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Mortifer - Pt. 1

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Summary: Hoseok is what you call a mystery. You don’t know anything about him except for the fact he works at your favourite coffee shop. Until he gets you out of a dangerous situation one day. You want to grow closer to him but in order to find answers, you’ll have to face his demons.

Word count: 4.1k

Genre: Angst, Smut, Fluff, Fallen Angel! AU

A/N: In replacement of the prologue i recently deleted, here’s the real first chapter of the series! Enjoy the feels! 

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Can you do the RFA having a moment of "omg i love her so much" with MC? SFW but like little mini fics or something? Also i la la LOVE your jumin fics when is part 5 coming out omg ^_^

Aye aye captain, you wish is my command anon <(T.T)l. HAHA thank you I am really happy people are loving the Jumin Fic, I believe I will be releasing a Zen one too just because I have some of those chapters done and y’all are getting restless. :D But yes chapter 5 should be out either today or tomorrow so keep ya eyes open ^.^

Yoosung: Last Minute Study Sesh

“MC~ Can we please just watch a movie… I can cram for calculus later” yoosung whined as he tried to give his girlfriend the puppy eyes. That clearly stopped working on her months ago when they first started dating. She looked at him, giving him a mock stern look, he loved how serious she was trying to be for his sake, his heart swelled at how much she cared for him. 

“Honey, I am doing this for you, this is one of your main courses for your degree, and your girlfriend happens to be a genius, you should be kissing my feet for sharing my intelligence with you,” MC teased with a giggle. 

Ughhhhhhhhh. Fine you win” yoosung said as he came over to his girlfriend begrudgingly, and kissed her cheek. “What would I do without you?”

“Fail, obviously,” MC said with a smirk, as they sat down to study together. 

Yoosung knew, he was no going to retain a damn thing that night. He was the luckiest man on earth, he had a beautiful girlfriend, who had a heart of gold AND was smart as hell. He gazed at her, as she began spouting something about Integrals and differentiation. He was mesmerized by her voice, with was intoxicating, he wanted to hear every noise that could come out of that mouth.

Yoosung.” MC said, “Helloooooooo… answer this questions”

“Got it babe.” He began working on the question but was again distracted. MC had decided that her beautiful long locks were getting in the way and decided to tie her hair. Braid it, to be exact. He watched as she pulled her hair back, showcasing her beautiful face even more and her enticing neck. He watched as her intricate fingers slowly took pieces of her hair and began weaving it. The entire experience was mesmerizing, he was in awe at how she managed to look so beautiful at all times. “God I am the luckiest man alive, I love her so much and this God-given gift has given me the pleasure of being my girlfriend.” he thought to himself. He was terrible with words, and still very bashful but he made a promise to himself that he would never ever let her doubt that she was loved. 

MC must have felt his eyes on her because she caught him staring, a blush rose to her face, “What? Is there something on my face? Does my hair look weird” she began fretting. He simply leaned over and kissed her full on the mouth, she was taken aback but returned the kiss.

“Babe, you are the single most beautiful thing on this planet. I was just thinking how lucky I was.” yoosung said, as he felt heat rush to his face. She kissed him back and nuzzled him, “I love you too, BUT no more getting distracted, you need to pass. I promise for every question you get right I will give you a kiss, how about it?”

Let’s just say, that this method was extremely effective and Yoosung passed with flying colors.

Zen: Waiting up for you

“Babe, are you coming to bed yet?” MC asked. 

Zen felt a pang of guilt, he just received a brand new role and was busy at rehearsals. He barely ever saw his girlfriend and felt guilty that even at home he was practicing his lines. “I am so sorry hon, but I am rehearsing these lines and I will probably be up some more.” he stood up to hug his girlfriend and kiss her on top of her head, “You might have to fall asleep without me again babe.”

“It’s okay babe,” she said trying to hide a yawn, “I’ll wait up for you so we can go together.” She went to grab a book to curl up on the couch to read. 

His heart skipped a beat, she was clearly sleepy but put him first so that they could spend some time together. “God, I love her so much” he thought to himself as he sat down to review the lines. She sat on the couch adjacent to him, with a book and a blanket looking absolutely beautiful. 

He was surrounded by attractive people every day, but somehow he was always floored by MC. She had her hair tied up in a messy bun, but she put runway models to shame. Tendrils of hair flowed down effortlessly, to frame her beautiful face.She was not wearing any makeup, but in his opinion, she didn’t need to, he felt the hair leaving his lungs just looking at her perfect face. He tried and tried to focus on practicing his lines but how could he when the love of his life was sitting right there? He watched as she read, her expressions were his favorite thing about her. Everything was clearly displayed on her face. She blushed and she flushed with every single plot twist and event. Finally, he had enough, he threw his script down and grabbed her, carrying her bridal style to their bedroom. 

“Z-Zen?! I thought you had to practice? Is it okay?” MC asked, feeling flustered. 

He simply began covering her face in kisses, telling her how much he loved her and how sorry he was that he wasn’t there. She giggled and began returning his kisses. He made sure to tell her just how lucky he was and how much he loved her every single day. He didn’t know where he would be without her but he never ever wanted to find out.

Jumin: Late Nights and Long Drives

“MC, we could take Driver Kim, if you want to go somewhere. Why on earth do you want to drive around? Look at the time? Is this what commoners do?”

MC laughed, “Yes Jumin, this is how we spend time and relax. I love driving, it relaxes me and I love you and spending time with you. Please?”

“She already knows the answer,” Jumin thought to himself. He buckled his seat belt and braced himself. He would not have a problem with going on a long drive with MC, but she tended to drive a bit recklessly. She was always swerving in between cars, racing cars that would try to cut her off and the road rage that she had was astonishing. She looked so innocent and cute, but when she was mad, Jumin sometimes could not handle her vulgarity. Still, all of these made his heart grow fonder. He loved all of these aspects about her. 

As she began driving, she talked to Jumin asking about him. He felt his heart pound, “she knows me so well, she did this because I was stressed at work, sly girl”. He looked at her affectionately as her hair was whipping around her, she had a smile on her face, she was astonishingly beautiful. He had never in his whole life seen something so breathtaking. Her genuine smile, her intoxicating laugh, her addictive voice, Jumin felt his heart drop, he wanted to kiss her so badly. He wanted her so badly. 

He had no idea how he had become so lucky. He used to mock couples before, never understanding how someone could be so head over heels for someone, but now he understood. Just the thought of her being sad, crying or simply not being with him made his heart clench painfully. He was hopelessly enamored, but he was not complaining. 

He reached and took MC’s had off of the gear shift and intertwined their fingers. He lifted their hands to his mouth and kissed it deeply, hoping to convey even a drop of the feelings he held for them. MC looked over, and then proceeded to do the same, lifting his hand to touch their perfect lips, he felt her smile against his hand. 

“MC, I love you, more than anything, more than you can ever imagine. You have made me the happiest man, and surprisingly you make me happier every single day. I did not know it was even possible-” he began to mumble and ramble on. He was never good with emotions, but he would damn well try and make his beloved feel loved. 

MC pulled the car over, and kissed him deeply, “I know Juju, and I love you too. You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.” She smiled as she started the car once more, taking his hand and holding it in her own. 

Jumin had to look outside, at the scenery, he felt himself getting choked up. “I am the luckiest man alive, I only hope I can give her an ounce of happiness that she has given me.”

707: Sweet tooth & Sweet Dreams

“BABE. I ORDERED US A FEAST,” MC shouted as she walked into the house, arms full of various foods and sweet treats. She cleared off the dining table and laid the buffet out. 

707 loved when she became like this. She had a huge appetite and she was not ashamed what so ever. The girl could eat. He watched as she fixed herself and him a plate, piled high. He kissed her cheek as she sat down next to him, as she asked about his day. He gave her a bland answer and began eating. He watched his girlfriend affectionately, watching her eat was his single most favorite activity. 

Her eyes lit up, as she analyzed the food. He could practically see the wheels in her head spinning, trying to figure out what to eat first. Her entire face lit up, reflecting the happiness she felt as she began eating. He felt his heart skip a beat, she looked so beautiful when she was happy. He would buy all the food in the world if it meant that he could preserve that radiant smile. She began talking about her day, he felt his nerves calm down. He was extremely stressed lately due to work, she probably brought all this food to help cheer him up. He loved that they were on the same wavelength, he didn’t even need to say anything, she always knew what he was feeling and knew exactly how to make him feel better. 

After finishing their meal, she was in an enormous food coma. She laid down on him as they cuddled on the couch. She was still talking to him, about random stuff, he could only look at her. She was so distracting. Every curve, every feature was so expertly place, he silently thanked god for sending him an angel. All of the anxiety he had felt before, was gone, replaced with a warm feeling. He noticed she had stopped talking and when he looked down at her, he realized that she had fallen asleep on his lap. 

He smiled to himself, thinking how foolish he was. He was so happy in this moment, he could die and he would be content. The mere thought of that sent an ache in his body, he realized he didn’t want to die. He wanted to be with her, to laugh with her, to cry. He wanted to grow old with her and have stupid fights with her. He wanted to make up and fall even harder for her. He wanted to see her face in their kids, he wanted to live for her. He could feel himself getting emotional. “You know, I thought I didn’t deserve it. But you make me want to be the best version of myself. God, I love you so much woman, you have no idea. I am so sorry for hurting you and will spend the rest of my life proving myself to be worthy of your love.” he said to her as he peppered her face with kisses. 

He would try his hardest, to not push her away. He would fight for her, never let her feel unwanted or unworthy of his love. He would protect her and her smile because god only knew that it was his entire world. 

WHOOOO I hope you guys like this. It took me forever to write this (T.T). I have been crazy busy with work, uni, homework and just life in general. I AM SO SORRY. I KNOW I FORGOT BAEHEE ILL ADD HER IN THE MORNING. Please reblog, like, follow and show me and this post some looooooove guys :D Requests are open so please feel free to send in requests for fics, reactions, scenarios or etc. THANKS BABES I LOVES YOU BAI :3

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Request for 107 "This house isn’t even haunted" with our lovely Bucky please.

Finally here is the lil drabble thingy! I’ve had this 79% done in my drafts box since you sent in this request about a fifty years ago. I’m truly sorry about how late this is. Anyway I hope you enjoy it and it’s what you wanted! 

Things and Thoughts That Go Bump in the Night (i suck at titles okay?)

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Gangsta. Joker x Reader

A/n: took me a while to think of this one and now it’s my best work yet . Ant this one is the longest yet too xd

Warning : swearing, slight smut

Pairing : (Jared Leto ) Joker x Reader

Plot : the reader is a singer at J’s club and the reader is his favorite girl . When he heard her sing the song “gangsta” he called her in to his VIP room for a “talk”


You worked at the club for a while now . The job was quite enjoyable to your surprise and it paid well so you didn’t complain . The guys who worked there along side you were nice too . Even though you worked for the most dangerous man in Gotham you didn’t fear him .

Yeah . The Joker. Clown Prince of crime.

You actually felt safe with him . In a weird way you were attracted to him . God even thinking that made you question your sanity. 

The guy was a murderous psychopath. But some how , he made you get interested . He lived such a dangerous yet free life . You often wondered how does it feel . To not have a care in the world.  Do what you want.  Whenever you want.  You loved the idea . And it always made you shiver . You wanted it so bad.  You wanted to be free like him . Some times you wanted to be just as insane as him .

Wait ?! What were you thinking!?

You shook your head and entered the club . As you walked in , the bartender,  Joe , your good friend , smiled at you , welcoming you to the club as you walked to him .

“Hey Joe , what’s up ” you asked trying to say it loud enough for him to hear you . Usually you made small talk with him before you go on stage . You manly did it to know if the Boss was here . You somehow sing and dance better knowing he’s not watching.  Him watching you made you nervous.  What if you made a mistake?  But it looks like he’s not here .
“Nothing much oh by the way (Y/n) we have the crowd wanting you to sing “that” song so go on and show them what you got “ he smirked.

Oh yeah . That song.  Gangsta.  That song always made you want to sing it as loud as you can . It was perfectly describing your feelings to the Clown Prince of crime.  You smirked before going backstage to get ready. 

You decided if the crowd wanted a show you would give it to them . You got in you tightest black and purple dress , it hug your curves in all the right places and showed of a good amount of skin too . Your make up a bit more dramatic.  A big black smokey eye paired with a bright red lip.  You kinda looked like him . You slightly smiled. 

He was driving you insane , so why not let out all your feelings in the song ? He wasn’t here anyway so why not ?

You got on your black and gold high heals and walked to to the stage . As soon as your heels hit the stages glass like floor almost all eyes were on you . You slightly giggled as the song started to play .

 I need a gangsta
To love me better
Than all the others do
To always forgive me
Ride or die with me
That’s just what gangsters do

You sang , dancing along to the songs beat . Your moves were graceful and even sexy . Especially the way you moved your hips when you walked around stage .

I’m fucked up, I’m black and blue
I’m built for it, all the abuse
I got secrets, that nobody, nobody knows
I’m good on, that pussy shit
I don’t want, what I can get
 I want someone, with secrets
That nobody, nobody, nobody knows

Your eye ran all over the crowd.  Men staring at you like a pice of raw meat.  It only made you make your moves a bit more sexier . You used your hand to push a strand of hair away from your face , bitting your bottom lip slightly in the process. 

 I need a gangsta
To love me better
Than all the others do
To always forgive me
Ride or die with me
That’s just what gangsters do

Only about half way through the song you saw . He was here . The Joker was watching your little show from the VIP room.  Your heart sank . You slightly bit your lower lip again . But you surprisingly didn’t stop .

 My freakness is on the loose
And running, all over you
Please take me to places, that nobody, nobody goes
You got me hooked up on the feeling
You got me hanging from the ceiling
Got me up so high I’m barely breathing
So don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me go

 You saw his cold blue eyes looked on you . He noticed you looking at him , making his smirk widen. Oh now you won’t stop . This was your chance.  Even if you were going to regret it later .

I need a gangsta
To love me better
Than all the others do
To always forgive me
Ride or die with me
That’s just what gangsters do
They do, they do, they do oh
To always forgive me
Ride or die with me
That’s just what gangsters do

Desire and passion was burning in your eyes as you sang the last words of the song . As soon as you were off stage you went to the bar . And sure shit enough,  Joe was looking at you , a shit eating grim on his face “dude not cool ! Why did you lie to me !” You yelled,  now regretting your actions.  He only laughed “Aww come on  (Y/n). You had fun didn’t you ” she smirked.

You were about to answer when one of J goons comes up to you “The boss what’s to speak to you (Y/n)” he said .

Great.  Now you were a dead girl walking.  You were scared . What if he didn’t like the show . What if he wants to fire you ore worse . How can you love this man ? He was so addictive . His looks , his smirk,  his deep voice . He really did drove you insane. 

Wight a sight you followed the man to J’s VIP room. 

As soon as you walked in he grined.

“Everyone out !” He ordered and soon only you and him in the room .

“ (Y/n) , (Y/n) , (Y/n) , (Y/n) ” he purred out your name as he walked to you . He got behind you and placing his hands on your shoulders he made you sit down on a chair.

“That was one of the best shows yet doll face,  I’m very pleased ” he whispered in your ear,  still behind you .

“I’m glad you enjoyed it sir ” you say . You could feel your heart beating like crazy and heat coming up to your cheeks . He slightly growled.

“Oh i did doll , but there’s one tiny thing , you don’t usually sing like that when you know I’m here . Why I’d that.  hmm~” he hummed now walking in front of you looking you in the eyes . “Tell me ~ Pretty please ” he asked.  He was playing with your mind . You slightly bit your lower lip.  A burning sensation in between you thighs . You wanted him so bad . And right now he was sexier that ever .

“I just didn’t want to make a mistake in front of you sir .” You say . His grin only widen. “Well aren’t you all shy and cute … so innocent … so beautiful ” he whispered his lips now almost touching yours . You couldn’t take it anymore.  You slightly moved forward,  locking lips with him in a kiss .

You didn’t know what you were doing anymore.  You realised what you were doing and jurked back,  almost falling off the chair “oh my God! ! I’m so so sorry sir !! I just …. I didn’t. … I just  ” you tried to find the right words to explain your self but before another word could come out of your mouth , he kissed you again . This kiss was rough but with a bit of passion and desire for more .

You couldn’t think anymore.  You let your body lose , doing anything it wanted . You pulled closer to him . At this his hands went up your thighs and under your legs , picking you up . You wrapped your legs around his waist as the kiss became more passionate . You wrapped your arms around his neck,  letting your hands slightly mess up his bright green hair. 

He slightly growled in the kiss and he sat back down on the red velvet couch . Now you were sitting in his lap as his cold hands wend up your dress . A light moan was heard from you making his smirk. 

When you finally parted you were breathing heavily,  looking in his insane eyes , now filled with lust just like your own .

“Now I see what you want dool face ” he pureed “ you always were my favourite doll weren’t you ? Such a pretty little thing . ” he whispered “and now you belong to me and me alone.  Say it . ” he said not taking his eyes of you “I belongto you and you alone ” you said still out of breath. 

“Now that a good girl.  Now how about daddy rewards you for being a good little doll . Hmm ~ ” he purred in your ear .

God why did this man drive you insane.  You loved every minute of this . You really were his . And you will always belong to him . You were his doll , his favorite girl , his most prised possession .  His all . And now you truly felt free .

He is my drug. His voice is so addicting, I would love to hear him talk even about the stupidest thing and never get bored of it. He’s got that crinckle in his eyes whenever he smiles so brightly and it makes my heart skip a beat. And he’s got a pair of eyes that could light up whenever he tells me about his favorite game. Simply, he is just my favorite thing in the world.
—  thing on my mind. (n.a.m)
[04: kurotsuki] summer

Tsukishima finds Kuroo at the riverbank, away from the festival buzz. Distant lights from lanterns cast a pale shadow over the sturdy outline of Kuroo’s back, clad in yukata he’s borrowed from Tsukishima’s brother.

“Hey,” Tsukishima says, careful on his way down so as not to drop candied strawberries. He sits next to Kuroo, finally stretching his legs after an evening of walking.

“Thank you for wearing yukata,” Kuroo says, tugging at the sleeves. “I know you didn’t want to.”

Tsukishima recalls how he helped Kuroo get dressed and doesn’t feel all that regretful. Yet, he says, “I couldn’t have you embarrassing yourself on your own.” He hands Kuroo his candied strawberry.

“So noble~” Kuroo coos and lets his head drop, the weight of it familiar on Tsukishima’s shoulder. He takes a bite of his candy and asks, “Where are Bo and Akaashi?”

“Last I saw them, Bokuto was trying to hog all dango for himself and Akaashi was doing the ‘Bokuto-no’ routine.”

“So, we have some time for ourselves.” With that, Kuroo leans in, a whisper away from touching Tsukishima’s lips, when Tsukishima inserts his candied strawberry between them.

Kuroo, momentarily stunned, takes a small bite of Tsukishima’s strawberry and looks away.

“Is that where your mind is?” Tsukishima teases, reveling in the honest profile of Kuroo’s face.

“It’s summer, I have you all to myself. Where else would it be?”

A soft breeze ruffles their hair but Tsukishima’s neck feels unbearably hot.

“Hey, Tetsu,” Tsukishima calls and takes Kuroo’s chin with his fingers, pulling him, dark-eyed and pleasantly mussed, closer. Being like this in public used to come with a slight pang of trepidation, but Tsukishima doesn’t hesitate to kiss Kuroo anymore. Fear should never be a part of this.

Kuroo’s mouth is sweet and responsive and addicting, more so with Tsukishima’s name on his lips.

There they are!” Bokuto’s voice cuts through the night. They look up and find Akaashi standing next to Bokuto, arms full. “I adopted us some pets.” He shows off his collection of plushies he must’ve jovially robbed off some poor vendor.

Tsukishima snickers because there’s no way they could fit all those in their bed. He says, “I call dibs on the black cat.”



Summary: Who knew that knocking on the wrong door also knocked something wrong on your chest?

Genre:floof lies ha this angsty on the end

Warning: swearing yes

Words: 517 words

A/N: okay so my teeth hurt like hell, so I’ll post this for now and then I’ll post the last shit tomorrow im v sorry, I just cant take the pain ugh (send me a number yooo) I’m also thinking of doing a sequel, since this really looked sad with no sequel (tell you what, ask me if you want it or nah)

“Happy birthday!”

There was a man. He was holding up a box of cake in his hands with his eyes closed and a big grin plastered all over his face.

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