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Occasional sparring partners scribbles - cause sometimes they like to have an acceptable reason to fight each other as hard as they can 👍

Can we stop with this need to compare the accomplishments of groups/acts to each other? Yes, BTS is getting massive success. Yes, other artists have had massive success before. One doesn’t have to discredit the other.

The reason BTS is accomplishing so much now, particularly in regards to western success, is because other artists like SNSD, BoA, 2NE1, Utada Hikaru, and PSY (among others) did the hard work of introducing the idea of value in Asian music to countries that have a hard time accepting any entertainment not catered to them. It was the same thing in Japan when Kpop first started moving there. BoA and DBSK had to perform at malls like a new artist when they already had fans back home but because they did the grunt work people like SNSD and Big Bang were then allowed to go beyond the success that their predecessors found. And now the future gen groups will build off of that.

Someone on twitter said it well, other artists paved a road for BTS’ success in the west, they made it easier for them to reach the heights that they have, and now they are continuing that road. BTS is extending that path so that the next artist to come through won’t face as many obstacles as the ones that came before them. It doesn’t mean that anyone worked harder than any other artist. One group’s success doesn’t invalidate anyone else’s.

Super Money Sachet 

I had a really cool experience with this sachet! Until now, this sachet has been charging in a black drawstring bag with money, corresponding tarot cards, and an enchanted devil’s shoestring (so charging for about 3~4 days). Today, when I decided to use my tarot cards and check on the sachet, immediately after opening the black bag & smelling the sachet, I noticed a gold coin on my floor (the one pictured)… I have never owned  a $1 James Monroe coin before and I had just vacuumed so I have no idea how it got there! Immediately, I knew I had to share!!! I was going to wait until I had used it in my new serving job, but this was way to cool! It smells amazing and has lots of strong energy~!

  • Chamomile : Money
  • Patchouly : Money
  • Basil : Wealth
  • Elder : Prosperity 
  • Lemon Balm : Success
  • Bay Leaf : To write your sigil

Enchant all of your herbs as necessary. On a bay leaf, create a sigil or write out intention. I personally created a sigil based off the intention. “I will make good money.” Burn the bay leaf and then add to enchanted herbs. Place into sachet and DONE! 

To make this sachet more effective… 

  • Bind with green ribbon/lace
  • Burn a green candle while creating this Sachet 
  • Charge appropriately

How I charged my sachet…

I think how I charged this sachet largely influences its energy! I placed my sachet in a black drawstring bag (you could also wrap in cloth or put in larger jar) with the following items: 

  • Money (I just put $2) 
  • King of Pentacles
  • Ace of Pentacles
  • VII of Pentacles 
  • Page of Pentacles
  • X of Pentacles 
  • IX of Pentacles 
  • Enchanted Devil’s Shoestring 

The longer you charge your sachet, the more effective it will be! I hope everyone has positive results!

Established relationship AUs are my kryptonite I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY OKAY

- I came home early from work to find you singing to the cat with a spatula as your microphone

- truth be told I only vacuum so I can slide around the hardwood floors in my socks

- you like naps. like, really like naps. and you take them everywhere pretty sure I saw you lying on the kitchen floor one time

- I know it’s our anniversary and we’re all dressed up and everything but I’m not really feeling this fancy restaurant, want to hit up the food truck? (bonus: I got food poisoning from said food truck and I’m puking my guts out but I’m still wearing my fancy clothes so at least I’m still classy)

- people always say to get a pet to see if you’re responsible enough to have kids but we’re still at the stage where we got a houseplant to see if we could get a dog

- you’re in my phone as “that loser who keeps texting me” and I’m in your phone as “how about no”

- we don’t call each other’s names when we need each other anymore we make dolphin sounds

- I have a goldfish named Prince Bubbles and I love him and when you made a commitment to me you made a commitment to him

- you have terrible taste in furniture no you don’t get to make these decisions alone anymore I hate that couch so much and now I have to look at it every day

- your mom came over while you were at work with some stuff she wanted to give you and it included your baby album and oh my god you were so cute (alternatively: you were such an ugly baby I’m so glad you grew out of that phase)

- we’re pretty sure we need hazmat suits to clean out the bathroom

- you don’t like it and I don’t like it but you need to take a bath now, kitty

- I bought a squirt bottle so whenever you do something obnoxious I can spray you with water

- you keep coming up with the worst possible names for any potential children we might have someday no I’m not letting you name our son that

- the water’s getting freezing cold but you’re warm and so we should definitely stay in the shower together a little longer

- we’re brushing our teeth and we both went to spit and you spit on me guess who’s living on the couch for the next month

- I’m always cold at night and you’re always too hot so we built up a little pillow wall so I’d get all the blankets but it’s 2am and I still can’t sleep because I miss snuggling with you

- you went through my stuff and found the ring I was going to use to propose and how dare you go through my personal stuff that’s so rude and invasive but more importantly will you marry me?

- you used up the last of the shampoo and didn’t tell me what am I supposed to do now

- we went to a bar and yes I signed you up to sing karaoke can’t back out now

- we both decided it would be a good idea to have a parent at home to raise the kid but I definitely thought it was going to be you what do you mean you thought it was going to be me

- we rock-paper-scissors or flip a coin for every major decision and you know it’s worked out pretty well for us

- you SAY you didn’t eat in bed but these crumbs say differently you’re not nearly as sly as you think

- that’s my shirt you’re wearing and usually I’m okay with that because you’re so cute in my clothes but I wanted to wear it and it’s mine so I get priority

- it’s ridiculously hot this summer and we’ve started just hanging out naked and it doesn’t really affect me anymore (most of the time) (bonus: someone’s coming to visit in like 10 minutes can you PLEASE put on some pants)

- you finally met my parents and they absolutely hate you but I love you so I hope you stick around

What was it like to wake up after having never gone to sleep? That was when you were born. You see, You cant have a experience of nothing, nature abhors a vacuum. So after your dead the only thing that can happen is the same experience, or the same sort of experience, as when you were born
—  Alan Watts

The continuing adventures of bffs Eiffel and Minkowski on earth:

• “if we were the last two people on this planet would you marry me?” / “no.” / “oh thank god I was just thinking about, like, taxes.” / “still no.”
• Eiffel and Minkowski holding hands one night during a thunderstorm, the rain and wind battering their door and windows. They grip tight, tethering themselves to the earth, to the only thing that makes sense. When the storm passes they sit side by side on the sofa, hands around mugs or bags of chips, in silence. Neither of them sleep on nights like that.
• Minkowski feeling guilty about making acquaintances in the neighbourhood because nobody she made friends with in the past stuck around for long. She’s plagued with paranoia and restless anxiety, even looking the butcher in the eye when she buys deli meats makes her heart pound with worry . She’s wrapped up in fear of a history she was part of, but doesn’t exist
• Eiffel more or less refuses to leave the house, preferring to spend his time in the shower or perched on kitchen counter tops like a child. “I don’t like my feet touching the floor sometimes.” / “sometimes I think you just say that so you don’t have to vacuum it.”
• “hey Minkowski, you’re my best friend.” / “I’ve killed people.” / “eh. Details.”

reioka  asked:

Cryptid Keanu has given me an idea: Non-Power AU with Cryptid Tony. The Avengers all live in an apartment building and they KNOW 53C is occupied but they've never seen him. "I swear to God I saw a person-shaped blob in the window when I was in the dumpster," Clint insists. "I think I once saw a goatee," Natasha says. "And then nothing." "I saw a tiny person," Bucky says. "Not--not tiny, just... small," Steve adds. "Why are you doing this to my tenants," Fury asks tiredly. "Giggles," Tony answers

This is an awesome idea. Especially if Tony starts doing strange Cryptid things on purpose just to mess with them even more. “The hall lights were out, but I swear I saw eyes gleaming down there.” “Maybe it’s a cat?” “A cat? Occupies 53C? Dude. Besides, the eyes were human height. Tiny human, but still human.”

“Did…did something weird happen with your shoes?” “How did you know?” “Well, um, are these yours?” “My Manolos!” “I don’t know how they wound up in my apartment.” “Do you think we’re haunted?” “The ghost of 53C.” “No way it’s a ghost. I’ve heard noises. Solid noises.” “Ghosts make noises.” “You’re all idiots.”

“Okay. It’s definitely a person. Or alive. I heard the toilet flush.” “How is that proof?” “Why the hell would a ghost need a toilet?” “Moaning Myrtle.” “So you’re saying 53C is a toilet ghost?” “…Okay, you’re right. We’re all idiots.”

“Hey, were…were those footprints there before?” “What foot oh my god! What the… Are these… swamp man shaped?” “Or they’re swimming flippers.” “So 53C is either swamp man or a professional diver.” “We live in a landlocked state.” “Are these…is this paint?” “Doubt it. Even if it’s swamp man, Fury would still kill whoever it is over the damages.” “So it’s…” “Flour. Vacuumable.” “So swamp man’s a baker.”

“Did you hear the creepy moaning last night?” “I thought Clint had another bout of food poisoning.” “No, he was out with me.” “So, 53C? Werewolf?” “Wasn’t a full moon.” “I thought I saw something in the hall the other day. Looked small and grubby.” “Hmm…ghoul?”

Tony keeps it up for four months until one day he literally trips into a trap laid by Bucky and Clint. “Hah!” Caught up in a net, Tony glares down at them. He’s covered in so much machine grease that at first they genuinely think he is some sort of creature. It’s only when they cut him down that they manage to make sense of his limbs.

“Why would you do that to us?”

“A guy needs a hobby. Plus, Nat thought it was hilarious.”

“She knew?!?”

“I always know.”


4:00 AM thoughts: I actually don’t have a problem with the new gen in theory it’s just they’re trapped in a narrative that vilifies and distorts the characters I grew up with and have loved for years so I can’t properly enjoy them. When they’re on their own and I repress all thoughts of how terri-bad the naruto ending was and how technically fucked up the world they exist in is I really like them but otherwise it’s just like be gone thot.