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I Don’t Want to See You With Her (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt: Hii, I was wondering if you could do one with Bucky inspired by the song I dont wanna see you with her - Maria Mena from the reader’s POV maybe? Thanks anyways and your writing skills are amazing Xx

Word Count: 1636

A/N: So much angst. Light smut. Damn this just made me angry. Thank you to the anonymous prompter, you are awesome. Keep sending those imagines in :)

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hey y'all it’s ya girl charli and i just wanna say y'all should love yourselves because no bond should be stronger than the one with your own !! no one understand you like you do !! (and pst to my curvy girls: keep goin at it, slay every single hoe on the block you hear? )

so yeah y'all i really like flowers can you tell??? 💐✨

Maybe it’s just me

I might even be seeing things, but I just love how when Lucas was explaining to Riley the reason behind the jellybean in the box and he says “I was trying to decide what I needed to do” he keeps shaking his head and even rolls his eyes as if thinking “wow, how stupid was I, there was never a decision, it was always Riley” or something along the lines of. I think now that Lucas sees things so clearly he must look back and wonder why did he even let himself get caught on the situation for so long when he knew it had been Riley from the beginning.

Fuck, Holster

A mess of a letter that Ransom writes on his laptop

Fuck. Fuck, Holster. I have an exam tomorrow and I can’t focus. Not because I’m panicking over the exam- which, shit, I am- but because, fuck man, you just…UGH

Fuck. I keep fucking this up. I thought if I wrote it down I could be done with it and study, but I can’t seem to write it down. I guess that’s just your effect on me, eh?

Alright damn it, here, okay okay I can just start with this: you brought me my planner. That’s not an odd thing for you to do, I know, but it was different this time. This time I didn’t tell you to get it. This time I knew you also have an exam tomorrow (good luck btw) so I didn’t mention mine to you. You’d know I’d have a hard time and you’d focus all your attention on helping me, which isn’t good for you. So I didn’t bring it up.

But you knew anyway. You said, and I quote, “You always curl up in a ball like that when you’re stressed. Exam tomorrow?”

Insignificant right? Right?

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I have my eye on a Lego set at work that contains a Tiny Loki. I have never owned a Tiny Loki before. Do you have any tips or precautions before I get one? Should I wait a while for him to get accustomed before introducing him to the Tiny Tony that also comes in the set? It also comes with the scepter, should I keep an eye on that?

  • don’t let him into the kitchen; there are far too many sharp objects.
  • he’s already accustomed to tony! there’s no telling how long they’ve been trapped in that box together. if anything, they’ll both be happy to have a little time apart.
  • you have to give him the scepter, because he already knows that you have one. if you don’t give it to him, he’ll just pout (more than usual). fortunately it’s soft plastic, so he can’t do too much damage with it - but don’t tell him that or he’ll take it as a challenge.

in general, i find it’s easier to get along with a tiny loki if he has someone else to pick on, erm, subjugate. my first tiny loki came with a hawkeye, who makes an excellent minion - i’m not sure if your tony will fit that bill, though. you’ll have to keep an eye on your loki to make sure he’s not trying to subjugate your pets, small children, or house plants.

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Namjoon got a heat stroke, thats not because he's over worked. Let's not jump on the Bighit hate train when they are not responsible. Also jimin did NOT collapse or faint he knelt down really quickly and Jin checked on him. Bighit is seriously the only company that actually gives a damn about their idols so let's not demonize them especially when they did everything right by not letting Namjoon continue when he wanted to

Why are you applauding a fish for swimming? Not allowing the artist to keep performing is basic protocol and it’s sickening that just doing the basic minimum is seen as amazing and caring when that’s just the norm to do in a situation like this. I’m not demonizing them at all, because they are in fact one of the better companies that do look out for the idols because a huge amount of companies would’ve let/made the idol perform, but at the same time, they can do quite a few things better.

They’re booking their schedules to insane proportions. And yeah I get it, it’s great they’re wanted everywhere, it’s amazing that they’re so in demand and at the top of their game right now, but if this keeps up, they’re going to be these lifeless boys that are just flown place to place completely exhausted everywhere they go.

Yeah I’m exaggerating a little bit, but that’s because I’ve seen it happen to other groups. It happens and you can see what it does to these boys.

The way I see it, BigHit is taking the ropes for the first time, that a boy group from such a small and practically unknown company has such a big impact and are gaining the attention they have. BigHit is trying to make as much of them as they can, which is understandable. And they want to have BTS in the spotlight while they’re still relevant because there’s so many rookie groups out now that it makes sense that they want to keep their momentum.

That’s exactly what bts did, they were these rookies that came out of nowhere and now they’re headlining KCON, doing tours left and right, breaking records all over the place, it’s a lot for BigHit to handle.

But really, I applaud them for taking this fame really well. But of course Namjoon would want to continue performing. It’s already happened before where he couldn’t be there with them, and he doesn’t want it to happen again. Taehyung and Yoongi almost fainting, Namjoon hurting his hand a few times, Jin doing the same, Jimin fainting in Japan a while ago, Jungkook getting sick and missing a show, they want to perform together as 7 members. And they want to do everything they can to stay like that, but things happen.

I think I have to sell her :(

Frank enters the DR
  • Production:So Frank what do you think about some of the pictures around the house?
  • Frank:what pictures?
  • Production:You know the Clu--... You know the pictures
  • *Allison enters*
  • Allison:Frank there are pictures that give clues to a secret room. The secret room is (gives location), just act like you somehow got suspicious of some pictures even though you barely noticed their existence the last 5 weeks. And Frank, keep this conversation on the down low in and out the house and I'll give you an extra cash bonus, spill what I told you and I will have you locked away for all eternity in Alcatraz where you will be fed bread crumbs and sleep on a bed of nails in a cell with a fat gross serial killer do you understand me?
  • Frank:Yes ma'am
  • *frank leaves and just so happens to notice pictures around the house*
  • Frank's DR session:you know I have seen these pictures around since "the beginning of the game" but I'm a BB fan, this MUST mean something right? Because every single little detail of every house in every season impacted the game.
  • *Frank finds secret room*
  • Sees a letter:
  • Congratulations Fra-- Houseguest, you have found the secret room and with it have won 10 Coup D'états you have only until day 99 to use them good luck!
  • *Fast forward to finale*
  • Jury sits with Dr Will and discusses the Frank and Tokyo cat Bridgette broke Ep1 final 2.
  • Will:so who do here thinks the cat should win?
  • *everyone raises their hands*
  • Production:CUT!!! Allison get out here
  • Allison:Hello jury, this season was tailor made for Frank to win, if he was to lose I will snatch all the money you made here, make your companies fire you and leave you homeless on the side of the street. So *smiles* PLEASE *pants* PLEASE vote for Frank *starts to twitch*
  • *Jury sits on studio stage about to vote for a winner*
  • Chen Bot:*whispers to jury* remember what Allison said *points to Allison who is twitching and panting while holding a shotgun*
  • Houseguests:*pretends to be excited cheering*
  • Chen Bot:time to read the votes..
  • By a vote of 8-1 (not revealed who voted who).... *glares at Jury and Allison* ---
  • *a loud screech is heard*
  • *Jury looks over at Allison who is on the ground having a meltdown at the 1 vote for the cat*
  • -- Frank you are the winner of BB18!!
  • *Allison gets up in relief celebrates*
  • Chen Bot:find out who is Americas favorite when we come back!
  • *Allison drags the jury backstage*
  • Allison:alright which one of you fucking pricks voted for the cat?
  • *jury silent*
  • Allison:alright well do this the hard way *reloads shot gun*
  • *everyone remains silent*
  • Allison:Fine *shoots ground then reloads* WHO FUCKING DID IT!?!
  • *Jury crying yelling at eachother to confess*
  • Bridgette:Alright fine it was me! I'm sorry I did it, I love Frank but I accidentally broke the cat's hand off. I felt bad I thought the least I could do was give it a pity vote.
  • Allison:A pity vote huh?
  • Bridgette:YE---- *gets shot* (she gets rushed to the hospital and recovers)
  • Allison:alright get back on stage the commercial break is ending
  • Chen Bot:and Americas favorite is... Bridgette! Where are you?
  • Allison:*whispers into Julie's ear bud* she was shot just say you made a mistake and pick someone else, preferably Frank for more cash
  • Chen Bot:oops the winner is actually *starts malfunctioning* Jozea!
  • Chen Bot:see you next summer America
  • *show turns off*
  • Allison:Julie what the fuck!?!
  • Chen Bot:I'm sorry I--- *Allison pulls wires from Julie's back*
  • *show comes back on*
  • *World War 3 begins*
  • The End!

Let’s do that weird thing where I give you a face to put to the url and we can commence the comments about how frickin YOUNG i look and how i never SMILE in pictures and dammit why is my head always tilted funny and my eyes are… UUGH.

But I like my hair, so that’s okay.

Ezra: So I’ve been meaning to ask you about something.  Something that Kanan seems to keep putting off, making excuses or telling me to ask later.

Maul: Then your master has betrayed you!  Just this once I will assist you.

Ezra: Oh thank you kind sir!.  So here’s the thing I’ve been wondering for a while now.  Where do babies come from?

Maul: *sigh*

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Hey its ya boy Oakley participating in the love yourself meetup! (Also these selfies r shit idk man)

My chub. I have a lot of chub and I kind of look like a rectangle.
My nails. I bite them and they bleed and they are just disgusting.
My hair. I’m not talking about the hair on my head, I’m talking about the hair everywhere because there is just so much of it and it grows so fast.

My chub. It’s squishy and nice and I’m good and cuddling.
My nails. They help with my anxiety.
My hair. It keeps me warm and its satisfying to shave on the rare occasion that I do.

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ok can I just say right off the bat that I love your stories?? anyways can you do one where the reader has a lil bit of chub and doesn't rlly like it and then fluff happens?? thanks <3 [keep up the good work]

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy them :p
Sorry this one took so long; it really hit close to home and I wrote it on one of those down days that hit you sometimes (like where you just feel like absolute shit and you hate everything about yourself and yeah it really isn’t fun lol), so that’s why it may be a bit depressing lol fml, but I hope it’s okay!! X


You stood in front of the mirror and stared.
The shower was on behind you. You were waiting for the water to warm up until you caught a glance of yourself in the mirror.
Now you stood and stared at yourself until the image became blurry and you felt a tear trickle down your cheek.

Soon you were competing with the shower in terms of who could expel the most water in the littlest amount of time, and you were winning.

You eventually tore your eyes away from yourself and stood under the warm spray of the shower.
You looked down at your body and felt nothing but pure hate for yourself, and you couldn’t help but cry.
You had tried to love yourself, you really had; but you hadn’t had any success.

Suddenly, you thought about your boyfriend, Calvin.
Did he want you to lose weight? Was he embarrassed to be with you because of the way you looked? The thought brought a wave of pain so intense it was as if someone had stabbed you and twisted the knife in the wound.

You thought about the amount of girls that threw themselves at him every day and wondered if he ever thought about them; if he ever compared them to you and wished you were more like them.
You wondered if he was only with you because he felt sorry for you.

Sobs racked your body and you stepped out of the shower. You dried yourself quickly and threw on a sweater and comfy bottoms before going into the bedroom and curling up in the sheets in the dark.
Tears still fell - they were seemingly unstoppable.

Calvin was in the lounge and you tried to keep quiet so he wouldn’t hear you. The bedroom door was closed and you were in complete darkness; you closed your eyes and tried to breathe.
Why did these feelings just attack you out of nowhere, completely unprovoked?

You tried to even your breathing and you seemed to be succeeding to at least a small degree until the door opened and dim light flooded into the room.
You thought about keeping your eyes closed and pretending you were sleeping but it was no use - he knew you too well to be fooled by that.

Calvin walked quietly over to the bed and you heard his socked feet pad closer and closer. You felt his gentle touch on your waist and the bed tilted slightly as he sat on the edge of it.
‘Hey babe? D'ya want something to eat? I know how grumpy you get when you’re hungr-’ he chuckled slightly as he spoke and then his gaze landed on the tear tracks staining your cheeks. He stopped. Frowned.
‘What’s wrong baby?’ His voice took on a tone of urgency as his hands reached for yours, which were now covering your face.
He gently took your hands from your face and wiped your tears away with his thumb.
'Why are you crying?’ His voice was soft and his eyes were big and alive with concern.
You just reached your hands out for him and he understood. He lay down on the bed and you cuddled into him as your emotions threatened to take hold once again.

He wrapped an arm around your waist and you stiffened as a fresh wave of self-consciousness rolled over you.
You took his hand in yours and moved his arm away from your waist, repositioning it so he was hardly touching you but you were still snuggled into his neck.
He frowned and looked down at you.
'Why?’ He asked simply.
You decided fuck it, you were just going to tell him exactly how you felt, no matter how choked up you might get.
'I just hate myself so much,’ you whispered as new tears fell, but you didn’t even care anymore. You just wanted to get it off your chest in hopes it would make you feel better.
'I’m nothing compared to the girls that throw themselves at you on a daily basis,’ you rambled about how you hated the way you looked and then you paused, sniffled, and decided to ask a question - no matter now much you dreaded the answer.

'Tell me the truth,’ you began and shifted so you could see his face at all times, 'do you wish I was skinnier?’
Your voice broke as you articulated what had been running through your head relentlessly for the past half an hour.
Numerous emotions crossed his features briefly before he spoke.
'What? No! Of course not. Why would you even think that?’
His heart was pounding at the prospect that you even thought shit like that. Why didn’t consider yourself to be as beautiful as he knew you were?

He sat up, and made you do the same. You were facing him but you kept your head bowed so your gaze didn’t quite meet his.

'I just.. You could do so much better than me,’ you whispered.
'Stop saying that,’ he sounded upset and slightly angry, but you didn’t know why. 'Y/n, how can you think this shit about yourself? You’re fucking beautiful, baby.’

He gently put two fingers under your chin and lifted your head, making your eyes meet his.
'I don’t care about any of those other girls - and I never will. Because the fact is, they’re not you. I wanna be with you, no one else. You’re fucking smokin’ hot the way you are, and you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met. Why don’t you see that?’
His eyes glittered as they looked into yours and they were so filled with sincerity it nearly made your heart burst.
You just leaned into him and fell into his warm, safe embrace. He pulled you onto his lap and you cuddled your face into his neck as his arms encircled you. He touched you gently, glancing at you every now and then as if to make sure you were comfortable.
He began to slowly and rhythmically rock back and forth with you in his arms, pressing a sweet kiss to your forehead as he did so.

For the rest of the evening Cal held you and told you every single thing he loved about you and why you’re so beautiful.
You eventually drifted to sleep in the refuge of his arms far before he ran out of things that made you beautiful.
As far as he was concerned, every
single thing about you was perfect.


Someone pls tell me where I can get my very own Cal bc honestly I just need a Calvin Cuddle™ sometimes and he ain’t here. :(
Anyway lol I hope that was okay and feel free to drop by my ask to request something or even just for a lil chat!! :) luv u 💗 X

Okay so I know the DNC leaks have a lot of people upset (particularly Bernie fans and those who already disliked Clinton), but PLEASE do not let Trump win because of this. Yes, Clinton and her crew have done a lot of shady, underhanded stuff that we now have undeniable proof of, but keep in mind that this is how the majority of politicians work. If the GOP had their emails leaked, I’m sure we would find the exact same things among them. Regardless, someone has to win this election, and it’s better that we vote for a candidate who has favorable policies despite their dishonest methods, than one who has both terrible policies AND a dirty track record. At times like these, you just need to pick the lesser of two evils, and in this case, that’s Clinton.

spam/virus notice

it seems mod carmen’s blog has been attacked by some sort of virus or spam, so that is why you keep seeing those gift card posts on here. i have been deleting them but i just want to notify you all now that if you see them here or anywhere else, DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS! if you do, make sure you change your password and probably the email that is linked to your account as well to make sure no part of your account is jeopardized.

Majoring in CS as a woman


@thisgirlcodes had some great things to say on the subject here, the only other thing I would add is that every time someone asks me what I’m studying and I tell them computer science, I hear nothing but support. I have had some lovely conversations with people in the industry and made connections for future internships just by studying the same thing they studied.

So my point is I don’t know where you live or go to school, but I don’t think you will get as much resistance as you may expect for choosing to study CS. Even if you do, I hope you will let your interest in coding and working on cool projects be the main things that motivate you to keep going despite any naysayers. 

I love this quote that really drives this message home: “There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can’t. What you’ve got to do is turn around and say, ‘watch me.’”

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When demons posses people or angels use someone as a vessel they do not need to sleep, eat, etc. just basic human needs. But their vessels still work, and that's biologically impossible. So, then what actually needs all those 'basic things' are the human souls and not bodies??

I guess the demon or Angel occupying the vessel would be strong enough to keep the body in tacked and healthy untill they leave?

Slow, like the way I imagine your hair in the breeze. The way your eyes widen as you notice me, trembling. I’ve always been afraid of girls like you, and we’ve just met, and I don’t know what to do with myself. My hands are awkward, I’m shaking and my cheeks are warm. And if you knew I just wanted to hold you and keep you safe I don’t know what you’d say. So I say nothing. This is what meeting you is like. I say everything but the important things.
—  giraffevader - When reasons collapse