so adorbs * *

  • Person A: Person B, what's your last name?
  • Person B: Um......? It hasn't changed since we met...
  • Person A, getting down on one knee: Maybe it's time it does.

My friend told me about her royal klance au! I tweaked it a bit and filled in some holes, and here we have it! Keith is a knight, and so is Shiro. Lance is, of course, the prince. Keith is stationed as Lance’s bodyguard.


Tabi gives his extra bun to Daesung. This is one of my favorite ToDae moments. A lot of people tend to point out how Tabi teases and bullies Daesungie, but he can also be very sweet to him too.  <3

Tabi’s a good boy who shares his yum-yums with his Bae. <3

Video found on ILOVESHOWx3′s youtube channel.