so aim for the head


a series of unlikely crossovers

Me and our druid were fighting a manticore outside of an evil wizard’s tower (while our ranger and rogue were inside fighting other monsters).

Half-Orc Barbarian (me): I aim for it’s paws with my Giant’s Axe (I hit it with 19 damage)

DM: You cut off it’s paw

Me: I aim for it’s other paw (I hit it with 12)

DM: You cut it deeply

Me: (OOC) Did I disable its paw?

DM: You can’t tell

Me: Okay. Since I have Frenzy I get another hit so I aim at it’s head (I critically missed)

DM: You don’t hit it and you have disadvantage on your next turn because the weight of your axe has unbalanced you. It’s the manticore’s turn. Now that he’s injured so badly, he calls for help

Me & Druid: Oh, no.

DM: Three more manticores fly out of the tower

Me: Oh no, no, no, no, no!

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I died again so I killed Samuel and basically everyone else and now I’m hiding above the electric murder pole and going to bed. Next time I’m playing a clean hands run and living a virtuous life because I can’t deal with this stress and guilt

Electric Murder Pole.


Also you just summed up how that game changed my entire gaming experience. I get extremely frustrated with games that claim to have a moral guidance system which is basically “kill someone and eat their children” or “pet a puppy” and then there’s Dishonored which goes the extra mile like “whoops, despite knocking the guard out successfully, you just dropped him on his head while aiming for that crate, so now he’s dead. He had a wife and children you monster. Also that other guy you knocked out and were going back to move into a safe space? Rats ate him, why didn’t you take responsibility for your actions sooner, why do you hate goodness? Isn’t the world dark enough…”

Which is how I end up skulking in riverbeds being eaten alive by hagfish and teetering on rooftops screaming “don’t look up don’t look up!” because I can’t stand to look down into her little doll face and see the monster I’ve become echoed back at me through the fear in her eyes. I can’t stand Samuel’s disappointment. I can’t stand Callista’s loss, or Cecelia’s fear. I can’t stand the Heart, silent in it’s judgement of what I’ve become for the loss of her.

It makes me want to be a better person.

God what a good game.

the 80s!tracer au

suggested by my bro @wolf1ez who is probably better at writing this than i am

  • ok so lena’s a sophomore and amelie’s a junior
  • they’re dating, and widow once blushed in public when tracer said something sweet and mercy legit whipped out her phone and took a picture bc she didn’t know amelie could smile
  • but anyways tracer and winston are hanging out one day and winston shows her the breakfast club
  • lena starts fucking bawling but she’s so into it and she buys like flannels and oversized sweaters and shit and wears them together who does that
  • and amelie just like facepalms when she’s in public with lena cuz lena starts talking like an 80s Gay™ and she’s a dork
  • and then one night it’s 2 AM and lena sneaks up to amelie’s house cuz she wants to be romantic
  • reaches down to the driveway, picks up a handful of pebbles, and throws them with a little clinking noise against the window
  • but she’s terrible at aiming so it’s only 2:37 when amelie pokes her head out the window and hisses “who the fuck-”
  • and then tracer like climbs up on the balcony and makes a ta-da noise and widow almost fucking screams and pushes her off
  • “listen, love-”
  • *whispers* “listen love i thought it might be a good idea to-”
  • “you have a phone, you fucking dumbass. you didn’t have to wake me up at the asscrack of dawn for me to listen to one of your schemes. text me.”
  • then she slams the window bc morning widow is not a happy widow
  • tracer looks like a kicked puppy but she turns around, literally drooping, and walks home
  • when she’s about halfway, her phone bleeps
  • beautiful perfect angel snowflake (amelie): i’ve had coffee what did you want to talk about
  • tracer: so i thought we should go to a drive-in
  • tracer: like popcorn and sitting in my dad’s old convertible
  • tracer: and watching the breakfast club
  • tracer: and kissing
  • tracer: and i’ll bring chocolate
  • beautiful perfect angel snowflake (amelie): ok
  • tracer: wait what
  • beautiful perfect angel snowflake (amelie): sure i’ll go
  • if someone in china was listening very closely they could hear lena’s holler of joy
  • beautiful perfect angel snowflake (amelie): lena i can hear you from here pls stop shouting
  • tracer: OK!!!!!!!!! 
  • tracer: you’re amazing
  • beautiful perfect angel snowflake (amelie): yeah sure shut up and go to sleep we have school tomorrow
  • tracer: i love you
New Girl

Request:  Hello love! Hope you’re having an awesome day :) I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is like a total badass and has been the only lost girl for a long time and her and Peter are like “a thing” but haven’t really labeled themselves, then suddenly Wendy appears and Peter starts to neglect the reader for her and then the reader makes Peter decide between her or Wendy? Xx

Pairing: Reader × Peter Pan × Wendy Darling

Rated: PG-13

Warning: none

 **Part 2**

  You drew the bow back and aimed the arrow straight at the head of the wild boar. Felix always told you to aim for the head so the meat isn’t damaged and the animal dies instantly.

  You released and smiled proudly when the boar instantly dropped.

   You started skinning the boar with the pocket knife that Peter gave you a while ago. You felt a hand on your shoulder, “Nice kill, Y/N.”

    You turned your head and smiled when you saw Peter admiring the boar.

     “Thank you” you said as Peter squat down next to you and started helping you.

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      The day ended with Peter and you making out against a tree. Peter pulled away and started kissing your neck.

      You wrapped your arms around his neck and moaned softly.

       Peter stopped and backed away quickly, “Someone’s on the island.”

       Peter could always feel when someone either came on the island or left the island.

       You quickly grabbed the sack full of the boar meat and followed Pan to the beach where people usually landed.

        When you arrived there was a girl, wandering around, looking lost. She was wearing a white dress and had blonde hair.

        “W-who are you??” She asked.

         Peter held his hands up and started walking towards the girl, “I’m Peter, Peter Pan.”

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         You secretly hoped that she was temporary. You were the only girl on the island and you liked it that way. Plus, she was very pretty which made you nervous that Peter would take an interest into her.

          Peter and you definitely acted like a couple but didn’t really put a label on it.

          “Y/N, will you please bring the meat to the boys. I’m going to show our new friend Wendy around.” Peter said to you.

           You looked from Peter to Wendy, a disapproving look on your face. “Are you sure about this?” You asked Peter.

           He nodded and put his hand on your cheek and gave you a quick kiss, “Don’t be worried” he stated.

          You smiled and walked back to the campsite with the sack of meat.

          Peter never came back for dinner. He wasn’t even there when you fell asleep in his bed. When you first came on the island Peter gave you a tour but it certainly didn’t last this long.

*Next Day*

         You woke up with Peter’s arm around your waist and his head rested on your shoulder. You smiled and laid on your side and gave Pan a soft kiss.

          His eyes fluttered open and smile spread across his face, “Good morning my lovely lost girl.”

          You smiled and wrapped your arms around him and bit your lip, “So, what’s Wendy like?”

          “Well, she’s sweet and seems very innocent and scared.” He said looking up at the ceiling.

           You rolled your eyes and got out of bed and started putting your clothes back on. “Where are you going babe?” Peter asked sitting up in bed.

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           “I’m gonna go start target practice with the lost boys.” You said putting your boots on.

            Peter got up and wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your forehead, “You alright darling?”

           You smiled and nodded, “Of course.” You leaned up and gave him a quick kiss on the lips and left the tree house.

            You had a day full of teaching the lost boys how to throw knives, how to hunt and you did a little cleaning up.

             Peter hasn’t been around all day, neither was Wendy so you knew that they had to be together.

             You didn’t want to feel jealous or clingy because you two weren’t “together” but you were a girl, of course you would feel those emotions.

             Peter and Wendy came back to the camp just in time for dinner. You watched Peter give Wendy some,food,and then he sat down right next to her and began eating.

            You got up angrily and walked to Peter’s tree house and decided to wait on his bed to confront him.

            Peter came up several hours later, “Y/N, I’ve been looking for you all over! You had me worried” Peter said sitting next to you taking your hand in his.

           You pulled away and stood up, “I’m just going to be straight up with you. Do you have a thing for Wendy?” You asked staring straight at him.

            Peter frowned, “What??”

             “Don’t play stupid with me Pan, you’ve been ditching me and the lost boys for her.”

              Peter smirked and stood up, “Are you jealous?”

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              You rolled your eyes, “Screw off Peter. Why would I be jealous of a girl like that when I’m ten times better?” You said crossing your arms.

              Peter came closer to you and grabbed your face, “I don’t know why but I know you are darling.”

             You pushed Peter away, tears filling your eyes, “Choose Pan.”

             Peter frowned over you calling him Pan, you never have called him that.

             “Choose what Y/N?” Peter asked with a frown.

              “Choose between me and Wendy. You obviously feel something for her. How could you not? She’s pretty, innocent and afraid. Just how you liked me when I first came on the island.”

               “You’re being ridiculous Y/N” Peter said backing up.

             Tears started running down your face, “Oh yeah? Is that why you’re leaving to go to see Wendy?”

            Peter breathed out and looked at the door then you, “ Y/N..”

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           You wiped your eyes and walked past Peter, “I’ll go” you said lowering down onto the ladder.

            You looked up at Peter, “Hope you’re happy.”

             You climbed down the ladder and turned your back on the tree house and the thing you loved the most.

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Selfie? If not, would a drawing of yourself be okay instead? :3

Hi. I’m… the bird. 

Skull Crushers

Grab a set of dumbbells, and start by lying on your back with the knees bent.
With one dumbbell in each hand, raise your arms so they are above your chest, making sure your elbows are straight but not locked.
Slowly lower both arms toward your head, bending your elbows to 90 degrees as the dumbbells reach the mat. Aim to lower your dumbbells so they are on either side of your head, elbows bent and pressing in toward your head.
Lift your arms back to starting position. This is one rep.

if yall are so intent on thinking that bucky isnt aiming for tonys head when he shoots at him, and instead at his chest…which would still kill him….think on this

outdated data. he’s aiming for the arc reactor