so adorable u don't even know

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U guys are so adorable I can't even, what I would do without u I don't even know. Also, have u guys ever been clothes shopping and had to submit urselves to the other forcing u into clothes that really aren't ur style? (Klavierโ€‹ I'm looking at u)

Apollo: I actually like the clothes Klavier usually chooses when we go shopping (not many times, mind you. I’m not really a fan of wasting money on clothes). At first I wouldn’t let him, but then I realized he kinda knows what suits me best.

(Besides, his reactions make it up for any trouble he might cause me.)

who you should fight, the martian
  • Mark Watney: for the love of god do not fight mark!!! what the fuck is wrong with you if you do wanna fight mark???? has this man not been through enough?? you should really just hug him and NOT FIGHT HIM
  • Melissa Lewis: u can try and fight the Commander but idk how well you'll come out of that. she's tipped 200 pound men out of their beds and also is badass naval officer. maybe for your own sake, don't fight Lewis
  • Rick Martinez: he might deserve a small fist fight. he makes awful jokes that deserve a punch every now and then. you could probably fight him and he'd laugh about it. he is also an air force guy so he has some training too. so watch out.
  • Chris Beck: it looks like u wouldnt wanna fight him but you should. mostly because deep down he enjoys it. as a doctor he knows just where to punch and hit so you will probably not fare well. and he probably likes to seem edgier than he actually is.
  • Beth Johanssen: NO FIGHTING THIS ADORABLE NERD. NO. she is an angel and u should be ashamed if you have ever wanted to fight Johanssen. And if u did Beck would hunt you down and fight you.
  • Alex Vogel: don't fight our lovable German. He is precious and needs to be protected. even tho im p sure Vogel could easily stand his own in a fight, just dont do it. save ur effort for fighting other people.
  • Teddy Sanders: fuck him up. just do it. go for it. let it all out. he sorta deserves it.
  • Mitch Henderson: probably also deserves to be fought. so I say do it. it'll be great actually and Sanders would thank you for it. To which you could then fight Sanders afterwards. maybe fight both of them at the same time actually.
  • Venkat Kapoor: you could get away with fighting Kapoor but only one time. he sorta deserves it for not telling the crew that Mark was alive. but that is it! no more! do not over fight Kapoor.
  • Annie Montrose: Fight her verbally. throw all the fucks and shits, goddamns that you can at her and she will still win i am sure of this. (Mark Watney might be her only true competitor)
am i just late to the wagon or

i was watching FormofTherapy’s livestream and PD was freaking out that Jeonghan had NO LINES in Adore U and I was like “wut that’s absurd” and then I listened to the ORIGINAL Adore U track (the mv, the cd, and even early lives) and I’m pretty sure it’s Seungkwan singing all his “parts” 

correct me if im wrong but if you close your eyes and listen to the original his parts sounds exactly like Seungkwan

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I don't know if it went through so I'm sending it again! Sorry! Woozi + marching band au if you would! Please and thank you very much! ^u^

  • plays the tuba 
  • it is literally the size of his body but he REFUSES to let that stop him he will carry this tuba with pride
  • keeps getting annoyed because mingyu on the bass drums keeps elbowing woozi in the side during practice by accident but woozi swears one MORE TIME and he WILL take that baton from scoups and SHOVE IT-
  • looks adorable in the marching band uniform even though the collar is a bit to high
  • you play the flute in the band and you always feel bad because woozi has to lug around that huge instrument so you like always try to help him at the end of practice
  • and woozi obviously has a soft spot for you because he never raises his voice or loses his temper with you (unlike the rest of the marching band who gets HELL from him) 
  • and he even bought you a really expensive case for your flute when he got you as his secret santa and everyone was like AYEEEE and woozi was like SHUTUP 
  • but he does have a crush on you and once when you blew him a kiss and then ran away in embarrassment he accidentally sighed right into the tuBA AND IT WAS SO LOUD EVERYONe wAS LIKE OH MY GOD
A conversation about Kai and Krystal's ship name
  • Her: so, you know how in every Kai pairing name, they use his stage name? They don't use 'Jongin'?
  • Her: So Kai and Krystal is 'Kaistal'
  • Her: But if we were to say Jongin and Krystal (even though then it's one real name and one stage name but nvm)
  • Her: I AM
  • Me: And if you use the first half of krystals real name and jongins stage name
  • Me: Do u know what theyre ship name would be
  • Me: *whispers* 'Kaisoo'

SNL s01ep20 goodnights

This cast is entirely too adorable and my life is ruined help.

When small children are portrayed as big fans of One Direction
  • Y'all: *busting a nut* OMG this is so cute :)) They are so nice!! I CAN'T EVEN THIS IS SO ADORABLE! ๐Ÿ˜˜ ๐Ÿ˜š ๐Ÿ‘ Imagine if this was their daughter Oh my GOSHHH!!!
  • Me, a salty bitch: Fuck this ain’t 2012... ain’t no Up All Night shit...๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’ U don't even know the lyrics to Temporary Fix u fuckin Directionator. Ur fake ass couldn’t even talk when WMYB came out... Nice Mrs. Horan t-shirt, u fraud... I bet you don’t even know he a brunet...fucking poseur. ๐Ÿ˜ค Make way for my adult ass, I’ve been rotting in this fandom for half a decade waiting for Liam Payne to breathe on me.... You can’t skip no line, just ‘cause you three feet tall.... I’ll knock your ass three feet down to the ground. The suspenders are off, Zayn is gone... Get off my property, fucking carrot scumbag... This band is for big kids now ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ซ

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I really adore your writing and take on the traditions and societal norms, but then, at the back of my mind, I remember that Thor was, at one point, pretending to be a woman and now I can't help imagining a great bearded man trying to pass himself off as a frail woman... So sorry, my head is a silly place.

(( Excuse u, u mean to tell me this can’t pass for a pretty woman? ^^ And not just any pretty like fricken Freyja goregousness personified herself?  Looketh that hair alone like?? What’s actually the best thing is that Loke managed to keep the charade going and his explanations for things are not even that much questioned ( yes, because ofc Freyja can eat that much like duh? she is that awesome ). The whole thing is an amazing display of wits and cleverness and I just picture Thor giving no fudge about it because he is THAT comfy in his own bronzed skin.