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sarah !! i love it when you talk about namjoon (he's one of my bias wreckers and a total sweetheart i love him) so !! what are your favorite things about him? like habits and moments on shows and such :'0

hdjshsksjksjskjs ok lets go

I love the fact that he’s not afraid to do stuff that will make him happier and feel better. Tbh I was really impressed by the fact that he changed his stage name. Because EVERYONE knows him by Rap Monster, yet he still decided to change it because he didn’t feel comfortable with it anymore. It must be scary to make that decision, you don’t know if the fans will like it or not (but we are Army, we will always support him♡).

I think he’s really brave❤❤, a lot of bad/unfair stuff happened to him, yet he never complained and worked harder.
He’s not afraid to talk about his problems and fears. That’s smt really hard to do in general, so I dont even imagine how hard it must be to shate this with an entire fandom.
He’s also not afraid to show his sensitive side. In general, society refrains boys to show sensitivity, but he’s not afraid to do that, that’s an other reason with I think he’s so brave.
He always wants to help people, when he talks about his feelings in the fancafe, he often says “we”, I guess he thinks that this will help Armys who feel the same. And he’s totally right.
He’s soooooo talented but he’s so humble about it ;♡;. He’s so smart too, in the recent interviews in the u.s, you can how mature he is by the way he answers, always really careful .

He’s just a tol fluff with a beautiful smile who’s always trying his best and wants to make everyone happy 😭😭😭
I love when he laughs and he hides his smile and im like NOO 🙅 dont hide it its beautifullll. Or when he does a vlive and he talks 56 different languages at the same time just for us. I also loves when he takes pics of the sky or smt like that it’s so cute🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
He always wants to make the other members shine, when a member doesn’t talk that much he makes him talk, if he feels that one of them is a bit out he tries to include him the best that he can.
He encourages the members EVERY.SINGLE.MINUTE. I love it when a members tries to talk english and he’s like “WOW URE SO GREAT, U IMPROVED SO MUCH URE BETTER THAN ME!!!!!!!!!!”

I just love my Namnam 😭😭😭


Request: “Hi cutie, may I pretty please request a sebastian stan x reader where they have a 5 yr old girl and 2 yr old boy and he’s been away for almost 6 months. And he misses his little family. So the reader decides to surprise him while he’s being interviewed by Ellen and his babygirl is shy and clinging to her daddy. Quiet the opposite to her baby brother. Fluffy fluff with some fluff on top. 🙊 Thank you so much 💋 -YM🙌”

Warnings: Cute as fuck, female reader

Note: (S/N) - Son’s name

(D/N) - Daughter’s name


The interview was going swimmingly. Sebastian leisurely sat on the plush chair smiling his way through every question thrown at him. You watched him from a tv in your dressing room that you’d been brought to with your kids.

“So since we’ve seen each other last, you had another baby right?” Ellen asked. He smiled thinking of his family.

“Yeah! We did.” A picture of your daughter popped up behind him.

“That’s you, (D/N)!” Your son exclaimed upon seeing the picture. Another one popped up of your son playing with your daughter a few weeks ago that you had sent him and he had posted to his Instagram.

“That’s you, (D/N)!” They giggled to one another for a brief second.

“Mama, when do we get to see daddy?” Your son asked.

“Um, pretty soon I think.” The three of you listened to the Ellen and Sebastian chat for a bit longer about your family until a producer fetched you from the dressing room. You shushed each of them as you began to walk towards the stage.

“Mama, do we get to surprise daddy now?” Your son asked impatiently in a whispered yell.

“Soon, honey, very soon.” You told him and then shushed him. The producer walked you to where you were supposed to stand and held up one hand to tell you to wait while he listened to his headset. He smiled at you and ushered you onto the stage. You could see the back of your husband’s head and hear his voice as the three of you walked closer towards him.

“DADDY!” Your son yelled and let go of your hand. Sebastian turned and saw his son running towards him. You watched the huge smile break out on his face as he stood up and picked his son up in a hug. As you came closer, he used one arm to hold his son close to him and the other to pick his daughter up. He smiled as he let the kids back down and then he hugged you. As the two of you separated, he gave you a kiss. It was just a quick one, it wasn’t nearly enough, but you knew there’d be time enough later.

You assumed that the show cut to commercial break as stagehands in black shirts moved his chair behind the set and replaced it with a couch.

“Are you surprised?” You asked him laughing as your son waved to the audience and your daughter clung to your husband’s leg. He placed one hand on her head and the other grabbed yours.

“Yeah! I missed you guys so much!” He pulled you into another hug.

“We missed you too.” You assured him. Sebastian gave you another quick kiss and then picked your daughter up as the four of you were asked to sit down on the couch. You quickly retrieved your son from the edge of the stage and placed him on your lap while your daughter sat beside Sebastian. His arm was thrown lazily over the back of the couch so that his hand was touching your back. You watched as a producer counted in from three.

“Alright! We’re back,” Ellen announced energetically. “If you missed it we just surprised Sebastian Stan with his wife and kids, how are you guys?”

“Uh, we’re good, we’re good, thank you!” You responded.

“Thank you so much for bringing them out! It’s been so long sense I’ve seen them through anything but a screen.” Sebastian joked leaning over and kissing the top of his daughter’s head. You watched lovingly as her little face turned pink as the crowd awed.

“Hi!” Ellen waved at your kids.

“Hi!” Your son said with a big smile, waving back at her. His sister waved shyly, trying to hide her head behind her dad.

“How are you guys today?” She asked.

“Good. How are you?”

“I’m good, thank you! Are you excited to see daddy?”

“Yes! (Y/D/N) and me missed him lots!”

“You missed him lots?” Your son nodded. “Do you know what he was doing while he was gone?”

“Um,” he drew out the sound, placing his little finger to his chin and looking up pensively. “I think he was punching Uncle Chris in the face.”

The entire studio erupted into laughter.

“He was punching Uncle Chris?”

“I think so!” Ellen started laughing again.

“I wasn’t punching Uncle Chris, buddy, I was acting, remember?” Sebastian said in between laughs.

“Oh, yeah! You were being … um … Bucky!” Your son placed his hands against head and listed them up in the air like “how could I forget!”

“Do you like it when daddy is Bucky?”

“Um, I think probably yes.” Your son nodded, causing his father to laugh again.

“What about you, do you like daddy as Bucky?” Ellen turned her attention to your daughter.

“Yeah, but, but I don’t like it when he has to go away for a long time.” Your daughter answered, still half hiding behind Sebastian. You used a hand to start stroking her hair.

“I don’t think I would like that very much either, but we have a surprise for you all!” Ellen announced.

“What is it?” Your son asked excitedly.

“Well, we got you a present,” she turned the side facing away from your family and came back with two hangers holding small Winter Soldier costumes. You watched as your children and your husband’s faces lit up. “So that when daddy isn’t home, you can still dress like him.”

The audience awed as your son left your lap and hugged Ellen. She handed your husband the outfits and hugged him back. Your daughter settled for a simple, shy “thank you.” You watched as Ellen closed the show and then gave your son another hug, then one to Sebastian, and shook your daughter’s hand. Finally, she gave you a hug.

“Thank you for setting this up,” you told her. She pulled away and smiled at you.

“Thanks for coming!” You smiled back at her.

Sebastian lifted his son onto his shoulders and you held hands with your daughter and the four of you walked off the stage together.

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Alucard, Trevor and Sypha find a miraculously survived child in one of the town the demons destroyed. They decide to bring the kid to the next still-standing village. How do they interact with said kid? (assuming it take them a week or more maybe?)

(I picked the name Ariel because it’s gender neutral) I’m going to assume the kid is between 4 and 6 years old so they’re able to communicate but at the same time not understand half the shit that’s going on. I don’t need more traumatized kids, Stranger Things exists for a reason.

Now, to the future!

• Sypha was even reluctant to step on the city. It had been completely destroyed. Burnt and mutilated corpses seemed to serve as decoration to every wall, a symphony of silent screams coming out of empty mouths; staring in outmost terror with dark holes instead of eyes.

• She explained they should not disturb the dead. Out of respect for what was left of their remains.

• Trevor, however, argued that whatever ravaged the small town did not mind respect that much, and that they would just take what was necessary for the rest of their journey to other cities.

• He may… Have implied Alucard should take a snack. The dhampir was utterly disgusted.

• So, the three carefully walked around, locating the different markets, or useful points that could contain any resources.

• Eventually, they did come across a small shop; apparently for stuff coming from other towns. Different kinds of spices, dried meats, etc.

• However, a sound coming from the second floor to the shop startled them. Something was moving, walking upstairs.

• Trevor signaled them both to be quiet, yet Alucard stopped him from going upstairs, sniffing the air.

• “Sypha, you should go upstairs.” He spoke calmly.

“… Why me?”

“Yes, why her?”

“There is no danger. But I suspect you might be more welcome.”

• Sypha stared at him with a raised eyebrow, but complied. She carefully walked upstairs, trying not to alert whatever was up there.

• She quickly noticed whatever was up there went to hide somewhere, as the only things in the room was a matrimonial bed, a single one, and a small wardrobe.

• She walked to both beds, examining them carefully. Blood. Just as recent as the corpses outside. The image of what might have happened sent shivers down her spine.

• However, she heard the faintest whine from under the bed. She took a deep breath, and kneeled down on the floor, nearing her face to it, looking under the bed.

• Two big eyes, shiny with tears, stared at her in fear.

“Are you a witch?” The small figure asked.

“No.” Sypha answered, still quite taken aback.

“Are you going to eat me?” Now this just broke her heart.

“Of course not! I’m here to help, with my friends.” She reasoned, extending a hand for the child to grab.

They seemed to have thought of it as human enough, because they took almost no time to crawl out, and embrace Sypha, who did not even have time to stand up from the floor.

• When she finally comes back down, Trevor is surprised to see her carrying a really small child.

“Jesus, fuck.” Alucard frowns and gently smacks him on the head.

The kid laughs slightly. “The scruffy man said a funny word.” Sypha deadpans.

“Yes. He did.”

• Trevor ain’t having any of this shit. He wants to get rid of them, not because he doesn’t want to help them, but because the implications of them being alone are just too obvious and quite desolating.

“What’s your name?” Trevor asks, not wasting any time.


“How old are you?”
The child raises the number of fingers. “Do you know where your parents are?” They shake their head. “Well…”

• Sypha just squeezes them a little, as Alucard feels a strong sense of shame and guilt.

• The silence that follows is almost unbearable.

• “Please don’t leave me alone.” Sypha’s eyes widen.

“Of course we won’t leave you alone!” She says reassuringly. “Scruffy man is just being grumpy, because he has no feelings.”

“Poor scruffy man.”

“Indeed.” She smirks triumphantly at Trevor, who just rolls his eyes and feels like puking his brains out far away from the corpses outside.

“I suggest we bring Ariel with us. At least until we arrive to our next destination. Unless, of course, we are able to contact any other Speakers in the way…”

“Speakers?” The kid questioned.

“Yes. I am a Speaker.” Sypha said, not really minding the child knowing.

“Papa said Speakers are good.” Trevor chuckled.

“The only decent man in Wallachia seems to have been devoured then…” He says before he has time to stop himself.

Ariel’s eyes widen in panic, and they search for an explanation. Alucard seems to have it covered.

“Do not mind the scruffy man. He is just sad.”

“The fucking scruffy man is here and he has a name…”

• Now, they have to deal with the kid not seeing the insane amount of corpses outside the house-shop.

• Which seems to be quite a problem.

• Trevor eventually loses his patience and takes his cape off, quickly enveloping the kid with it. “It’s cold outside, so keep your head in.”

“Thanks, scruffy man.”

“You’re welcome, tiny child.”

• For the sake of this kid’s psyche; let’s just say they’re obedient and just snuggled their head on the cape while Sypha carried them.

• After the city was far enough to avoid sightings and smells, they finally uncovered the kid, back on the ‘road’.

• “Are you a Prince, sir?” They ask after a while of walking. Alucard smiles gently.

“You could say so; indeed. Yet from a far off land.” He lied, yet did not intend to discourage the child.

“Are you a knight Prince?” Trevor had to stop his punny thoughts. Knight-night. What a pity.

“I do know how to fight, if that is what you mean.” He said, holding the child’s stare.

“What are your names?”

Alucard stopped, and did a small curtsy; more to amuse the kid than to actually apologize. “Pardon my rudeness. I am Alucard, this is Sypha, the Speaker; and this is Trevor.”

“That’s a pretty name, scruffy man.”

• Sypha is the one to become most attached to the kid; probably being the first one meeting them.

• None of them have the heat to tell them the truth about their parents at first; so they just hope they’ll gain enough courage within days.

• Alucard is indeed amused and certainly fascinated by such a young child, and starts wondering about how Trevor and Sypha might have been like as children.

• It is… Trevor. The one who drops the bomb. When Alucard is hunting, and Sypha is asleep. He just sits in front of the small fire they have made. Looking at the child now and then.

“Do you know who the Belmonts are?” He asks. Testing the ground. The kid shrugs.

“They say they’re mean.” The kid says. “God’s friends. I don’t like them. They didn’t like papa.”

Now, Trevor was curious. “Why? What did he do, or say?”

“He liked Speakers. And Belmonts…” The kid shivers. “My parents are dead, aren’t they?” Trevor just nods. The kid tears up, but says nothing. “It wasn’t the monsters.”


“The church men came before the monsters. I didn’t crawl away from under the bed. I just heard mom…” The kid’s voice cracked. “Then the monsters came. And…”

“No. Stop. Shhh…” Trevor sat closer to the kid, pulling them towards him. “No. It’s okay. You don’t have to think about it. I know. I already know. You were brave. You survived.”

“Thank you.”

“No. It’s okay. I… Just…”


“… Yes?”

“When you, Alucard and miss Sypha kill Dracula… Can you come back to me?” Trevor sighed.

“Of course.”

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So my parents have always been very close minded so when i came out it caused alot of anger, My mom started calling me names to my face and to her friends and every time i decided to cut my hair my dad would get so angry and mad as if i had broken the law or somthing, but recently my mom has started to threaten to hurt me because 'i was lieing' and apparently my dad has had enough of my attention seeking games so i feel im going to get kicked out soon. Do you have any tips to help me get through

Go back into the closet. Lie, tell them it was a phase- do anything to stop yourself getting kicked out, especially if you’re under age/have no way of supporting yourself/have no where to go.
You need to stay safe and do whatever it takes to stay that way -Matt

My puppies are now 4 weeks old. We are keeping one ourselves. Finally decided on a name in reference to my favourite actor: K. Spacey…. so we are calling our puppy KACEY (aka kacey spacey 😜😀) For me still the best actor in the world. And for all those critics out there… No I don’t condone his behaviour but I am not going to judge, especially not on allegations!

Infant CV02A decided to try and interact with Infant CV01; who just arrived a few days ago. She and the other infants did not go near CV01 so that she may get used to her new surroundings.

The technicians and other higher ups of the project have tried to take Infant CV01′s toy cat named Paya; who came from her Foster family, away. I had to tell them to not take it away due to the toy’s name being her first word.

-Caretaker of Infant CV01


I finally finished this! I was tagged to do the real one, ages, and ages ago, and I started it and didn’t like it and….anyways, between having unfinished work nagging me, and the JSE community doing some of these as an event, I decided to finish it. :) So, yay!

I mashed the “rules” of the two prompts together, so I’ll leave the normal prompt up top here, and put the JSE questionnaire in the readme below. :)

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Ok so I need your guys help with brainstorming.

I have to write a novel for one of my uni modules and I need help thinking of character names.

The basis of the plot is it’s a post-apocalyptic sci-fi kind of setting that’s set in the future and the main protagonist is a 17-18 year old girl named Luna. (surname yet to be decided.) Without going into too much detail the story basically revolves around her breaking the status quo of this universe she lives in and discovering secrets about the government regime which has basically been oppressing the people so that they can live in luxury. And then obviously having to fight against them as they don’t want her finding these things out and are trying to stop her from exposing them/ finding more things out.

I need names ideas for:

  • Her bother (20-21 years old)
  • Mother (probably around 45-50 ish possibly a little older)
  • Father (similar age to the mother, is currently missing and has been for quite a few years which is part of the plot)
  • Her best friend (female, same age, 17-18)
  • A kind of mysterious dude she eventually meets who is kind of a rebel/ fighter against this oppressive regime. He will probably be a similar age maybe like 19-20 ish.
  • Possibly a couple of other useful names for other friends and people that come into the story at one stage or another

There’s no real specific themes for the names I just kinda wanted them to be sort of fitting in a futuristic setting but not so abstract that they’re impossible to pronounce or remember. Like unusual but not so unusual that they’re confusing to read or just look like someone keyboard smashed.

Literally any input would be greatly appreciated bc I’ve been trying to think but my brain has just completely gone to mush and nothing is jumping out at me.

Thank you for your time ✌🏼

so for some of my really bad classes

i decided to like write “bad students” on the board and i told them if they’re bad their name goes on the board and they get detention and have to stay an hour after classes are over they all get scared and quiet down 

but one time ..when the class was particularly bad, i go to open my marker to write some kids’ names down and one kid just goes

“*GASP* DEATH NOTE” fdkgnfdk


i know parents day has been out online for a while, but now that it’s aired on TV i can finally post a few drawings of enid’s family!
this is one of my fave eps i’ve worked on, it’s got almost everything i like in it! im a huge sucker for vamp/werewolf couples and halloween in general. i was sooo excited when ian n toby first mentioned enid’s fam being universal monster types, and i’m real thankful i got the chance to help come up with them!

@dannyducker designed enid’s adorable witch self, and all the plaza parents you saw at the beginning!!!!
we threw doodles at each other for enid’s mom n kinda figured it out together-but we were pretty much on the same page from the beginning. danny really solidified her look with all the input we gave each other tho. i designed enid’s dad!! we tried looking for kinda old-fashioned names similar to enid’s for her whole family that we thought would fit, and ended up on wilhamena and bernard.
enid’s Brother was originally just one [1] slime boy in the outline……..but i wanted him to be more like a classic halloween creature. i couldn’t decide on a little frankenkid or pumpkin head, so i just did both and made them twins (if it wasn’t obvious, we just named them boris and icky cuz of boris karloff/ and ichabod crane loooool)

i also designed the ghosts spanky and crudde [kudos to @cartoonfuntime for naming them!!]! i dont have any concept doodles for those guys since i just went with the first thing i drew-which is basically what you saw in the ep. we don’t have much time to do concepts so we often kinda have to go with gut instinct and jump into thumbing everything out! @juliasrednicki and @brandonwuart did the beautiful final designs for the whole crew. they really actualized them and added all these really pretty details, they both went above and beyond!! and @kalidraws as always, decided on the colors for EvEryOnE and EvErythinG!!! so props to all of them!!
anyway i hope u enjoyed enid n her scary fam! i already have more doodles piling up to share later, and will probably keep drawing them forever 🦇🐺🎃🤢

Dear readers,

I tried to make this brief, but I think I failed.

Today on Twitter and Tumblr, I posted about piracy and the effect it had had on the publishing side of the Raven Cycle. Several readers lashed out at me and asked why I did not merely release an 11,000 word story for free if the publisher had decided not to release it — further, they noted, other “big name authors” released “loads” of free content and since I didn’t release “loads” of things for free, surely this meant I just was in it for the money.

I don’t have a lot to add to the piracy commentary that is already up, other than the fate of the Raven Cycle and all its extras are up to my U.S. publisher and so therefore the discussion is weighted toward U.S. buyers. 

And I’m not going to speak to the giving away art for free business. The internet has discussed this a lot already, and the fact is that if you take away a paying-for-art model, you end up only getting art from people who can afford to work in their spare time or art that is supported by patrons — both models that we have seen before, both models that end up giving you art produced by and for a homogenous and upper class group. So moving on.

What I will speak to is the “loads” of free content business, because I haven’t addressed this before. I know there are authors who do release loads of free content. Stories of all lengths. Still other authors release loads of extra content available for a low cost, stories and novellas, etc. I can very much see how this is thrilling to readers. However, this will never be me, for four reasons:

1. I am bad at thinking episodically. I think of my novels in novel-shape, and it is difficult for me to think of stories that do not exist within that plotline. Just write Gansey and Blue going grocery shopping, urge readers, but I can’t think of how to make that into a satisfying story shape that will not diminish the original novels, introduce world-building that I will later regret, and be satisfying in one sitting. So ideas come to me very rarely that fit the idea of an extra. 

2. My deleted scenes are 99% bad versions of scenes that exist in the novel. They are not me deciding to cut a scene of Gansey and Blue going grocery shopping. They are me trying five different settings for the same conversation. They’re not extra, they’re less. 

3. I have always been a slow or at least very exclusive writer. I have a year between books and it takes me all of that time to write them, to think about them, to conceptualize them. I hear about some writers who write their contracted novels and then, in addition, write 10,000 word fanfics. HOW. I am not that person. If I try to write any faster, or write two things at the same time, all that happens is that I have to delete bad words twice as often, or end up writing the same story with two different titles. 

4. I am even slower now. I had not posted about my health crisis, because I didn’t want to be that person who talked about their gout at a party, but here it is. Folks who follow me on the internet may have noticed over the past several years that I was posting with increasing frequency about migraines and brain fog. In June, I grew rapidly ill at a seminar and collapsed (I think there’s still a photo of me lying on pavement behind the scenes). I had to be shipped home, canceled a tour for the first time ever, and then spent several weeks trying to get better. I did, sort of — but even weeks later, I wasn’t really better. I had hives all over my body. My hair was falling out. I was weirdly missing abstract thought — some days I could remember my home address, but I couldn’t say it out loud. I also couldn’t stay awake. I had to sleep every four hours, and every time I ate food, I got even more tired. And when I did sleep, it wasn’t real sleep. A drugged, enchanted, dreamless, sick sleep. There are photos all over the internet of me pulled over by the side of the interstate to sleep because when a reaction hit, there was no option. There is also a photo of my crumpled Mitsubishi that happened when I was too tired to avoid the tractor trailer that ran into me on the highway. I should’ve realized sooner that I was having an immune reaction, but it snuck up slowly. Bloodwork ruled out cancer and lupus, but showed that I had no immune system left whatsoever. Since then, I’ve been on a low-histamine diet of about six foods (hence the photographs of the groceries I carry with me on tour) and I’ve slowly become brighter and more like the self I remember from way back when, 2015 self. I can write again, without words looking like foreign intruders on the page. Migraines have vanished. I still have to be incredibly cautious — every time my body is exposed to or creates histamines (dog hair! limes! plane travel!), it still produces hives or puts me into an instant drugged sleep. But I’m getting better. I just can’t do anything stupid. I also just can’t write fast. I will do anything to keep from going back to June 2017 Maggie. 

All of this is to say that I wish I could be one of those authors that could surprise and delight with extras. But for many reasons, I can’t be. I’m continually delighted that readers love my books, and I hope those will continue to be enough.



eta: yes, that’s why you no longer see me with cookies. No flour, no eggs, no dairy. :(


Ahh, it’s time for my favorite pastime of combining AUs with other AUs. This time I played around with @mist-lightning-snap’s kwami power swap by combining it with my (slightly altered) genderbends. I also incorporated @princessofharte idea of the kwami’s retaining their personalities same as before, with Jabii being overly-confident and therefore lazy because she’s a tiny goddess of good fortune! What could go wrong! and Yuun trying to be super encouraging despite the misfortune he brings.

Some other details for this au..within an au…

  • Jabii’s name comes from the Korean word 자비 which means mercy/charity (just added another “i” to fit Kwami naming conventions)
  • Yuun’s name stems from 厄运 (Èyùn) which is Chinese for “bad luck/doom”
  • I decided to switch Adrienne’s name to Aurélie, which is something I’ve been thinking about doing for awhile…
  • I gave Marin a Chinese name, 海明 (HăiMing) which means “bright/clear sea” to go with Marin meaning “sailor/of the sea”
  • Aurélie has blue/green eyes and Marin’s are now hazel
  • “Arlequin” is just French for harlequin and Aurélie’s is just the feminine equivalent of “minou”.. I was not uh.. feeling too creative in the hero name department today (so it’s subject to change). 
  • I haven’t figured out their powers yet but they will be slightly different from Tikki’s and Plagg’s…
  • Sometimes Marin wears his hair up out-of-suit but not often. Opposite goes for Aurélie wearing her hair down. She usually has it up somehow.
  • Marin and Aurélie only know each other in this AU as heroes! Not as civilians (yet)
vintage Carmilla fandom things
  • L/Elle/Ell/Eleanor Discourse
  • Is Danny a werewolf?
  • Is Danny Elle?
  • Is the Dean Carmilla’s mother (this question came up earlier for people who’d read the book than those who hadn’t)?
  • H*llence vs. H*llstein 
  • I’m not spelling out either of those because virtual fucking blood was spilled in that ship war and it still hasn’t totally died and I don’t want to arouse the ire of anyone in the tags
  • people stalking Natasha and her mom
  • I’m not sure anyone ever figured out why they stalked her mom
  • One time someone shipped Carmilla/the Dean and tried to hold a Carmilla And Lilita Week for people to make fanworks about them. 
  • Most fans were understandably put off by the idea of shipping someone with her abusive mother figure and nobody contributed except this one person who made us all deeply uncomfortable for a week in the tags
  • Stars and Candles (early name for Hollstein, before the current name solidified)
  • Carmilla’s bangs. that doesn’t seem like a big thing but some people got like personally affronted when Natasha decided to grow her bangs out
  • “See that subscribe button? You should click it.”
  • VerveGirlTV
  • Laura having no fashion sense to speak of and straight hair
  • Perry dressing like a Sunday school teacher. From 1987. 
  • Coming up with names for Laura’s dad
  • “But what if Carmilla’s not a vampire in this version?”
  • Yes, that was an actual theory. I saw it a surprising amount considering it was made clear from almost her first appearance that she was a Massive Vampireface from Vampireland
  • I’ve just realized Tuesgays and Thursgays are becoming a vintage fandom thing and now I’m sad
I did exactly what the form told me to do.

As my username implies, I’m involved with the HR Department at work. Part of the more occasional administrative duties I do is processing Change of Details forms when people notify us of moving house, changing phone numbers, etc.

A few months ago a form was dropped off in our Out of Hours box with a Change of Address. Unfortunately, it was filled out poorly. The form only had the first name (Let’s say the name was Tom) of the employee and the new address. The form itself asks for Employee number, First & Last name and the Old & New address to make sure we’re updating the correct records.

Since the company I work for is a large one, just under 2,000 employees this is obviously not enough information to even know who dropped the form off. I checked our records and saw that we had eight current employees with that first name. Since the old address wasn’t specified I couldn’t even look up the addresses for those eight to figure out which one it was. Given my workload, I didn’t really have the capacity to go as far as checking the physical personnell files in the hope of comparing the handwriting, so I just set the form to the side and continued with more pressing work, like invoices. Eventually I decided to just keep the form in a folder on my desk so that if it was ever queried I had the evidence to show I couldn’t do anything with it.

About a month ago we did a mailout to certain staff to confirm and advise of some wage increases. As you may have guessed, our friend Tom was one of those affected. After he didn’t receive his letter, he came by the HR Office to complain.

$Tom: I never got the letter about my wage increase! What the hell?! I’m entitled to this! I want my increase! <rabble rabble rabble>
$Aech: Calm down, Tom. You definitely have a letter, I mail-merged them myself. I’ll do a reprint for you right now, if you like.
$Tom: Yeah, that’d be good
$Aech: *prints off another copy of his letter and hands it to him*
$Tom: Well that explains a lot, you lot never processed my change of address!
$Aech: (*Internal Ah-Ha! moment as I remember the Change of Address without any useful information*) Ohh, did you mean this one? (*I get it from my folder and show it to him*)
$Tom: Yeah, that’s the one! Why the hell haven’t you done anything with it?!
$Aech: Well, you’ve only put your first name here. We’ve got about eight Toms total, and there was no old address to be able to compare it to…
$Tom: Well someone should have told me!
$Aech: … How would we do that when we don’t know who filled this out?
$Tom: … Ugh, fine. I have to go back on duty now, I’ll drop another one off tonight.
$Aech: No worries. I’ll be sure to process it for you first thing tomorrow
$Tom: Whatever…
$Aech: (Internally: Fuck you too, buddy)

The next morning, sure enough there was a new form in the Out of Hours box. Complete with sarcastic underlining of his Employee number and name. As I update his details, I see that he’s put something under the ‘Preferred Name’ option. This is intended for people to have whatever name they prefer as their 'First’ name on things like the company directoy. Preferred name as in shortening Matthew to Matt, Kimberley to Kim or somebody with an 'International’ legal name preferring to go by an 'English’ name.

For the sake of this, we’ll pretend that Toms last name is Jones. Obviously, Tom Jones isn’t his real name. I just went with an alternative that’ll help this bit make sense. Tom had put his preferred name as 'Jonesy’. He has one of those last names that can become a nickname if you add ’-y’ to the end of it. Apparently that’s what his manager and others in his department call him.

Since Tom clearly wanted me to update all of his details correctly this time, I did exactly as he told me to do and entered 'Jonesy’ as his preferred name. Once the intranet updated overnight, the employee directory now knows him by his preferred name, showing him as Jonesy Jones.

About a week after that change took hold, his manager sent me a screencap of Jonesy and asked why it was showing him as Jonesy Jones. I sent him the scanned forms and the short version of the story, asking if he wanted me to change it back. He replied:

Well, you did exactly what he told you to do, its right there on the form. If he wants to change it back he can do another form. If he’s a smartass about it again let me know and I’ll take care of it.

One More Little Tragedy of Darkiplier and Warfstache

If you haven’t seen the original post, it’s here.

I thought of one more thing.

Something I said on this post was that Darkiplier’s shell cracks because it “can barely handle the physical agony of having two souls trapped inside of him”.

Someone pointed out to me, “Wait, don’t you mean three souls? What about us?”

And at first I was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But now I’m thinking.

I’ve seen theories saying that, since Dark walks away from the mirror and we’re still in it, that he pushed our soul right back out, and that he had manipulated us for that chance to be alive again.

I don’t think he “manipulated” us for that, per se, but that mirror thing still bugged me… until now. (I think the gif might be from @markired again, but I’m not certain, sorry.)

Celine and Damien needed us to form Darkiplier, right?

What if… in those last moments the Colonel was speaking to us…

… we saw just how much Wilford needed them?

So we decided to let Dark take over, push us out even, so that Damien and Celine could follow the Colonel.

What if we sacrificed ourselves for this?

What if we literally saw how much poor, broken William needed his only support system, and decided that maybe… it’d be okay if we let go?

What if we let go in the name of love, and that’s why Dark walks away without us, because we see that Will needs Damien and Celine more than he needs us, and we're… okay with it?

This is some Shakespearean sh*t right here.

I know, it’s a stretch, but as a new-founded Wilford Warfstache protector, I find… a weird sense of comfort in this theory.

We might have made the greatest sacrifice we could, for Wilford, our poor, broken Colonel.

And I think that’s a beautiful tragedy.

– *tiny edit tim*

One thing that makes me think this might be true?

You know Mark Edward Fischbach would do it.


Since you guys liked the first list so much.  I decided to make another.  I hope the writing is going well.

  1. Write about the usual suspects
  2. “How does he keep getting in here?”
  3. Your character wakes up in a bed not their own.
  4. “No snicker is going to fix this!”
  5. “Who just steal someones right sock?”
  6. Your protagonist finds the villain’s lair.  What happens now? How about redecorating with the villain’s most hated color.
  7. Gratuitous love scene
  8. “We really need better people.”
  9. Throw in a storm
  10. He’s name was Charming Chase, but he was anything but.
  11. “This happens everytime I die.”
  12. Punish your Protagonist, like make them suffer.
  13. “This is the forbidden floor.”
  14. Describe a door, right before the villain bust it down.
  15. When at a loss for words have the villain and the hero kiss. (Just add some kisses anytime you get stuck.)
  16. “What’s in the box?” (Seriously what’s in the box that the protagonist is holding.)
  17. Have your protagonist go into the woods with just a pocket knife.
  18. Use “it was a dark and stormy night” somewhere and bulid from there.
  19. “Bees, so many bees.”
  20. Throw your MC from a high place, see what happens.
  21. “We need to talk.”
  22. “What happened in there?”
  23. Put your protagonist in a box.
  24. Burn down your MC’s childhood home, then steal the family pet.
  25. The lead loses a valuable piece of evidence
  26. What is your MCs greatest fear?
  27. Have your MC wake up in a bed and place not their own
  28. “Hand me that fork.”
  29. “What are you running from?”
  30. Kidnap your lead

anonymous asked:

Heyyyy welcome back to tumblr, can u write something about reddie? Literally anything, my days kinda sad

Aw no, I hope your day gets better! Here, have the most ridiculous idea I could think of:

  • So you know those lame Home Ec classes? Where you get a robot babydoll and you have to take care of it for a week to simulate parent hood?
  • Yeah
  • Eddie is absent that day they get the assignment, so guess who he gets stuck with, AKA the only kid in class who didn’t get a partner because everyone wants to actually PASS?
  • I’ll give you a hint
  • Richie kicks down Eddie’s front door, the baby’s head sticking out of his backpack
  • “HONEY I’M HOMO! Come meet your son!”
  • The baby is screaming
  • So is Eddie
  • Eddie snatches it from Richie, convinced that he’s going to be a single father for the next week
  • “What’s its name?”
  • “Eddie 2, because he has your eyes!”
  • “You’re a fucking moron.”
  • “EDWARD, please! Don’t use that kind of language around our son!!”
  • Eddie has an existential crisis in the middle of his kitchen because he’s holding a baby while the trashmouth is telling him not to swear
  • Trying to astral project himself back in time to punch Past Eddie in the face for missing class for a Doctor’s appointment 
  • But as it turns out, Richie is all in on this assignment
  • He macgyvers a way to turn his hoodie into a sling so he can do his homework without leaving the baby alone
  • They take turns with who gets the baby during the school day, and Richie thinks its the sweetest damn thing that Eddie keeps sending him texts asking how things are going
  • “Little E2 is great!”
  • “That’s not his name
  • It is his name, Richie already made a fake birth certificate and got a Doctor’s signature (Dr. B Hascom, MD) 
  • He gets extra credit for it too
  • They spend the weekend together, needing to write a paper about the assignment anyway
  • Richie accidentally falls asleep on the couch with the baby cradled to his chest, and Eddie just stares for a while before taking a picture so he can have the image forever
  • But then the baby starts crying, waking Richie up with a groan
  • “Eddie, I decided…I can’t handle being a teen dad. We should have used protection.”
  • Anddddd the soft moment is over just the like that
  • Eddie snatches away the baby from a smirking Richie, regretting every life choice all over again
  • He has the baby in one arm while he makes breakfast the next morning, and Richie teases him for talking to the baby like he’s real
  • “Let me bond with my son, Richie.”
  • Eddie and Richie fight over who has to get up in the middle of the night when the baby starts crying at 2 am, resulting in them both getting pillows to the face
  • “Ugh, et tu, E2? I can’t deal with TWO people trying to get my attention!”
  • “You’re a nerd Richie.”
  • They’re actually really sad when they have to give the baby back, and Richie makes a big show of pretending to cry
  • “They grow up so fast! Our little boy! Can you believe it Eds?”
  • Eddie rolls his eyes, but he can’t help but grin at seeing Richie act so responsible and soft for the last week
  • “No, I can’t believe it at all”

*feel free to add on!*

Lysandra and Falkan

We aren’t talking enough about these two. And we need to because I don’t know about you but this part:

This part absolutely destroyed me. I was crying for at least ten minutes and had to reread it several times and then had to message someone who had already read the book to make sure he wasn’t going to die or I wouldn’t be able to keep reading. More than anything else in this entire book, I could not handle this moment, for many reasons. 

First of all, I knew from the moment Falkan entered that he was important and would probably be related to Lysandra in some way because she is the only other shapeshifter we know of and thats how books work. Him confirming it though just made me so excited.

Second of all, because of all of this confession, we know that Lysandra has a family. After being abandoned by her father (who we know now definitely knew that she was born) and disowned by her mother and being forced into a brothel, this is so meaningful. And not only does she have a family, but he loves her and wants her and has been searching for her for years.

And Falkan’s line, which he was planning to be the last thing he ever said – and you know he must have been thinking this for years now – “I may have failed her in this life. But not in my death.” That is so freaking powerful and amazing and sacrificial and it truly shatters my heart that he was going to give up the years he’s been searching but he needed to make sure someone found her and gave her what he’s been saving up all these years for them – for them to use together to have a life. And as these words are spoken, as this task is handed off, Falkan knows that he will never meet her, never know her name, never be with his niece who is all he has left.

And then he survives, and Nesryn tells him about Lysandra and:

This part also definitely ended me because he is so happy and relieved and overjoyed to hear that yes, his niece is alive. And he decides to join their cause and come back to the Northern Continent and I cannot wait for their reunion in TOG7, I really don’t think I’ll survive it. 

Side note: Falkan’s last name is Ennar so that means it’s Lysandra Ennar (as long as Lys decides to take her father’s last name which I bet she will) and that makes me really happy because we finally have a last name, yay. 

TL;DR We need to talk about Falkan and Lysandra Ennar more because they are precious and their relationship is going to kill me.

Sneaky Sea Life

So this is my third session ever. I’m playing a Elf Druid named Heresy, with a bush companion named George that I share a mental bond with. Amongst our group is a Minotaur Fighter, a Tiefling Rogue, and a Human Paladin. Last session I was put into a coma thanks to a demon we fought in a haunted manor. This session, after coming to a cities edge, my group realised that the city had been invaded, and the ship that they were supposed to go to was in the harbour with the enemy. They decided to use the river to side skirt the town and loop to the harbour. Then the Paladin had an idea.

Paladin: “Okay, I cast Healing Word to wake up Hersesy.”

DM: “Roll.” *gets a perfect score* “Alright. Heresy, you wake up dazed and confused.”

Me: “Wh-What happened?”

Rogue: “Heresy, we need you to transform into a reef shark and scout ahead of us. You can use the mental telepathy you share with George Bush the bush to communicate.”

Me: “… Alright.”

Minotaur (OOC) “Jesus Christ that must have been the strangest thing to wake up to. ‘We need you to shark it up and talk through a plant.’. ’…K…’. ”