so I changed the bottom image and I like it much better now

thatsburstingintolife asked:

Hi there Seth, hope you're well. I'm using your theme 'Dérive' but I can't get the header image to fit well, can you help me? I'm probably doing something wrong. Thank you!

Hi! Thank you I’m doing great and thank you so much for using my theme! :)

Okay so I noticed this a while ago. It’s not your fault. I checked it out and what you can do is to search up #header in the css. And then you can add 

background-position: center; 

Which will center the image and show like the middle of the photo. You can change center to bottom or top too. 

And delete background-attachment: fixed; should make it work better too. 

I hope this helped and that you get it working now! :)