of Fairy guards with their spears drawn towards an intruder outside.

“I said Halt!” One of them gruffly commanded. “In the name of the King! We command you to leave your weapon!”
Marianne landed on her feet and pushed herself through with Dawn behind her, curious on who might be outside. She forcefully pushed aside two guards as she shouted towards the mysterious intruder.

“What is going on here?! Who dares tries to enter my-!” She stopped, her mouth agape to see The Bog King standing with an annoyed look on his face.

“Marianne.” He greeted, he shifted slightly as Thang and Stuff moved from behind his legs, possibly hiding behind their King.

“And don’t forget about us!” Waved Thang the frog-like goblin along with Stuff a female pot bellied goblin.

“Bog, Thang, stuff? What-” Marianne was in a loss of words, wondering what have gotten the guards riled up and also seeing Bog’s two little minions.

“Oh! Boggy!” Dawn shrilled excitedly with her arms out towards him. He stumbled back receiving a crushing hug from the hyperactive sister. “Is sooo good to see you!”

“Hello…Dawn…” He muttered, not sharing the same type of excitement. “And it’s Bog.” He let out a painful grunt as he felt something crack underneath her arms. “Can you please-let go!”
He let out a breath of relief once Dawn let him go, only to receive a cheek-pinch.

“I’m so happy you are here! But not as much as Marianne!” She sang, before letting go of him. He rubbed his cheek slightly holding a bored expression.
Marianne whirled at the guards with a look of anger across her face that immediately made the platoon huddle together, shaking under their armor.

“How dare you! He is a welcomed guest!” She yelled pointing to the Bog King. “Why didn’t you let him in!”

“Yeah!” Dawn intervened, wagging her finger at them sharing in the same anger. “You should be ashamed!”

“They tried to take my staff.” The Bog King answered with a snarl, showing his canines to the guards.

“We’re s-sorry Princess.” One of the guards stuttered. “I-it’s just protocol.”

Marianne let out a scoff at the guards idiocy, protocol her foot! They only did it because they were afraid of him.

“Unbelievable-he can bring his staff! Now get out of the way so he can meet with my father!” She commanded harshly, waving her hand aside towards them. The platoon immediately went to the side of the walls, clearing the path inside. Bog let out a wolfish grin admiring her sense of command as he followed her.
Marianne flicked her hair back in annoyance.

“Sorry about that, Bog-” Marianne said apologetically as he walked beside her with Stuff and Thang struggling to keep up their pace.

“Think nothing of it-” he replied waving it aside. “And it was worth to see you acting in charge.” He said, clenching his fist admirably towards her.

“Oh um-thanks.” She muttered becoming sheepish. Dawn tilted her head towards them as she watched them from behind. She tend to keep her distance with the odd couple, but it was clear that they both need a little push, especially her sister. She gently glided beside her and gave her a innocent-looking push.
Marianne stumbled sideways colliding into Bog’s chest and open arms, quickly catching her.
Bog let out a deep blush as Marianne blinked up at him with her large soulful eyes. He tensed up as he drowned in the swirls of maple and caramel, it was enough to make him melt. His heart was beating rapidly that he thought that he might suffer a heart attack.
Marianne was locked in his icy-blue eyes, her hands were on his chest plate and immediately turned red. They both separated at the same time, both keeping their distance away from each other out of embarrassment.

“S-sorry!” Marianne said, her voice shaking while her head was turned to the side.. “I-I just was not looking.”

“No! No-” Bog began, shaking his hands at her. “Please, I-it’s no trouble.”

Dawn slapped a hand on her forehead at the two’s social skills, while Stuff and Thang both gave each other glances.

“Oh dear-” Thang sighed, his arms slumping down to his sides. “Not much of a talker, is he?” He said to Stuff who had her arms crossed.

She tilted her head at him. “They’re both loss causes, and they’re made for each other-romance is confusing.”

“You said it.”

Dawn flap her wings towards the two, coming up behind them and pushed them forward.

“Alright you two, it’s time to go-” she said as she directed them down the hall.
Once they all made it to the dining doors they were surprised to see two armed guards and immediately seeing the Bog King, they drew their spears at him.

“Halt!” They both said. Marianne rolled her eyes.

“You got to be kidding me, this again?”

The Bog King eyes narrowed at the two guards who advanced towards him. “You shall not enter with a weapon when meeting with the King!” One guard shouted. “Surrender your staff!”

“Or what?” The Bog King growled, showing his teeth and stepped towards them. “You’re going to take it from me?..”
He tilted his head to the side, letting out a crack, the two guards fearfully took a step back but refused to put down their spears as Bog walked towards them watching them take a step back once he takes a step. Marianne held back a grin as she watched Bog handle things, while Dawn was busy hiding behind Thang and Stuff. Marianne did not mind seeing his “evil” side, he always seemed more-attractive whenever she sees him ordering or yelling at his underlings.

“If one of you try to take it-I’ll rip your wings off and break! Your bones!” He threatened, slamming his ball of his staff down sending out a loud bang. The two guards were now shaking in their armor, making them rattle. Having enough, Marianne calmly went up beside Bog who continued seething at them. She put out her hand and ran her fingers up his back.
Immediately he straightened whirling at her with a slight blush while Marianne let out a small laugh. She knew his weak spots and the only reason why she does it, is when Bog is angry and it was amusing to see his reaction.

“Come on Tough Guy, no one is going to take your staff, let’s head inside.” She said taking him by the wrist as she lead him to the doors, saving the two guards from his wrath. She might be tough, but she’s not cruel.
Part 2! I hope you enjoyed it ^_^

The Sins of the Father

Well! After a brief hiatus, I’m back. And so is Sleepy Hollow. This was a really solid episode, with good character work all around, an interesting plot that tied into the show’s mythology and holy shit what are they doing to my baby Abbie Mills?

I mean this in a good way, of course. Finally, she gets to process. Finally, she gets to be taken care of. We get to go back to her deep-seeded fear of being crazy. And we get her founding some creepy religion! It’s good stuff. But the question that I’m left with is, how do Pandora and THO fit in? This episode seemed to essentially introduce a new Big Bad and an X-Files style government conspiracy that’s been hinted at all season, but never made explicit. How does that technocratic threat fit in with abusive ancient gods? Can it?

Let’s get to it:                          

  • So, I think we all agree that the THO/Pandora interactions are gross. It’s textbook abusive behavior – giving back power which he basically forced her to give up, telling her “if I’m not happy you can’t be happy,” making it clear that she is not his equal. It’s disgusting. What I can’t tell is if TPTB intend it to be so. This show has always had a messed up version of loves we should root for – Katrina and the Headless Freaking Horseman, really? – and I can’t tell if they think this is romantic or vomitus. But I’m tired of seeing a femme fatale cringing and crawling at the feet of a man who has been nothing but foul.
  • So when did Crane learn “O Sole Mio”? As much as I want to believe Abbie is a secret opera fan, I feel that’s probably not the case. And the song wasn’t published until 1898. That would be an interesting bit of knowledge. I do wish that instead of seeing Crane lambast the vanities of the modern world, we got to see him being bewitched by the 250 years of beauty he missed. We did some good stuff in that time.
  • Platonically cooking my roommate platonic candlelit dinners, as you do.
  • No but seriously, it’s so wonderful to see Crane taking care of Abbie. And there’s an interesting runner with food in this episode that we’ll get into. Really nice thematic work here – and themes have been improving all season.
  • So we first see Crane opening a bottle of wine when he’s cooking, then later when Abbie walks in. Exactly how wasted was Crane intending to get?
  • Abbie’s absolute resistance to being cared for. Because this is something we truly haven’t seen before, it’s hard to know how much of her reaction is PTSD/runic psychosis and how much is just Abbie. Does she recoil because it’s unfamiliar? Does she dislike a fuss being made over her? Or is she just curling in on herself like an armadillo, knowing that if she gives into comforts like food and wine and good company, all the pain might come rushing out of her in an endless wave that doesn’t stop?
  • “A diminutive being stranded far from home.” Henceforth, Abbie Mills is our Diminutive Being. It is canon.
  • Abbie unable to accept the kindness and solace Crane offers. Crane trying to be supportive and respect her boundaries, but drinking to mask the sting.
  • I’ve found this entire Papa Mills storyline to be very anti-climactic. While there is an interesting choice in him just being a frail human who ran away for frail human reasons, it feels out of step with the show and makes him seem so, so much worse. He could have come home to care for those girls after their mother died. He had chance after chance after chance to make things right. And he chose, time and again, not to. It’s loathsome. For a much more interesting take on him, read @icanseewhyshessingle amazing “Shoqed.”
  • Papa Mills calling her “Jennifer” is a nice touch to show how out of step he is with her.
  • Saying he couldn’t come back because “life had moved on.” What a bag of schlongs. Your daughters were drowning in foster care. They hadn’t moved on. They were mired in pain. And you did nothing.
  • Current sexuality: Abbie Mills at the shooting range.
  • But oh, our poor baby. What better metaphor for Abbie being off kilter than to have her shooting ability out of whack, something that’s so core to who she is.
  • Danny wants trust from Abbie, but right now Abbie isn’t capable of trusting anyone. Most of all herself.
  • Current sexuality: Abbie Mills’ collar bones in a deep v t-shirt.
  • I like that they’re continuing to let Joe have a distinct role as the medic, like when he was checking Nevins’ eyes. On a team where there’s a great deal of overlapping skillsets, it helps set him apart.
  • I miss the Pandora who steals men’s spleens and wore cute wigs. She was fun.
  • So, that meal Crane brings Nevins. I have so many questions. Where did he get a freaking cloche to cover it? How long did it take him to roast that chicken – it ain’t a quick meal. Maybe he already made it for Abbie, a homey treat to tempt her, but she turned it away again so it became Nevins chow? Again, the runner of food as comfort is fascinating – even down to the fact that Abbie stopped drinking coffee, denying herself even that simple creature comfort and routine.

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Sterek!Ulay, Oh

oh my sweet jesus, my sweet zombie jesus, I just discovered this song and watched the video  where two lovers reunited after like 30 years and after I had a breakdown after thinking of my first love, I thought about Derek and Stiles. 

Derek and Stiles who were both secret lovers who were deeply in-love with one another but simply couldn’t be together. So in their final moment, they met up at the preserve where they first met and had their final kiss. A kiss so profound and full of emotion and salty-tears where they both knew just how much they cared for one another. That had fate given them another shot, they would’ve ended up together. 

And then they part ways for 20 years. 

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Welcome Back, Riley │ Part 15

Riley disappears the day after her high school graduation, five years ago. She didn’t keep in contact with anyone, but her family. What happens when she comes back to New York for a week? What happens when she comes face to face with the friends she left behind? When she left, she never made plans to look back at the life she left. She left it behind for a reason, but sometimes the past has a hard time staying there.

 part1 part2part3 part4 part5part6part7part8 │ part9 │ part10 │ part11part12 part13 part14

I’m sorry about the long wait. I hope it’s good, I kind of rushed it. 

On Monday, once I get home it started to pour and Auggie refused to leave. Why he hates the rain is something I will never understand, so instead of doing something, we stay at home, dry, and order a couple of movies off of pay per view and order in some food. This was something we always use to do when I was in New York. We joke and laugh and talk. We talked about Ava and he tried talk about Lucas and I, but I derailed the conversation. He only mentioned him because my phone kept going off with calls or text for him that I ignored. I ignored my phone all together. By the end of the night we were both exhausted.

On Tuesday, Auggie and I both spelt in a little longer. I was the one who went to go jump on him to wake him up. Once we were both up and ready, we leave to start our day. I show him two important places of mine. First, was the café where Auggie met Michael, Jessica and Nathan. Michael and Jessica both took a liking to Auggie and vice versa. Nathan and Auggie talked amongst themselves about Nathan’s football game next week and the cheerleader who has his heart, so Auggie gave him some relationship advice.

The second place, is Hope. When we first got there, he didn’t get out of the car. I knew he would feel uncomfortable, so I told him to stay in the car. I went to go talk to her, and as I was standing looking down Auggie comes and puts his arm around my shoulder. He asked if he could have a moment, so I gave him to him. I watched from the distance as his lips moved and my heart felt warm. I wish I knew what he said, but that is something between the two of them.

When we leave, I told him he could drive and to wherever he chooses. He picked the one place I didn’t want him to. The space needle. We go there every single time he comes, and each time I never go up. I hate heights, but Auggie loves it.

He forced me out of the car and pleaded with me to go up. That takes about ten minutes, but he was able to finally get me on the elevator to go up. I was a nervous wreck the whole way up, but Auggie tried his best to keep my distracted. Even though, I made it up, I counted the seconds until I was back on the ground. I felt like the structure was swaying. I didn’t let Auggie know how scared I was because I saw how much he loved it. He took picture after picture with his phone.

We spent hours up there. When we finally came down, Auggie apologized for making me go up. He had nothing to apologize for. I don’t think I would do that again though.

Today, I wake up a little earlier than normal. I roll over and reach for my phone and once again Lucas is bombarding my phone. One text is particular catches my eye.



Great! I wonder how much Farkle can take before he gives into the wrath of Lucas. I’m just praying he doesn’t go Texas Lucas. Who am I kidding? He just might. I need to talk to Farkle.


Farkle! I shout. Lucas knows you know!

I know. He says mildly annoyed. I didn’t tell him, so don’t worry.

Thank you.

You should tell him though. I scoff. Listen to me. He is hanging on by a thread Riley. He’s getting mad because he feels like he is so close to being with you, but at the same time so far away. If you really want to be with him, you need to act on it. I understand you have to resolve feelings about yourself first, but I really think he can help you with that. Just let him try.

Farkle, can you do me a favor? If I try to do it myself, I’ll just back out at the last minute.

Anything. What is it?

Before I can answer, Auggie barges through my door. “Goodmorning!” he woke up in a good mood. I look over, and he’s already dressed for the day. “What’s on the agenda for today?”

Tell Auggie I said hi. Farkle laughs.

“Farkle says hi,” I relay the message.

“Sup Farkle,” Auggie yells. “I’ll be down stairs eating some cereal,” he says closing the door behind him.

I’ll email you what I need you to do. Thank you so much! I’ll talk to you soon okay.

One last thing, talk to Maya. She said she hasn’t talked to you since Friday, and she has some news she wants to share with you before she tells the rest of us.

I’ll call her and tell Lucas not to give up please. You’ll find out soon why. Bye Farkle.

Bye Riley.

After I get on my phone, I open my email and type on the details out of what I need Farkle to do for me. I reread twice and I have to force myself to send it. I toss my phone on my bed, and lock myself in my bathroom to get ready for the day.

After about half an hour, I’m finally ready for the day. I move to grab my phone and as I walk towards to door, the light on my phone flashes on. I stop and look down to see Lucas’ name.


I guess I’ll be seeing you soon. At least that’s what Farkle told me. I hope it’s true.


It is.


You texted back? Well, I can’t wait to see you!

I don’t text back. I close my bedroom door behind me and down the hall and towards the stairs. I’m halfway down the stair, when I feel my phone vibrate in my hand.


In case I don’t hear from you the rest of the day, I love you Riley Matthews. Always have and always will.

I can’t help the smile that grows on my face and the butterflies awake in my stomach. I stare at my phone rereading the text as I finish the rest of the steps.

“Who’s the reason behind that smile?” Auggie voice startles me, and I trip over my own feet. I quickly shove my phone in my pocket.

“No one.”

He scoffs, “Okay. Well, when you decide to text Lucas back tell him I say hi.” He starts to laugh.

His laugh starts to fade along with the smile, “Riley, can I talk to you about something?”

“Of course,” I say plopping myself next to him on the couch. I see nervousness wash over his face. “Hey whatever it is, you can talk to me.”

He takes a deep breath, “I’ve always been kind of mad at you for dropping out of college,” my eyes lock on his, but he quickly looks away. “You don’t know the kind of pressure mom started to put on me once you told her what you did. It was like she expected me to be the child you were supposed to be.”

I open my mouth, but he doesn’t let me talk. “She talks about me going to college to become a law like her or even a doctor. School is hard for me. I would drown in law or medical school, but she doesn’t seem to understand that. I mean I barely manage getting b’s now in high school.”

Our matching brown eyes lock, and he is wearing a stern look. “I need you to help me tell mom that I want to go to NYU and study photography.” A smile slowly creeps to his face, “It’s something I’m really good at, at least that’s what my photography teacher says. He submitted some of my pictures into a contest and the winner gets a five-thousand-dollar scholarship,” his face is beaming with joy. “I don’t think I have a chance, but for my teacher to think I have a chance means a lot.”

“I love it. Learning about so many different photographers and their techniques. It’s amazing. I want to learn more. Riley, I need to learn more, so I really need your help with mom.” Now I know what my dad meant when he said that I found my calling because I think Auggie just did.

“I’m there for you. When do you want to tell her? They come in late tonight.”

He shakes his head, “I don’t want to ruin Thanksgiving, but before we leave I want to tell her.”

“Well whenever you choose to, I’m there.” He nods his head. “Hey Aug,” he looks at me. “How did you get into photography?”

He looks at me, “Well, when you left I really missed you. I mean you barely called at all in the beginning, I understand why now because of everything that happened,” his eyes stay locked on me studying my face, but I just signal him to continue. “I spent a lot of time in your room because sometimes it felt like you were still in New York, and you were just hanging out with you friends or something and you’d be home any minute.”

Without thinking, I reach over to grab his hand. “Auggie I’m sorry. I was, I am kind of a horrible sister.”

“Are you kidding me? You’re the best sister anyone could ask for! Yeah the first year in a half or so sucked with only getting a five-minute phone call twice a month, but that doesn’t dismiss everything else you’ve done for me. Like when I was eleven, and I had my tonsils removed the day before Halloween. I was so mad that I was going to miss out on all the sugary goodness, but I didn’t because of you. While I was stuck in bed, you were out trick or treating for hours for me. The best part was I didn’t miss a single second of it because the whole time we were facetiming.”

He smiles, “When you got home, you showed me the pillow case that was more than half way full. You were apologizing for not getting enough, but all I thought about was how I had the best sister in the world. That’s only one of the millions of things you’ve done for me. I’m really lucky to call you my sister.”

My eyes start to water with happy tears, “Awww Auggie!” I waste no time engulfing him into my embrace. After a minute, we let go. “You’re a pretty amazing little brother, the best.”

He laughs, “Okay, enough with all this mushy stuff back to your question. Well I kept going into your room every once in a while, and I don’t know why but the camera Uncle Shawn gave to you always caught my attention. One day, I took it out.” I’m about to same something, but he beats me to it. “I know I know I should have asked. I’m sorry. Anyways, I started taking pictures of everything and anything. Some of them came out pretty cool, actually really cool. I still didn’t know what exactly I was doing, so Uncle Shawn taught me. He showed me how to focus a camera, using the right light and right angle.”

I saw excitement and passion written all over his face as he talked about it. This is what he really wants, and I’m going to do everything I can for him to get that.

“I know it’s your camera, but-“

I cut him off, “No, you have it. I love that Uncle Shawn gave it to me, but I never used it. Maybe a few times, but I capture an image by using my words.”

His eyes go wide, “I can really have it?” I nod. “Thank you!” he wraps his arms around me. “I actually brought it with me. I can go grab it, and we can leave.”

He runs the stairs, “I’ll be waiting the car then.” I shout after him.  

As I wait for him in the car, I pull out my phone to text Maya.


Farkle said you needed to talk to me.

I press send and wait for a response, but not even a minute later she’s calling.

Riles, I’m pregnant! I can hear the joy in her voice.


So, we moved the wedding up a little.

How much is a little?

In two weeks. She laughs

My eyes go wide. That isn’t a little bit Maya.

I don’t want to wait any longer. I want to be married to Zay. We are going to start a family. I do have one thing to ask you. I see Auggie coming out of the house. I want you up there next me, and I know we aren’t exactly past everything yet. I don’t want to look back and regret not having you there where you were supposed to me.

Auggie gets in the car. Can we talk about this later? I was actually on my way out with Auggie. I’ll call you later.

Uh okay. Bye.

Bye Maya.

Auggie looks at me, and I shake my head. “It’s nothing. So where are we going?”

He shrugs his shoulders, “Wherever you want. As long as I can take pictures of something.”

“Soo, you wouldn’t mind if I stopped by work,” Auggie rolls his eyes. “Oh come on. I won’t be long. I just want to check on everything, and there is stuff for you to do that’s around the building. I’m sure you can find something to take pictures of.”

“Fine,” he huffs.

I can tell he is irritated. I promised him no more work after I had to make a quick detour on the way home from the cemetery Monday and took longer than twenty minutes to get home. But something has been on my mind since the seeing Farkle.

Once I park on the street, Auggie gets out of the car and starts to walk away. But I call after him.

“Auggie!” he turns around.


“I’ll only be ten minutes I promise. If I’m any longer, you can go in there and drag me out.” I smile at him, and he tries to hide he’s smile.

“Ten minutes and I’m come get you.” I nod, and he turns on his heels to walk away. I do the say heading the opposite direction.

Everyone is sitting down on their laptops when I enter, but the turn the attention to me when they hear the door. Evan is by my side in a second, and now knowing who he is I feel guilty and a little more uneasy than I usually feel around him. The rest of my employees wave over hi, but the stay focus.

“Evan can I talk to you?” A smile grows on his face.

I start to walk to my office, and he follows on my heels. Once we are alone, I waste no time in asking questions.

“Why didn’t you tell me who you were?”

His eyes go wide as a smile spreads on his lips, “I’m guessing Farkle told you who I am.”

I nod, “Why didn’t you? I came back in Monday looking for you after I found out, but you were already gone. Did you know who I was? I mean obviously you did, you remembered Farkle.”

He lets out a light laugh, “At first I didn’t recognize you at all actually, I mean you did look familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I think it was like a week after you had hired me, I decided to finally read some of your post on the website. In one of them, you talk about a dream you had. It was about being back at the ski lodge with someone sitting at the bay window, and he pulls a red little box out. You said he was recreating a moment, but this time it was a ring.”

He smiles, “I wondered why I was about to see it so clearly. I thought maybe it was the way you put an immense amount of detail, but that wasn’t it. It was the fact that I there when the first moment was created, and that’s when I remembered who you were.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

He takes a deep breath, “I kept reading, and you mentioned more than once wanting to leave behind your old life and move forward. That the only people you wanted from that life was your family. I didn’t say anything because I was a part of that life, and you what if you didn’t want me around because I was a reminder.”

“You could have told me, I wouldn’t have-“ I stop myself. “Okay I might have told you it wasn’t going to work out. I’m sorry.” I smile. “How did you end up here in Seattle?”

“My mom wanted a fresh start my sophomore year. Once I graduated, I was going to back but never did. This place grew on me, kind of became home.” It kind of reminded me Lucas.

“Didn’t you want to be a uh, what was it again?” I ask.

“A Sherpa.”

I smile, “Yeah that.”

“I’m still young.”

My phone starts to vibrate in my pocket, and I try to ignore it but it doesn’t stop. I pull it out, “Sorry.” I say looking at Evan.

“It’s okay.”

I see I have multiple text messages from Lucas.


It finally hit me that I’m finally going to see you. That I’m going to know where you are.

Do you know how happy I am?

You’re beautiful Riley Matthews.

I’m going to do whatever I can to make you mine again. I love you.

As I read the texts, I can feel my cheeks hurt a little because of the smile that took over my face. I really do want to be with him, but we do need to finish talking some issues out.

“I’ve been around for three years, and you’ve never smiled like that before.” His voice pulls me back of my Lucas daze. “Well I have once. That weekend at the ski lodge with-“ he searches his mind for the name.

“When I was with Lucas.” I finish for him.

“Yeah him. You left to New York for that week and you came back happier. I’m betting he had something to do with it.” I don’t say anything. “I’m also betting he was the one that was on the phone that one day I came into your office.”

I nod, “He was.”

“Riley, I don’t really know what happened between the two of you, but if I remember correctly, I saw the look I told you about all those years ago.” I cock my head to the side in confusion. “He opened possibilities for you that you didn’t think was possible. Whether he gave you confidence to believe that, or it was something else. It doesn’t change the fact that he was the cause behind it. You loved him then and you still do now.” He lets out a sigh, “What I’m trying to say if whatever happened between you to is fixable. Fix it.”

“Thank you Evan.”

“For what?” he looks confused.

“For saying everything that you just said. I just didn’t expect you to be the one to tell me anything regarding me being with someone else, since you-“ I stop myself.

“Since I’ve been pining after you for a while now.” I nod. “You’re amazing Riley, and you deserve to be happy. I haven’t known you since I was little, but I see you push anyone away if they get too close.”

I scoff, “how would you know that?”

“I observe things about me and you happen to be one of those.” He looks at me, “That sounds creepy, what I’m trying to say it allow yourself to be happy. Stop blaming yourself for what happened with your daughter.” My eyes go wide. “You share a lot about yourself when you know people don’t know it’s you.”

He starts to move to the door to leave “Evan,” I say as he reaches for the door. “Really thank you.”

He smiles, “Anytime.”

I walk out of my office right after him and tell everyone goodbye. Once I’m outside, I can see Auggie in the distance walking towards me. My ten minutes must have been up. He sees me moving towards him, but something catches his eye and he captures it in a picture.

My phone starts to vibrate. I expect to see another message from Lucas, but it isn’t.


Please don’t wait too long to be happy.

I stare at my phone and read the message. Farkle did say earlier that Lucas was hanging on by a thread, and if I lose him because I waited I’d hate myself even more. I won’t ruin my plan though. I just need him to know to keep holding on, but from me.

I click on Lucas’ name and put the phone to my ear and hear listen to the ring, but he doesn’t answer.

I’m sorry I couldn’t get to the phone. I was probably saving an animal or coming up with a master plan to get Riley back. If this is Riley, well than I love you. Beep.

My heart starts to flutter. He is amazing.

That is some voicemail you have there. I laugh. I just I wanted to call and tell you not to give up on me please. I pause and I can feel my heart beat fasten. And one last thing, I love you too, Lucas.