so all the coloring is off but hey

some peoples’ takes re: marshmallowfury getting exposed as a terf are fucking unreal lol… hey, you know what’s a million times worse than posting screencaps of a private tumblr IM exchange? actively fighting against trans peoples’ civil rights, and spreading violently transmisogynistic lies about trans women being male rapists that literally get trans women killed, all on secret alternate accounts so you can be all “uwu no discourse on my art blog” and keep profiting off of trans followers and peers who don’t know your true colors

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Aliens reactions to humans irrational fears. Like they are so confuse because the thing is not threat to the human but the terrifying human is scared shitless of like a butterfly or something equally as dumb.

-Human and alien comrades on a break visiting earth

-Human is wearing a reddish shirt with black dots. Something random they grabbed out of their closet that morning

-Shortly after arrival, alien remarks that the human is matching the local fauna, and did they plan it that way? Does this creature have any significance?

-Human looks down to realize a ladybug has landed on their arm

-Human proceeds to f r e a k  o u t and get that thing off me ick ick ick

-Alien did not expect this

-Is it dangerous oh no it’s bright red didn’t the human say bright colors are poisonous? Why else would the normally-calm and steady human get so upset?


-Ladybug flies off on its own because it’s a bug and doesn’t need this kinda of drama in its life


-Human now has to figure out how to explain to the alien that the thing is harmless and actually useful in gardens but it’s just that beetles of all sorts are creepy because they just are

-This is embarrassing quick change the subject

-Oh hey alien look it happens to be autumn and we’ve got this fall celebration and there’s a haunted house my family always goes to, I bet you’d love it

-The alien is just ????? and remains that way for a large portion of the trip

- SU AMETHYST THEORY: “Deep Cut” Definition - Not a Defect; a Secret Weapon!! -

So when the Crystal Gems are all at the forge, Bismuth calls Amethyst “Deep Cut”. She says “Hey deep cut, what’chu packin’?”

When Amethyst pulls out her whip, Bismuth is genuinely impressed and continues, “Not every Quartz can make a whip like this”

I looked up what a “deep cut” means in gem terminology. 

“When we discuss colored gemstones such as sapphire, ruby and emerald, the main motive of cut is to maximize color to its full potential. In contrast, cutting in diamonds mostly refers to maximizing brilliance.”

Stones that are too deep will look smaller than expected but they will show off more color than they would if they were cut to normal proportions. Deep-cut stones also preserve weight, increasing the cost of the stone without the expected increase in the size of the crown (top portion of the gem).”

Well, we now know why Amethyst is considered a defect by Homeworld, she came out cut too deep, so she looks smaller. But check out what else it says about deep cut gems; their color is more saturated, vibrant, beautiful. Possible relevance as their bodies are a projection of light, and with light you get colors. I think that’s why her weapon is special.(Or, if the color has nothing to do with it, then a deeper cut/color would mean her potential is maxed out. Like maxed IVs!)  They also ‘preserve weight ’ without having to be physically bigger. That could mean Amethyst has more mass packed in her body than the other gems; she’s smaller because of her gem’s density, which would explain her shapeshifting prowess.

In particular, why Amethyst can shapeshift into someone twice her size like The Purple Puma, or Jasper, without taking damage (when she’s used to the form, comparing Purple Puma vs Jasper, she’s been shown to sustain Puma for much longer without resting). Even then it took a long time before being Jasper started to be hard for her. 

In contrast, remember how tired Steven got, from just stretching his body a few inches??

Her smaller body is ALSO why when she finally accepts herself, it takes her TEN SECONDS to reform after she’s poofed the second time: 

How long did it take Pearl the Perfectionist?

TWO. WEEKS. So in battle, though she still needs some protection, Amethyst’s small size gives her a tremendous advantage; she could potentially save herself from being shattered by reforming almost immediately. No other gem has had that ability so far.

Finally, Amethyst is just deep. She’s a very deep person.

Why else do I think this is relevant? Well… 

“Stones that are too shallow will look big for their weight and appear lighter in color than deeper-cut stones.”

Why does that sound familiar?


Shallow has several meanings here. Her weapon is a helmet. Her battle strategy is to run into her foe. 

That’s a shallow strategy. No one will stay with Jasper because she only thinks of things from her perspective; she lacks insight in other’s emotions. She’s, in a way, shallow. 

Or, an allegory for being born with pure talent vs having to work for everything you have, and how shallow pure talent alone really is. 

In Conclusion

Homeworld has a recourse problem, and Amethyst’s ‘deep cut’ gives her all the abilities of a regular cut Quartz soldier plus more, while taking the same amount of resources to create, and they’d consider her a defect?? Homeworld. You fools. 

“Rum & Coconuts” - h.s. Part 1

Lemme just write this real quick lololololololol



Harry was listening to Savie only around 50% as he sat in the booth overlooking the busy London traffic as the rain fell rather heavily outside. Under normal circumstances, Harry would have been an ideal listener to his and your mutual friend, but as she continued to talk on, Harry slowly started to zone her out.

But it was for good reason as he waited once your dark blue car pulled up across the street, parallel parking before he watched as you struggled with your umbrella inside the car before opening your door and letting it out. You clutched your jacket around yourself as you looked both ways before crossing the street and then jogged over to the cafe where Harry and his friends were sitting.

He got up from the booth, mid-sentence from Savie, and opened the door for you as you bustled in. You’d come straight from work, just as Savie had, but you definitely looked more stressed than she did.

“Hey,” Harry chcukled, taking your monstrosity of an umbrella from your hands as you attempted to fix your hair and get it out of your face.

You stopped for a moment, looking up at and smiling through your windblown mess of a mop of hair as you couldn’t hold back the smile. Harry’s eyes crinkled in happy acknowledgement as he leaned down and pressed his lips to yours briefly.

“Hi,” you greeted back, biting your lip as you admired his adoring face.

“Ugh,” Savie groaned, breaking whatever cute moment you and Harry had planned to let linger. You poked your head from around Harry’s broad body and waved to Savie.

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Growing Up

So, this was inspired by this comic by @ayumichi-me:

“Hey Lucy. If I get to be this tall,” Natsu held his hand over Lucy’s head, but she cut in.

“You mean taller than me?”

Natsu nodded, “When we’re older, will you marry me?”

Lucy laughed at her partner. “I don’t think you’ll get that tall, Natsu.”

“What?” Natsu was red-faced and had his hands in fists at his sides, his cheeks puffing out. “I can be taller than you, you’ll see.”

Lucy pursed her lips. “Okay then.”

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All Is Fair in Love and War

                                     *pictures and gifs are not mine*

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean

Author: @oppsiwrotemorefanfic

Summary/Request: @geek-girl-67 Oh could you do one where sam dean and the reader are in the middle of a prank war, and dean knows sam and the reader like each other, so while the reader is trying to pull a prank on sam in his room or something, dean handcuffs the reader to bed frame runs out the room urgently calls sam then shoves him in locks the door and obnoxiously yells out that they aren’t getting out until they confess their love or whatever and it all builds up to them having sex and Dom!sam coming out to play. 

Word Count: 2227

Warnings: Smut, Cursing, Dom!Sam, a little fluff

*I’ve never written smut before so this was an interesting challenge. Sorry it got so long, I just got really into the story. Feedback is welcome!*

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My Past, Present, and Future (Baekhyun)

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Words: 5004

Request:  Can you please do a scenario where you and baekhyun are best friends,(but you have a secret crush on him) and you two became stranger after his debut. After 3 years, you two meet again as you got a job at SM. But for your bad fate he’s in love with someone. (at last he realiazed it was you he love).. I need a happy ending.. sorry for my bad english…

A/N: I’ve been sitting on this for the longest time, but I finally managed to get it done. There are some parts that I’m a little annoyed with, but it can’t be helped. I hope you enjoy.

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Hey all, I’ve been on hiatus so I couldn’t post a bunch of art from the OK KO episode I’ve worked on but I’m back now and I can post some of it! Here’s some select art I did for the episode “I am Dendy” working off of the great boards by Mira and Geneva. 

 I had a lot of fun doing the designs for the arcade and air hockey machine, it’s always nice to be able to add personality to props to help build the world and story! 

Amazing colors by @kalidraws

Hey, look! A wild art piece by the mysterious Jay Birb! @brocksnuckel and I have gone WAY off the deep end with that mini fic she did , and I may have accidentally designed the wing patterns of all of the guys. 

(Butterfly wings are SO fun to draw, oh my gosh, you can be so creative with colors and shape, it’s wonderful!)

You do NOT have permission to repost my art on any platform, whether it be twitter, tumblr, instagram, ifunny, deviantart, etc. If you do, I will be inclined to cease posting artwork altogether.

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As long as you acknowledge you're wrong and trying to radicalize naive tumblr users into hating all white people, and futhermore have no argument, I'm fine with whatever psychotic vile language you think makes you right. The point is, "racist!!!" isn't a weapon that can only apply to someone based on how you've chosen to define it. It isn't a way for any ethnic group to demonize any other ethnic group they have a problem with. Take several seats and crack open a history book. Choose not to hate.

As long as you acknowledge you’re wrong

A white proverb right here, always wanting a Person of Color to be wrong lmao.

trying to radicalize naive tumblr users into hating all white people

What. Okay powder boy, my post never said anything about ALL white people. It specifically mentions “white people” and “bigoted white people.” Seriously, what is with all these paper mache ass tears about “all white people” on every post People of Color make?

And on this “radicalization” you speak of, there’s nothing radicalizing about calling out the shit white people (in general) do. My post is a discussion (and call out) for a reason. Even so, if it takes “radicalization” for people to fight back against white supremacy (which white people are so complicit in, benefit from, and uphold) then so fucking be it. A “radical” is someone who wants a complete socio-political change and I have actually claimed the label many times throughout my life (not on Tumblr though). Some of the most inspiring leaders all throughout history were “radicals” and I’m sure you can think of a few. I’d rather be someone who wants change than to be a whiny ass sour cream patch of shit who tries to police everyone’s post about racism.

futhermore have no argument

Lmao you have no idea what I have in store for you, cream cheese.

I’m fine with whatever psychotic vile language you think makes you right

Um, here we go again with white proverbs. White people always think that People of Color are trying to be right or wrong. I don’t give a fuck whether I’m right or wrong. What I care about is the awareness, discussions, and actions that contribute to combating racism and white supremacy (among other oppressive forces and isms, including your little ableism right here).

The point is, “racist!!!” isn’t a weapon

NOBODY IS USING RACISM AS A WEAPON. Racism is racism. You get called out for it, then you take it in as a lesson, learn from it, make efforts to change, and move on. Why the fuck do you vanilla sprinkles always think racism is being used as a weapon? It’s because you HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING OF RACISM NOR EXPERIENCE IT so when People of Color talk about racism, it’s something that will harm the benefits of your white fucking privilege.

based on how you’ve chosen to define it

White proverbs again. Anytime a whitey doesn’t agree with a Person of Color, it’s always a “you’ve chosen to define it that way” or a “that’s your belief” as if racism is a fucking opinion or belief lmao. The reason why America is so slow at passing (and acting on) laws regarding progressive change among issues like racism, reproductive rights, climate change, and etc. is because we have a bunch of white men in congress who think all these issues are opinions and beliefs to be debated over. People of Color and women each make up less than 20% of congress.

It isn’t a way for any ethnic group to demonize any other ethnic group they have a problem with

Nobody is demonizing you white demons. You’re already a white demon so how can I demonize you lmao. And it’s not just one ethnic group versus another ethnic group. It’s one race versus the whole fucking world with your selfish, greedy asses. “Problem” is also an extreme understatement considering that People of Color in America have been oppressed by white people for centuries. But hey, let’s pass it off as a little problem.

Take several seats and crack open a history book.”

You have no idea what you just got yourself into lmao. Actually, let me crack open a cold one with myself real quick. Maybe three or five for that matter, arguing with you white demons.

Anyway, did you know that white demons invaded almost 90% of all countries in the world? So what continent do you want me to start on first?

Let’s take a peek at how white people ruined Asia:

Obviously I’m not gonna put every country but let’s move onto Oceania, not a continent but it includes Australia and Pacific Islands:

Let’s move on to Africa:

How about South America:

Then we go to North America:

That was tiring. Obviously not the best sources but there was a lot to go through.

Choose not to hate

The epitome of white proverbs. After all the shit whiteys have done to everyone, they go and say shit like this.

Angry Asian Guy

Taeyong Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU where youre colorblind until you make eye contact with your soulmate

  • it was fun writing the last one so im making another one until someone requests a text scenario bc i have no ideas lmao
  • again, im not a great writer so dont be surprised if its a little crappy
  • this one wont be as angsty as the last one js
  • so lets get started
  • a lot of your friends had already found their soulmates
  • you once asked your friends what colors looked like and they bought a bunch of Gatorade
  • “the fruit punch is what red tastes like”
  • “???ok???”
  • and as cute as they all were together, it was starting to get lowkey annoying
  • so as a consolation gift, your friends got you floor tickets for your favorite band, NCT 127
  • “yeah sorry for being lovey dovey around you”
  • “all is forgiven”
  • so youre getting ready for this concert and what not and go
  • you get close to the stage, so close that you could take good lq photos of them
  • they finally come on stage and everyone goes crazy
  • but halfway through the concert, something happens
  • you make eye contact with Taeyong
  • its brief but it was enough for color to come into sight
  • at first youre in disbelief bc how could you, of all people, be Taeyongs soulmate???
  • then you notice that Taeyong is kind of distraught
  • and this gives you hope that youre actually soulmates
  • but you know what they say, the show must go on
  • the show goes on like normal and finally ends
  • boy you had the time of your life
  • you couldnt thank your friends enough for this experience
  • now that the show is over, taeyong can properly freak out
  • “WHAT?!? SINCE WHEN???!!”
  • so they boys send out an announcement regarding this predicament
  • turns out they are going to be staying in town for one more day to find taeyongs soulmate
  • to prove youre his soulmate, all you have to do is tell the members the new hair color taeyong has and a few more questions regarding colors
  • and ofc, your ticket to the concert
  • naturally, you catch wind of this
  • so you go where this whole thing is happening
  • but you didnt expect sO MANY PEOPLE
  • youre literally behind about 200 people
  • its been h o u r s before its your turn
  • but then they call it off??
  • “hey guys, im glad you came but i dont think anyone here is really my soulmate. sorry”
  • and youre standing there in disbelief
  • because you know youre his soulmate
  • and hes so close to you yet youre being pulled apart
  • he walks out the door and you follow close behind
  • “wait! please wait! i think im your soulmate”
  • “listen i dont want any trouble and im tired of hearing those words tod-”
  • “your hair is pink, that wall is red, and the cement is grey please believe me! Here i even have my ticket from last night”
  • he turns around makes eye contact with you
  • and his eyes are wide open
  • he then picks you up in a hug and squeezes you so tightly
  • “oh my god im so sorry i didnt believe you at first”
  • you can hear his voice cracking
  • “its ok i probably wouldnt have either in your position”
  • yall have your little moment
  • but only for a moment
  • “ty where did you go-ohH”
  • “guys move back! i think he found her!”
  • “shhHHhh youre going to ruin their moment!!!”
  • “…does this mean shes the smols’ mom now?”
  • ok im done
  • thanks for reading
  • byE
Drive Me Crazy

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Fem!Reader

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Cursing, Just a very very small mention of sex, Crappy writing

Request: can u please do where archie & the reader are best friends & the reader is a vixen & archie asks her out during his game? thank you !

A/N: This is so bad oh mah gawd. I’m so sorry anon

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Glad You Came - KJ Apa Imagine

Requested By: Anon 

Warnings: None

Since you be came a cast member of the TV show Teen Wolf, you life has changed dramatically. Have been meeting famous people left and right. You have also traveled to many new and amazing places. The one thing you were  looking forward to was Comic Con. You have always wanted to go but never had the opportunity. Hopefully you’d get the chance to see Chris Evens and Sebastian Stan. And since you are a huge Supernatural fan you were hoping to snag a few pics the the cast. But the one person you were really hoping to meet or at least see was you hidden celeb crush KJ Apa.

*At Comic Con*
Looking around you couldn’t believe you were actually here. You had manage to escape and have some fun by disguising yourself as a fan. It felt amazing being able to just walk around and fangirl without anyone noticing you. You even got a hug and kiss from the one and only Jensen Ackles. You had to pinch yourself to make sure it was all a dream. You may now be a big star yourself but no one or anything would take away the fangirl in you.
Since you were walking around with huge heart eyes you didn’t notice the person in front of you.
“Oh, I’m so sorry.” You said taking a step back failing to notice that your hat had fallen of thus showing off your signature turquoise colored hair.
“It’s ok” The man you bumped into said. He had a accent and looked fairly familiar. “Hey aren’t you (Y/N)? From Teen Wolf right?”
Confused onto how he knew that since no one has noticed yet, you just stare at him until you also realize who you are talking to. It was KJ Apa!!
“You dropped your hat. Nice disguise by the way.” He said taking his own hat off.
“Um… thanks.” You say when you notice him handing you your hat. You were too distracted by his handsome face.
“I’m KJ. It’s nice to finally meet you.” He said shaking your hand and giving you a huge.
Still not believing what has going on you blurt out the first thing that came to mind.
“You are my celebrity crush.”
“Really?” He asked slightly surprised.
“I can’t believe I just said that.” You said covering you face with your hands, “ I have to go now buy.”
You quickly walk away now very embarrassed.
“I hope to see you again.” You here KJ scream.

Deranged: Part 1

Originally posted by taehyungifs

“Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters.” -Stephen King

Warning: Will contain violence and tense situations in later chapters

 Teaser  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

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S/M brothers walking in on their s/o trying out their new garterbelt and stockings?

  • Ayato: “Hey- Whoa.” He would glance at you then give a wicked grin, before leaving the room quickly. He’s all bark and no bite.
  • Reiji: Why are you wearing those? You shouldn’t wear those…” He would be very interested deep down, he LOVES anything to do with stockings of thigh-highs.
  • Laito: “Little- Oh. Those look lovely on you, but red isn’t your color.” He would scold you playfully, “We should go get more for you to try on.” (RUN-)
  • Kanato:Dolls shouldn’t be wearing those gross things, take them off!” He would actually blush for once, embarrassed to see you in something so- suggestive. Suggestive to him at least.
  • Subaru: “Hey, have you see Rei…” His blush would start from his neck and travel up, even the tips of his ears were blood red. He quickly shut the door and tried to act like that had never happened.
  • Shu: “My, you look good in those. I didn’t know you were like that..” When you asked him what that was supposed to mean he just left with a smile.
  • Ruki: “Livestock, I don’t mind if you wear those…but if you wear them in front of anyone else then we will have an issue.” He adored things like that, so you were in the clear.
  • Yuma: “Sow- Sow!” His eyes widened, “Do you always wear those things when I ain’t around?!” He was flustered but had a wide grin.
  • Kou: “Pretty!” He would clap and then walk up to you, “Can you put on different ones for me? I wanna see what else you can wear.”

Btw, I’m thinking about starting a Haikyuu account…like doing Haikyuu scenarios. What do you guys think?

amitcanthandleit  asked:

hi there, I really love your hc and I was wondering if you Chuld make an hc where the rfa + v + saran react to artist mc who is painting or drawing and she is itching her face and anding up smearing paint on like a half of her face and she doesn't even know...

This is really cute, I kinda went overboard.
Thanks for enjoying my blog!

-You had been working on a finger painting for the past hour
-A finger painting
-But you still managed to forget and absentmindedly rub your face without realizing it
-Yoosung comes in to check up on you
-You have been working on this painting for the past hour after all
-“___, you still okay?”
-You nod vigorously and continue to paint with determination
-Yoosung sits next to you, and he sees the paint all over the side of your face
-His soft chuckling distracted you
-“What’s funny?” you ask
-Yoosung hands you a paper towel from beside you
-“You’ve got some paint of your face.”
-You widen your eyes and feel your face
-Wet paint
-You thank him quietly and take the paper towel to wipe your face off
-“Make sure to come out for dinner later, okay?” He reminds you with a big smile before brushing hair out of your face and leaving the room

-Zen just got home from rehearsals, but you didn’t greet him at the door as usual
-He’s confused and a bit concerned when he calls out your name
-He hears the bedroom door open and you call back “One second!” before shutting it again
-Zen chuckles and goes into the kitchen to get some water
-After a few minutes, you happily bounce into the room looking excited
-You were holding a canvas, paint covering your face
-Be couldn’t help but giggle at the sight, but you didn’t give him a chance to question you before you reveal the painting to him
-It’s a small painting of Zen’s “secret place” he goes when he has a lot on his mind
-He had taken you there yesterday, and you couldn’t get the amazing view out of your head, so you decided to paint it
-“It’s for you!” you told him happily. “Do you like it?”
-Zen takes the painting from your hands with an amazed smile “It’s truly beautiful. Thank you.”
-You lean up and kiss him on the cheek, leaving paint on his face
-You gasp and wipe your face. Sure enough, there was paint
-“Yeah, there’s paint in your face, cutie,” Zen laughs
-You were too excited to show Zen your work that even though you remembered to clean your hands, you didn’t realize the paint on your face
-You clean off each other’s faces before he frames the painting you made him

-Jaehee was cleaning up around the cafe while you were off in another room, doing who knows what
-She’s zoned out, wiping down the counters and display cases when you poke your head into the room
-“Jaehee, do you know where my acrylic paintbrushes are?”
-Jaehee turns around, looks at you, and giggles
-The left side of your face was almost completely covered in paint
-“No, but are you running low on paint?”
-“Huh? No I have enough.”
-She walks over to you and cups your cheek before she wipes her thumb over your skin and pulls away
-You see the mixture of different colored paint on her hand
-“Really? Because is seems like you’ve already used up most of it on your new look.”
-You excuse yourself from the room to go wash your face while Jaehee laughs and follows you to clean off her hand

-Jumin has always adored your paintings
-You’re the most talented artist he knows of
-With your permission, he hangs your paintings around the penthouse
-He stood, admiring the different masterpieces adorning the walls as you sit off to the side of the room working diligently
-“Hey Jumin?”
-He turns his attention to you. “Yes, love?”
-You turn to face him from your chair, blue paint covering your cheek. You hold out a few shades of paint. “What shade of blue would you say matches Elizabeth’s eyes?”
-Jumin smiles to himself as he makes his way over to you
-While you were looking down at the paint you were judging, Jumin reaches his hand out and wipes your cheeks off gently
-You’re confused before you see him staring at the blue on his finger
-“I’d say this color.”
-He plants a kiss of your cheek before returning to the other side of the room, leaving you flustered

-This sadist wouldn’t even tell you
-He would, however, tell you “Hey, there’s something on your face.” and gesture to the side of your face that doesn’t have paint on it
-Making you smear paint all over your face
-He’d be trying so hard to keep from laughing
-You’d notice how red his face is and how he looks like he’s straining himself and you ask him what’s wrong
-He loses it
-When he’s finished laughing, he just pulls out his phone and snaps a picture of you
-He shows you the picture, but by the time you can process what was happening, he is gone
-He ran away so you wouldn’t murder him
-You chase him around the house carrying paint to get your revenge
-You eventually tackle him onto the ground and smear paint all over his face too
-You both laugh endlessly about how ridiculous you look
-He never deletes the picture he took of you either

-He loves your paintings and drawings, and he also enjoys watching you paint
-The focused look on your face, the various brushes and colors you choose thoughtfully…
-…the paint smeared on your cheek
-V chuckles when he notices you’re completely oblivious to the wet paint on your face
-You’re too concentrated on blending colors to hear his giggling or feel the wetness on your cheek
-V gets up from his seat near you and walks over to you
-“____” He gently calls out so he doesn’t startle you into ruining your painting. He reaches out and wipes the paint off your soft cheek carefully. “You got paint on your face, silly.”
-Embarrassed, you rub your cheek and thank him
-He smiles and places a kiss where the paint used to be
-“Your painting is lovely, ___”

-You were painting a picture of the sky and Saeran was watching intently
-He was amazed at how you could take such a beautiful aspect of nature and recreate it using only paints and brushes
-Calm shades of blue accompanied by soft white wisps cover the canvas
-It almost calms him down more than looking at the actual sky
-You sigh deeply and lean back, catching Saeran’s attention
-You itch your face and look over your work while you take a break from painting, but a focused expression never leaves your face
-Saeran has his eyes on you like a confused child, wondering why you stopped
-You mumble something under your breath before continuing painting
-That’s when Saeran sees a light blue streak across your cheek where you had scratched your face
-His heart skips a beat
-The color of the sky, the only thing that makes him feel sane, on the face of the one he loves, the only one that makes him feel human
-He can hardly breathe
-Saeran watches you instead of your painting now
-He’s completely overwhelmed with how much he really loves you
-But you catch his stare
-“What’s wrong?”
-His face was red, you assumed he didn’t feel good
-He clears his throat as he comes back to reality and assures you that nothing is wrong
-He won’t tell you there’s paint on your face because then you would wipe it off, and he wants to remember this feeling for the rest of his life

👶Little Ninja Headcanons👶

- Was actually a really ugly baby
- But got super cute at around 3
- ALWAYS held Nya and played with her
- Thought he was big stuff like his dad
- So he wanted to help him with blacksmithing
- Ray didn’t approve though
- But no matter what he was (and still is) a mama’s boy
- Always wanted to be the center of attention
- Acted like he was famous
- *strutting around with sunglasses*
- “Kai, dear, what are you doing?”
- “I am a movie star, mommy.”
- Played baseball and was the pitcher for his team
- Had a lot of friends
- NEVER went swimming because it would mess up his “perfect” hair
- Had about 7 girlfriends

- A little cutie
- Knew how to open his mouth at a REALLY early age
- Had his own language for a while
- Had trouble picking up actual english
- So he had to start school early
- LOVED making friends
- Had a stuffed dog named Benny
- He took it EVERYWHERE
- Played in the junkyard all the time and would sometimes hide from Ed and Edna
- Was a quick learner and could multiply at the age of seven
- Would brag about basically everything to everyone
- Said ‘hi’ to strangers all the time
- Didn’t really play sports but loved doing a lot of extra academic things
- Enjoyed watching his dad build things and would hand him tools he needed

🤖Zane (when he was first built):🤖
- Believed every object had a soul and could communicate with him
- Like he would take his time to hug each and every object Dr. Julien owned
- Asked questions all the time
- Would wander out sometimes
- It would give Dr. Julien a heart attack to find that Zane went off
- Malfunctioned all the time
- (Sorry this one was short, couldn’t think of much😓)

- Was a sweet, quiet little baby
- Constantly attached to his mother
- “Cole wants to watch a movie.”
- “Cole wants to go outside.”
- “Cole doesn’t feel like dancing.”
- Didn’t really have the best childhood since Lou made him train to become a professional dancer
- Wasn’t allowed to eat way too much
- Desserts were banned😢
- Missed out on countless birthday parties and sleepovers because he was practicing
- Everyone liked him in school
- He was one of the favorites in school
- Like he was the kid that got literally all of the awards at the end of the year
- Was ALWAYS eager to please his dad in school and dancing

- Ate a lot of sweets
- Was a sneaky lil thing
- Like he would find a way to crawl out of his crib and into the kitchen for a snack in the middle of the night
- Laughed at EVERYTHING
- Remember that video with the guy ripping pieces of paper and a baby was dying of laughter?
- That was Lloyd.
- Had about 17 stuffed animals and slept with ALL of them
- Had a lot of nightmares
- And would wake up crying 😭
- Was very easily influenced by others (especially his old man)
- This lead him to be at Darkly’s
- The kids were TERRIBLE to him
- He was bullied all the time and tried running away 7 times because of this
- He eventually had enough and left (and so the story we all know begins)

- A fussy butt
- Lowkey loved Kai but deceived him every chance she got😂
- Laughed at him when he hurt himself doing something stupid
- As a kid, she did a fair mix of girly and tomboy things
- Kai would ‘accidentally’ brake the heads off of her dolls
- So she gave up playing with them
- Had a small close band of friends that she would invite over a lot
- Wasn’t ever interested in boys
- She got recognized in Pre-K for it
- It became her pride and joy
- Until Kai decided to be a little snot and degrade it
- So she quit doing much of it
- Made awesome grades and ALWAYS pleased her parents

💜Hey! 💜
Sorry I haven’t been posting in a while!
I hope you all liked these!


anonymous asked:

who conditions their hair? and does dallas use color protecting hair products ???

Dallas is like. . A Mess so he doesn’t really use much hair products. And also he might be a dumbass but he can Be Sly, like.

Dallas: hey, Mal. *leans on the locker closest to Malek*
Malek: *putting books in his locker, smiles at him* hey, what’s up
Dallas: *pulls off his beanie to show his roots are showing, his hair is fading*
Malek: *brows raised* you wanna re-dye it?

Basically, he liked it when it fades cus Malek always dyes it back blue and it’s all Super Intimate, Bro.

What’s It Like To Be A God?

by Samsaran

Okay, so you’re a God, a personal God in the Abrahamic mode. You are all powerful. You know everything. Everything flows from you. You have a physical body or at least you can appear in one if you choose. You have desires. You have an agenda. You have plans and presumably, you will feel satisfied if your plans work out. Wait. You’re God. Your plans have to work out. 

Since you are all powerful, omnipotent, you face no real challenges. You are immortal which means that whatever you are is forever. Infinite time. The universes stretch out through time and space but are mostly space. What isn’t space is mostly gas and dust. There are stars but they are about as complex and interesting as a campfire. The natural processes by which they operate are predictable and mechanical in nature.

Pretty boring actually. 

You are alone. Alone in this sea of time and space. Once you set things in motion there is really no need for you to interfere. It all runs like a mechanical clockwork. I suppose you could entertain yourself by changing the rules of physics just to see how things function differently. 

Maybe cook up a universe where pi equals four or where the Big Bang had been one-part-in-a-million more powerful or less. Maybe tweak the strong nuclear force just to see what happens. No, if you decreased it by as little as 2 percent, atomic nuclei wouldn’t hold together, and plain-vanilla hydrogen would be the only kind of atom in the universe and that’s no fun. 

You have a lot of time on your hands. In fact, you have all time on your hands. So after tinkering, around a bit, you got a good mix and made a planet to support life. You created humankind. We’re not sure why exactly but you do.  Maybe you were just lonely.

Now what?

I guess you watch what the little fellas are doing down on that blue marble. A nice zoo under the glass dome of the atmosphere. You’re like a kid who ordered some “Sea Monkeys” out of the back of a Scrooge McDuck comic book. They are just a little swimming bugs. What a rip off!  

Except instead of Sea Monkeys, you have Hairless Monkeys. After a bit, this gets to be boring too. The hairless monkeys don’t really do much. It’s all just eating, sleeping and mating. Well, this and killing each other and taking each other’s stuff. 

Bad monkeys! 

So, hey. What if we amped up their awareness? Make them fully self-aware like Gods but don’t give them immortality. They’ll know they are going to die but won’t be able to do anything about it. Now they are afraid, afraid all the time. This fear will color everything they do. They are Gods in miniature. Plastic Gods. That should create some drama. Then, slowly something happens. The little hairless monkeys begin to rise above appetite and desire. Consciousness rises. The creatures begin a transformation. They are evolving. Yes, evolving.

But into what?