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Dean is an Abuser - Analysis

(tw: abuse, parental abuse, father abuse)

Note: Before anyone is like “Jenna u hav no idea wht ur talking abt” I am victim of parental, in this case fatherly, abuse. I just don’t want people to think I don’t know what I’m talking about and think I’m flinging the word “abuse” all around willy nilly. So LETS GO

I love! Long Exposure! So much! Mars is AMAZING at storytelling, pacing, and her characters are so easy to love? I love them? She’s amazing, please go tell her that!!

And now while all of us Love Mitch, Jonas, Sid, etc there is the Other spectrum with characters like Dean and Neil that we’re SUPPOSED to hate! And Mars is doing a spectacular job showing how the audience is Not supposed to side with them.

But, from an outsider perspective that doesn’t know subtle signs of abuse, I can understand why it doesn’t click right away that Dean is supposed to be an abuser. While there are those who dislike him, I sense some hesitancy calling Dean a downright abuser, and well STRAP IN because he is.


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I thought I was done with these Riza tattoo thoughts, but I guess I’m not.

Imagine Berthold coercing Riza by telling her that in her getting it, she will have the final say in what happens with Flame Alchemy. Only his spin on it is that she would be helping to make the world a better, safer place because of her “control” over it.

An optimistic, somewhat naive, Riza accepting it because she believed she was helping others…


So, during my prolonged illness (just a cold, but I’m dramatic), I’ve been marathoning The Secret Saturdays because I’m so on the ball with what’s topical and current. I’m only at the end of Season 1 and I’m actually really enjoying it. I like the Sixties Johnny Quest-style art aesthetic and how the show’s actually structured as a serial. 

And it has a lot of cool things going for it - a biracial family, maybe the only animated character I’ve seen in a hijab who’s got some depth, single parenting, adoption (Fiskerton’s sentient, so I saw it as adoption, but maybe that’s just me. Also, isn’t he just the cutest thing on two legs? Aaaaaaaah anyway).

But…once again, my favorite character is the baddie. And I’m really surprised Argost doesn’t get more love, at least on Tumblr, because he’s awesome. Even if he is an outrageous pedophile like Corey Burton, his voice actor, says, but that’s beside the point His voice is like Kenneth Williams and the Ghost Host, which fits his character really well, actually.

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I'd love it if you could write a pregnancy/ baby fic. Bechloe babies melt my heart!

You got it!

“Babe, I’m just going to the store do you want anyth-” Chloe stopped speaking as she entered the living room.

Beca was sat on the couch, their new baby girl Amber sitting on her knees, held up by the tiny brunette. Both Beca and Amber seemed to be involved in the most intense staring contest she had ever seen.


“Uh huh?” Beca said, not looking away.

“What are you doing?” Chloe asked, sitting beside them on the sofa.

“She won’t stop staring at me,” Beca replied.

“Well, babies do that, you know? They’re curious,” Chloe said.

“She knows I don’t know what I’m doing,” Beca said, almost fearfully. “She can see into my soul, I swear.”

“Don’t be silly,” Chloe said, trying not to laugh.

“I’m not,” Beca said. “Look, maybe you should take her and I’ll go to the store.” Beca tried to hand her to Chloe, but it only caused her to start to cry.

“Nope,” Chloe said, standing. “Look, she wants you.” Amber stopped crying the minute Beca held her again. “I’ll be back in an hour tops.”


“No buts!” Chloe said, kissing both girls on the head. “You’ll be fine, just, you know, keep her alive and stuff.”

“Of course I’m going to-”

“I was talking to Amber,” Chloe said, smiling at the look on Beca’s face. “Be good.” Beca heard the door close and returned to looking fearfully at her daughter.

“Okay,” Beca said, shifting her position so Amber was now cradled in her arms. “So, you’re fine, right? You’ve been fed, you’ve been changed. You peed all over me, that was fun. I mean, next time that happens if you could give me some warning so I can give you to your other mommy, that would be cool.”

Amber continued to stare.

“So this whole staring thing you have going on, is that because you don’t trust me? Because I wouldn’t trust me either. I know other mommy is way better than this, but I’m trying. I managed to get your diaper on without traumatizing you too much, right?”

Amber continued to stare.

“I know your mommy and I adopted you, so maybe you’re a bit wary of us. Of me. I don’t look much like a mom. But I love you. And I’m not good with words or feelings or any sh- thing like that. But I really do love you. The moment I saw you I got this little feeling inside of me, and then when I held you for the first time, that little feeling got bigger. And I might not know what I’m doing right now, but I’ll learn. And I’ll always love you, and always protect you.”

Amber made a noise that resembled a giggle, before closing her eyes and falling asleep.

Chloe returned to find both girls asleep, and made sure to take a photo and send it to everyone she knew before joining her family on the sofa.

  • Me: I miss my cat Artemis :'( but she's better off staying with my parents...
  • Me: Well my other two roommates miss having animals around so maybe I should finally adopt one!
  • Me: I'll just take a little look. Just to see what cats are available in the area. Don't want to rush into things
  • Internet: This cat's name is Luna
  • Me: and she's mine

I think that there’s a noticeable difference between season one and two in terms of Carmilla and Laura’s appearances. 

Over the course of season 1 we saw Laura and Carmilla undergo a lot of character development as a result of their cohabitation; Laura learnt that the world is flawed and complex and the reasoning behind decisions made is not so black and white. Carmilla was reminded that with all of the cruelty and harshness of the world comes a balance of beauty and possibility, and that these traits should exist in the foreground and not be forgotten. They learnt from each other and helped each other grow, and now with an established relationship in season two, I think we’re able to see them both in each other’s appearance.

Carmilla’s fringe is gone. Laura’s hair is slightly curled. Carmilla’s eye makeup is a bit lighter. Laura actually HAS eye makeup (although minimal).

I’m sure we’ll see a completely original wardrobe for our heroes throughout the season as well, and we may even find that their clothing slightly overlaps in these respects too.

Or this could all be bullshit, shit to the bull, and I’m just way too absorbed in my gay ship <3

dear roleplayers
  • referring to a character’s biological parents as their ‘real parents’ is offensive, and suggests that the parents who raised them will never be enough
  • biological parents who choose to give up their child have no rights over their child
  • plots where characters are reunited with their biological parents or child and instantly fall into a regular parent/child dynamic are unrealistic
  • killing off a character’s adoptive parents so that your characters can ‘have their child back’ is seriously disgusting and one again unrealistic, as it’s unlikely that your character would be able to gain custody
  • characters who are adopted are not likely to resent their adoptive parents for not being their ‘real parents’
  • just please stop with the offensively unrealistic biological parent/child storylines. thank you

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jay and tim look really pretty in their one breakfast scene lol

Indeed my children have grown up beautiful and strong