aaa hello everyone im gonna start taking comissions for a bit! sorry if these are low quality it is just temporary !

the reason why im starting commissions (besides me being a poor fuck) is cause im going to a con next month and there’s one item i rlly need that i can’t afford, its like $18 and the thing is i need to get it quick the con is in aprox. 11 days and idk of ill get it in time. if i successfully reach this amount i might keep commissions going so i could get more cosplay items instead of doing diy projects for the next few weeks

so ! here are some examples, im not sure about the prices so come to me with a request and we can come up with a deal for sure !

but if i had to come up with a price range id say:

$3-5 for art simular to those on the top row

annd $6-10 for the ones on the bottom since they’d take longer !!

tysm in advance to everyone who rebloggs/likes this & who’s interested!!!