so again a to you writers

When I fall for you,
I don’t need someone there 
to catch me.
I need someone there
by my side
falling with me
and embracing me
through the impact,
never letting go:
even though it may sting,
even though we may crumble,
even though we may never
come up for air again.
So fall with me.
Take a deep breath
and fall in,
my love.
—  S. Renea

***I tried to switch it up a bit and do something different with the story line so it wouldn’t get repetitive. I hit a bit of writers block for this request plus I’m running out of ways to write threesomes 😂 ***

Warning: Semi smut, not much

A giggle left your lips as Jax continued to kiss along the side of your neck. His beard tickled and you laughed again, reflexively pulling away from him as he smirked.

“I thought you said you liked my beard.”

“I do, just not on my neck. I rather you give me beard burn somewhere else.”

Jax’s baby blues sparkled as he watched you coyly smile at him. he knew exactly where you liked to have his beard chafe you. his hand was settled on your thigh and he gave it a squeeze, ready to lead you back to the dorms. That was until Opie appeared out of the blue, a shy smile on his lips.

“Hey Ope.”

You smiled at him in return, his large stature looking not nearly as intimidating as he stood with his hands in his pockets.

“I hope i’m not interrupting anything here.”

Both you and Jax answered at the same time, though with opposite answers.

“Yes you are.”
You gave a chastising look Jax’s way, a way of you telling him to be nice.

“You gotta learn how to share Jax.”

It had been a good 6 months since you had come to Charming. Six months since you had met the club. Six months since you had became a Croweater. The people in town had made it seem as if it was the lowest of the low, the dirtiest job to have in Charming but it really wasn’t. You were able to work as a bartender at the parties, pulling enough to keep yourself comfortable. The club gave you protection, fun and a place to feel like you belonged. You loved all of the guys, enjoyed being around them, and over time you had picked up little things about them. their favorite foods, how they liked their coffee or tea, what they liked in bed or what little things you could do to help. You had learned about their personalities and one thing you had learned for sure was that Jax didn’t like to share.

He wasn’t necessarily attached to you, you were just friends, but he was always a very possessive person and that didn’t change when it came to you or any of the other girls. He knew that you were with other Sons and he didn’t have a problem with that, but what he didn’t like was to have to share any of your attention when it was ‘his’ time. Opie didn’t really like it either but annoying Jax and getting you was a win-win.
Jax scoffed at your recommendation and grabbed your hand, gentle pulling you to stand as he looked at Opie.

“You can tag along if you want.”

With that and a smile, Jax started walking with you to the back, his hands on you before you had even made it to the room to make sure he got to you first.


“God Jax.”

You reached behind your head with one hand, placing it on the back of his head and holding him to you as he thrusted into you from behind. He kissed along the back of your neck while Opie had his mouth and hands on your breasts. Your senses were in overload as the two men ravaged you. Opie kept you upright, in front of Jax, your neck and chest sporting hickies from the both of them. Opie reached down and slid on hand down the front of your body, stopping at your lips and beginning to massage you, adding that little bit of extra stimulation that you needed. Jax groaned as he felt you tighten around him and reached around your body only to find Opie’s hand already there. He shoved his hand away, earing a growl from Opie and a pout from you. Opie replaced his hand quickly though, his other arm wrapping around your waist and pulling you from Jax, taking you into his own arms before laying you down.


Opie ignored Jax and leaned down to kiss you, Jax making a move to push him out of the way again. A shoving match ensued and you rolled your eyes, letting your own hand travel down to pleasure yourself while you waited for them to finish their little spat. It was going to be along night.

anonymous asked:

what are your top 5 favourite poi fics

Oh jeez, well I only read Shoot fic (I assume that’s what you mean lol) and I have too many faves to narrow it down but ones I would absolutely die for let’s see….

My number one is always gonna be ‘8 Ways For Sameen Shaw To Say I Love You’, that fic is perfection and everyone should read it asap if you haven’t already. It hits every single one of my feels and is so in character it’s crazy.

Second - 'Axiom’, I love it so much and Hannah (weytani) is an amazing writer. I will always yell about her lol

Third - 'The 32nd Annual IFTEC’, I read it again recently and it was just as good as the first time I read it. A forever fave and I love Jen (ionizable)!!1

Fourth - just all of ofendlesswonder’s fics, I can’t choose tbh; I recommended which fics in my last fic rec but Wicked Game, Adrenalize & Bloodsport are my top from them. They’re all equally good I can’t :-(

Fifth - is tied with One Million Bullets & Repeat String (these two bumped all the others down for right now lol; they’re both newer fics I just discovered but already they’re important to me) read these as soon as possible!!1 lol

(This was hard, I hate you for asking lmfao)

bonniebird  asked:

Hey Miss Fangs it's me again :D can I be an annoying butt and ask if you're doing a takeover at some point soon (they are so fun) also do you have any Klaus coming? <3 you're my fav To/ TVD writer in case you didn't know :P

My darling Miss Bonniebird, you are, nor will you ever be a bother!

As for the takeover, yes I do want to do one at some point, and I will definitely do one in August for the Blog Anniversary, but if you and the others want I could ask one(or more) of our lovely characters if they have a few minutes to share.
Now for my favorite murdering hybrid, I currently do not have any Klaus in my drafts, however, there are a few request left to do, so we´ll see ;)
Also, thank you so so much! I am beyond flattered that I am someone´s, let alone your favorite tvd/to writer. I am always so surprised if someone says that because I don´t understand why :D 

Anyway, thank you, love, and I hope you have a wonderful night! <3

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Is there anything in Eve: The Awakening that you'd go back and change now that you're a more experienced author? (I mean, Daniel Radcliffe said he can't watch the first HP films because it's watching himself learn to act; is it sort of the same for you with Eve: The Awakening?)

The thing about writing is that we improve as we go. I finished EVE several years ago, and I’m a better writer today than I was then. So realistically, I could potentially write the entire thing over again, and it would be better. But that will likely be the case with literally every single book I ever write. At some point you gotta say fuck it and publish the damn thing, or else you’ll end up rewriting the same book for your entire life. 

the-green-light-blinds-me  asked:

Hi idk if I've sent an ask about this (my health condition makes me forget stuff I don't document well) but ur blog is an honest to god treat and its so nice to read posts that reassure me that all the negativity about steven universe is often overhyped and the show is as strong as ever so thank u so much ily

External image

Oh my dear! thanks for thanking me, but theres no need, I am just doing what I feel like doing as an animation fan, a future writer/animator and a great bud!

Again, why spice when u can nice? is always better being nice to people and explaining junk!! if they don’t get it then add salt to mix the spice, but always try the pacifist route first!

About SU, well, I don’t like unfair things! and is really unfair how people’s treating the show, honestly!!

I hope you are having a gooptastic day!! 

anonymous asked:

First of all, thank you for all you do! Second of all, the link for Redtail Boarding isn't working (under the boarding school masterlist 3). Has the writer changed urls or deleted? If it's just my phone being an ass, then I'm so sorry. Thanks again :)

the author has moved to full-dark-no-starss but i believe they may have deleted the fic


We all have that one memory. That memory that haunts you. It’s a parasite that sucks the happiness out of you whenever you acknowledge it. You ignore it for so long till’ you realize you’re empty and have to face it again.
recommended reading~

while you’re waiting for me to post or just looking for suggestions, i hope this helps! it took me ages to compile and i’ll update as i come across new pieces, so i hope that both readers and writers alike appreciate this’=) as a reader i know how satisfying it is to read quality fics, and as a writer i know how gratifying it is when someone acknowledges your work. i’ll be honest, it’s mostly smut and lots of fantasy!au because i am a mermaid princess, so of course i’m always thirsty; BUT it’s not all that this list is, i assure you there’s a nice mix of everything~

love always, 토끼 언니

my mobile masterlist.

last edited march 8 ′17 (top three are new)

*i edit this post constantly, so be sure to check it often for updates! i used to keep authors together, but now i just put the newest pieces at the top. i’m always looking for new material, so don’t hesitate to dm me some or send suggestions!

a secret || @stormae

MAE NEVER DISAPPOINTS!! college!nct and some sicheng yes please! technically there is slight smut but truthfully i think it’s the build up that makes it feel so intense so if you’re not in the mood for heavy stuff you should definitely read this.

control (smut) || @jungblue

i usually steer clear from dom!reader pieces because it’s not me at all BUT if i ever did venture out to try myself as a switch this is exactly how i think it would go down, realistically. i really really enjoyed this jimin one~

taste (smut) || @jungblue

poly!taegi help loosen you up while studying so ya know, so you can uh,, think better..:.

step-brother (smut) || @idolimagines

i actually read this one a long time ago but i lost it, but i found it!! so much angst and tension with soon-to-be stepbrother!jaebum oh my eff. it’s a mini series and markson have notable characters throughout! i cried a lot, i loved this so much.

arrangement (smut) || @the-goddesswrites

call boy!hyunwoo is already a yes please BUT this storyline makes it 10,000x better oh my gosh please read this. the appreciation i have for this piece is through the roof.

daddy devil one two (smut) || @dom-joonie

i am such a power sub and this gives me life!!! devil!namjoon ruler of all 7 levels of hell? how can you not be intrigued by this one. (i’m not super into “daddy” but i like the dynamics i just personally prefer another name haha)

the boy next door (smut) || @hansolmates

ROOMMATE!HANSOL!!! this one is so well written with such a good storyline and character development ah. jeonghan+jisoo have active parts in this as well. i cried too but what’s new lol.

misunderstandings (smut) || @hallyuwriters

if you’re new here, know now that i am SO into fantasy au. especially werewolf!! so here’s a mildly angst-ish vampire!you and werewolf!taehyung.

call boy (smut) || @caliboyjaeffrey

rylee and these nct call boy fics are gonna be the death of me. sicheng is such a sweetie, my gosh.

bonus round (smut) || @bxebxee

if i harbored feelings for hoseok this long i too would also give in at the stairwell *insert upside down smiley*

impatient (smut) || @bxebxee

royalty!au and prince taehyung, oh gosh. you’re betrothed to each other and he writes you private letters and ahh i am a mess already please read just read

wait for it (smut) || @workofteaguk

i am such a sucker for royalty!au and with  prince jungkook? hell yeah i’m going to love it. you’re also a princess, how can you not enjoy this one! there’s mild angst but hang tight because it all works out in the end!

call boy two (smut) || @caliboyjaeffrey

so this one was actually on the list AGES ago but sweetheart went and added a second part AND I LOVE IT EVERY BIT AS THE FIRST!! you need to read it!!1! but i do need to warn you that taeyong AND yuta are in this so you will have to wear your seatbelts okay bbies~

face riding (smut) || @17mounteens

there is so much more than just face riding lol but this minghao one shot is well written (as with everything else admin scooter writes – quality). i feel like minghao deserves more writers.. but yeah hehe

thin walls (smut) || @chokemewithjaehyunschoker

neighbor!jaehyun (i might have a thing for neighbor!jaehyun idk this is like the second one haha). this one was very different from the usuals, really really recommend~

jailbreak two || @jooheonster

criminal!jooheon. security guard!you (but you quit after the first, js). this two parter actually takes place like a year a part but that makes it even better? so much tension and feels my gosh.

on a dare (smut) || @badgirlfanfics

this wasn’t even supposed to be angst but i cried?? kihyun being an ass is amusing as always but this felt so real? ANYWAY the storyline is ridiculously good, the smut is amazing, and wah it’s just perfect in every way ok.

shotgun under the blood moon two (smut) || @2badseoulsad

okay i was so conflicted on whether or not to put my own writing but if you only ever read one thing by me LET THIS BE IT. smoker!taehyung but of all the other boys make notable appearances. it’s smut, but it’s funny too, and ah please just read this i promise you’ll enjoy it ok. probably the peak of my writing career.

say his name || @haeng-syo-peace

this fic is the reason i opened this blog to start writing again i kid you not. a must read. it has EVERYTHING in it, and copious amounts of angst and smut. jiho and namjoon!

sins and virtues (smut) || @blackpearl-scenarios

demon!namjoon, i’m kinda emo over this one.

passion (smut) || @deathbyyoongi

hobi angst-fluff-smut done proper!! realistic but dreamy, ah, i love it.

until we meet again || @alienpikachu

this ghost!taehyung piece will rip your heart out and piece it all together again and you’ll be crying and you’ll love it ok.

i don’t bite || @alienpikachu

eeeee vampire!yoongi and guess who delivers his packages..

tinder 2.0 (smut) || @tayegi

a fabulous concept with some angst and jungkook!!

adoration (smut) || @pleaseseokjin

werewolf!seokjin is your boyfriend but watch out for namjoon bc he’s in heat…

time of the month (smut) || @no-more-cream

werewolf!jimin yessss. also appearances by the other two rotten maknae.

why not? two (smut) || @monbebeaf

best friend!changkyun is so comforting and i need him in my life ahh.

territory (smut) || @imaginethisbts

dogboy!taehyung is such a cute concept ugh.

talk dirty to me (smut) || @idolized-scenarios

kiseok(simon d) and that low voice comE ON.

with love and money (smut) || @jaebumgotme

sugar daddy!yoongi realness. it’s got a good storyline, and yonni paints beautiful pictures in your head i’m tellin’ u~

blue bloods (smut) || @jaebumgotme

why do i love when jimin is abrasive but not? tbh pretty sad.

i’m not a kid, two (smut) || @drquinzelharleen

businessman!jungkook as your boss’ son with an actual storyline yay!!

scent, sweat, heat (smut) || @itsyvvngis

werewolf!jungkook dramaaaaa. chimchim makes an appearance too~

feelings || @tenpioca

this soulmate!donghyuck(haechan) is next level, really love the concept!

not to be || @tenpioca

ah soulmate!jaehyun for when things seem bleak but you just gotta make things happen.

soon, two, three ,four || @blubeeny

this novella should be published my gosh it’s flawless! romance, heartache, smut, fluff, it’s got everything. probably the truest piece to minhyuk as fiction can get~

from dust to dust || @jungkxook

warlock!jimin has my heart torn. there’s some smut in here but it’s light.

claimed (smut) || @ellieljade

tbh jimin is a real brat and gets jealous bc of how flirty hobi is around you but of course my heart is still fluttering after finishing this so..

elevator rides and expert tongues (smut) || @mystikimagines

a classic. oh yoongi…

breaking the mold (smut) || @keurimnsuga

idk why student council president!taehyung isn’t more of a thing bc it should be!!

roommates? two (smut) || @keurimnsuga

THIS ICONIC TWO PARTER WAS THE BEGINNING OF A BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP. it holds a very dear place in my heart. also, who doesn’t want taehyung as a roommate.

princess (smut) || @daddyjooheon

jooheon is my ult so of course this is in here.

color you mine (smut) || @noir0neko

teacher!jimin oh be still my beating heart!

below zero (smut) || @noir0neko

in a world where you’re both rich but of course you’re still not enough (to everyone but taehyung). super angsty but i love hurting myself so

void, two, three || @ncttrashaf

if you like dying here’s a johnny trilogy. eloquently written though, bless~

just one day (smut) || @t-o-p-madam

I HAVE NEVER CRIED MORE AND LOVED IT SO MUCH. i’m not trying to shove this one down your throat but it’s perfect and you’re missing out. boyfriend!hyunwoo is so realistic and maybe that’s why it kills me.. (also, this deserves SO many more notes than it has?? wtf i don’t understand)

holier than thou || @stormae

tattoo artist!ten needs soo much more appreciation ahh a true work of art~

hellion (smut) || @stormae

demon!ten sounds hot (and it is wow) but tbh i cried at the ending.

salt and iron || @i-would-rather-be-queen

bodyguard!jooheon is something you didn’t know you wanted until now.

inbetween (smut) || @bangtanboysboo

i am literally mega heart eyes for every fantasy!au this fairy dumpling(i hope you take that as a compliment?) writes. nymph!taehyung on this piece, eek!

instinct (smut) || @bangtanboysboo

it’s mating season and both you and your mate werewolf!jungkook are going crazy. werewolf!jimin is your brother. i’ve read this one so many times you’d think i’d have it memorized by now but nope.

strangers (smut) || @the95liner

wealthy and sophisticated jimin yes please. also, you’re in art curator, go you! i thoroughly enjoyed this one.

the switch (smut) || @kookingtae


the equation of love || @kookingtae 

professor!yoongi gosh this series has dragged my heart over the whole damn creation, i love death.

la douleur exquise (smut) || @kookingtae

okay i’m really not one for “the other woman” type scenarios but frick man, this one got me crying on my knees. taehyung angst ouch.

triplicity (smut) || @kainks

poly!yoonseok, honestly i’d probably make a deal out of something dumb like this too so #relatable.

just like honey (smut) || @taehyugme

a proper sugar daddy!seokjin

mine (smut) || @whoistaehyung

super intense alpha werewolf!namjoon. i really enjoyed the detail of character rank, it added to the story a lot. werewolf!jaebum is in here too but it’s not about him.

a sip from the grail (smut) || @asexpectedofthestork

being a donor to vampire!jungkook just got a little more exciting..:.

delicacy || @failaise

very unique vampire!jooheon, really beautifully written~

internet fiend || @thedreadedsweaterinyourcloset 

neighbor!jaehyun steals your wifi to watch porn, giving you viruses lol. v entertaining!

i’m worried i’ll never be soft again. i’m worried i’ll meet every next lover with claws and teeth and eyes that scream don’t you dare touch me.

i’m worried i’ll only show them where i went cold, all the places the light doesn’t touch anymore. i’m worried i’ll touch them with fingers that sting like ice, that turn their skins red.

have you ever hurt so much that you shut away your own heart?

BS “medical” tropes to stop using TODAY, 1/?

You’ve seen them. I’ve seen them. The story is going along so well. The character is critically wounded in a dramatic fight; they’re ‘rushed to the hospital’ (more on that later). Drama roils! Will they live? Will they die?

And then… And then the writer (screenwriters, I’m looking at you, too) pulls one of these tired, inaccurate tropes out from under the couch cushions, and you roll your eyes. They’ve Done the Dumb, again. You swear. kick your coffee table. How do they write such crap? Crap like…

Keep reading

i crashed
and burned
and hit the ground
and just when i thought i would never get back up
i was lucky enough
to see your hand extended towards me

you did so much more
than help me rise again
you believed me in
when i didn’t believe in myself
and when i thought i deserved isolation
you stayed by my side

like the wise old elephant
i’ll never forget all that you’ve done for me
thank you
—  how a mouse and an elephant became best friends
(cc, 2017)

I’m trying so hard to beat you at your own game. I want to wait to read your messages for hours, to see your messages and not reply. I wish I could play along, I thought I had it in me to act like I don’t care. To be honest I didn’t think I would ever care again.

But here I am, you took 6 hours to reply to my message and I am using every ounce of strength to not open and reply to you after only 2 minutes.

—  I hate that this is such an uneven playing field 
it’s like
watching something
that was once so beautiful
and so full of color
start to fade
and fade
and fade
until the shades of gray they’re left with
now they’re only an outline
of who they were before
and all you want is to color them in again
make them bright the way they should be
but you aren’t an artist
and they aren’t a coloring book
it’ just isn’t that simple.
—  Anonymous said: Could you maybe write about watching darkness overtake someone you love? 
(cc, 2017)

So if you are following me, Im sure you already know Young Justice is coming back! That means we get to see these friends hanging out again! So here is a celebratory sketch!

I am very much looking forward to what the writers have had planned all of these years and finally get to execute! It is happy news for everyone. :D

Thank you very much to whoever made it happen!

You will wake up one morning and you will want to live. You’ll be happy again, I promise you, my dear. I know the sun is nowhere to be seen right now but it is right around the corner. It is ready to shine when the moment is right so be patient, my dear. You will be happy again.
—  ck.writes (on Instagram)
your voice when you ended it
is like a song i can’t get out of my head
it plays on repeat
not even sleep can save me from losing you over and over again
and i can still feel the bruises
where i landed after you snatched the rug out from right under me
sometimes i press against them until it hurts
just so i can feel something again
—  the way you left
(cc, 2017)