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INFJ Confession #2062

The best thing I know as an INFJ is when you have a cup of coffee in your hand and you are sitting alone, taking a little distance to the people so you can look at them and ponder what kind of lives do they have, where do they come from. I love cities when I can wander around there all alone and just get lost into my head. The worst I know is sensing someone who you dislike, trying to figure you out by staring at every damn move you make. Thats my job man, not yours.

Summer Daylily Festival 2015 22 by Ned Walthall

I can’t get this color right. Don’t even know what it is. It is probably mostly ineptitude on my part, but I like to think there is something called daylily color and if you want to capture it in a photograph, forget about it. You will have to come to my backyard. Bring the Hasselblad. 

It would not bother me so much but it is just outside the window, staring at me. I mean if it can see, it can see my monitor. And I can hear it laughing. “Is THAT what you think this color is? Check the white balance, Dude. When was the last time you had that Nikon serviced? Could I make a suggestion? Next time you want to take some pics:  yellow pages, professional?”


Good morning!!!

This has become a thing I do about every ten weeks or so… I love to lay out my bibs, medals, sweatbands/swag and just STARE at it! I have added quite a few since last time❤️ Really hoping I can squeeze in my Spartan trifecta before the end of my challenge. (Hello, Beast Hawaii) Hope! Hope!! Looking forward to adding #RuggedManiac to my collection next Sunday in New Jersey!! Come say hello if you are there💃💃💃#running #mudcrusher #ocr #mudrun #spartan #toughmudder #battlefrog #colorrun


“How did you get in here!?” I exclaimed. The cat that had materialised in front of me showed no intention of explaining itself, funnily enough. I guess Kieran left the door open when he came in from work, but he knows I’m having a sick day so I don’t know why he would. “Well… as long as you’re here, you may as well give me a cuddle.” I opened my arms, beckoning the cat to come and sit on my lap. It just stared at me expectantly. “We can do this all day, you know.”

I can’t finish this, so here.

anyway before everyone starts bashing on meenah for leaving (maybe) vriska, just remember that meenah has never been the type to stay put. she’s wild and constantly looking for adventure. It was her character from day one. honestly as much as I love this ship I saw this coming *stares at hussie angrily. YOU COULDN'T EVEN GIVE ME THIS ONE THING!

(bare with me guys. I have no art style :( )

Exo Reaction to hearing you sing a song you composed for them.

Here it is thanks for sending it in Lovely~


(Anything in bold is either them talking or their thoughts)

Baekhyun:*Gushes over the song* That was so beautiful, Jagi. Come here so I can give you a hug. Byunpuppy loves it.

Chanyeol: *Smiles hearing you sing* This is awesome Y/N, your a great composer. Maybe we should write songs together in the future.

Chen: *Smiles listening to the lyrics while sliently thinking* A song just for me, isn’t she cute?

D.o:*Turns around to hear you sing suddenly listening to the song dedicated to him**Stares at you with wide eyes* Is this that song she was composing? It’s so good. *smiles* he is so cute

Kai:*Listens and stares at you lovingly* How did I get so lucky to have someone like you. 

Kris:(Okay there are two ways he I can see him reacting to differently)

1. *Sings along with you while staring at you with adoration*


*Nods head in approval* Yes, yes, I know that I am so awesome that you have to write a song for me.

Lay:* Is so touched by the song that he is crying tears of happiness while having another member try to console him* It’s SOO beautiFUL *He got them feels*

Luhan:*Become shy once hearing you sing and looks down smiling* This is one of the reasons why I love you~

Sehun: *Absouletly loves it and smiles at you singing* Your song writing skills are great, Jagiya *blushes and looks down shyly*

Suho:*Stares at you with adoration in his eyes* Wow, Jagiya, your so talented, *So proud*

Tao:*Super proud* That’s my Baobei, super talented. *Bragging to Baek* She wrote me a song. *Satisfied smirk*

Xiumin:*Putting his chin on his hands while admiring you singing* This song is so beautiful, just like you. *Keeps staring at you*

A/N: So i decided to change the format with the reactions because I found it alot easier and more fun to be able to do it this way. Hope you guys can understand it. Thanks~

So I live at the top of this huge hill in LA and every time I walk outside to my car or something when it’s dark, I can see probably about 20 planes in the night sky, all lined up to land at LAX and it’s one of the most beautiful things to me. I could just sit there for hours staring up at those planes, wondering where all these people are coming from or why they’re in LA or what their lives are like. It’s like my mind is cleared of whatever shitty thing is happening. It’s an infinitely better feeling than any cigarette or shot of vodka could give me. To know I’m not alone in this world.

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Over spring break I met this guy and the last day he was staying in that hotel we went to the hot tub and he started fingering me and teasing me, once everyone left we went into the shower room and turned on all the shower heads and fucked until I came hard, he then lifted me up and pinned me against the wall, pulled my hair and fucked me so hard, we then both left when people started to come back and I walked out with my bathing suit on inside out and we just laughed as people stared

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I walk up to the raptors cage, where my dad is having a training session with Blue. "Morning dad," I say. He turns around, smiling. "Morning, Charlie, the park is about to open can you grab the fish?" I nodded, handing him a bucket of fish.

I stared at the pterodactyls, then at my friend, Ross.

“So… what am I doing now ?” I asked.

He laughed.

“Simple, Lena. You just take this little bucket full of meat, and they’ll come to you. Be careful, though”

Exo Reactions To Their Teenage Daughter Getting Pregnant

Done, some of them turned out kind of harsh but I wanted them to be realistic like always so I went with my honest opinion on how they’d react instead of making it all fluffy. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *neither you or your daughter can get him to speak or move, you have to check to make sure he’s breathing because he’s so still, just staring blankly*

Chanyeol: *he overhears you & her talking about it as he’s coming downstairs, he glares sharply, frowning & speaking in a hard voice but you can see that he’s being this way because he cares so much* “Are you stupid?”

Chen: “You’re not serious…” *his sass becomes overwhelming as he looks your daughter up & down, trying to figure out if it’s a joke because he’s not laughing or amused at all*

D.O.: “That’s interesting. Please tell me… what is the name of the young man responsible for this? I’d like to have a chat with him.” *eerily calm but you know what he’s thinking*

Kai: *tries to stay quiet while you handle it because he doesn’t want to say something that he’ll regret & risk having his daughter hate him*

Kris: *totally lets you deal with it, walking away as soon as he hears the word pregnant, he doesn’t look at her or speak to her for a few days while he deals with it in his own head*

Lay: “But don’t you have to have sex to get pregnant?”

Luhan: “This is your own fault. You didn’t listen to your mama & I when we told you this shit would happen. You wanted to be a little rebel &  you did this to yourself. Don’t cry to me.” *but in the end he would console her because he does care, tough love his just his method*

Sehun: *doesn’t say anything on the topic, just looks off vacantly before smacking himself lightly* “I’ve got to be dreaming right now. I know she’s my daughter, but she couldn’t be that much of an idiot.”

Suho: “My little baby is having a baby. I can’t deal with this.” *sobs uncontrollably but he’d be her biggest supporter because he loves her*

Tao: “You wanted to be a grown up, well here you go. Maybe now you’ll stop sassing me so much. You get that from your mama, you know.” *ignores the face you give him when he ironically starts sassing her* 

Xiumin: *doesn’t say a single word, he just gives her a long meaningful look that says he’s disappointed but he’ll be there for her no matter what, but he’s still upset* 

Exo: you’re a members childhood best friend and the members find you attractive


D.O.: Tries to be friends with you and constantly looking at you, so you just sorta flirt with him since he’s not going anywhere.

Baekhyun: “hey, can i talk to you-over their” takes your hand and your just flirting with each other the whole time.

Chanyeol: “she’s so pretty omg, Baek, who is that?”

Kai: just stares at you until you turn to him smiling so he smiles back and after like 10 minutes he comes over to you “So do you know anyone here?” 

“Kyungsoo” You say, and he smiles bc kyungsoo and him are tight which means he’ll probably see you more often.

Lay: While talking he looks at you casually winking bc lets be honest he knows what he’s doing.

Suho: *stick tongue at Sehun bc he’d planned for Sehun your best friend to talk to you about him but he’s not doing it*

Chen: the always talking chen is speechless when suho walks into the door with you

Xiumin: *goes off to make sure he looks good*

Sehun: you said hi to him first and he can barely look at you bc he think’s you’re so pretty. even though he tried to sneak other look. 

Rough Day Part 1: Jin

Omfg could you do one where they come home from work to see their gf playing a video game in just a tank top and underwear but like since they are already frustrated with their life this just adds to their frustration sexually and like they can’t hold back.

So I really liked this so I made it extra long.. and 7 parts hehe <3 enjoy

Part 1: Jin



Coming home after a rough day at dance practice Jin just can’t seem to get the new choreography right. He makes his way through the door and notices you sitting on the couch in just a tank top and some cute underwear. maybe he stared at your panties too long but god they looked good on you. Jin pushes the door shut and you turn around to smile at him “Hey babe” you call out. he just murmurs back a small hey but you’re too engrossed in the game to hear him. Jin walks over and sits down on the couch next to you. He kinder just watches you play for a bit as he explores your body with his eyes. He would be lying if he said his dick didn’t get hard every time your boobs would jump when you got angry at the game or when you would flick your hair behind your ears. You pause the game to get up and get some water. As you walk away you’re pulled back as Jin latches onto your wrist. Spinning you back to face him he pushes you down onto the couch and pins you against the backboard of the couch. You can barely move and Seokjin begins to grind down on you and you can feel his already hard dick getting harder in between you legs. He smashes his soft lips against yours and in between harsh kisses you manage to ask “rough day huh?” he doesn’t reply but instead just kisses you harder. He can feel your panties getting wet underneath and smiles into the kiss. He pushes you legs further apart and grinds into you. You moan out. Jin can feel you building and decides to try and ease some of the tension. He removes one of his hands from your face and slides it down in between your legs and rubs your clit. The sounds you make. Moving your panties to one slide Jin slides in two fingers straight away and curls them up inside you. Scissoring them as he teases your insides. Pumping them in and out, Jin pushes you closer and closer till you climax for the first time. but he has only just begun. Wrapping your legs around his waist he picks you up and carries you the bedroom. Dropping you onto the bed Jin quickly takes off his clothes from practice, a day he is already starting to forget. A naked Jin crawls onto the bed and you open you legs up to him already knowing what comes next. Jin crawls till he is positioned on top of you and without warning he thrusts into you. You arch your back trying desperately to get closer to him with every breath. His knuckles turn white on the backboard as he grips on and pounds into you. he is so much rougher than usual and you love the change of pace. Jin breathes heavily into your ear as he kisses you down your jaw and leaves you hickeys. You move your hands down his soft abs and he rips them off. Pinning them above your head where you can’t touch yourself or him. You can feel Jin building as much as you are as the thrusts get stronger and faster. Its not long before you come tumbling over the edge and Jin isn’t far behind. A few final thrusts and Jin cums into you hard and fast. You both ride out your orgasm together and then jin slides out and lies beside you. “Yeah I had a rough day”. You both just kind of giggle as Jin snuggles into you. 


chibiesque replied to your post “Someone should send me a cute prompt for a drabble. I need to write…”

that would be so awesome. Steve plays truth or dare with Tony… maybe an College-Au??? I don’t know :)

That was pretty difficult to write, mostly because got distracted by shiny things, and because I’m pretty yuck when it comes to bacteria and other such things, myself. (So probably don’t read this if you’re like me.)

“That’s incredibly stupid,” Steve says, and his nose wrinkles a little in distaste.

Tony grins at him, and he can’t see himself, but he imagines that his grin must look more than just a little smug, and definitely a little feral.

“Ha,” he snorts in mock satisfaction. “I knew you couldn’t do it.”

Steve stares at him for a while, and Tony stares back with his smug smile still plastered all over his face. He can practically hear Steve’s irritation rising.

“You lose,” Tony announces, savouring the words on his tongue like a fine wine.

Steve stands up very abruptly and stomps out of the room. Tony scrambles after him, because damn, the guy is fast when he’s set his mind on something.

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Request by anonymous:

“Could you do a Maze Runner imagine where some of the guys are picking on a female reader, but Newt stands up for her. Btw your writing is absolutely lovely, you have a beautiful style and I can’t wait to see it bloom even more!

First of all thank you so much! :) Secondly I kinda changed it just a bit because you know, female empowerment as fuck! Hope you enjoy! xx

Warnings: Mild violence / swearing

You’d come up in the box a few weeks ago. The first thing you saw was a bunch of boys staring at you. They were all looking at you with wide eyes and whispering among themselves. “Is that a girl?” You heard one whisper. “A girl’s never come up here before.” Another whispered. Soon a buzz of whispers was surrounding you as they all continued to stare. “All right that’s enough!” A voice boomed causing a silence to settle over them. 

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I'm super self conscience, but what do you think of people who only use wheelchairs sometimes and then walk with a cane(or crutches) other times,Like I feel weird when I get out of the car and then sit down because I feel like people are staring or thinking I'm faking or something. I have a heart condition(I have a pacemaker now, but I still have to be careful) as well as EDS... Is it okay if I prefer the chair? I just feel like I can actually go places and get around with less pain and fatigue.

There is nothing wrong with using a chair while being able to walk sometimes! Canes, walkers, wheelchairs are mobility aids, meaning they help you be more mobile. This comes down to internalized ableism. The wheelchair obviously helps you get around better so why not use it?

Honestly some able bodied people are going to think you’re faking whether you use a cane, crutches, or chair because they are ableist. They see disabled people only as old people or people who cannot walk at all. So frankly, fuck them! Disability is so much more diverse than that. Preferring the chair because it helps you more than a cane or crutches it 100% fine. 

It’s hard to overcome internalized ableism and the knowledge that people may stare or say something rude when you’re disabled. Ultimately you have to do what is best for you and if that’s using a chair more often that’s what you have to do. I’ll beat the ableists with my cane if need be! Sending spoons :)

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Might you do a scenario with Jimin based on this video? watch?v=N31b8DrmzVM (assuming clear that Shakira is you, and the guy Jimin). Thanks ♥

So I watched the video and saw the lyrics and you didn’t specifically request smut, but the video and the lyrics pretty explicity imply it XD so I hope that this is what you were thinking of! - Admin Avery ;P

Jimin - “What’s Done is Done” (Rated M)

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Just enough

This is a lil something I wrote while sitting in the bathroom(to be real though that’s where a lot of my ideas are born lol)


Rated: There’s some cursin but you can handle it


“So…that’s it?” Jimin stared at you from across the room “you’re just gonna end it?”
You stopped in front of the door. You were furious.
“What do you mean ‘that’s it’,” you turned around and dropped your bag “'That’s it?’ I’m done Jimin-”
“After all we’ve been through?”
“Let’s not forget who started this…” Tears filled your eyes once again
“I said I was sorry!” Jimin took a step toward you
“Don’t you dare come closer!” You yelled holing your fist up. “Don’t use that ‘people make mistakes’ bullshit on me. Is that what you tell everyone? I risked my trust once again and you broke it. I’m done with you…” You turned your back and faced the door
“You know Jimin I really loved you…I trusted you, gave myself up for you and…” You wiped your tears away “in the end…it was all a stupid illusion.” Your voice cracked like think ice, your body shook, your heart ached. “How could you?” You turned your head.
“You know what? I should have known better…goodbye Jimin…” You walked out the door and Jimin didn’t follow. You were glad, but it hurt. You still loved him, you still longed for him, but he wasn’t worth it. The image of those texts from those girls wouldn’t go away. Your love just wasn’t enough to keep him, but the thought of him, the words he spoke, the sweet things he said, this illusion was just enough to keep you…but eventually you figured them out and learned his tricks and they were just enough for you to leave.

You returned to your apartment surprisingly not in as much anger and you anticipated. You were just done. Too tired to even care about what had happened even though it still hurt. You had better things to do- just as you going to get up and go out your phone rang. Jimin….
You let it ring. If you canceled right away he would know you saw it. After it stopped ringing he left a voicemail, but you didn’t bother.

Yup. So lemme know if you want more cause I have more. And this was literally just a quick jot down sthoooo yeah. Thank you for readin