so I just went to the eye doctor

So I went to the eye doctor, right, and I sit down to fill out the paperwork like you do and the lady was like “Thanks, Doctor Doctor will be with you in a moment” and I was like why did she say doctor twice that’s weird but then I looked at the business cards on the table and his name was actually Dr. Chad Dockter and I looked around and the other assistant caught my eye and just nodded like “You just had the moment didn’t you”

The first read through of S4 how it went
  • Amanda : my baker street boys. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.
  • (*closes script*)
  • (Silence)
  • Mark: ...
  • Steven: ...
  • Ben: ....
  • Martin: .........
  • Mark: so...Ben what do you think?
  • Ben: ...
  • Steven: Ben?
  • Ben: ...*murmuring* they didn't get together?
  • Mark: what?
  • Ben: My character and Martin's.
  • Mark: Ben, obviously.
  • Martin: *snuffled crying sound.*
  • Amanda: Martin?
  • Ben: *passes Martin a tissue whilst patting his eyes too*
  • Ben:'s...just...they were..they were...*choked cry*
  • Martin: THEY WERE IN LOVE!
  • Moftiss: Martin, are you okay?
  • Martin: *shoving off chair and kicking over table* DO I LOOK OKAY?
  • Moftiss: ...
  • Ben: *tugging on Martin's sleeve* it's-
  • Moftiss: MARTIN!
  • Martin: you know what this is what I think to that *kisses Ben*
  • Moftiss: ....
  • Moftiss: *run to underground bunker*
  • Martin: ...
  • Ben: ...
  • Martin: ...
  • Ben: you know you can do that again anytime.
  • Martin: 😏

you how much the “you’re just doing this for attention” rhetoric affects people in a whole bunch of things in life. when i first realized i was bi there were months afterwards where i was like “maybe im just straight and im doing this to feel more special” even tho i had clearly acknowledged my attraction to other women and i had felt so much more comfortable w myself after accepting that. for a few months i was getting headaches and eye aches and i got glasses and they went away but for a while afterward i was like “i sure hope no one realizes i just got these glasses just because i think they look cute and my vision is actually fine” even tho my doctor told me that my eyes were stressed from over focusing to compensate for my farsightedness. every time i got sick and skipped school i was like “i shouldn’t play hookie i should have gone to school” even if i was laying in bed with a fever

[Image is a five-panel comic. Two stick-figure girls are talking to each other throughout. The first girl says, “So, I heard you went to the doctor’s yesterday.” The second girl shrugs and replies, “Well, you know what they say–another day, another appointment!” The first girl says, “Uh-huh, great–so you’re all better now, right?” Sweat forms on the face of the second girl. Her eye twitches.]

Just stop, Susan.

 “Yeah. Yeah - I am alone, yeah.” 

    “It’s better,” he added, quickly, before they had a chance to cut in, “travel anywhere you like, you and the open sky. Nobody to argue with. I went to New Foosh, just the other day. Just because I could. It’s rubbish, New Foosh. I like travelling alone. It’s fun.” It sounded like the Doctor was trying to convince himself, at least as much as the person who watched him. He stood up, just for the sake of moving somewhere, to get those eyes off him. 

   “Why,” he asked, in desperate need of a subject change, “are you here, alone? Odd, to be sitting out like this. You’re staying at a hostel, why not make friends?” 

I’m back

So we went to the ER, and by the time I got there, I was in the worst kind of pain imaginable and bawling my eyes out. Terry was so supportive, not once flinching away, especially when it got to the point that I almost screamed. Luckily, we went early enough that it wasn’t as busy as it could have been, so I was seen in just under an hour. I did get a doctor who kind of spoke down to me, but once I made it clear that I was not there for narcotics but answers, she seemed to chill out and take me seriously. And ironically, I was given IV narcotics, anyway, so go figure.

But here’s the interesting part: the narcotics weren’t the major factor in giving me relief. They also gave me a very heavy-duty anti-inflammatory called Toradol (or Ketorolac), and it was instrumental in getting that pain under control. I cried when I realised what it was and how well it worked; I was so amazed.

I then had an ultrasound that hurt so much that I sobbed during the whole thing, but everything showed up normal, even my gallbladder and liver, both of which have given me trouble in the past. My bloodwork was also normal. The doctor concluded that it seemed to be muscular or skeletal, and suggested I see my family doctor ASAP. I see her on Tuesday, the same day I get my cancer screenings done, which is fine.

I was initially told that Toradol was only available through IV, which almost broke my heart, because I absolutely refuse to use any kind of needles whatsoever for fear of misusing them with the ill-intention of getting high (I’ve written about my fears of addiction and how in runs in my family in the past, so I will not repeat it here). However, the doctor corrected me and sent me off with a prescription in pill form, and I could not be happier, as if it proves effective in treating both this weird pain and my usual pain, this could mean I could be on my way to a real, normal, human life again.

I’m still slightly stoned from the IV pain meds, hence why I’m able to write right now. However, I’m also starting to feel the lack of sleep and the exhaustion to drag me down, so if you reply to this post and it takes me a while to answer, it’s because I’ve passed out in front of the computer. x___x.

I want to now take this time to thank you, all of you, for being so sweet and supportive, leaving me messages of thinking about me and advice, as well as empathy. You have no idea how much that means to me, as I am unable to word it properly. Just know that it went straight to my cracked heart and soothed over several of those cracks quite nicely. I didn’t expect such an outpouring of love and support, and that’s purely due to my own stupid folly and thinking that no one would give a shit about me or my issues, and nothing to do with how any of you treat me. I am truly, deeply undeserving of such beautiful people like you caring about trash like me, but I’m also so grateful I’m in tears, now (sigh).

I adore you all so much. You mean so much to me. You mean SO MUCH to me. Please, never forget that. I know we live far apart, have never met in person, and only share a few common things, but to me, you’re very dear to me, and I love you as much as I possibly can. I would claw out anyone’s eyes for you - just point me in the direction and I’ll sharpen my nails.

You’re all so beautiful, and I hope to someday repay your freely-given care and affection, as well as your unwavering support and concern.

You mean so fucken much to me. I can’t covey it in words, so here’s yet again an old picture that will hopefully help:

Thank you.

  • Agents of Chaos: The Shadow Vortex ☆☆☆ 
  • Agents of Chaos: The Eternity Cage ★★★★★ 
  • Agents of Chaos: Eye of Harmony ☆☆ 
  • Casualties of War: Pretty Lies ★★★★★ 
  • Casualties of War: The Lady of Obsidian ☆☆☆☆ 
  • Casualties of War: The Enigma Dimension ☆☆☆☆ 

First, a moment of silence in honour of John Hurt ♡ 

Second, Louise Jameson is so good, and I love Leela so much. Third, I haven’t listened to any of the CD extras yet. And now, here are some comments and spoilers: 

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undeadsuits replied to your posti hope there’s more squadmates than the 6 shown so…

yeah I think thats it :CC but its not the surprising considering 1 and 3 also had 6 squadmates. they also said there would be non-squad romance options so theres def gonna be more characters (theres an asari voiced by natalie dormer on your ship)

yeah and i did read somewhere they were focusing a lot more on your ship crew so that’s nice. i had some stronger emotional feelings about the old lady doctor in the previous games than some of my squad. it’s just going to be weird since I literally went with Tali as a constant squadmate 1 - 3. i am very eyes emoji about Jaal as a potential M/M romance and what other M/M options there will be since that’s my jam.

God I’m in so much pain. I went to go see the doctor about my wrist and the pain my tendons, and he just said well just keep an eye out on the pain and noticed whenever your wrists are hurting. Otherwise just take an ibuprofen with food. I don’t know man, I just am not totally sure what the best plan for this is. On the other hand I’m pretty sure scrolling through Tumblr is not the best thing for my wrists even though I’m trying to be aware of my movements and whatnot.

I bought some light wrist wraps. But you know there’s only so much that helps. And I think I’m going insane from not being able to write or Draw.

@thewanderingmerc & i plotted a thingy and its gonna be awesomesauce

Bed 3, just got off the plane, massive burns and lacerations — guy’s a real hero so be careful with him.” They rarely added the last part on when they gave her a patients information. To her, they were all war heroes. Whether a wound was from sniper fire or friendly fire — anyone that went and fought for their country was a hero in her eyes. But this case seemed to be…special, and Caroline nodded as she took the chart from the doctor, flipping through the descriptions of his injuries before she came to a stop at bed number 3. “Mr. Winchester?” She smiled brightly at him, paying no attention to his injuries as she set his chart down, “My name is Caroline Forbes, can you tell me if you’re experiencing any pain? Any numbness at all?” She took out her flashlight, shining in his eyes. Pupil response was normal. “Looks like you saw some action, huh?” She looked him over, taking in all of the various scars, gashes, burns — trying to keep the pity out of her eyes. “Well you’re in great hands. Not to brag but I am the best nurse here, don’t tell that to grumpy with the bad knee though,” Caroline smiled, nodding to the head nurse across the room who was arguing with one of the doctors.

idk I just have this strong strong feeling that kent is actually allergic to cats but he had no idea when he got kit purrson and then when he finally went to the doctor after days of sneezing and coughing and watery eyes and Regret™ he found out he was allergic but he also loves kit purrson too much to admit defeat so he just pops some Allegra every morning and lets her sleep on his chest during the day and on his pillow at night, defiantly blowing his nose all the way

Words can’t even describe how happy I am! I finally got prescribed to start taking hormones today💊 As I left the doctor I was excited, but not as excited as I thought I would be…😓 Then I went to pick up my prescription and once I held the Estradiol in my hands I literally lost it. I started bawling my eyes out because I am so happy! This is just the beginning of a wonderful journey❤️🌈

‘You called me your wife!’ I said. His eyes went wide. (I love his eyes. Green, the colour of mystery. They’re youthful and ancient at the same time, and oh, I could look into them for hours. Days. Decades.)

‘Am I, er, being a bit presumptuous…? And, er, totally unrelated, do you happen to have your diary on you…?’ I chuckled.

‘It’s all right, I think we’re on the same page. I just meant, you called me your wife. So, for you – as well as for me – that’s already happened.’ He visibly relaxed.

—  River and the Doctor work out where they are in each other’s timelines (from The Legends of River Song: Suspicious Minds by Jacqueline Rayner)

So I wear prescription glasses and I told Jet I wanted Tiffany Sunglasses and so He ordered Them for me..just came in the mail! and also regular Tiffany glasses. Went straight to The eye doctor to get them fitted. We went to the actual store so I could pick my mom up something. Got a new ipad as well (excuse my face, took the pic late last night)