so I was just quite and then that gif was seriously me

Happy 4th Anniversary, VIXX!

I seriously don’t know how I’d survive without VIXX. 
I know I’ve stanned a lot of kpop groups and even until now actually but VIXX is so different to be honest and I’ve never felt so attached to a group as much as I am to VIXX right now. VIXX seriously helped me and taught me in so many ways– they help me stay awake and finish all my school requirements (tbh), when I’m feeling down they’d brighten up my mood, sometimes when I just feel like giving up and wanting to quit.. they’d remind me to continue what I started. They taught how always be thankful, to always be positive, and to grow as a better person. VIXX always gave me inspiration and became my motivation in so many ways to be honest and I guess I wouldn’t meet my achievements without VIXX (and ohmygod this is so emo I don’t even know why im being this emotional i just–) LONG STORY SHORT: I LOVE VIXX SO MUCH,,, THANK YOU VIXX,, even though you also give me so much pain and i would’ve been rich by now but damn you guys keep on releasing stuff but it’s ok i still luv u all

THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL JOURNEY, VIXX!! and of course, this is not the end.