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Book Club.

Mkay. I love that Gladio is so hype about reading. I’m doing a literature degree and it just makes me hella happy. So here, have some reader and Gladio being hype about books. Pure fluff. 

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The Lucian National library never ceased to impress you. From it’s tall, seemingly never ending spiral bookcases to the simple elegancy of architecture of the building, in your eyes it was the most beautiful place in the city.

You frequented it whenever you could, either to explore what new literature was available or to simply get away from life for a few hours. It was calm, quiet, peaceful. It was an escape. You found yourself in there one afternoon, rooting through the bookshelves to find something new to get lost in. You became so immersed in walking round the shelves, however, that you failed to realise you were headed straight for another human being until you collided with him sideways, knocking the book he was examining out of his hands.

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listen. LISTEN. hear me out: lamie is still alive. she’s in the revolutionary army, like all seemingly dead siblings in one piece are. by all i mean sabo. man dragon loves to snatch up siblings to main characters these days 

hear me out pt 2: her reunion with law. need i say more? yes. imagine law’s reaction

And here’s the second part!!! This one goes to @evartandadam with THIS BEAUTIFUL PICTURE. I’ve been staring at it for so LONG wondering if I’d ever be able to fit it in, and I could T~~T Please read the wonderful analysis under the pic too!!!

Here’s the first part of this guy, and the whole fic on AO3.

…There were more feels then intended @___@

And Ignite Your Bones

    Genos looked down at his deep blue robes, making the final adjustments to his obi while his teacher stood behind him doing the same. For a moment Sensei’s hands idled and wandered and slipped, and with a rustle of black silk they snaked around his belly.

    Lips pressed against Genos’ neck and he shivered. “Yes, Sensei?” he laughed, dipping his head forward.

    More kisses answered him first. “Nothin’.”

    “Nothing? All these cuddles are for nothing, then?”

    “…Is it weird?”

    “No…” He tilted his jaw to the side as an eager mouth pushed forward. “But…I’ve been getting many cuddles for nothing, lately.”

    “…I like this yukata on you.”


    Sensei hovered for a second. “I…like your belt, too.”

    “I assumed. You spent a while on it… What were you doing, Sensei?”

    “Eh…” You could hear the flush on his cheeks. “Just getting the knot right.”


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Please don’t forget that Jeremy Heere is Jewish (As he mentions blowing all of his bar mitzvah money on a “wintergreen tic tac”) and so he, and his father (presuming) are more likely to not celebrate Christmas with the rest of the Be More Chill characters. Please do not write him celebrating the holiday. It is fine to headcanon that Jeremy does not get offended at the Christmas music or festive lights or other such things, but he does not celebrate it. 

Katherine: Things are so good right now. I don’t want to screw that up by getting transferred or becoming your boss.
Jack: Kath, I’ve always known you were gonna be my boss. This is your dream, from before we were dating. And yeah, things might change a little, but for the better, right?

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I just noticed something (call me slow or anything xD). But the rest of the guys kind of feel intimidated by Yoongi or smothing like that? Like in one Bangtan Bomb, Namjoon started to call him "Suga, Suga", without his honorifics and the rest were laughing, like "You're dead if you do this in front of him." Is there anything on his chart that indicates that, even though Yoongi is soft as a cloud?

Hey, anon! Yoongi can be soft because of his Pisces and Cancer placements but one simply cannot ignore his Venus in Aries. lol It can make one quite confrontational and scary if pissed, depending on the situation. His Moon is also strongly influencing this, be it either Virgo (since it makes one harsh and demanding) or Libra (since it makes one logic and also demanding, which would be even more so in his case because it’d be conjunct his Jupiter, bringing exaggeration with those matters). So yes, he can be soft, but the things that he likes to be his way… They absolutely have to be done in his way or else he’ll let people know how unhappy he is with it. Also, I know he seems too lazy to do so, but I’m willing to bet Yoongi can actually yell when mad (since Venus in Aries can make one loud and specially so if combined with dramatic placements such as Pisces and Cancer). So yeah, he’s a mochi now and then but will bicker a lot if feeling attacked (even about simple things such as daily formalities). Even if his Moon is not in Libra, his Jupiter is conjunct a fixed star that brings even more of a posture that cares a lot about diplomacy and justice. Meaning that if Yoongi feels like something is being done the wrong way or even in an unfair way… Boy will fight you with his Venus in Aries skills.

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(i don’t think i’d be scared though ‘cause from his chart we know how soft he actually is. but still!! on a daily basis i guess he can indeed look scary… as difficult to picture it as it is)


AKA the thing Jen tried to come up with in First Storm

Spock is an oxymoron.
He always has been. It’s his character. He is human and Vulcan and it is struggle between being two parts of a whole that makes his character. A ying and yang between two sides.

Humans show emotions.
Vulcans don’t.

This is the most common one but there are more. For example

Humans are social.
Vulcans are not.

But I realized that there’s another one, that’s a little more metaphorical.
Vulcan is a desert planet.
Earth is a water planet.

Yes we live on the land, but we’re literally “the blue planet" because of how much water we have. We swim in it, it rains all the time… it’s a water planet.

Now I KNOW Spock as a child, struggled between these two sides of him and trying to find a balance, or choose which is better.
And I headcanon HARD that he used to find places that he could go to meditate and be himself. I believe that he used to go out into the desert.
Because it was alone, but also because he felt calm there. Because he could be himself and not have to hide emotions and he could ponder and think and be logical too.
And then I thought. Why wouldn’t he like the rain?

Well, that creates a problem because Vulcans don’t like water. At least in my headcanons.
But Spock does. Canonly. He even voluntarily swims in it in one of the movies.
To say Spock doesn’t like water because of that is to completely ignore that he is also human. I think he’d love the rain which is all he’d ever see on Vulcan as opposed to 
It’s everything opposite, which is his whole character. 

The desert is silent.
The rain is deafening by comparison.

The desert is burning.
The rain is cool.

Spock would find a lot of comfort in both the desert and the rain
That’s kinda why I wrote the story???
But I think he likes the solitude.

When he’s on Vulcan 
He;d often slips away into the desert to be alone
And on the rare occasion it rains, and all the Vulcans go inside, he stays out and enjoys the rain.

And at the Academy/Earth
Slipping away to the deserts nearby and also going out in the rain when its pouring and everyone else is inside

Thinking about it- the Academy wouldn’t be all that different than Vulcan… People avoid the water and the desert. 
Kinda like they avoid Spock?
~theres something to be added here later about that probably~

Anyways I like the idea that Spock is both water and desert
But then I realized that water in itself is an oxymoron

It can be calm.
It can be rough.

It brings life.
It destroys and can kill.

Technically, so is the desert.

We think of the desert as barren
But it’s full of life

And I’m sure there are more that I’m not thinking of right now

I think Vulcans would tend to think good things about the desert and the bad about the water. They’d see the destruction water can bring to their cities and only focus on that. It’s a taboo thing.
And humans think the other way. They see water as good and wonderful and deserts as death and heat and sun. That’s why we have “Death Valley”.

Just the fact that he is the sum of two parts that are also two parts…
idk I think it just makes it match Spock a lot more