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Just Ask - Part 2

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” You think, after being alive for this long and leading an team of superheroes, Steve Rogers would’ve perfected his communication skills, but apparently, when it comes to women, he just likes to assume, and that is never a good thing.

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Part 1

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Lie to me | 01

You couldn’t imagine that your short stay in Stockholm would eventually lead to meeting three boys which are definitely keeping some big secrets.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Gang AU
Who: BTS, Jimin x Reader
Word count: ~ 4K

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It was a city you really wanted to visit someday and this year you and your best friend Luna decided to go there for a few days.

It was a rainy day and you were sitting in the bus from the airport to the central station.

“Wake me up when we are there! I’m going to sleep!!”

“No problem. I know you need you’re sleep.” You knew her lack of sleep would instantly turn into bad mood and this is something you didn’t want. So you tried to be as quiet as possible and maybe close your eyes for a short nap, too. To your luck most of the other passengers in the bus were as tired as you, leaving a calm and quiet atmosphere throughout the bus.

“In about 10 minutes we are arriving at the central station”

You woke up, slowly opening your eyes, as you immediately looked outside of the window, to get a glimpse of where you were. Wow. It wasn’t a sunny day consequently the city might not look as bright and good as in those typical tourist photos but you fell in love with Stockholm at first sight. This whole rainy and foggy weather, gave the city a special flair. You looked around, watching the other passengers stretching and yawning as they also tried to wake up from their short nap.

“Luna, we’re almost there. You should wake up.” You shook her a little until she mumbled something indefinite for you in response.

The moment she opened her eyes the bus stopped. “We are at our destination. Thank you for choosing our bus shuttle. I wish everyone a save stay in Stockholm. Goodbye!” You hear the bus driver saying.

After getting your luggage, you found your hotel pretty fast. It wasn’t a long walk and the instruction how to get there was easy to follow. The first thing to do you and Luna decided was to get some food. So the two of you went outside of the hotel and entered a nearby supermarket. Both of you split to find something you like. You looked for sandwiches and were disappointed that nothing matched you appetite but then you found one with some chicken breast. It was the last one so you quickly tried to grab it just to be stopped as an other hand tried to steal your meal away. You looked to your right and saw a tall boy. He wore black ripped jeans, a black oversized sweater and a black cap under which blond to silver/gray hair strands peeked through. You couldn’t see his full face as he was still looking at the sandwiches but you knew he was handsome.

“Oh sorry. You can take it if you want.” He turned his head to face you and you had to snap out of your thoughts. His voice was softer than you imagined it to be but still very pleasing four your ears to hear.

“T-thank y-you.” Normally you would reject and look for something different but you were hungry and this was the only thing you wanted to eat. He smiled at you and you smiled shyly back.  

“Y/N, did you find something? I’m heading to the check stand to pay for my wrap! “, you heard Luna shouting from somewhere but you couldn’t see her.

“Yes. I’m coming!” you shouted back.

You looked at the boy who didn’t move an inch and was still looking at you.

“Thank you, again for this.” You waved the sandwich in your hand. “Bye!”

“It’s okay. No need to thank me.” He chuckled.

You came back to your friend smiling widely. Luna looked confused but waited until you both payed for your food. As you headed back to the hotel both of you started to speak.

“Okey, Y/N! Why are yo—“

“OMG Luna. I just saw—“you both started laughing.

“I know what you want to ask me, so I just say it. As I was looking for sandwiches I met a boy and he looked cute and hot at the same time. Is this even possible??? And his smile is so melting. It’s our first day here and I’m already blessed by meeting him.” You shrieked.

Luna chuckled and shook her head.

“And did you speak with him? Do you know his name?”

Realization broke into you. You could at least asked for his name. But at that moment you couldn’t think straight and you knew that you might never see him again. You mood switched from over the moon to sad and disappointed at yourself.

“Man….I’m so dumb. I know nothing about him. I don’t have his number. I don’t know for how long he is staying here or if he is living here. I don’t even know his name. LUNA, what should I do???”

“I don’t know. If he is really that great then don’t let him slip away and head back to the supermarket. RIGHT NOW!”

You nodded and ran back. This is something you never did, running after a boy you knew nothing about. Furthermore you’re more of the shy type of girl who can’t really speak to guys and wait until they start conversation with you. Maybe that is what you wanted from him but you never really gave him a chance because you quickly went back to your friend.

So now you are doing something totally new for you. You entered the supermarket. Going through every corner there was no trace of him. A wave of disappointment shot through your body and you began to forget to look forward, being instantly stopped by bumping into something hard. You looked up and were greeted with a boxy smile. It was as beautiful as the smile of the boy you were looking for.

“Keep calm. You should look where you go.” He chuckled.

You stepped back and looked at him shyly. He was as good-looking as silver boy but a bit taller. He also wore black ripped jeans but topped it off with a gray sweater.

“I-I’m sorry.” You almost whispered.

“Are you looking for something? Maybe I can help you looking for it.”

“No! I-I…” You didn’t know what to say. You couldn’t tell him the whole truth and if ….you knew he wasn’t here anymore so you kept quiet.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me. But don’t accuse me later for not helping a beautiful girl in need.”
He laughed and you smiled at him easing all your thoughts.

“I was… j-just looking for someone b-but he isn’t here anymore. But thanks for offering your help.”

“I hope it wasn’t important ….and you met me. I believe that’s a really good consolation price.” His smile never left his face. You never met such a bright and outgoing person, it was unbelievable how swiftly he got rid of you disappointed thoughts and made you even laugh with him.

“My name is Taehyung.” he stretched his hand forward.

“I’m Y/N” You shook hands with him. And again you were surprised by his soft and warm hands.

“So, Y/N, what are you doing here in Stockholm?”

“My best friend and I are on holidays and decided to go to Sweden. And you, are you living here?”

“No, two of my friends and I decided to go to Sweden on our holidays, too.” He stopped, as he noticed you were looking around. “If you are looking for them then they are not here. I had to go to the supermarket because Jimin didn’t know what to get me because what I wanted was sold out. To top it off he forgot his phone so he couldn’t call and ask. I don’t know what he was thinking, he could grab something else but no.”

Your head was flooded with thoughts…maybe, yes, maybe it was his friend you were looking for. It made sense. You grabbed the last chicken breast sandwich, but then you remembered that this couldn’t be the only thing which was almost sold out. It was ridiculous that heaven could have worked on your side.

Taehyung looked at you confused that you said nothing in response.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to bother you with that.” You snapped back to reality.

“N-n-No. I just… remembered that my friend is waiting for me in our hotel room.” You lied. Maybe half-lied. In that exact moment you really just remembered Luna.

“Then you should hurry back. If you want we all could meet tomorrow or any another day. I believe it’s more fun to do something in a big group. ”

“Yes. Sounds good.” You were happy that Taehyung suggested it because as you know yourself you couldn’t bring yourself to ask him.

“Nice! Let’s exchange numbers!”

After saying goodbye you walked back to your hotel and as you opened the door Luna almost shouted: “Did you find him?”

A sad look covered your face and your best friend knew that you didn’t find him. “Man, that’s bad. I really hoped he was still there.”

“Yeah… me, too. I can’t help it.” Silence entered the room.  

“BUUUUUT I met another guy. AAAAND I got his name and number.” You never saw her that surprised and you quickly explained how you met Taehyung and how he suggested to meet.

“This is insane, Y/N. I mean how long are we here…about 2 hours and you met two handsome guys and one even gave you his number and wants to meet up. I think luck is on your side. This will definitely be an unforgettable trip.”

You smiled to yourself. She was right, this was insane. You remembered how you complained of never meeting a handsome guy in your little town and that you should give up on love because you never had luck with it.

Both of you decided to forget the boys for a while and do some sightseeing. You went to the Royal Palace, the Nobel Museum and did some shopping.

Back in your hotel room, you fell totally tired in your bed, snuggling under the bed sheets and closing your eyes to sleep.


Your phone vibrated. For a short moment you contemplated if you should just ignore it and sleep but it vibrated again and you grabbed it annoyed. It was 1am. Who was writing you?

TH: Hey Y/N, it’s me Taehyung.

TH: I just wanted to know when you and your friend are free to meet us.

TH: Oh, I just realized how late it is. I hope I’m not waking you up. Sorry.

You: No, it‘s alright. I totally forgot to ask my friend but I guess she won’t object to tomorrow. I mean you suggested it but is it alright?

TH: Yes. We planned to go to a club tomorrow, if you want we could all go there?

You: That would be great. I talk to her in the morning and text back, okay?

TH: Sure. So now go back to sleep. Good Night!

You: You, too! :D Sleep Well.

You were sitting at the table eating your breakfast.

“So what do want to do today? The weather is so much better, let’s go to maybe Skansen?” Your friend asked

“That’s a good idea. Ah and why not go to the club tonight? Taehyung texted me last night and wanted to know if we wanted to meet them today and go to a club together as they already planned to go there.”

“Sure. I’m fine with that. I am curious how he looks and if his friends are as good-looking as him.”

“Coolio. I’m going to text Taehyung that you said yes.”

You excitedly grabbed your phone and typed that your friend agreed. As if he waited for your answer, he instantly texted back, giving you instructions where and when to meet. You really looked forward to tonight!

Standing in line to enter the club you stood there nervously in your short black dress. Your best friend also decided to wear a dress but it was a bit more sexy and eye-catching as it was colored in a shining red.

As, back in the hotel, Luna and you were discussing what to wear, both of you forgot the time and you were late. Taehyung wrote to meet at 11pm in front of the club but you were still in your hotel so you texted him to already go inside because the two of you couldn’t made it in time.

As always the security men wanted to see you ID card to check if you weren’t underage. ‘Seriously?’, you thought. It wasn’t something new that you and your friend looked younger than your age but it really started to get annoying. But you didn’t want to start a discussion with the security men and eventually anger them, consequently leading to be not prohibited to go into the club.

After they checked your ID card you went inside the club and gave your jackets to the cloakroom.

“Y/N, let me just quickly use the restroom before we meet up with the boys.”

You nodded and made you way to the restrooms. Your friend went inside and you waited patiently outside. Minutes later you were wondering where your friend was but as you imagined there must be a waiting line inside. You sighed. Taehyung and his friends might be pissed that you weren’t showing up or he might have met another girl and is making out with her before you even could talk with him. On the other side this wasn’t the impression you got from him. He wouldn’t do that.

“Hey, it’s you” you looked up and saw the boy with silver hair you were looking for the day before. Today he wore a black shirt, black pants and a royal blue suit. He looked absolutely gorgeous.

You stood there with an obvious surprised look not saying anything.

He smirked and turned his head cockily, immediately turning the mood into somewhat flirty. “I know I’m handsome but could you at least say something….Y/N.” That made you even more surprised. How did he know your name? You remembered that Luna was shouting your name through the supermarket halls. The thing that he kept your name in his mind made your heart pound really fast. You opened your mouth but nothing came out. It was as if you forgot how to talk. He realized that you were unable to speak and made a step forward closing the distance between the two of you until you felt his breath on your left ear.

“Am I making you nervous?” Your felt your cheeks heating up and tried to say something again but as your lips parted Luna interrupted you.

“Um…Y/N? What are you doing?” You turned your head to face her and the silver boy stepped back smiling innocently at your friend.

“Hi. I’m Jimin. I met your friend yesterday but I’m not sure if she remembers me as she isn’t saying anything.” He really can switch from being the hot irresistible man one second to a smiley innocent angel the next second.

“I’m Luna. That’s normal. She usually doesn’t talk that much.” She chuckled and grabbed your arm. “I’m sorry Jimin. Unless you just wanted to go, we will surely see you again tonight. We have to go to the friends we were supposed to meet here. If you don’t mind we will go look for them.”

You looked at her dazed, still not making a noise.

“Yes, we will see. I am also looking for someone, don’t want to make him wait any longer. I hope both of you will have a good night!”

“Thank you. You, too.” And Luna began to walk still holding your arm and dragging you along with her. You looked at Jimin and waved. He returned with a wink and a big smirk on his face. Man is he hot ,you thought to yourself.

As Jimin was out of sight Luna stopped and turned around to face you.

“Sorry… but you really looked like you had to get out of there.”

“Yeah. I believe that was the best. He was making me so nervous I couldn’t think straight. I didn’t say anything. I’m so dumb, Luna. I mean I was running after him yesterday and now he is standing in front of me and I couldn’t bring myself to speak. “You sighed and brought your hands to your face.

“Yes, that’s bitter but that’s not important, at least for now. Remember why we’re here. Taehyung. Does a bell ring? We. Are. Really. Late.”

Right you had to focus on finding Taehyung. He said that they will sit at a table and wait for you until you’re here. You and your best friend entered the main hall. Music was blasting through the speakers and a crowd was dancing enthusiastically, simply having a good time. Around the dance floor tables were placed and you began scanning the hall. You were worried maybe they really went away, angry that you didn’t came. But you were assured when you saw him. You swiftly began to make your way to him. When your eyes met he greeted you with his signature boxy smile.

“Y/N. I’m happy to see you. For a short moment we were worried that something happened.”

“I’m really sorry that we forgot the time and then we had to wait in line to enter the club.”

“Nah…don’t apologize. You’re here that’s what counts”

“Ah…this is Luna, my best friend.” You turned to her and both of them shook hands as they exchanged their greetings.

Taehyung swung his arms around your shoulders making you freeze by the sudden contact.

“And this handsome bunny is Jungkook”

“Yah…I told you to not call me bunny.” You chuckled and stretched your hand forward.

“Hi, I’m Y/N.” He took your hand and smiled at you widely and you knew why Taehyung called him bunny. His two big front teeth made him really look like one.

“Our other friend just went somewhere. I will introduce you when he’s with us. So for starters let’s get something to drink.” You looked at the table concerned. It was filled with bottles and shots. Additionally you were sure that he reeked of alcohol.

“Do really think you should drink? I mean judging from all those bottles you already had enough.” He and Jungkook started to laugh.

“I am happy that you are worried about me, sweetie, but not all of them are ours. So be assured that we can still drink with you. I will go to the bar and bring something. Is this okay?”

“I will come with you. I want to see what they have.” Luna said and soon both of them went to the bar leaving you and Jungkook sitting next to each other at the table. Awkward silence filled the room. You just heard the music, people shouting and talking. You realized he was as shy as you and you began to look around just to see something as a conversation starter.

You stopped as you saw a familiar figure slowly making his way to your table. As realization broke in who it was your eyes opened widely. Jimin. A smirk plastered his face as he saw you sitting at the table.

“Jimin! How did it go?” Jungkook spoke up with a relieved tone in his voice. Jimin sat right next to you.  

“It could’ve been better but I tell you later.” He turned to face you. “More important is what are you doing here? Don’t tell me you were the girls Taehyung spoke about?” He still made you  nervous but this time you could bring yourself to say something.

“S-Seems like it.” You stared at him and then it hit you. Your assumptions were right. He was the one Taehyung was talking about yesterday. Was this fate? You were interrupted with your thoughts as Luna and Taehyung came back with the drinks.

“You!” Luna spoke up. “Are you following us?”

Taehyung looked at her confused.

“No.” He chuckled “It is a really funny coincidence but you were supposed to meet us. I am one of Taehyungs friends.”

You all laughed as you all thought this was really funny and you began nip on your drink Luna brought you.

“Wait…then was Jimin the one you were looking for yesterday?” Taehyung spoke up and everyone turned their heads to face you, especially Jimin who leaned his head on his hands smirking widely. Your turned red as your eyes wandered embarrassed from him to Luna, begging her to say something but she didn’t get the hint and you nervously started to grab the hem of your dress.

“N-N-No!” You stuttered as you lied straight to his face. “I-i-it wasn’t him.” He kept quiet waiting for you to explain further but Luna swiftly changed the subject by asking what they already did here in Stockholm and what their plans for the next days were. The atmosphere turned back to normal as Taehyung excitedly began to tell you all his experiences in Stockholm, even Jungkook warmed up as he also began to speak. Jimin was relatively quiet and just gulped down his beer. Sometimes you caught him glancing at you but as you did his eyes swiftly looked somewhere else. Why is he so quiet? What is he thinking right know? Who was he meeting before? Questions over questions but you didn’t know how to answer them.

“Come on! Let’s dance.” Taehyung stood up and looked at you. You nodded. As you two went to the dance floor the other guys and your best friend followed you soon. You felt the alcohol doing his job as you easily danced without further thoughts of how you looked.

Luna and you danced wild as you both were in a really good mood and the music matched your taste. Suddenly you felt two hands grabbing you by your waist and a presence behind you. You tried to turn around but he stopped you but not without you getting a glimpse who it is. It was Jimin. His face moving closer as he whispered into your ear.

“Did I tell you that you look absolutely stunning?” Your heart raced by that sudden compliment.

“T-thank you” You cheeks turned into a rosy shade and you were glad that he couldn’t see it.

“So, who were you looking for yesterday?” He continued. “You’re sure it wasn’t me?”

His breath tickled you ear. “N-n-no. I was looking for s-s-someone else.”

“That’s not convincing!” He chuckled. “Then tell me..who was it?” 

Jimin was closing the distance between the two of you and you danced along. Feeling a sudden burst of confidence you turned around swinging your arms around his neck and looked into his eyes intensively, trying to come up with some lie. It was the first time you could scan all the features of his face beginning with his dark brown eyes, stopping at his plump lips. Your confidence level instantly sank and you put your hands back, trying to look somewhere else but him. You felt his hands still lingering on your waist. As you tried to respond him, Jimin suddenly grabbed his phone, which was ringing. His facial expression changed as he saw who the caller was.

“I knew you weren’t going to let us have quiet holidays! What do you want?”

A/N: It’s my first time writing a fic. I hope you like it and look forward to the coming chapters. If there are some mistakes you can write me. I am also happy to receive some feedback and ideas for the storyline

No Doubt in My Mind - PART FOUR

When she woke up Thursday morning, she felt like someone had hit her with a brick. Her nose was stuffed, her throat was sore, and a migraine had begun to form in between her eyes. She let out a whine, rolling over and squinting at her phone screen: 6:37am. There was no way she would be in class today. She pushed down the sinking feeling of not seeing Ashton, and rolled over to go back to sleep.

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Catching Feelings Chapter 9: A zankie fic

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Chapter 8

Eeeeep okay so this is 6k words long and I hope you don’t hate it. I’m thinking maybe you like long fics and you like this story and the characters so you guys might not mind how long it is. I hope that’s the case. This is all Zankieween so we get the cute dancing and the getting ready, but I wanted to focus on the stuff we don’t see in real life obviously so you get a much deeper look into Frankie’s feelings for Zach and how Zach responds to the realization of what Frankie wants from him. And there will be more on that next chapter. Kk that’s it I hope you like it and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give feedback good or bad I love it all 💕💕💕💕

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