so adorable it's unbearable

anonymous asked:

sorry I keep bugging you but I don't know anyone else I can talk to about Daisuga T_T Daichi is a Super Cuddler™ and Suga loves to wear his all fleece teddy onesie at night! So its all the cuddles and unbear-ably adorable!

It’s very adorable. Daichi loves snuggling and is a human space heater, while Suga is a body heat leech. They have a pretty good cuddling system going for them… until they fall asleep, that is.

Daichi snores, loudly. He also unfortunately takes up a lot of space when he sleeps – just spreads out all his limbs in the most obnoxious fashion.

Suga, on the other hand, is a blanket thief. He always manages to curl up into a ball and roll groggily to the edge of the bed closest to him, taking every blanket and sheet with him. If for some reason, he wakes up in the middle of the night or earlier than he should in the morning, he gets super cranky. And usually, Daichi’s to blame for his sudden consciousness, with all his spreading out and snoring.

In theory they’re the perfect cuddlers. In practice, it’s a miracle they haven’t killed one another yet.