so I just keep circling and circling and I just want out


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I'm dfab agender and my mom keeps telling me I'm straight and cis and I feel so dysphoric and there's a knot in my chest and I just want to cry because I feel like I can't talk to anyone (I grew up in catholic circles) so everyone I know is horrified by anything related to the lgbt community. do you have any support, tips, etc? please help me

Hey there Anon,

Sometimes you have to look outside your family, sometimes even outside of friends and local circles, in order to find folks who understand and can relate to your struggles. If you keep looking for validation among people who just don’t get it or don’t even believe it could be possible, you might wear yourself out.

I’m glad you reached out here - there’s lots of great blogs on tumblr you can follow and communicate with that have supportive communities.  It can be very soothing and empowering just to read and even moreso to get into a conversation with even just one person.  I know there’s lots of supportive videos on YouTube, too.

Keep educating yourself and exploring your identity; it will help you build confidence. At some point you’ll be able to take the invalidation of others and respond with information, all kinds of websites and organizations that support trans and nonbinary people. Several of the big organizations - the HRC and PFLAG and GLAAD - have PDF’s about being transgender that you might want to share with your mom someday. Often when people get information from a worldwide source they have a much harder time denying it.

And remember, the problem is outside of you, not within you.  You will grow beyond your community and leave them in the antiquated dust of their ignorance.

Man, that sounds a little dramatic. But really. Chin up. =)

- Mod Aldwin

so i’m fucking exhausted today. last night was one of the few times where i’m just completely 100% ready to conk out by 11pm and i couldn’t, because of the damn ed sheeran concert. well, more specifically, because of the fucking helicopter circling around the area because of the ed sheeran concert. the very fucking loud helicopter. that was still circling around at 11:30pm. and keeping me awake.

and i mean eventually i got to sleep. but by that point i was just so overtired and i just didn’t sleep well at all. and so i’m just completely wrecked today. and then my damn computer kept crashing because the cpu kept overheating. and i’ve only had the computer back up and running for less than 2 weeks and i’m just so tired and i was ready to murder someone cause all i wanted to do was watch my fucking shows and it just kept conking out on me. luckily taking some compressed air to the cpu fan seems to have done the trick.

so yeah. and there’s another fuckiing concert tonight which means another fucking helicopter. so i think i’m gonna have to move my fifty gazillion blankets down to the spare bedroom. because it’s the only way i’ve got a chance of getting a decent night’s sleep. urghhhhh.

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hey!! just wanted to say I love your writing~ that yoongi x jiho fic was amazing tbh I loved harry potter when I was younger and this au was perfect! ;-; did you maybe think about writing more of it? (I'm not trying to burden or pressure you, I'm just wondering ^^;;) anyway, keep up the good work c:

I have actually expended my Harry Potter AU quite a lot tbh…I have a few of other fics for it:

The Second Circle (Kidoh and Jin at Hogwarts together)
Fish Out Of Water (Prequel to The Second Circle more or less)
If Wishes Were Fishes (VKook at/post Hogwarts)

And I have this series of gifsets + headcanons about bangtan at Hogwarts.

I also have a mighty document on my laptop of how I would sort loads of idols and yeah I will be returning to Hogwarts AU one way or another in future :P

Thank you though omg I’m so glad you liked the fic ^^