so I just went to the eye doctor

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well i meant 15 anyways, but meeting in the E.R.

Shit man this got super long but here it is, finally. Throbb for prompt 15. (Yeah, I honestly can’t remember how my one trip to the ER went down, so just… go with it.) I had, like, a lot of fun writing this… keep em coming, friends! ✩ 

Robb rubs his eyes. It’s been a long shift, long enough that he’s begun to question why the fuck he decided to become a doctor. Helping people is great, he thinks, knocking back what seems like the millionth coffee of the night, but twelve hour graveyard shifts are not as exciting as one would think. Mainly tiring. And, at the so-called “exciting” moments, pretty damn stressful. 

"Stark, they need you again. Room 42." 

Robb glances up, stifling a yawn as Margaery, one of the nurses strides into the room, smiling brightly in the fluorescent lights and 2 am radio static. 

"Alright. What kind of situation is it?" Robb gets to his feet, already buzzing with adrenaline. Now that there’s something on the line, he knows he doesn’t have time to sit around, feeling tired. 

Margaery sighs. “Some young guy, with.. his boyfriend, I guess?” Her nose crinkles slightly. “He’s banged up all over, in for a broken ankle. The other guy claims he ‘fell down some stairs’.” The young woman’s last few words drip disbelief. “Personally, my money’s on him being beaten up by the other one. Guy’s a real creep.” 

"Got it." Robb doesn’t say anything else, just rolls up his sleeves and slides on his jacket. Being a doctor, he sees a lot of injuries each day, but nothing really bothers him the way domestic abuse does, and god knows he has his reasons for it. He should never have let his little sister date that little shit Joff… 

Mentally shaking his head, Robb thanks Margaery for prompting him, and heads towards room 42. It’s ways down the hall, but Robb covers the distance in less than a minute, his sneakered feet soundless on the polished floors. 

"Hello?" Robb knocks once on the door, for show, really, before making his way into the small room. 

"Hello there, are you the doctor?" 

The man who addresses Robb is a fleshy man with odd, light gray eyes. He smiles unnervingly widely, his lips pink. 

"Yes, I’m Dr. Robb Stark." He glances at the man again, and then at the one on the hospital bed. 

The injured man is painfully thin- Robb can tell even through his faded gray T-shirt and baggy sweatpants that he hasn’t had a real meal in a while, and while his face is marred only by the deep bags beneath his eyes, when he shifts his weight, Robb glimpses a galaxy of purplish bruises flowering across his ribcage. 

Still there’s something oddly attractive, about him… No. Focus, Robb tells himself. You aren’t here to ogle the patients. You’re here to heal them

"What’s your name?" Robb asks.

The man starts, and then runs a shaking hand through his curling brown hair. “Theon Greyjoy,” he mumbles, staring at one Converse-clad foot. 

"Well, Theon, what seems to be the trouble?" Robb can deduce well enough what happened. Margaery had been on to something when she thought the guy was being abused. Robb remembers Sansa when she was in that situation, remembers her carefully hidden bruises and the fear in her eyes when she thought no one was listening. 

"Oh, Theon tripped and fell down some stairs, and now his ankle is bothering him." The other man’s voice is dripping condescenion, even while he smiles. "You’re so clumsy, darling, aren’t you?" 

Theon mutters something, looking down. 

"And who are you?" asks Robb, directing his gaze towards the pale-eyed man. 

"I’m Theon’s boyfriend. Ramsay Sn-Bolton." He smiles again, and Robb decides he does not like this guy. There’s something a little off about him. Sansa would say there was something weird about his aura, and while Robb normally assumes all of that new age shit is just that, he can’t think of a better way to phrase his distaste for Ramsay. 

"I see. Well-" Robb clears his throat, putting on his most professional voice. "It’s been a real pleasure meeting you-" lie, ”- and I can assure you that I will make sure Theon is in perfect condition-” true, "but I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to leave, Ramsay." He smiles, a little sadly, he hopes. "Hospital policy. You know." 

Ramsay sucks in a deep breath, his jaw tightening, and out of the corner of his eye, Robb can see Theon shrinking back against the wall, his eyes wide. 

As if there wasn’t proof enough already that there is something very much not okay happening, Robb thinks, that reaction was telling enough. 

"I…see," responds Ramsay finally, gritting his teeth. He gets to his feet, a tall man in an odd, pink-ish trench coat, and gives Theon a long look. "We’ll talk later, dear." 

Ramsay slams the door behind him, and Robb’s damned if Theon doesn’t exhale a little once the other man has left the room. 

Robb smiles to himself. It isn’t actually hospital policy, but he doubts that Ramsay will say anything about it. And if he does- well, Robb’s sure there’s a clause somewhere in a rule about abusive relations not being allowed in without consent. 

"So. About your leg…" Robb takes a seat next to Theon. Not that he doesn’t usually care about patients, but there is something particularly endearing about the gaunt man beside him, something that makes him want to go above and beyond and really make sure that he’s alright. 

Theon heaves a shaky sigh, and leans his head back against a wall. “I fell down the stairs. I’m a klutz.”

His words have a feelingless quality to them, as if they were memorized words, lines from the script of some dark production. 

Robb has no idea where the gesture comes from, but without even thinking about it, he lays a hand gently on one of Theon’s bony wrists. He feels like a bird under Robb’s fingers. Delicate and breakable at any turn. 

Theon stiffens for a moment, but then he seems to relax, the tension drawing out of him. “H-he pushed me. Too hard, this time, and I fell down I can’t walk now.” His voice is a tenuous whisper, and Robb tries not to think too hard about what he meant when he said “this time”. 

"You know- you could go to the police. Get him away from you, for good." Robb wishes he didn’t speak from experience. Not only had Joff been a little motherfucking cunt, he was also surprisingly tenacious. It took three restraining orders to get him to leave Sansa alone. 

Theon laughs, dry and humorless. “And then what? My sister doesn’t give a shit. My dear daddy’s in jail. Mom is mad as a bat and living with my aunt three hundred miles away. And my brothers- well-” he cracks a crooked toothed smile. “They wouldn’t hesitate to add on to what Ramsay has already given me.” 

Robb sighs. Theon makes a decent point, according to his logic, at least. Greyjoy…Robb furrows his eyebrows, deep in thought. The name sounds familiar… 

"You have a sister, you say?" 

Theon nods. “Asha. She’s five years older than me. Runs a bike shop.” 

"Aha!" Robb almost leaps to his feet in excitement. "Asha Greyjoy! That’s why your name is so familiar." He laughs. "I actually know her pretty well, not personally, but through my younger sister, Arya. She was an assistant at Black Wind over the summer." 

Theon opens his mouth, but then stops, gritting his teeth in pain. “Ah, my leg…” He trails off, looking down again.

Robb wants to punch himself in the face. He’s a bloody doctor, and he got so caught up in asking personal questions that he forgot to do his damn job. 

"Right, yeah, sorry I got so off track-" Robb gets to his feet hurridly, feeling himself blush as he kneels down to take a look at Theon’s leg. 

When he rolls up the sweatpants, Robb breaths a sigh of relief. It’s not broken, only sprained, given the looks of the swelling around the foot. He can treat a sprained ankle on his own, doesn’t need to send Theon off to some other specialist. Part of it is that means that Ramsay can’t come back in yet, but another, more selfish part of Robb is glad he doesn’t have to say goodbye to Theon just yet. Which is ridiculous, because he’s a doctor, and Theon is a patient, and it’s nearly 3 am and they’re in the damn ER.

"It’s sprained," Robb says as he crosses the room and takes a thick splint out of the cabinet. 

Theon sighs. “Ramsay’ll be pleased. That he- ah- that I’m not worse off.” 

Robb says nothing, because he thinks if he speaks he’ll end up saying something dumb like, stay with me and I won’t let Ramsay do anything to you again

His hands are deft and gentle as he winds first a bandage around Theon’s foot and ankle, and then straps on the splint, but his heart is pounding. If he looks up into those sea green eyes, deep and swirling and so, so full of feeling… 

"Thanks," Theon says as Robb straps on the last part of the splint. "Thanks."

"Oh, yeah, uh." Robb clears his throat, more awkward than he’s been since at least middle school. "Of course. I am a doctor, after all." 

Theon nods a couple of times, swallowing like he’s working up the nerve to say something. “Uh. Do you think I could borrow your phone, maybe call my sister. I don’t-” he stops, and then his voice breaks into a ragged whisper. “I don’t wanna go home with Ramsay now.”

Robb wordlessly fishes out his phone, turning away while Theon dials. He doesn’t hear what is said, but a few minutes later, when Theon hands the phone back to him, his eyes glitter with tears. 

"Are you okay?" Robb bites his lip. Theon looks even more upset than when he came in. 

Theon shakes his head, and then nods. “I’m- ah, fuck.” He looks up, and smiles at Robb. “I’m not okay but I think- maybe I can be?” 

Robb leans over and puts an arm around Theon. If anyone walked in, it is true that Robb would be pressed to think of a good reason why hugging a patient is a professional, necessary action, but when Theon presses his head against Robb’s shoulder and closes his eyes, Robb forgets to think of anything else. 

It’s only a few minutes later that a tall, dark haired woman that Robb recognizes from his brief time at Black Wind as Asha comes into the room, her long leather jacket and boots (okay, so Robb does get why Arya admires her so much). 

"Litte brother," she says, her eyes wide. "Who did this to you?" 

Theon sighs. “I- we can talk about this later. Asha. I want to go home.”

Robb feels like he is intruding as Asha comes forward and embraces her brother, but after a second, Theon turns and looks at Robb with deep oceanic eyes. 

"Thank you, thank you for-for everything." 

And damn it if Robb’s eyes aren’t a little misty when he watches the Greyjoy’s leave, Theon limping and Asha holding his arm. 

His eyes dry up pretty quick when he sees a text ping into his phone just a few minutes later, from a number clearly already in his phone as “Theon from the ER”: "How bout I pay you back with some drinks later this week?"

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Man, last time I went to see an eye doctor (at 25) I was told that I was in so much pain because one of my eyes got BETTER and the eyes just couldn’t focus properly anymore with my old glasses. (thus, pain) eyes are weird.


EYES ARE WEIRD i totally agree

im so happy i got things checked too, but you can thank x for all the prodding, and x and chase for the emotional/mental support because ha ha ha ive been putting this off for years due to anxiety about the whole damned thing

im glad its over

now to never go back

i have no idea when i have to go back but im going to assume not for at least a year, this is how long my supply of disposable contacts lasts woo


while i have you here:

your adoptables/your clamtrap species are MEGA cute and i wanted to ask about them

but i dont use da and i didnt know if i should send you an ask, send one anon or not (because what if you want to publish the question for other folks in case they have similar questions but i want my url kept out), fanmail, or just post it here and tag you for you to hopefully see?


Eye Care: Eyeglass World 2.0

I hate the fact that I am starting a sentence with, ‘I hate the fact’ —- so, a month ago I went to the eye doctor and got my eye exam. I had to wait a week with no phone call back for a pair of eye glasses which didn’t have the frame. polycarb bullshit blah blah blah They don’t look right on my face, and I am pretty sure come Wednesday, I am taking them back for a refund. I am just really pissed that when they broke (barely had them on for ten minutes before I realized they didn’t fit right) that I needed to take them in. 

So, I waited.

and waited.

and waited … 

See the trend here?

I come back Saturday, and they said, they’d be done in three days. That was Tuesday 2 WEEKS AGO.  I never received a call back. So, because my week is very full I waited until Saturday. What a huge mistake that was! I waited two hours because I guess they were behind. Ummm, weren’t the fucking behind when I got my eye exam done? 


They sure were!

So, after ten minutes after I had them on, and the store was already closed, they were loose again. I decided since we were already at urgent care because my husband couldn’t breathe, to, let’s take a stroll at walmart… (This is SUNDAY, the next day) it’s never busy there I assumed, so off I went. The wait was VERY VERY VERY short compared to the bafoons at eyeglass world. So, you’re telling me, I had to wait two fucking hours for a god damn pick up?! I was surrounded by some of the most inconsiderate fuckers, let me tell you.

Mind you, I have been sick and it was Valentine’s Day and I get you’re in a rush. But, if you’re continually late, behind schedule, and rushing customers to make a fucking decision I do not want your service. So, here I type at 11 o’clock at night because I have been battling a fever all day. I may want to take my business someplace else. I get you’re busy, and at all times there are only three optometrists, but if you’re going to steer me in the direction of, ‘I don’t give a fuck, and lets give her glasses that have no frame, and let me fuck it up for you some more.’ 

I won’t give you my business.

This has been a PSA for eye care everywhere. DO NOT GO TO EYEGLASS WORLD. Save yourself the strain, the eye strain /rim shot

I’ll be here all week, kids.

just got back from my doctors appointment, which went waaaaay way way better than my psych appointment. (my doctor is a very gentle and nice person thank the lord) i do have a stye, but he thinks it’s getting infected. i have an eye cream now, so it should get better in the next week. if not, i’ll probably have to go to an eye doctor so they can cut it open and drain it.


First Time for Everything || pirrikhiy

Don’t wander off was the only rule that Rose Tyler never followed when traveling with the Doctor. They had just landed in 1920’s Paris and while he was going on and on about one thing, something had caught her eye and she just so happened to wander over to it. She looked through the window of the pub and saw F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda among the crowd. She couldn’t believe she was seeing one of her favorite author’s and went to turn around to go back to the Doctor so they could meet the couple together.

In her excitement she didn’t really pay much attention to her surroundings and ran right into someone else. “Oh! I’m sorry. You alright, mate?”

(( Just a thought. Clara went throughout the Doctor’s timestreams, right? So she would appear in Tens. Remember Silence in the Library? The little girl whose head the library was in, brown hair and brown eyes, round shaped face very similar to Clara’s? For some reason I saw her and my brain processed her AS Clara.
So: What if that really was Clara? It would explain how on Trenzalore, River was mind-linked with Clara, and the quote “If she’s dead, how am I still here?” from River popped up in my head and I just??? 
Idk but headcanon accepted. ))

Any Advice on Tics?

Okay, this is kinda random but it’s been really bugging me recently. So besides having tric, I really think I have some mild tourettes or maybe it’s just some tics?

I first noticed the eye-rolling/looking up into the corners a few years ago, and I got questions on it and it eventually went away and I didn’t really think anything on it, but it the past few months it’s come back with a vengeance. Like, i haven’t seen a doctor or anything about it, but after researching it online it’s obviously a tic. I don’t have any others but this eye rolling thing is really bugging me as it seems to happen a lot when I’m working and driving. It doesn’t happen nearly as much when I’m at home and at my computer.

It’s quite noticeable at work because I work in customer service so it really looks like I’m rolling my eyes or not listening to them. I also think I’m maybe craning my neck and bit and it’s beginning to bug me. I even do it while playing sports and driving.

So yeah, so anyone have any advice or ideas on what to do? From what I’ve read it’s just seems like something you have to deal with. No real medications and such. Like, is it a stress thing? I mean, maybe I should go to a doctor about it but I’m very nervous with doctors and when I don’t think they can really help I would prefer to avoid them.

So yeah, does anyone have any experience with tics and such that can perhaps provide some advice on things that maybe helped?

So, we did this activity with sentence types a weeks ago ‘cause some kids were having problems. And my Simple sentence (which turned complex, then compound) was The Doctor began to sob for Gallifrey.

On the back, I wrote this:
I had thought about doing Castiel wailing for his lost wings, but Doctor Who seems much more appealing than death… repetitive death.
Where Dean has died over 100 times.
And Cas is no longer an angel.
And Sam went crazy a few seasons back.
But now they’re fine… kinda.
I mean, Dean was a demon (Deanmon, lol!) for a few episodes.
And Sam’s better, but his eyes just reveal this sadness that really shouldn’t be there.
And Cas is an angel again, but his grace is failing him… so… he’s kinda dying as we speak.
I hate my life.

i really should come up with more creative titles than tired as fuck

another uneventful day smh. literally i went to they eye doctor and that was the pinnacle of my day (if you’re wonder yes i did get more blind). either that or i’m just getting so out of touch with life again it seems like that was the highlight sos. um um that’s literally it i think. oh wait psych actually my naked on the run palette came and holy fuck i love it. plus it came with a ton of freebies like this shade of lipstick that makes me look godly and i’m learning to contour now too like if i aint fucking hot by move in day sept 11 i’m asking for a refund in life damn.

literally tho im going through a period of time where i just dont have motivation to do shit. i just want to go to paris and graduate and enjoy summer rays so bad. summer. holy this summer. im going to get so fucked up between france and summer and college and its going to be great. i know i’m having a rough time when i don’t like any guys like usually i’m a little bit happier and there will be exactly one guy i dig but i’m having a phase where it’s like oh he’s hot i’d bang him and then that’s it 

i did do some core work today tho bc it started snowing and i wasnt allowed out to go to the gym. now i’m off to bed for a sacred 6 hours then school and then a 6 day weekend



Joori lets out a chuckle before having a quick chug of her energy drink. (Exam season was just around the corner and she needs gallons of energy drink and coffee to survive this semester.) “Heck yeah it’s obvious. The way your face pales up a bit and the way you look like you’re cringing when hospitals and anything related is brought up says a lot, you know. But hey, it’s cool. I totally understand you.” Joori looks into the distance and gulps a mouthful of her drink again. “I mean, if I had to go through, like, almost a hundred or something appointments with so many doctors that I’d barely recall their faces but still be left with useless limbs…” she locks her eyes to the other and leans forward just a little bit, a serious expression painted on her face “I probably went insane a long, long time ago.”

Joori met Youngjae just a few days ago, sure, but he was a bit of a prodigy in the field of sports (specifically soccer). Joori was nowhere close to a huge soccer fan but she knows people who are and well, she’s heard a lot of good things about that so-called soccer prodigy Choi Youngjae. The guy was so close to his bringing his dreams to life and then the next thing he knew, they’re shattered like glass pieces already. It was plain tragic and if Joori isn’t aware of this, she would’ve insisted that there’s no such thing as hatred for hospitals.

"Pff, if you’re willing to own a phone as ancient as dinosaurs then sure." That was a lie and an exaggeration of course. Joori wouldn’t just give her phone away like that.  She glances at her wristwatch briefly then to the still-unanswered phone and then finally to Youngjae. "Well, if I’m not mistaken, it’s been 38 seconds since that person—whoever they are—started calling. It’s probably about something important—or it’s just your girlfriend nagging you—but screw that! Obviously, you don’t want to answer that anyway because if you do, you could’ve answered this already."

So my eye doctor appointment this morning went completely the opposite of what I expected. I thought my vision had worsened significantly in my left eye. Ends up it had actually improved quite a bit, and my prescription changed from -3.25 to -2.75, which is a pretty big change. The problem was that the curve of my left eye has changed, so my contact wasn’t fitting my left eye correctly. The new contact feels much better. My right eye had gotten slightly worse, so they altered the prescription just a little. 

But, I’m still having the weird problem where my left eye just randomly decides to not see stuff, and my right eye takes over. When I realize it’s happening, I shut my right eye and let my left eye re-focus, which takes 30-60 seconds each time. And that shouldn’t be happening. 

Maybe the new prescription will take a few days to make things better. If my left eye keeps refusing to focus and see stuff, though, I’ll have to go back (and spend more money that I don’t have).

This has been your narrative about my life that you probably don’t care about. Enjoy.


John’s deep voice boomed over the ear speaker.

John: Did you have the baby?!

Sylvia was heard leaving the room, slamming the door behind her.

John: Sorry about her, honey….We’re going through a tough time and she’s not taking it so well…

Octavia listened to her saddened friend.

Octavia: Yes, I had the baby. Her name is Lucy! And I understand…I just wish you guys would tell me what is going on so that maybe I can help.

John: You see, Sylvia and I lost a baby. She got pregnant at pretty much the same exact time that you did, but she didn’t know it at the time. We went to the doctor and we found out we were pregnant, quite a few months pregnant with a boy! 

Octavia gasped, hearing that her best friend in the whole world lost a baby, feeling her eyes well up with tears of sadness for her friend.

John: The next two weeks after the doc’s appointment, we were on cloud nine. We didn’t call you because we wanted to surprise you. Then, one morning, Sylvia woke up and couldn’t feel him move anymore…

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Alright so idk when but you reblogged the "describe yourself on anon and I'll say if Id date you" so imma do that. Alright. I'm 14, a female, I'm 4 9", I have brown eyes and a weird red-blonde hair color. I also like bands and Supernatural, Doctor Who, and How I Met Your Mother. I also like Disney stuff and Broadway stuff.

Oh haha rad, hii!
I reblogged this a week ago (i went back in my blog to check if it was just my dumb memory or not xD)

But yas I would! ^-^


I'm back

Hey guys haven’t posted for a while. My apologies.Neck! Just kidding. I sound really stupid because no body reads this so I mean… wtf ever. Anyways, I just thought I would get on here and kinda spill what has been happening.
So in 2011 I feel skating and broke my back. Ever since I have had a lot of symptoms. To name a few nausea and head aches and back pain and just pain that keeps you crying in bed. Well I have seen so many doctors I could fill up a book. Well recently we went to the mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota, to see a team of doctors who can treat me. Come to find out I have an autonomic nervous system disorder. It affects your organs meaning how you go to the bathroom or how you digest food. It also affects your brain and heart causing me headaches blindness or eye pain, and to faint and pass out. It also make my heart rate go up leading to more stuff. The nausea is a symptom as well. So along with this I have anxiety steaming from childhood life and more I also have panic and anxiety attacks. I just freak out and shack and stop breathing causing me to pass out and sometimes random. In order to treat it I have to change my diet exercise take medicine and listen to my body. I have to stay calm take my medicine, have good friends and support done let people hurt me an be happy. I will update you guys an if you have questions just ask. And hospitals are nit fun font let anyone tell you they are. So before this is to long I’ll stop and talk about something else. Peace out

Love a girl from Kentucky!


When I tell you I’m okay and go to my phone, generally means I want to be left alone.

Telling me to look at you when you’re talking otherwise it’s rude generally doesn’t help me to do so and instead makes it so I don’t.

When I open up about having SAD, I don’t expect you to tell me it’s nothing. If it was nothing then I would be looking at you in the eye, smiling and talking away to others not giving two shits.

When you call me out in class to answer when I haven’t put my hand up brings attention so kindly go away and leave me alone.

Telling me that SAD isn’t an illness after I’ve told you I went to the frigging DOCTOR just pisses me off.

When I have a panic attack and you tell me to calm down, I will bite you because I WOULD NOT BE PANICKING UNLESSS I WASNT OK