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Thor: Tony would make for a marvelous queen.
Sam: Keep your pants on, Zeus.
Scott: Gotta hide that lightning bolt.
Clint: Don’t zap him too hard now.

[Meanwhile Natasha calmly watches Loki throw Tony over his shoulders before sneaking away]

Nat: Hades thinks so too.

To Love, Or To Kill?

Bucky Barnes x Reader (1/?) AU

Anon - Can you write one where Bucky and the reader were dating but they got in a huge argument and are ignoring each other so when they go on a mission together Nat has to go too so they don’t fight too much. But when something goes wrong Bucky has to decide on which one to save. The reader, the one he loved, or Nat, the woman who helped him escape. And out of loyalty he chooses Nat and the reader lives somehow and they go mute because the one they loved didn’t choose them… angst and drama plz

A/N So I combined this idea with a soulmate AU that was brought up to me by the wonderful @hollycornish so, since this was a request that people anticipated and the soulmate AU intrigued me, I combined both and created a series! Special love for the wonderful @littlemissacorn and @buchananbarnestrash for helping me out! 

Italics are flashbacks

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When They Realized They Loved You

Bucky: He was at one of his weakest moments, having just woken up from a nightmare with an earth shattering yell. Within moments you were there in his doorway, asking if you could come in. Keep in mind, the two of you had just become acquaintances since he moved into the Avengers Compound. So you were cautious as you approached, Bucky’s chest was still heaving up and down and glittering with sweat. Despite his horrid appearance, you still kneeled down next to his bed and put your face close to his. You put your hands on both of his cheeks, brushing away the tears as well. After having a few moments of just reminding him of where he was, and who he really was, the shaking subsided and he finally looked into your eyes. Bucky knew in that moment that he found his true love.

Steve: Everyone treated him like he was some kind of lab rat that needed to be handled with extreme caution, or else he would shatter like a vase. But then you came along, fresh out of agent training and ready to take on the world. Tony lassoed your raw talent and energy, and brought you along an Avengers mission as soon as he possibly could. Once the team hit the ground in Russia, everyone realized how severely outnumbered you all were. Instead of wasting a second, you assumed second in command and got everyone out of their trances and into the battle. This included giving a pep talk to Steve that made him realize how much he could really get done on these missions. Just having you stand there, and whip him into shape was enough to really see that you knew what he was truly capable of as Steve, and not just “Captain America”. Steve understood then that you were the one for him, forever and always.

Natasha: There was nothing worse than the new cocky agents, and of course Tony managed to always assign them to Natasha. The two of you were quite the dynamic duo when it came to agent training, everyone knew that when Nat was near; you were too. So the idiot agent who tried to talk shit about Natasha’s past while doing exercises in the corner should’ve known you were near, since she was on the other side of the gym. But he continued to talk until you quickly silenced him by flipping him over and pinning him to the ground with your foot on his throat. After a few threats that could’ve gotten you arrested anywhere in the world, Natasha was behind you softly laughing and grabbing your elbow to pull you off the kid. Later that night when you finally told her what really happened, it was like she dropped the facade of being apathetic and kissed you like there was no tomorrow. No one had ever defended her like that, and Natasha felt in her heart that she had finally found her true love.

Sam: Having a good spotify playlist going on the speakers was a must in Sam’s house, and you were there to enjoy it all the time. Good thing you and Sam shared music taste, so you spent most of your time dancing around while doing little domestic things around the house. One particular Tuesday night, Sam had been on a mission so you knew you were good to put on your music while you cooked. No pants, hair down, singing at the top of your lungs was the picture that Sam walked in on. For a moment, he fell silent, in awe at your raw beauty in those few fleeting moments in front of him. As you turned around, you met eyes with Sam. All his mind was on was kissing you, and he put his plan into action. The amount of love he had for you had finally dawned on him and he was ready to accept it in his heart.

Clint: Being an avenger warrants a lot of bodily damage, so he always shows up on your doorstep late at night in hopes of you being awake. Patching him up became a regular thing when you met him from being an agent on one of their missions, but this time he seemed to be at his worst. Clint had not one, not two, but three bullet wounds in his stomach. It was a miracle he didn’t bleed out on the walk over to your apartment. As you were going to work on him, you realized how quiet he had been which made your heart sink. But lo and behold, he was only taking in your figure hovering over him, stabilizing his wounds. There was a faint smile on his face that matched well with his hooded eyelids. Even through the weariness of blood loss, he began to face this realization: he loved you. Clint loved you for everything you did for him, and for the person you are.

Bruce: After dating for over a year, you had grown accustomed to his frequent nightmares. Bruce would indeed freak out during these nightmares, but not enough to Hulk Out. However, one odd Wednesday, his nightmares were more aggressive than usual. He tossed and turned, which obviously caused you to awake to the situation at hand. You knew that he was going to need the usual calm down, but what you weren’t expecting was the agonizing scream that accompanied his restlessness. Any other person would have been terrified to be in the same room as him, let alone the same bed. But you calmly put one hand on his shoulder, and stroked his cheek with the other, effectively calming him down. He glanced over at you and sees the most loving look, no fear in sight. You just looked back at him like he was the only thing in the world that you needed, and realized he was absolutely madly in love with you.

Tony: Being Iron Man was dangerous, it was no secret to you or Tony. But that sure as hell didn’t stop him from flying around in his metal casket of a suit. He never felt that the suit itself was dangerous, until one afternoon when it suddenly malfunctioned in mid air. Tony could feel it shutting down, but he already knew what was going to happen the moment it buckled in the air. He knew exactly how far the drop was from the sky to the ground, and he knew how little time it would take for him to get there. The reality set in that when he hit that ground, he wasn’t getting back up. But the only thing he was worried about was leaving you alone, because he was so utterly in love with you. Luckily, in a spur of understated good fortune, the suit powered back up, before he started picking up speed in his descent. It only later dawned on him about what he had thought of in those terrifying moments, and he decided that night he was going to tell you how he really felt.

Peter: Since you were best friends with one another, you and Peter had made a pact to never keep any secrets from each other. You had both agreed that this pact would stand firm for the rest of your lives. So with the pact came the spider man secret, which was way more than you could bring to the table. Good thing, because you’re not sure how else you would have gotten out of almost being mugged by some punk in an alleyway walking home to your apartment building one fateful evening. Peter always made sure to keep an eye on you while he was out doing whatever a man with spider reflexes does. He swung from a nearby building as soon as he saw you disappear from the sidewalk. Peter was so fast in looping an arm around your waist, whisking you away from your attacker. After dropping you off right in front of your building, his arms wrapped around you in a bear hug. Peter teared up a little bit, being hit with the fact that he could lose you within the blink of an eye. It hit him then, that he loved you with every bone in his body.

Pietro: Nothing stopped Pietro from constantly zooming around to do literally everything. Brushing his teeth took a maximum of ten seconds. He scarfed food down without so much as an inhale of breath, and he even fast forwarded TV programs to watch them. But when you came around and stepped into his life, Pietro never wanted to be in fast forward again. He wanted to spend as much time as he could with you, even though that meant slowing himself down indefinitely. Pietro was one hundred percent willing to slow down so you could keep up in doing everyday things, like brushing your teeth, and eating food, and watching TV. Everything in life he wanted to last as long as possible, and it then he realized he was madly in love with you.

Scott: Being the worry wart he is, he never really went on dates in fear of them finding out about his criminal past. Until you came along. The two of you had met through a mutual friend, and had immediately taken a liking to each other. So you went on a date, which turned into two, then a bunch more, finally becoming a couple. Everything that could have possibly been shared between the two of you was out in the open for one another, including stuff about the past. Scott didn’t really want to bring it into play, because based on past judgements, dates didn’t find felonies appealing. But you were different. You weren’t sure if it was attractive or just didn’t matter, but you didn’t mind them. This shocked him, right into realizing how amazing you were. He took that as a sign that you would forgive him of his shortcomings, flaws, and mistakes and love him anyway. Which was true, and only made him fall deeply in love with you.

Loki: Contrary to popular belief, Loki was very pleasant to be around. Nobody gave him enough of a chance to realize this, though. Except you. You had grown up with him and Thor on Asgard, and nothing had changed about either of them. Thor was still loud and full of joy, and Loki was still reserved and snarky. That wouldn’t ever change. You knew him to be very mild, and was drawn to that about him, which is why you were always around him and not Thor. You had never left his side, and he knew that you never would. It wasn’t commendable, considering everything he had done on Earth. But nevertheless, you were there with him. Loki found a shred of happiness in that, and he held it sacred to his heart. Nothing else in his life made him nearly as happy as you did. He couldn’t tell if it was love, and you would never tell him that it was, so the both of you never brought it up. As time passed, he realized that he was in fact, in love with you. When he finally made the first move, you gladly accepted him with open arms and a loving kiss.


Request: Steve x reader where the reader is a virgin because of low self esteem & she finally decides to have sex with him? - @iknowyouwuvme

Triggers: virgin reader, low self esteem, oral sex (female receiving), penetrative sex, after care, safe sex

Word Count: 2800+

A/N: I got a little carried away with this one, thank you for the request.

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There was always something about the gorgeous blond that attracted you to him. Even when you were younger your favourite superhero was Captain America. Your parents bought you action figures and posters that you showed off with pride. There was actually a box at your parents labelled “Our baby’s first love” that contained most of it. So when you had the chance to work with the man himself you jumped.

Apparently, there was something about you that attracted Steve to you.

On your first day he spent most of him time with you. On your first date you told him how much you idolised him. And the first time he met your parents they were all too eager to show him the large box in their basement.

There only one “first” you hadn’t shared with Steve.

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bloody-bee-tea  asked:

So could I maybe have some ironpanther with a side dash of natasha&tony friendship? If that is too vague I'll come up with a scenario but I just crave me some ironpanther and you write Nat so beautifully aggressively caring, I just need that too.

I started a different story and decided it would be a different post entirely because it wasn’t going in the direction I wanted it to. So I guess keep an eye out for that other story too? Anyway, I hope you like it! Look out for under the cut! (Can anyone tell that I have difficulty figuring out how to write T’Challa and Shuri’s speech patterns lol?)

This work can also be found on my Ao3 here.

Natasha Romanova was a menace.

“You are pouting,” Shuri said, not even bothering to hide her grin.

T’Challa crossed his arms over his chest. “I just find it hard to believe that every time I have a moment to spend with Tony, the Black Widow needs him for something she cannot possibly handle herself.”

Shuri glanced over at where Natasha and Tony were currently bent over a five-thousand piece puzzle she’d said had a secret message encoded on it. “She is certainly devious. I cannot think of one thing she has asked for help with that he could say no to.”

“…He could have done a puzzle with me.” His sister began to laugh quietly. He couldn’t blame her. His cheeks were burning having said it. What a petty thing to say.

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so the next iron man issue is gonna tell the story of how MJ and tony “spent the night together” when MJ was a model, and he doesn’t remember that, and here’s a perfect opportunity for bmb to do me a solid and have the issue actually turn out to be about like, how tony bonded with MJ in some non-sexual way and he did something to help her way back when or whatever, and she’s all “we spent the night together!” at the beginning of the issue bc she’s trying to be cheeky and bmb is trying to be misleading

vampires will never hurt you - pietro maximoff x reader

fandom: the avengers/pietro maximoff

word count: 779

character pairings: pietro maximoff x reader

warnings: none i don’t think. dad!bucky makes his appearance

prompt: we fell asleep on the couch together on accident, how did my hand end up in your hair? were you breathing on my neck?! (it didn’t turn out like this lol) (taken from this prompt list)

notes: uhhhhh it didn’t turn out quite like i was planning but i ended up finishing it so congrats @ me bc i decided to publish instead of tossing it. unedited i think. (ALSO THANK U TO THE CUTE LIL ANON WHO COMPLIMENTED MY WORK IT MEANT THE WORLD TO ME I’M STILL CRYING JJSJSSKSJ)


we fell asleep on the couch together on accident, how did my hand end up in your hair? were you breathing on my neck?!


you didn’t mean to fall asleep with pietro.

it was innocent enough. the two of you were close- closer than friends, perhaps, but you both were too shy to admit it. that was besides the point. the point was that yeah, you two were close, but with the unannounced feelings between you two, falling asleep together could come with it’s issues.

you all had just come back from a mission, and you were physically and mentally exhausted. your only thought was to take a seat, or lie down somewhere before you passed out completely. the first couch in sight was occupied, but quite frankly, you couldn’t care less.

you poked pietro’s stomach, and he glanced up at you from whatever american reality show was currently making it’s mark on the tv.

“move over.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey can you write a fic where Bucky and the reader were dating but they got in a huge argument and are ignoring each other so when they go on a mission together Nat has to go too so they don’t fight too much. But when something goes wrong Bucky has to decide on which one to save. The reader, the one he loved, or Nat, the woman who helped him escape. And out of loyalty he chooses Nat and the reader lives somehow and they go mute because the one they loved didn’t choose them

Hi! I’d definitely take your request but I think this has already been written before? I remember reading a fic like this?

Can anyone back me up on this? @mrshopkirk @emilyevanston @buchananbarnestrash @heartmade-writingbucky @justareader @feelmyroarrrr @themcuhasruinedme @bovaria @winterboobaer

Morning dances

(A/N): ehhh, I actually like this one 

Request:Hey! I love your writing and wanted to ask if you could do a gender neutral reader x Natasha? I was thinking something related to slow dancing while talking about something and just being fluffy and great

Warnings: slight suggestive themes

Originally posted by fearnothingexceptyourmom

  Nat and (Y/N) slid around on the kitchen tile effortlessly (fuzzy socks made for great ice skating), some soft, cheesy romance song played in the background. The two were as close as can be, chests pressed together, hands clasped tightly, forehead touching. The smell of unfinished breakfast hung in the air; coffee, eggs, and bacon. 

  Nat had meandered into the kitchen while (Y/N) was cooking and she could feel her heart stop. It was domestic, so much that it made her want to puke, but she loved it too. She loved being able to walk into her kitchen and see her spouse making her food, even if she had told them a million times not too. She loved the fact that she could walk up behind (Y/N), wrap her arms around their waist, and pepper their bare shoulder in kisses. She loved how she could kiss (Y/n) with no repercussions, or how she could damn well please dance with (Y/N) in her kitchen at six in the morning if she felt like it. 

  Nat smiles as (Y/N) softly hums along to the song, their own wide smile upon their face. “You’re adorable,” Nat whispers, her lips brushing against (Y/N)’s with every word she spoke.

   "So are you,“ (Y/N) smirks a bit as Nat sighs shakily, her lips almost touching theirs but not quite. "You know our food is probably soggy by now-”

  “I don’t care,” Nat whispers, shaking her head. “I’ll help you make some more,” (Y/N) chuckles softly as they pull Nat impossibly closer, so much that there was no space left between the two.

  “I love you,” (Y/N) whispers against Nat’s mouth, making the redhead gasp softly (she’d always been a sucker for barely there kisses). 

  “I love you too,” Nat whispers back, her voice quivering softly as she spoke. (Y/N) smiles as they finally connect their lips to Nats, much to the woman’s appreciation. 

  Nat hums (it was more like a whine than anything else) against (Y/N)’s lips, her dancing stalling for only a moment but Nat quickly picked the rhythm back up, slowly swaying along with (Y/N) as they kissed.

   "Love you so much,“ (Y/N) whispers against her lips, sending a wave of need and belonging throughout Nat. "Love you so much Nat,”

   "I love you too (Y/N),“ Nat whispers back, her lips barely moving from (Y/N)’s to state the words.

   (Y/N) smiles as they continue to kiss Nat, a slow, soft, loving kiss that had Nat’s knees weak and yet they still kept dancing, the danced to every known love song in the book and even after that they continued their dance party. (Y/N) and Nat would take turns humming or singing songs which made the moment even more sentimental. 

  The two swayed about the kitchen for what felt like hours, talking, singing, dancing. They danced for so long that by the time they finished it was well past the time for breakfast, guess there was no need for Nat to help (Y/N) Cook after all.

  "How about a late brunch, I’ll make some hash browns to make it extra special, yeah?” (Y/N) smiles and nods as they peck Nat’s lips, savoring her sweet taste while it lasted.

  “(Y/N), if you don’t let go of me then were never going to eat-" 

  "I could eat you?” Nat laughs as she pushes (Y/N) away, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

   "That’s gross,“ (Y/N) hums as they pull Nat back, wrapping their arms around the woman’s waist. 

  "That’s not what you were saying last night,” Nat blushes profusely, her cheeks nearly as red as her hair. 

  “This was supposed to be a romantic day, remember?” (Y/N) hums as they nod, smiling just a bit. 

  “If you think about it it still is,”

  “Not when you make sex jokes-”

  “okay, so cutting back on the sex jokes, got it.” (Y/N) beamed at Nat as they slowly began to sway again, making Nat chuckle softly. “Come on, I wanna dance,” Nat turns around in (Y/N)’s arms, immediately wrapping her arms around their neck.

   "How could I say no to that face?“ Nat chuckles as she presses a kiss to their nose, causing them to scrunch it up in the cutest way. Nat smiles as she rests her forehead against (Y/N)’s once again, sighing contently as she does. "I love you so much,” Nat whispers. “Even if you do spoil breakfast by talking about my vagina,” (Y/N) laughs, a loud, hearty sound that made Nat’s heart beat faster.

   "Best breakfast there is,“ (Y/N) winks at Nat, making her laugh loudly. And so for the rest of "breakfast” the two danced and gently kissed each other, they laughed and joked, and the two were falling deeper in love with each other as the morning stretched on.

Title: “It’s Deck the Hall, not Deck the Peter,” (Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Sam and Natasha put Y/N and Peter against each other in a hand to hand combat match, just minutes before guests will arrive for Tony Stark’s holiday party.

Word Count: 1532

A/N: Omg I had one ready and I was rereading it, and THEN I ended up not liking it so I scrapped it and rewrote. I LOVE THIS ONE I WROTE IT IN LIKE 45 MIN I JUST COULDN’T STOP! I hope you enjoy! NOTE: This has not been thoroughly edited so there may be some errors still.

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i’m actually super nostalgic for those old days when people talked about steve and tony’s relationship outside a Discourse capacity oh my god