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So ... you got any goals for this Lent? any advice about faith to share?

Yeah my main goal is to recognize when I’m feeling that void that I would usually fill with what I gave up and not try to fill it up with something else! That’s the trick, you can find yourself searching for new distractions and that’s a temptation you have to resist. You have to allow that void to just stare you in the face and empty itself out so you can make room for God to come in and change you. It’s tough! But so rewarding! I’m also trying to focus my prayers on gratitude more, my friend and I were just talking about thinking of things you’re grateful for throughout the day and going over them each night. It makes SUCH a difference in your happiness!!! <3

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Ok but Qrow accidentally calling Ironwood Jimmy when they get intimate or even out in public but as a cute nickname? And its the single handily funniest thing ever like James can't even look at him because who the fuck screams Jimmy when their getting it on or when their in public like Qrow w h at th e f u ck

bwahahahahaha omg that is amazing.

Like Qrow says something suuuper dirty or something, bent over James’ desk, is giving him the “give it to me hard” stare and he’s just like “pound me jimmy” or something and James just laughs so hard he has to hold onto something

and I love the idea of Qrow trying to think of different nicknames that start with J just to exasperate him more

“Mornin’ Jimbo”

“Heeeeey Jimster”

“Jim-Jam, buddy ol pal”

if you can come up with any more i’d loVE TO HEAR THEM LMAO

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Hi, I really adore your art and it makes me so happy whenever I see it on my dash! I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love the way you draw bodies! They're just so nice and all of them are very unique, and you just do such an awesome job of capturing the characters. I'm always amazed whenever I see your art and I can just stare at it forever. They look so smooth and just- you do a fantastic job making them diverse and interesting, and the facial expressions!!! Your art is so good!!!

this is probably one of the kindest compliments i’ve gotten in this website i’m so o<<< i’m going to literally scream come off anon so i can smooch ur face aaaAAAAH THANK YOU SO MUCH???? ;___; i’m so glad to know that seeing my art makes you happy and that you like they way i capture characters T__T i always have a lot of fun when i design their body types and expressions and it’s hella nice knowing ppl enjoy and appreciate and even feel identified w them <3 this message made my night tbh i’ll stop bc im getting embarrassing and corny af but i want to let you know this message just killed the man my friend thank you so much again ;__;

Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)

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Featuring: Maknae Line - Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook (BTS)
Genre: Smut
By: Admin S

As requested. I had no idea how to write all 3 of them in, but hopefully you enjoy it =)

In which Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook compete to see who can eat you out best.

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i don't know if you take prompts atm but I found this and immediatelly think of jikook lol: "seriously if one more FUckIN person comes to me to ask for permission to ask you out I’ll-I’ll- KISS YOU IN FRONT OF THEM."can you write a drabble about this please? :D have a nice day Alison XD

jungkook stares. the boy in front of him blinks nervously at him. 

“why the fuck would you ask me if you could ask jimin out?”

“because uh… well…you’re always hanging around him and he seems to really care about what you think so…i guess…i just…”

inside, jungkook feels a hot flash of satisfaction. of course they had to ask his permission. jimin couldn’t be allowed to date just any sort of random trash. only the best for jimin, jungkook would make sure of it. which is why…

“no, you can’t date him. have a nice day.”

the second time, it’s a girl. jungkook blinks at her as she sits nervously down in front of him as he’s waiting for jimin at the library. 

“do you need something?” he asks when she doesn’t say anything, just fidgets in front of him. “you’ll need to move soon because that’s jimin’s seat.”

“i…um…what would you think of me and jimin-oppa dating?” 

jungkook’s face turns thunderous. “you’re what?”

ah, not yet, not yet,” she amends quickly and jungkook relaxes a bit. “i confessed and he said i should ask you too because you’re important to him and he wants us to get along if we’re going to – “

“you’re not going to,” jungkook says, smiling. he looks past her and waves. “jimin-hyung, over here!” turning back to her, his smile turns a bit malicious. “you can leave now. like i said, that seat’s for jimin.”

by the end of the week, the news is spreading like wildfire through the school. to date park jimin, you have to ask jeon jungkook first. 

“this is ridiculous,” jungkook says to jimin during lunch. “i’ve been asked eight times just today if they can date you.”

jimin giggles. “and you didn’t say yes to a single one?”

jungkook rolls his eyes. “of course not.” he doesn’t see the way jimin’s lips curl into a fond smile around his straw. “four of them were too ugly, two of them were too stupid, and the last one…no. you can do way better than that.”

“maybe you should lower your standards,” jimin says. “i wouldn’t mind dating someone who wasn’t doing too well in math or ate gumballs after they’ve dropped on the floor.”

“the three-second rule is scientifically proven somewhere otherwise it wouldn’t exist,” jungkook replies. “speaking of which, can you help me with my calc homework later?”


“why can’t i?” 

“because i said so,” jungkook says, daring him to go on. honestly, no means no, who did this guy think he was? jimin held jungkook’s opinion in the highest esteem and that was that. if jungkook didn’t like you, you had to go. simple enough to understand, right?

apparently not to this one.

“give me a good reason.”

“i don’t have to give you anything.”

“fuck this. i’m going to ask jimin myself. i don’t understand why you have to police everyone he talks to. he doesn’t belong to you.”

“yes he does,” jungkook finds himself saying. “he’s mine and you can’t have him. no one can have him, he’s mine.”

there’s a pause. 

“oh, i see,” the guy says. “wow. what a joke you guys’ve been playing. didn’t have to put up with all this bullshit if you guys were already dating. that’s sick.”

jungkook’s face goes bright red at the insinuation “we’re not – “

“we’re not dating,” jimin says, sliding into the seat next to jungkook. “i’m single.” he turns to the guy. “so, you wanna go get coffee over the weekend?”

jungkook turns to him in shock. “hyung?” he can’t help the betrayal that seeps into his voice.

“what?” jimin turns to him, eyes dancing. “is there a reason i can’t?”

“you can’t,” jungkook says, scarily close to whining. “because…because…”

jimin flutters his eyelashes. “because i’m yours?”

jungkook freezes. “that’s…” jimin hums, taking a sip from his drink. “that’s…”

“use your words, jungkookie.” jimin looks thoughtful for a bit. “or don’t.”

and jungkook’s never been good with words anyways so he leans in and smashes his lips against jimin’s. it’s clumsy and unprepared and more teeth than anything else but it feels so, so right and they don’t even notice the guy leaving with a disgusted huff. 

when he pulls back, jungkook stares blankly at jimin, wondering at what he just did. 

he’d always been a little slow when it came to these things, jimin thinks fondly, watching as jungkook processed his impulse action. 

“you’re mine,” jungkook repeats. “mine.” 

jimin hums and sips at his drink again. “yours,” he agrees. “coffee on saturday?”

EXO Reaction to their girlfriend’s bikini top going missing

Oh I would die if this happened to me!
Love, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Can’t stop staring* “Oh my… her top is gone.. I’m so lucky”


*Pins you down* “I just… everyone was looking… I had to cover you.. somehow..” *Nervous*


So that’s how things are hm? I should start undressing too” 


“Y/N where is your.. I see your… I…” *Falls back into the pool not knowing what to do*


Stay in the pool…I’m coming… for you” *sexy groan*


Hey girl.. are you feeling hot? Because I am… and I’m getting some ideas that involve that pool…”


Jagi! I got your top! Here!” *Nice boyfriend that gets in the water for you*


*Trying so hard to not get exited* “Luhan.. it’s just her being.. natural.. yes.. it’s her natural look… nothing more..”


*Puts his glasses on* “I need to take a better look to this…”


*Well.. let’s say he is enjoying this moment of glory* “Wahhhhhh so softy!


*Faints right there because of feels* “My god.. she went form hot to xxx in one second…”


*You are all forgetting who’s the one that controls water*

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GOT7- Your Group Has A Sexy Concept

request: Got7 reaction of your sexy concept performance ( girls day something) please😘😇

thanks for requesting! -Admin Ha Jae

Let’s just say all the boys would be very proud of you and supportive of your group.


“That’s my girlfriend! That’s all mine!”

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“Wait till we get home…”

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“I’m so proud! … but all these guys are staring at her.”

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Worried about guys coming up to talk to you. “Jagi are you sure? Isn’t this comeback… too sexy?”

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“Never knew you had this side in you…”

Originally posted by jongdaeisabun


*flails because you look amazing and he can’t control himself*

Originally posted by markjinbum


*baby is embarrassed because he doesn’t want to look at you the way other guys do.* “You did… good. kekekeke.”

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exo boyfriend!chanyeol

•"hey. I’m tall, handsome, cute, and I have biceps. Date me.“

•"dude whut”

•many cuddles

•buying cute little Rilakkumas and then accidentally filling your entire apartment with them

•you wanting to take a bath and he wants to join but he’s too tall for both of you to fit in it together

•so you guys just take a shower instead

•having dancing competitions

•you winning because look at him

•always having a giant staring at you and smiling 24/7

•having nerf war fights

•you winning because he can’t bare to see you upset

•being teased due to the height difference

•"babe come here, I want a kiss!“


•"chanyeol. bend down a little"

•*purposely looks around to make it seem as if he can’t see you* “huh, where is she?”

•having to stand on his feet just so you can reach his lips

•taking stupid pictures

•playing with his ears and he doesn’t mind it because it’s you

•cooking together

•of course it turns out “amazing”

•going soooo far with him

•like all the way to freaking China with him, that’s how far you will go

 •pulling pranks on him

•he then has a sulk on for the rest of the day

•you obviously try and make him stop ignoring you but then you give up and walk away.

•he of course stops you and apologise for being childish and silly 

•drawing on each other’s face.

•wait whut, I don’t even know how I thought of that

•taking care of your best friends little siblings with him and because you guys are both really good with children, you guys end up creating a daycare!

•hehehe, just kidding

•you being the big spoon and he’s the small spoon

•but then spooning turns into being suffocated by a huge chanyeol

•you attempting one of his raps and ends up being better at it than he is

•he gets teased for that by the members

•"ahahaha! Chanyeol, your girlfriend is better at your raps than you are!“

 •"shut up Chen!”

•cute nicknames for each other like ‘giant baby’ ‘green giant’ ‘midget’ ‘dwarf. hehe 

•I know this isn’t really long but it doesn’t matter, you can get the jist of what dating chan would be like; if you don’t then let me summarise. So dating him would be like dating a giant baby that likes to tease you all the time and buy you teddy bears. Of course there’s his problematic side but you deal with it because you know he doesn’t mean what he says, or his mouth just can’t process what he is thinking properly so it blabbers… Hehe, anyways, like I said. Dating chanyeol is like dating a giant baby.

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EXO React to Their Girl/friend Speaking a Lot of Languages

Request: How would exo and ikon react to their friend/girlfriend first language being English but she taught herself how to speak Portuguese, French, Korean and a little bit of Irish and she wants to learn more languages. Thank you

Xiumin: ‘What?’

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Him being Korean and you being English would make the relationship hard to keep going. You two could understand what each other, never really speaking the same language. So when you walk up to him speaking fluent Korean for the first time, he might be really surprised. Continuing to speak in other languages and telling him about your dream of learning more would leave him even more surprised.

Suho: ‘You sound so cute!’

Originally posted by wugalaxy

From videos, I’ve seen that he can speak English well. Because of this, that’s how you communicated. So when he comes back from tour and you speaks to him in fluent Korean, he’d kinda just stare at you in wonder.

Lay: ‘Would you consider Chinese?’

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

He’d be impressed by how much work you put in to learn the languages and hearing you speak would both confuse him and excite him. When you mention that you want to learn more, he’d probably mention mandarin as an option so he has something else in common with you.

Baekhyun: ‘Now you can teach me!’

Originally posted by parkchny

Let’s be real, Baekhyun would probably be the most impressed by you learning so much. He’d expect you to show him your new skills constantly, never letting you speak English.

Chen: *Secretly impressed*

Originally posted by exoxoolf

I feel like Chen would just sorta act like it’s nothing different, so instead of jumping up and down in excitement, he might just tease you about how you’re saying things wrong (when you’re saying it all perfectly).

Chanyeol: *You surprise him by flirting* ‘Ah jagi, since when have you been able to speak?’

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Ah, my little happy virus. I can’t see any other reaction than thrilled by your new skill. Like Baekhyun, he might get you to show and teach him to speak some words in Portuguese and French.

D.O: *When he speaks to you in English and you suddenly switch to English* ’What the hell? Since when?’

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Squishy-Soo is probably so used to gossiping about you behind your back (only nice things), and maybe flirting with you when you don’t know, that when you suddenly surprise him with your new skill, he’s going to be really shocked. Now he needs to be careful what he tells Kai.

 Kai: #Impressed

Originally posted by yourbiaslikesitrough

Jongin seems to be the type who gets impressed by everything, not necessarily easily, but whatever his friends or significant other does will thrill him and make him happy. Hearing you speak a language he can truly understand would really leave him in awe.

Sehun: *What the bubble tea just happened?*

Originally posted by yixingofficial

When you walk up to him greeting him in Korean, he might not even notice until the conversation is over. A part of me doesn’t see Sehunnie as the most observant person on the planet, and when the conversation it might finally click that you were speaking to him in Korean. He’ll bring it up with you later.

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what makes you ship brucas over leyton?

OK so I answered this question before so for people who have read it there may be some overlap.

I understand why Leyton ended up together and I can respect the descision but I still ship Brucas over Leyton for a few reasons.

1)  In my opinion Lucas and Brooke/Chad and Sophia had better chemistry. Even after the divorce, their onscreen chemistry never wavered and that really sells me on ships.

Just, I find there is such warmth and longing and intimacy in their stares and their hugs and it really feels like a coming together of two people, it really feels like they’re good for that moment that they’re in each other’s arms and a lot of what makes a couple work is the things unsaid that’s communicated through their physicality and Brucas really had that whereas Leyton to me felt colder to me even at their most intimate, even at their goofiest, I just didn’t get that connect that the show was working so hard to convince me that they had. So that’s one reason.

2) I  think Brooke and Lucas complemented each other even though that was supposed to be Leyton’s foundation. Lucas could see Brooke’s potential, he could see that she would do great things, he could see that she had a ponderous and serious side while also accepting and rejoicing in her extroverted, fun-loving side while I believe Brooke made Lucas a better person, more selfless and aware of those around him, which is why in season 2 Mouth tells Lucas that he’s loved Brooke for a long time but he didn’t mind seeing her with Lucas because they both had big hearts.  While with Peyton I just felt like Lucas was too wrapped up in their cosmic, doomed love, which actually relates to Peyton individually — with Lucas, she was a terrible friend and was a lot more self-righteous but when she was with Jake (Jeyton is another couple I ship because I thought they got the angst and the lightness at an exact balance that Leyton just couldn’t achieve:

) she was more caring toward those around her.

3) which is related to 2 I think Brooke and Lucas were truly themselves when they were together. Something about Leyton, it was like Lucas had to keep up his tormented, brooding persona in order for that relationship to work whereas with Brooke there was more dimension to who he was and vice verse. But of course these are all just my interpretations ;) 

Baby, Baby (M) - Hoseok x Reader

this scenario is based on winner’s new song that has been giving me way too many feels. listen to it while reading this if you want. :)
genre: smut/slight angst
member/group: Hoseok of BTS
word count: 3113

In which on this cold, lonely night, Hoseok wishes for nothing more than the warmth of your body entwined in his.

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Public Bathroom Fuck

“Justin what are you doing we can’t do it in here” you giggle.

he slaps your arse playfully, “just get your sexy ass in there, I need you”

“like right now?” I teased

“Yes don’t fucking test me Chanel” his tone becoming more serious. “It’s your fault for grinding on me oh the dance floor”

Before I knew it his lips were attacking my neck his hands wrapped around my waist leading me backwards into the cubicle.

I giggled between kisses. “Justin this is crazy what if someone comes in?”

“Baby just don’t think about it, just focus on us and only us, you want this as much as I do I can tell”

“oh can you now?” I said raising my eyebrows.

“Yes” he said staring intently into my eyes. Fuck he makes me so fucking weak I can feel myself getting wet. I hate the way he can get me like this just by looking at me.

Making sure the lock was on the cubicle door he pushed me against it the bang echoing throughout the empty bathroom.

“Fuck Justin! ” I whisper shouted.

“Relax” he whispered against my lips. “but then again after we get started there’s no way you’ll be doing much of that”

Oh. My. God. That’s it. I’m under his spell now. I belonged to him and I would do let him do whatever he wanted to me.

“Okay” I whispered staring into his gorgeous brown eyes.

I wanted to unclothe him so fucking badly but I knew I couldn’t just because it would look highly suspicious with clothes all over the floor if someone were to come in.

Justin unbuttoned his jeans pulling them down exposing his boxer shorts I could already see his cock getting hard and I just wanted him inside me right now.

“I want you to fuck me so hard baby”

“You’ve changed your tune” he smirked

“Well what can I say? You do things to me”

He flipped me so that my hands slammed against the cubicle door he was going to take me from behind. Fucking hell. I got no warning he lifted my skirt up pulling down my underwear and rammed his cock inside me.

“Fuck!” I moaned

“mmm baby…you like it like this don’t you, you like it rough don’t you?”

“y-yes” I stammered

He chuckled at my response.
“Look at you, you can’t even get your words out. Do I make you feel good babe?”

“mhmm” I said It was like I was intoxicated. He made me feel a way that no one else ever could.

“Your so fucking wet” he seethed.

I have to admit it turned me on so much more that we could be caught doing this at any moment. There was something sexy and thrilling about this whole situation. I loved it. I loved him.

“Baby go faster” I begged

“Your wish is my command sweetheart” he whispered against my ear biting on my earlobe and placing kisses all over my neck sucking on my skin.

With that he thrust into me faster and faster I let him do all the work he had complete control over me. Nothing else mattered. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to my climax. I could have sworn I heard the bathroom door open. Justin was totally oblivious too involved in the sexual pleasure to notice.


“mm yeah babe?”

“did you hear that?”

“hear what?”

“the door!”

“no I didn’t hear anything”

Just then the door to one of the cubicles next to us slammed shut. Justin carried on thrusting in and out of me. I didn’t want anyone to know what we were doing, it took all my efforts to not fucking scream his name. He was giving it to me so hard and I knew he was enjoying every second knowing that I couldn’t resist him, that it wouldn’t be too long before I had to scream his name and cum all over him.

“Justin I-I’m…” I couldn’t get my words out I was completely his.

“It’s okay baby, I know” he whispered. “scream my name baby, let all these people know what a dirty girl you are”

A few more thrusts and…
“fuuuuck Justin!” I came all over him. He flipped me back around his hands on my ass forcefully kissing me. We heard giggles coming from outside the cubicle. I’m hoping they leave before we come out of here. Luckily they did and I gave a sigh of relief. Justin on the other hand found this amusing.

“you asshole” I slapped his arm playfully

“You won’t be saying that once we get home, get ready for round 2 babe” he winked pulling me close wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I couldn’t wait for us to get out of here.


Finallllllllllllllllllly my’s the time for my beautiful killerFrost took me an hour to watch the episode because i kept pausing every time she appears on screen because god i love her so much ..damn the feels i can’t even write how i feel right now..okay let’s start from the beginning :

- Team Flash always on point ..i will never get tired of seeing them making jokes and everything..and my Caitlin looked so beautiful today always

- Barry and Caitlin’s hug ..awwwwwwwwwww ~ i will never get tired of seeing  him smiling before he hugs her and warps his arms around her ..why he kept staring at her even after the hug..i mean just ..get together already

- okay so Caitlin is  like “ you guys stop saying things like you’re not coming back because you will “ she wants them to come back so badly next episode she will probably be waiting by the breach without  knowing that her doppelganger from earth-2 is the reason why those kids  are coming back home..she is waiting for them on earth-1 while the Caitlin from earth-2  is helping them..Damn it i love her so much..i mean when they mentioned that in episode 14 they must find Zoom and they will ask unexpected person to help them i knew that it would  be killerfrost ..especially after Zoom killed her Ronnie she has no reason to be afraid of him anymore ..gaaaaaaaaaaahd i’m so excited

- when Cisco and  Barry arrived to earth-2 you can see that they were acting like kids..Harry was like “stop doing this “ and their faces  when they saw Henry  was priceless

- Barry from earth-2  is adorable

- okay so Barry and Iris are married in earth-2..what does this suppose to mean ..writers ?!! but  Iris looked gorgeous ..a  little bit tough but pretty ..and Joe ..i love Joe west on  every universe..he  was  mean but yeah i still love him..and i knew that he is gonna die..

- awwwwwwwwwww ~ okay so Barry on earth-2 has everything that Barry wanted on his life..his mom and dad..also Iris ..but this Barry doesn’t have what our Barry has..his speed ..his friends in star labs..also his father and his west family i hope at the end of the day Barry from  earth-1 will realize how lucky he is ..but god that scene when he  was calling his mom and crying ..i can’t …

- I adore every interaction between Harry and Cisco

- i  really didn’t care about Jay on earth-1 ..i just enjoyed watching my Caitlin being a smart and caring woman as always..and guys..Zoom didn’t stole his speed..something fishy in here ..!! why did he lie in the first place ?!!

- and NOW  to the best part ..Barry meeting killerFrost..i could talk about their scenes for the whole day ..i swear the chemistry was overflowing ..and i ship them so much ..damn it  i ship them my FlashFrost ..Ronnie is meant to be dead in every universe ..he and Caitlin will never be together EVER..!! coincidence ..NO !! the reason why killerfrost  will  help Cisco to find Barry ..the reason she has a change of heart was because Ronnie is dead i see what the writers did there..anyway..have you seen his face..and when he told Iris not to show her gun ..i mean killerfrost suppose to be a villain how could she be  so adorable..this is not fair..anyway i knew that he would call  her name..i have been imagining this moment since forever he will call her name and because of that she will stop..damn it ..they did this to me ..i will never get tired of hearing him saying her name’s just so beautiful

Barry: Caitlin!
Killer Frost: I haven’t heard that name in a long time.
Barry: But that is your name, isn’t it? Your real name? Please, I know you. Don’t do this.

have you seen the look on Joe and Iris’s that moment it seems like everyone disappeared but Barry and killerfrost ..she was connected to him for a moment She just had this look on her face when he called her Caitlin and when he said I know you ..

God I hate come these two have chemistry more than anyone on this show..writers let Grant and Dani be together already

- when she said “ If you knew me at all, you would know that I hate that name, Caitlin. I’m Killer Frost! “ i was thinking that something happened and that’s why she hates the name Caitlin ..i need to know what  happened to her !

- the fight scene between the three of them was HOT ..!! and until the moment he  was like “ i don’t want to hurt you “ yup ..because he can only see Caitlin

- Cisco meeting  his doppelganger ..that was a  total shock to me but damn it my Cisco is cool on every seems that killerfrost is so scared of he did something to her before that’s why she insisted on taking the flash to him..well, before Zoom came and kill  everyone..

okay  ..this episode was worth the wait ..i love KillerFrost and i’m sure that i’m gonna love her more in the next episode when she helps the gang to save Barry ..ohhhhhh  i’m so someone need to make a video about FlashFrost like right now..

do i have to mention that my Dani killed it as KillerFrost ..!! i swear she is the sweetest villain EVER..

~The beautiful Gifs are not mine ^^


A/N: So, basically i got this anon request about a post i had read, maybe a day before, and i remember the post but i couldn’t find it. So if anyone can actually find the post can you please tag it or add it to the bottom?? I don’t mean to plagiarize on someone’s idea but i just really enjoyed writing it. Thx much!

Prompt: Obi-Wan and Anakin see a tabloid that says they’re fucking each other and Obi-Wan’s totally appalled by it but Anakin secretly laughs his ass off about it and finally comes to the conclusion that they should totally be screwing each other.

Warnings: Bit of swearing (which i don’t mind, but i know some people don’t like it)

Originally posted by kingsman-of-ages

“It’s so uncivilized,” Obi-Wan said, staring at the hologram with distaste and embarrassment. “How could they publish such blatant lies?!”

Anakn smirked at him, easily hiding the blush creeping up his cheeks. “I don’t know, Master, maybe they find it funny?”

Obi-Wan glared at his Padawan, knowing he was laughing his ass off about it. The rumors going around both the Temple and the city itself were all so bizarre that Obi-Wan had a hard time wrapping his head around them. He and Anakin spent a lot of time together, they were required to as master and student, but they didn’t spend that much time together.

Did they?

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“Angel” -GOT7 (Moriagatte Yo album track)

English Translation

I tried to play it cool and act like I wasn’t interested in you

But feelings that couldn’t be hidden seem to have come out

If you really compare these feelings, they’re burning like the sun

So you gonna make me smile

So you gonna make me smile baby

When I see you girl

My heart is tickled

So don’t say goodbye

I’ve noticed I always wanna be by your side

Every time you make me high

there’s no room for doubt

anytime…I’m feeling you

staring into your gentle eyes…I can no longer stand it

Cause you’re like an angel

I want to take over your lips

and stop breathing now

Cause you’re like an angel

Let’s talk about

Just tonight…

Tell me now… baby

I’ll always be near you…I’ll be there

Trying to grasp at the passionate feedback coming from you

In this chaotic world, I’m rescued by you as my only amigo

Every time you make me smile

I want you to let me be with you all of the time

If you can somehow forgive me for that time

It’s hard to say I’m sorry

Cause you’re like an angel

I want to tightly embrace the pure you and never let go again

Cause you’re like an angel

Let’s talk about

Just tonight…

Tell me now… baby

I want you to look at me more than you are right now baby

the more I love you, the more I’m able to love

above anything, you’re my important treasure baby

your gentle eyes…staring into your gentle eyes

I can no longer stand it

Cause you’re like an angel

Let’s talk about

Just tonight…

Tell me now… baby

Romanized Lyrics

Kimi no koto kyomi nai nante cool ni kimetta tsumori dakedo

Kakushi kirenai kanjo ga hyoujou ni deteta mitaida

Hontou no kimochi tatoerunara taiyou mitai ni moete iru

So you gonna make me smile

So you gonna make me smile baby

When I see you girl

boku no kokoro wo kusugutte

so don’t say goodbye

ki ga tsuitara itsumo soba ni

Every time you make me high

utagau yochi wa nai

donna toki mo kimi wo kanjiteru

urunda hitomi de yasashiku mitsumete gaman dekinakutte

Cause you’re like an angel

kimi to kuchibiru wo kasanetakute

ima iki tomete

Cause you’re like an angel

Let’s talk about

Just tonight…

Tell me now… baby

boku wa itsumo kimi no chikaku ni I’ll be there

sou sa tsukande shimatta

jounetsu teki na kimi kara feedback

konton toshita sekai no naka de boku wo sukutte kuretakara

kimi igai wa amigo

Every time you make me smile

subete no jikan wo kimi to tomoni issho ni isasete

ano toki no boku wo dou ka yurushite sunao ni narenakute

Cause you’re like an angel

junsui na kimi wo tsuyoku dakishimete nidoto hanasanai

Cause you’re like an angel

Let’s talk about

Just tonight…

Tell me now… baby

boku wo motto mitsumete ima ijou ni baby

aisureba aisuru hodo nani yori daiji na takaramono baby

urunda hitomi de urunda hitomi de yasashiku mitsumete

gaman dekinakute

Cause you’re like an angel

Let’s talk about

Just tonight…

Tell me now… baby

please credit to Noona B if posting elsewhere, ty~

  • John Lennon:What's your favorite idea? Mine is being creative.
  • Ringo Starr:How do you get that idea?
  • John:I just try to think creatively. Now, when you look at this apple, tell me, please: what do you see?
  • Paul McCartney:It's just a boring old apple.
  • John:Maybe to you, but not to me. I see a silly face!
  • Ringo:Woah!
  • John:Walking along and smiling at me.
  • Paul:I don't see what you mean.
  • John:'Cause you're not thinking creatively! So take a look at my hair. I use my hair to express myself.
  • George Harrison:That sounds really boring.
  • John:I use my hair to express myself. Now, when you stare at the clouds in the sky, don't you find it exciting?
  • Threetles:No.
  • John:Come on, take another look!
  • Threetles:Oh wait! I can see a hat, I can see a cat, I can see a man with a baseball bat! I can see a dog, I can see a frog, I can see a ladder leaning on a log!
  • John:Think you're getting the hang of it now -- using your minds to have a good time.
  • Ringo:I might paint a picture of a clown.
  • John:Woah, there, friend. You might need to slow down.
  • John:Here's another good tip of how to be a creative whiz kid. Go and collect some leaves and sticks and arrange them into your favorite color.
  • George:Blue!
  • Paul:Red!
  • Ringo:Green!
  • John:Green is not a creative color. There's one more thing that you need to know, before you let your creativity flow. Listen to your heart, listen to the rain, listen to the voices in your brain. Come on guys, let's get creative!
  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band:*is created*
  • John Lennon:Now let's all agree to never be creative again.
Lights out

  Steve x reader

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Word count:1064


“Oh hey guys when did you get here?” questioned Steve “Oh you know when the two of you were gazing into each other’s eyes” Wanda smirked.”Oh” was the only thing the both of you could say and you could feel your face get red. “Ooo she’s blushing.” Pietro chimed in “Oh shut it Maximoff” Steve barked “So what are we doing today?” you asked the team “Well actually we were going out to eat.” Bruce finally spoke up while the whole team stared at him with concussion. “I want to go where are we going?” yo asked “No.” Tony added quickly “I have something for you to can you and capsical or are you not up foR it” “No it’s fine” Steve “Just bring us something to eat when you come up” you added.


“Okay do we all know what to do this is very crucial” Tony said getting even more excited now that the plan was going down.”Yes”they all nodded in sync “All right team let’s get started” “Wait!” Bruce spoke up “Isn’t it kinda cruel.” the team stayed quiet for a bit then Bucky finally spoke up “Nah fammmmm hahahaha”(sorry i couldn’t help myself) and the whole team stared him with a ‘wtf’ face and carried on with what they were doing.  


“Intruder alert! Intruder alert!” suddenly started to blare out in the tower you and Steve quickly from the position that you were currently in with all the papers Stark had left you with.

“Y/N hurry don’t get left behind we don’t now how many there are!” yelled over the sirens in the tower “We don’t all have enhanced running speed.” You yelled back as you guys finally got back to main room Steve said you guys had to contact the team and you nodded in agreement. “No one is answering there phones” you said started to panic “Hey I got you no need to panic, you have have me.” Steve said as he tried to calm you down. you’ve been on a lot of missions before and you were never like this but something felt of this time.

Finally the team had reached you “How are we looking team” Clint asked over the ear piece “Just peachy “ you said as you ripped of the head of the robot you’ve been fighting “Speak for yourself y/l/n” Bucky shouted he seemed to be fighting a group of them.”C'mon Steve keep up it’s like you’re not even trying” you yelled over at him “Oh trust me doll you’ve not seen anything yet” he answered backed “Oh c’mon guys were fighting robots and you’re still flirting” Wanda said “Leave the poor guy alone he hasn’t gotten any action in over 70 years” Tony said

After a while they still kept coming on and you were cornered by a whole group of them “Guys”you shouted “Guys” you kept on shouting but no one answered “y/n what do you need” Steve said with worry in his voice “ I’m surrounded I have no way out” you shouted as you tried to fight them off but there was to many you couldn’t keep up and you were getting weaker and weaker each time “Doll stay with me .Where are you?” it took you a while to respond and Steve felt like it was ages before you responded “ East wing by the elevator but it’s not working “ was all you said and all he needed before he took off running and he finally started to talk not like he would of liked it but he did ”Y/N listen to me you gotta keep going you can’t stop. I wouldn’t live with myself if something happened to you , I haven’t felt like this in a really long time and I need you. You’re my rock you’re the one that’s been helping me adjust but I can’t lose you you’re all I have please don’t leave me here i’ll be all alone dammit y/n I love you” finally finished as he got to you and all the sudden the lights came on and the robots fell like flies “You couldn’t have told me like a normal person that you like me oh wait love me” you asked with a smile “Doll you’re anything but normal” he said  “Oh and by the way I love you as well” you couldn’t help but smile that would make your face hurt.

“Finally” the team stepped out of a room which caused the both of you to jump “Kiss her all ready” Pietro shouted Steve looked at you and lined in a kissed you like you’ve never been kissed before “Okay I’m totally happy for the two of you but what the hell are you talking about being alone you know i’ve got your back punk” Bucky said making you both break out from the kiss and making the team laugh at him “I’m being serious” he exclaimed Steve walked over to him with you and put an arm around him and you “My best pal and my doll that’s all I need” He said happily “Okay but are we not going to talk about the fact that you guys almost killed us to admit that we like each other” you said but the team was already leaving.   

BTS react when you’ve had a bad day.

Yoooo it feels like it’s been forever since I posted a reaction but I saw this and just felt like I had to give it a shot so I hope this helps to make you feel better love. (I’m being stared at by my dog as I type this….)

- Hannah


He knows your sad and he can’t stand to see you like that so he tries everything he can to get you to smile.

“Come on Jagi smile for me.”


Jin would calmly sit you down and listen to everything you have to say and talk you through everything, reassuring you that everything will be okay.


Suga may not seem like he’s listening at first but he is. He is taking it all in and trying to come up with advice or ways to make you feel better.


Despite his natural outgoing and hyperactive nature, Hobi would want to be there by your side and help you. As soon as he’s sure you’ll be okay, his fun loving side will reappear.


Jimin would be clueless as how to help you. He’d see you crying and he would want to help, but mostly is just there for a shoulder to cry on. He doesn’t like to see you upset, he just doesn’t know how to handle it.


Taehyung will do silly and stupid things just to make you laugh. All he wants to see from you is a smile and he doesn’t care if he looks like a fool trying to get you to crack one.


He’ll be completely 100% honest with you. Jungkook wouldn’t be afraid to speak his mind and tell you who he thinks is in the wrong, even if you don’t want to hear it. However, he only does it because he cares for you and wants what’s best for you.

Here you go hun I hope this is okay, and I hope you feel better!

Unexpected 2

You grimaced as you heard a cup slam down on the bar, coffee sloshing over the rim and onto the spot you had just cleaned. “Why are you here?” 
“Because you’re avoiding my apartment because of your hard on for Hoseok.” 
You threw the dirty rag at Yoongi’s face and curled your lip, “So help me God, Min Yoongi, I will kill you in your sleep.” 
“Try it.” he narrowed his eyes. 
You heard the familiar ding of the bell as a customer walked into the coffee shop, but they took one look at you and Yoongi staring each other down and walked right back out. 
“Are you coming to Thanksgiving dinner tonight?” Yoongi asked, forgetting that he had just called you a demon bitch from hell not even ten minutes ago. 
“Not if I can avoid it.” You rolled your eyes, washing the few dishes you had left over in the sink from this mornings shift. 
“Jin’s going to throw a shit fit.” he said in a sing song voice. 
“Throw a shit fit about what?” 
You stared up wide eyed as Jin and Jimin walked in, hands shoved in their pockets. Jimin smiled his adorable eye smile at you, waving his little hand excitedly while Jin glared over at Yoongi, having caught him in the act of talking shit.
 “She’s planning on not going to Thanksgiving dinner tonight because of Ho-” 
You grabbed the nearest pastry off the display glass and shoved it in Yoongi’s big fat mouth, “On the house for my best friend.” 
“What do you mean you’re not coming to Thanksgiving dinner tonight? I prepared so long for this dinner! And if you don’t come it’s going to throw off our portions not to mention-” 
“I have to work tonight.” you said, thoughftully. 
“No you don’t.” Yoongi said around the muffin. You slapped his back and burst into a coughing fit trying not to choke on his food. “You bitch.” 
“Why are you really not coming?” Jin asked, concern marring his pretty features. 
You sighed, unsure of how to get yourself out of this one. You put on a bright smile and faced Jin, “You’re right. I’ll be there tonight Jinny. I’ll even bring desseert.” 
Jin’s face lit up and he wrapped his arms around you in a hug, “It’ll be fun I promise.” 
“Wait!” You cried before the two boys could walk out, you tugged them back by their scarves. You ran around the counter and grabbed two coffee cups to go and a brown bag of pastries, you handed it to the boys and smiled at them, “Sweets for my sweets.” 
Yoongi gagged while Jimin reached over to pinch your cheeks, “Ah so cute.” 
“How come you never treat me like that?” Yoongi asked, nodding towards the retreating boys. 
“Yoongi,” you said, still staring off into space, “Do you remember that time I tried to surprise you with breakfast in bed on your birthday and you flipped the tray and cussed me out for a good ten minutes before calling me satans whore and storming out of the room?” 
He scoffed, “You know better than to wake me up before noon.” 
“It was three o’clock in the afternoon.” You blinked at him. 

“Oh God my eyes!” Yoongi said as soon as you walked into the apartment. You deflated instantly and rolled your eyes, unsure of what to expect. It is the first time he’s seen you in anything other than jeans and a t shirt after all. You slapped the back of Yoongi’s head and shoved the pecan pie into his hands. Smoothing down the oversized knit sweater you wore as a dress and walked over to greet the boys. 
“Happy Thanksgiving!” You said, toppling on Namjoon who was playing a video game on the couch. He shoved you off instantly and patted your head. You rolled your eyes wondering if all boys looked at you in a platonic light or if it was just these boys. 
“Happy Thanksgiving!” Tae greeted, giving you a puppy dog grin. You threw yourself into his arms and squealed. 
“How did you get so cute Tae Tae you’re like a little puppy oh my God I love you so much I just want to  -ouch!” 
You glared up at Yoongi who kicked you in the back, shaking his head at you, “You’re disgusting. Can’t you stick to one guy.” 
You curled your lip and cocked back as if to slap him, “Min Yoongi, I oughta-” 
“Is there another guy?” Tae asked, cocking his head to the side.
You and Yoongi glared at each other, both ready to engage in a death match should it be necessary. 
“Hey when did you get here?” 
You looked up to see Hoseok toweling his wet hair, his feet bare as if he had just come out of the shower. Your mouth suddenly felt dry and you gulped trying to think of what he had asked you again. “H-hey.” 
Hoseok gave you a weird look and laughed, “Yeah, hey.” 
You turned away from Hoseok and sat crossed legged, back against the couch, watching the game numbly. You’d just have to ignore him for today. That would be easy enough right? 
“Move over.” You felt something brush your shoulder and looked back to see Hoseok shoving Namjoon out of the way, his long legs brushing against you. You felt the hair on the back of your neck rise and your skin break out in goosebumps as his leg would bump everytime he would turn to talk to Namjoon or jump up excitedly. When you’d finally had enough you turned your head to say something he’d risen from his seat on the couch, causing you to knock head first into his crotch. You heard someone gasp, you think it was Jungkook. Someone else giggled, that was probably Tae. While another person sighed exasperated, and that was Namjoon.
Shit.” Hoseok hissed, grabbing his balls and falling back onto the couch. Your hands fluttered nervously around his body, face burning in embarassment. 
“Oh my God I am so sorry. Are you okay?” 
You heard Yoongi somewhere in the background laughing but you couldn’t hear as well over the roaring in your ears as you stared at Hoseok curled in the fetal position on the couch, whimpering. “My dick.” 
“I’ll go get some ice!” you volunteered, scampering out of the room. 

Chapter 2 as promised, lovelies! I love hearing from you guys! :) also I love your prompts, let me know who you’d like a series from next! I also stan other k pop bands as well btw I recently got into Winner and im crying actual tears bc MINHO WANTS ME DEAD. LOL that is all. love u guys!!!