so access to her etc

I’m either Clementine’s Speech Therapist’s dream- or nightmare

“Hi E_____,

Clementine’s first night with her AAC device went smashingly well!  It’s charged and ready to go for today.  I hope it’s okay that I started moving a few things around in Proloquo2.  I’ll always tell you when I do and don’t hesitate to tell me to put something back!  Everything is saved in storage.

1. You mentioned you were going to remove “is” and “some” for now- so I did that from the template section
2. I locked down twitter, facebook, etc so she only has access to her ‘voice’
3. I put in a password to prevent her from changing anything.  It’s “clementine”.
4. I did a lot with the food section.  I removed all of the categories for now- like “lunch meat” because she’s a ways off from learning food groups - except for fruit (the icon is really good).  Instead, I put her typical food choices directly on the page (i.e. Turkey, ham). Also, I took my mom authority and put all of the sweets into a dessert folder.  She’ll no doubt have that one figured out by the end of the day.  Ask her what she had for breakfast (Cheerios)!
5.  On the Home page I added “bathroom”, “drink”. and “Things”.  I hope that’s okay.  Under “Things” I added many of her typical requests like Bandaids (apologies ahead of time!), chapstick, lotion, paper towel, etc.
6.  I also took out a lot of the 2nd pages that were way too advanced led her to endless exploration and punching buttons instead of actually communicating.  For example, I put all of the religions, holidays, complicated games (chess), etc.  Everything is still in storage and I can put it all back up in a flash if you want.

I’m so so excited for Clementine to finally be able to communicate.  Thank you!  Rebecca”