so I left it b&w

honestly though, hotch has had no story for the past like… few seasons??? 

Personal interpretation, but imo, Hotch’s arc with the reaper and haley and jack would have reached it’s full potential and been said and done with, after Hotch moved on with somebody else and was happy, hence the stuff Haley asked him to do/be when on the phone with him before she died. His healing and happiness would have ended the arc, it would have shown that he had created an effective work/life balance (what broke him and haley up to start with) and it would show that Foyet had not broken him, because Hotch could be happy and move on with somebody else.

A wrench was thrown in the works when Bellamy Young got her job on Scandal, not anybody’s fault, and tbh considering the fact that having her be there but not be there like Reid’s mom is would have completely stagnated the plot the exact same way as it has having written her out, i’m not overtly fussed by them writing her out, we’d have just gotten a total cop out the other way and i’m not a fan. 

But the fact stands that after writing her out, they haven’t come up with anything for Hotch at all. They have rehashed and rehashed the Haley thing, and yes, that’s always going to be in his life, but it sure as hell isn’t going to be the only thing in his life. With the absence of a figure like Strauss, minor conflict about his position as leader is even taken away. Strauss always kept them in line, you can say any justifiable comments about the presence of her own motives, but the only time she stepped out of her bounds was when she asked Emily for dirt. All other things she did were appropriate actions, because Hotch and the team’s actions are not ones they’d get away with and she was their boss. 

Nowadays they yell at the senate, yell at serious committees and whatever intelligence agency that was in 200, and play it off like they’d get away with it when it reality, best case scenario they’d all be reassigned, or worse case some kind of government body would try to limit BAU funding or try to wreck them totally. 

Basically, we’ve had nothing good from hotch since, oh, season seven? Maybe 8 if we’re feeling generous. The 2 minutes of angst at the end of Mr Scratch do not count, that’s not a plot, that’s a shock value twist, especially if Hotch can get away from any issues about it by A) apparently being really generous on his report of the incident and B) low key threatening that dude who called him on it (over a season later with 0 references to it inbetween), then it’s not a story, its’s a reference. 

Maybe they were going to give him something else this season, we don’t know, but Thomas Gibson’s best contributions to CM as of late have been his directing, which always end up being some of the few episodes of this show with actual artful cinematography, and to be honest, that’s actually what i’m going to miss most at this point. Hotch hasn’t been a major irreplaceable figure in this show for seasons now, anybody in a suit could rattle off the commands he does because nothing is personal with him anymore. They gave up writing him material. 

so really the #nohotchnowatch hashtag confounds me because really and honestly hotch hasn’t been a serious part of this show for literal years. 


rio and evie on their gay space roadtrip <3


me and Crona in these cute pink undies I’ve already drawn twice before. I had trouble figuring out the colours for the background thing RIP

both myself and Crona are agender, I go by she/her and the Crona in my art goes by he/him and she/her

don’t tag as #kin or #me

It sucks not being noticed for something you think you’re good at.

Дети, выросшие в таких семьях, кстати, обычно гениально врут, ведь правда редко ценится родителями-абьюзерами, и поэтому умение врать и скрывать свои чувства, демонстрируя взамен другие, «правильные», «одобряемые», – это тоже один из важнейших навыков выживания.

Okay. Giving the head’s up now.
I’m going to archive this blog. I’m starting over.
Because, and I’ll be frank…it’s getting exhausting.
I have FAR too many followers that never interact with me. And I follow too many people that I either never interact with, or…whom I do not get replies from.
So! Over the next day or so, I’ll be archiving this blog, moving to a new one, and readding a few people.
I’ll be blunt, I’m going to be a lot more selective.
It’s just…getting very tiring to keep up with things, the way they are now. It takes so long to get through my dash, my goodness! I hate missing anything ;o;
I’m here to have fun. And lately, it’s felt more like a chore than fun. And that’s not what I want D=
So, in all honesty…if we don’t interact much now, I’m not sure I’ll follow you again with the new blog. It’s nothing personal, and I’m not, like…angry with anyone? Though I know there’s been some drama lately @~@ I’m just…a very anxious person, and lately I’ve felt very overwhelmed and stressed.
Believe me, I enjoy all of you! But…when it comes to this blog, I just feel like a few start would really help me…relax. And keeping things smaller will help me from getting overwhelmed again. Clutter like that just does a number on my brain.
I hope that’s understandable ;w;
I will also unfollow everyone on here on the archived blog. Just so an empty blog isn’t stuck in your follower list or whatever, idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ll do that once I’m done to make sure no one’s lost!
So! Just a heads up. It’ll take me a bit to get things straightened around. But! Once I’ve gotten everything in order, there’ll be a new promo floating around, and I’ll refollow people I’m active with, and…we’ll start from there! n_n
Thank you all for your patience and understanding!
I really do care about each and every one of you, and I hope you’re all well ;w; This is just something I need to do, so that I feel comfortable and relaxed with a hobby I very much enjoy. If you have any questions, or…concerns? Just let me know!
See you on the other side!

BTW! ALL of the threads here on the tracker will be carried over! It’ll take me a little while to repost them all, but I DO want to keep them, so no worries! Odds are, I have it archived if it’s not on the active list, so I CAN find it again and bring it back! The ones on the list NOW are just the most active/recent - the rest are archived so it’s easier to sort through n_n


      Sure, Mukuro didn’t know everyone in town, but she could sure as shit pinpoint someone she’s never seen before。 Normally, she would just overlook any sort of new face, but there was something about this particular guy that caught her attention。It couldn’t have been the way he carried himself, herself being used to being around men who had an almost arrogant air around them。But how he attempted to keep his right arm hidden from whoever seemed to look at it, regardless if it was in a sling。

      She also didn’t hide the fact that she was blatantly staring him down。 Not particularly caring if he ever took notice of her golden calculating gaze。A set of manicured nails tapped against the glass of the table she was currently seated at, her head tilting to the side slightly as she studied the stranger’s movements。

oh yeah so my dad was gonna give me £10 per A* i got in my gcses and i was like “man… cant wait to get that £0…” because i am the A Man who gets As and nothing higher

then my mum came into my room yesterday morning like “ay i put £50 in ur bank because the A*=£10 is pretth unfair heh” and i was like …cool nice free money

ended up getting 2 A*s so I have £30 For Free and im gonna spend it all on trash

@wificonnectivityproblems tagged me for a kissing meme last night so woo here we go

rules: list ten characters that you would kiss then tag 10 other people!

this isn’t in a particular order; I just put them down as they came to mind

  • Amethyst (Steven Universe) adpfjafjaeipfjdl who didn’t see this coming tbh
  • Angela Zielger (Overwatch)
  • Kate Marsh (Life is Strange)
  • Genji Shimada (Overwatch)
  • Josephine Montilyet (Dragon Age: Inquisition)
  • Tavros Nitram (Homestuck)
  • Feferi Peixes (Homestuck)
  • Oli (Great Personality: Guardians)
  • Leliana (Dragon Age: Origins)
  • Aradia Megido (Homestuck)

uuhhh i don’t know 10 people but @x3-r0 @stoneshade42 @fr33p0 @maplemisanthropy if you guys wanna do this here you go! also anyone else who wants to do this can

(sorry if any of you aren’t comfortable being tagged! I’ll take down your url if so! :o) 

heeey remember when i said i would draw out the modern au dream that one anon had