so I will


Poor Hugh.  Earlier in the episode Hugh was lamenting how Malcolm never laughs and jokes with him and the very next day here Malcolm is all laughing and smiling and happy and joking and Hugh is just as out of it as ever.

I know you’ve had a bad day, Hugh, so I’ll explain what’s happening.  You see, Malcolm is in turbo which requires doing a tiny little dance and a great big notebook wave that I think we all know is full of his lines

and he apparently also has a bit of a thing for trollops which is sometimes positive and sometimes negative as Focus Group Mary found out in 102

but whichever way can always been seen in fairly close proximity to Malcolm’s particularly demented Joker grin.

Got it now?  Good!  I won’t say Laters! though because that would just be mean and I’m not Ollie.

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Part 22:

(Warning: Long post!)

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what we need from aa6:

  • gavin backstory and kristoph’s black psyche-locks explained
  • return of e m a
  • trucy and apollo find out that they’re siblings oh my god
  • even like a tie in to dgs or something
  • explain all the loose ends in apollo justice
  • it wont happen but imagine if yumihiko ichiyanagi