so 80s omg i love it

stranger things 2 - character analysis

SPOILERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

episodes 1-9 , also some from the first season but you’ve probably seen that

feel free to add your own opinions in the comments !!

1 ; steve harrington —

if i may start with !! steve harrington is a sweetheart deep down. he makes sure nancy gets home safe with jonathan, even after a FIGHT with her. when will your boyfriend ever ?? anyways, here are a list of things i love about him this season :

- this man and his hair

- he helps dustin get the ladies

- he. carries. around. his. nail. bat.

- babysitter!steve. need i say more?

- actually cares about school now

- stands up for max !!!!!!!!

- understanding of nancy and jonathan’s friendship ( even tho he doesn’t know that they frick fracked )

2 ; nancy wheeler —

this woman needs to get her priorites straight. but i actually love her, she is just so cuTE and her smile is amazing wow. now the list. and i actually, first, have some dislikes :

- she continued to talk to steve like a boyfriend even after she did the do with jonathan. ( don’t get me wrong though, i’m literally jancy all the way - i just think it’s wrong )

- uhm, you like jonathan, admIT IT !

- she gets pissed real easy

and now. some likes :


- actually cares ?? a bit for her brother this season

- when she dances with dustin !!!! and gives him advice !!!!

- her smile to jonathan at the snowball, cute.

- a baby

- she waited for jonathan

3 ; jonathan byers —

MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER !!!! no dislikes ( except that he left nancy waiting ). he’s the best. moving on :

- his cAMERA

- his jealousness for nancy

- when he showed up to the party for nancy !!

- “ i’m a guy who hates parties ” mood

- “ you are a freak, i’m a freak too ”

- a beautiful boy

- showed his brother real music

4 ; eleven / jane hopper —

a bitchin’ character :

- she wanted to go out on halloween as a sheet ghost

- sheet ghosts are my aesthetic

- “ 353 days, i heard ” im crying

- her hAIR !!

- she’s so lost. give her a hug

- eggo quEEN

- even hopper GROUNDED her from eggos. thats how much she loves them

- it’s the little things, kids



- she loves mike with her whole heart

5 ; michael wheeler —

it broke my heart to see him so broken all season. i literally heard it tear. omg :

- “ i talked to you everyday ”


- he cares so much about will

- like he never leaves his side

- when he tears up everytime he sees eleven

- when he tears up everytime eleven leaves because he’s afraid of losing her again

- when he smiles

- when he literally hit puberty 80 times since last season

- just pROTECT HIM

6 ; william byers —

LEAVE MY BOY WILL ALONE. i literally yelled the first time we saw him in the upside down again. he was so afraid, my baby :

- he tried to stand up to his fears

- he tried so hard

- he fought against the monster

- he loves his friends

- he didn’t want to worry his mom ever

- he never got to do things alone and i feLT SO BAD OMG

- protect

- hair

- zombie boy

7 ; maxine mayfield —

madmax, i have to say, i didn’t think i would like her character, but i really did in the end :

- when she flips off her brother everytime he leaves

- her hAIR is so pretty

- she’s stubborn

- like me

- lmao

- scaring the party on halloween

Phayte’s Reads for the Week

June 10th Updates

So apparently people were LOVING making me cry this week! Dang it! Some really good stuff this week! Angst, Tears and HAPPINESS all week long!!!!!! 

PLEASE READ TAGS TO THESE STORIES BEFORE PROCEEDING! The authors are AMAZING at tagging their works - Mixed rating through all of these as I read ALL diff ratings through out the week!

If I Can’t Find You There, I Don’t Care -  @the-stoned-ranger - I am so in love with this story and when came to me about when she went to start it, I wasn’t sure, though I know to NEVER doubt what my saltwife writes, it is too perfect, too good. She is fucking amazing! UPDATED THIS WEEK - Four years after Barcelona, Yuri Plisetsky still hasn’t gotten over his awkward teenage crush on Yuuri Katsuki, his married rival-cum-coach. Though he has always longed for something more, Yuri has too much to lose if he acts on his feelings.But all that changes one night in Salt Lake City, when Yuuri accompanies his two young protégés to Skate America without his husband. Salsa dancing and a stolen bottle of scotch lead to the kind of bad decision that changes everything. How will Viktor, Yuuri, and Yuri begin to put themselves back together after it all falls apart?

Bizarre Love Triangle - @blownwish-blog - OtaPliRoy - SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!  Just finished this this morning! Yuri Plisetsky met them both on his knees in the boys’ room. One would stay, the other could not. America was one fucked up country.(The 80s high school au you didn’t ask for.)

Suit Up! - @francowitch - My love can write her ass off and impress me at every moment! - More OtaPliRoy -  When Otabek and JJ are tired of Yuri just playing video games, they Suit Up and have a little fun with their kitten…

Mischievous Friends - @definitelynotadulting - OMG THIS SHOOK ME! - The skaters play Never Have I Ever at Leo’s birthday party and learn what a bad boy quiet Otabek is. Or in which Bad Boy DJ Otabek is Yuri Plisetsky’s aesthetic. 

Yakov Feltsman Defends All of his Ridiculous Children -  preciousbunnynoiz - (Sorry I dont have their Tumblr name)  Yakov holds a press conference and the press is stupidly rude about his skaters. He will not let it stand

Not a random one - @aftgonice - THIS WAS SO GOOD!  He found that those fluffy and sweet fan fictions were starting not to be enough anymore. His feelings for Otabek weren’t of the innocent type, and while he was already used to fantasize about them, he’d gotten so used to actually reading that one day he just slipped. He found a pretty vanilla one, and promised himself that it would be enough. It was a one time thing, it had to be.
It wasn’t.

Unsteady - @victuri-oh-nice - COMPLETE - I am so going to miss this story and reading it every week!  You did so good honey! Loved it!Otabek was going to kill JJ. He was going to take the next flight to Canada, hunt him down and kick his ass.
Leo: I tried to stop him but he went and did it anyway, I’m sorry! (link)

Dead Air - @ded-i-am-just-ded - WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME!?!?! This fucking thing got in my head and fucked with me in ways I with it HAD NOT! -  You looked me in the eye and lied.

To Have the Tiger by the Tail - @caeseria - TENTACLES! TENTACLES! OMG TENTACLES! (dont kink shame me dammit, lol)  It’s not often that Yuri is caught by surprise, but when he discovers Katsudon doing something he shouldn’t, Yuri’s curiosity gets the better of him.

to be young and in love  - @yours-julie - DAMMIT I LOVE THIS STORY! This made me snot ugly cry and OMG I love this story!  Yuri is stuck in a small town where time stands still, spending his days working in a crappy Diner and dancing his nights away at dodgy clubs, dreaming of the day he can get out & wishing for something interesting to happen.

Just a Little Prick - @accidental-mormon Yuri Plisetsky is a tattoo artist at the locally-famous eros + agape body arts. When Otabek Altin accompanies a coworker for his first tattoo, he finds that it’s not the artwork that draws his eye. [tattoo artist!yuri] [dj!otabek]

A Thorn in the Tiger’s Paw - @theinsanefox - OMG SOOOOOO GOOD! When Yuri falls during practice one day and hurts his knee, he is devastated to find out that he’ll need to take the rest of the season off while he heals.  He quickly finds himself falling into a deep depression so Otabek offers to come stay with him for a few weeks.  Yuri is grateful but still feels like something is off, probably because he misses the ice so badly.

Overload - @lowercasewrites“Yura, are you okay?”Am I crying? Shit I must be. Why the fuck am I crying? He pulls back from my neck to look me in the eyes and make sure everything is alright. He cards his fingers through my hair as I pull myself together. I say the only thing I can think to say.“I love you so much, Beka.”

Smooth Criminal - @victuri-oh-niceWhen Officers Plisetsky and Nikiforov are called to a bar fight, Yuri is not even surprised to find the instigator of the entire thing being none other than Otabek Altin, a known gang member with an outstanding track record. Waiting until the station clears out feels like a waste of time until he can take Otabek for a one-on-one ‘conversation’, if you ask Yuri.

Sorry, Honey - @cherryfeather101 - I was blessed with an amazing gifted work! I am so honored and flattered and loved this! <3 Otabek and Yuri are married, until they’re not.

Still Halrloprillalar (prillalar) -  At competitions, Christophe has an arrangement where he doesn’t know who will show up in his room at night. After the GPF Free Skate, he waits to find out who it will be this time.

a place on Earth, with you - @melonbugg - I swear everyone wants me to cry… they wanna rip my heart and stomp it this week!Yuuri didn’t want to die, he didn’t want to die. And he didn’t want to die alone.The world was ending, and they were just two souls, desperate for someone to share their final days with.A Seeking a Friend for the End of the World AU

Born to Lose - @boxwineconfession - Anything HBB I will gagg over and ask for more! The Heart Break Beat Prequel fic nobody asked for.

Who’s the Biggest Dick? - @rodiniaorzetalthepenquin -  This is TOO CUTE for words! She always amazes me with her stuff!  Leo finds an article that causes many giggles, some speculation, a fight, and Yuri to start questioning his life choices.

Shake Things Up - @aftgoniceOtabek and Yuri are out to dinner with some of their fellow skaters. Yuri is bored. Otabek “helps”.

High Noon - (shit, there are so many of you… I hope I get this right) @lovelytitania - @cleardye - @evermoredeath - @father-nikiforov - @linnorm  - @proserpineceres - @sebuckwheat - Yall are fucking crazy and I love you all! Mysterious thing, an unstable plot. Powerful, and when meddled with, dangerous.

Again! If you write something! I wanna read it! I had some great ones rec’d to me this week! I hope you enjoy these amazing pieces! <3 <3 <3 

Masterpost of @couldnt-think-of-a-funny-name 's Riarkle headcanons



So this wonderful and funny as sh*t girl named Molly writes EXTRAORDINARY Headcanons for Riarkleshippers. I can´t tell you how much I love her writing style. She has build an amazing universe, which I consider canon now. Everytime I feel bad, I read something of hers (she also writes about real-life-events and they are funny as hell) and I immediatly feel better.

Fandom: Girl meets World

Ship: Farkle/Riley Riarkle

Featured pairings: Maya/Josh Joshaya, Lucas/SallyTheDeer

Here are the chronically (in her universe) listed Headcanons:

Bulletpoint stories (just read them in this order they have a storyline that kind of continues):

Sparkly Farkly ( 3rd/ 4th Grade):

Riarkle working on the year book (Middle School):

Riarkle campfire scene (technically AU but I guess it fits in here too):

Sick Riarkle (Freshman year):

Riley stealing Farkle´s clothes (Freshman year  to sophomore year):

Farkle discovers the patriarchy (Sophomore year):

Riley´s sweet 16 + start of dating (December sophomore year):

First date (December sophomore year):

Maya´s sweet 16 (January sophomore year):

Valentine´s day /“Exposed!“ (February sophomore year):

Eric´s chat with Farkle (February sophomore year):

Farkle´s sweet 16 (March sophomore year):

Brief break-up (Junior year):

Science project (Junior year):

Junior prom:

Pregnancy (Junior year):

Even more pregnancy (Junior year):

Early childhood of Penny (from senior year to college):

First few years of college:

Joshaya getting together:

Joshaya in college:

Joshaya proposal:

Joshaya wedding:

Joshaya life before/ after the wedding:

Bachelor/Bachelorette party :

Wedding (25 years old- May):


Riarkle naming their kids:

Riarkle kids character description:

Riarkle kids with theatre:

Keeping up with the Minki (this one is more reality show-like):

Penny´s romance:


Cute fluff through the ages (compliments the stories but is more random):

Height “war“ (From 8th grade to junior year):

Riarkle going to basketball games and watching TV (Middle school):

Eric´s reaction to Riarkle (from Riley´s childhood to the wedding):

Farkle and Auggie BrOTP:

More Farkle/Auggie Goodness:

Maya/ Farkle BrOTP:

Farkle/ Josh friendship:

OT3 headcanons:

OT3 halloween headcanons:

Maya “casually“ walking in on them:

Lucas being oblivious (from freshman year to junior year):

Riarkle being theater geeks:

Drunk Riarkle:

First time they are hearing Penny´s heartbeat:

Riarkle with their pets (from junior year to married stage):

Matthews and Minkus family friendship (from kindergarten to married stage):

Lucas and Sally forever:


Fanfics (basically the bulletpoint stories but in moredetail):

Fanfic of Farkle´s perspective (from six years old to first child):

Fanfic of Valentine´s days (from sophomore year to freshman year of college):


That was a lot of work! I´m, like, 80 % sure that I have everything but if something is missing, please let me know!!

sick best friend!dk

(i’m so excited for this bakfh you don’t even know)

• xixosudidi best friend dk is legit an angel i can’t put it any other way

• so like one day you’re in your apartment and you’re just minding your own business cutting up a watermelon

• ,,,and you hear screaming???

• and you’re like O.o

• and your brain just scrambles like “waT DO”

• so you keep listening bc you don’t know where it’s coming from and it’s obviously nowhere in your apartment so you venture outside

• and when you open the door it hits something??

• and the screaming stops lol

• and you look down and there’s this boy there and you’re like what the

• and then this other dude comes up and is like,,,

• “thanks for hitting him with that door he would nOT shut up”

• and you’re like you’re welcome?? but your friend is knocked out on the floor??

• and he’s just like “eh he’ll be fine. mY NAME IS DOKYEOM WHERE ARE YOU FROM”

• and you help him bring his roommate friend, whose name is soonyoung you find out,, inside his apartment to his couch

• and then you stay for dinner and make sure soonyoung is okay and then you leave

• and then like 10 minutes after you get back in your apartment you get a knock at your door,,,

• and you open it and dk is just standing there

• and he doesn’t say anything for like 10 minutes and you’re like i stg dk what do you want

• and he just smiles and sweetly says “can you plEASE hit soonyoung with this door again,,, he woke up and now he won’t quit complaining,,, pretty pleaseeeee”

• and you just smile

• and slowly you become best friends :)))

• you’re either always at his apartment or he’s always at yours

• so it’s like 8pm

• and you haven’t talked to dk like all day

• but you’re at the point in your friendship where you don’t even have to talk to each other you just sorta have peace in knowing that they’re still nearby

• but you get a knock at your door and you’re like yay dk probably wants to watch a movie or something

• but you open it and it’s soonyoung,,,,

• and you’re just like it’s a sad sad day

• what do you want soonyoung


• and you’re like i really wanna hit you with this door,,,,

• but you go over anyways and as soon as you get in the door you see a sleepy dk covered in used tissues on the couch and you hear soonyoung do this uGLy evil laugh while running out the door

• and you just go yell out from the doorframe at him


• *his car skurts away lol*

• you mutter to yourself as you walk back in and close the door

• you look back over to the couch and dk has his eyes lazily open and a small sad smile on his lips and it kinda hits you,,,

• like omg poor baby let me take care of you

• so you like walk over a little quicker than your normal pace and you’re like

• so this is why you didn’t talk to me today hah

• and he just smiles and then he starts talking and he sounds uGLY like his voice is so nasally

• and you just smile and listen as he explains his,, condition

• then you go straight into caretaker mode

• you start gathering all his tissues and taking them to the trash

• and you’re like “first of all you’re drowning in your own snot rags dokyeom you-”

• and you’re about to joke around with him like “your legs work they aren’t sick”

• but then he starts like coughing and he sounds so miserable and you’re like lowkey misty eyed and you’re not sure why

• like he’s just so vulnerable right now??

• and you’ve never seen him like that so you’re kinda shook

• and your heart flutters a bit

• you feel your face heat up as you wash the snot off your hands at the kitchen sink


• so you spend a little second at the sink like collecting yourself before you walk back in to the living room

• and you see dokyeom like reaching towards the tv remote that’s on the coffee table and it’s just out of reach

• but he won’t move to get it so he’s just sorta like trying to be elasti-girl and stretch his arm out to reach it

• even though he knows it’s not possible

• so he just sighs and sits back

• and you just quietly walk up and grab the remote and sit down next to him

• “what do you want to watch ?”

• “idk just whatever you want to watch, i caNNOT watch project runway right now bc meredith just got eliminated and i do NOT want to be angry aND sick”

• you just giggle bc even tho he’s all raspy and nasally and slurring his words,, he’s still same ol’ best friend dk

• best friend.

• you lowkey didn’t like the sound of that

• so you subconsciously pout

• and he looks at you all innocently like hey why the long face

• and you just brush it off and turn on like modern family or something

• you just sit there sorta quiet and watch the show and it’s kinda weird bc it’s never this quiet with you two

• and you look over at dk and he’s just occasionally softly smiling when something funny happens

• you find yourself admiring his features,, his cute little moles,, his red nose from blowing it so much,, the cute little crinkles by his eyes,, his messy hair

• gOSH

• he looks so perfect

• you never thought about him this way before

• like he’s so beautiful and shifusix??

• he just looks so open and carefree in his cute little orange blanke-

• your thoughts were cut off by a loud obnoxious

• sneeze

• but it wasn’t from dk tho?

• it came out of your body

• and he just looks at you like :o

• and chuckles a little heartfelt laugh

• and you somehow feel self conscious all of a sudden so you blush and look away, not even a sliver of a smile on your face

• then you’re like why aRE YOU LIKE THIS Y/N LIKE FR

• and dk does NOT like it

• he’s like “okay what’s up?,, you’re never like this around me y/n i may be sick but there’s nothing different right now”

• and on the inside you’re like yES RHERE IS IM FALLING IN LOVE WITH MY BEST FRIEND

• but you tell him it’s nothing and he doesn’t like to push you beyond your boundaries,,

• (yet another thing that you realize is so special about him),,

• and he doesn’t pressure you to tell him

• instead he jokes about your sneeze and that you’re already getting sick so you might as well come cuddle with him instead of being so distant

• and -reluctantly- you go and snuggle up to him

• and you can’t lie it always feels good when you cuddle dokyeom

• but now it felt.. different?

• everything felt different.

• and you’re just like dang how did i not notice this before

• you look up for a second to sneak a glance at his lovely features again

• but instead you see dk looking straight at you

• “you’re very cute when you blush, y/n”


• you look away

• and he just puts a finger under your chin

• and pulls your head back to face him before looking straight into your eyes

• and then his lips are on yours

• and it just feels so right

• the kiss was short, sweet, and slow

• and it felt like it lasted 8 lifetimes

• but you wish it would have been 80 mILLION LIFETIMES

• and you’re so shook

• and he starts to give you this long confession about how he’s been like fanboying over you since the day you met

• and you’re just like in shock bc haidhsidh omg

• he finishes talking and he just does this really adorable cheesy smile

• and you bust a nut


• (no i’m lowkey not)

• you bust out laughing and he just smiles and you’re like

• i didn’t realize it til today but i am legit head over heels in love with you

• and he just kisses you real quick and then places another kiss on your temple and then you snuggle up to him

• and then he sneezes in your hair

• but it’s cute

• you pass him a tissue

• then you hear him gently snoring

• not the type of snoring that makes you think there’s an elephant in the house

• but the cute kind ya know

• like when you can hear his slow heavy breathing but it hardly makes any noise it’s just calming white sound

• and somehow even though he’s asleep, his hand is still rubbing circles on your arm

• and you just smile as you feel yourself drifting off

• and right before you’re about to fall asleep

• you hear the door open

• “DOKYEOMIE hONEY I’M HOM-what the funk yo?”

• and you’re just like soonyoung shhh our baby is sleeping i’ll tell you all about it in the morning

• and he’s like ahhh~ crazy kids~


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My thoughts on 5h Angel mv

Before anything else, I need to get these issues out of the way first.


So, yeah, I said before I wanted concept. I wanted plot. I wanted a story. I wanted to see an old school mv with plot and swag. I got swag, i didn’t get the plot. And it’s disappointing. BUT, I’ll just assume that the label didn’t give them enough budget for a full on mv with lots of crew and shit. That’s what I’ll just assume so I would sleep better at night.

Then again, I’ve seen indie videos have mind blowing plot with basically just one lousy camera. And apparently, 5h and the director were aiming for “artsy” so I don’t see any reason for them not to have given us more. But, maybe Angel is just another teaser single. And promo singles don’t need expensive production and shit. I’m thinking that we’ll get more meaty videos AFTER the album is released.

• “5h being hoes”

I keep seeing this on Twitter or YouTube, and a friend also mentioned the male gaze and objectification to me. Tbh, I didn’t see a hint of the male gaze in this mv. Yes they were sexy and were posing provocatively sometimes, but I don’t think it’s on a male gaze level. Male gaze for me is pandering to the male’s visual appetite, particularly zooming in on the boobs and the butt for no reason at all other than to specifically sexualize the women on camera to satisfy the men’s craving for, well, boobs and butts (just check out most hiphop videos.) But what if the girls actually just wanted to pose sexy and wear sexy clothes? I didn’t see boobs or butts close up.

(This is also where people can get confused with Camila. Complaining about how she was complaining about being overly sexualized in 5h and yet she’s being sexy in her dancing and whatever. I’m like bitch no.)

A woman can be sexual and embrace her femininity and sexuality as long as she’s ready and she does it for herself. If she says she feels sexualized, then you can’t take that away from her. If she chooses to be sexual now, then you can’t slut-shame her for embracing her femininity — which is a natural part of being a woman, just like men are privileged to be as overt with their manhood as they want to be. We should stop suppressing women’s celebration of their sexuality, while we celebrate men for basically the same thing.

And this is where my point about the Angel mv video comes in. What I actually saw in the vid are 4 empowered girls who are confident and aware of their sexuality and power and femininity. I didn’t see them being objectified (I guess that’s just a matter of perspective). I think, even before their 7/27 tour, they keep saying that they will wear clothes they like and they will be as sexy as they like. And that to me is what I saw in Angel.

I saw maturity. I saw them growing into women who are (no Angels lol) expressing themselves. And if they wanted to wear sexy clothes, who are we to say they’re hoes? If they are in control of their sexuality and image, then that’s fine. Like, have you seen Lauren and the way she dresses? That’s a person who wears whatever the fuck she wants, and I think that Lauren and the girls are outspoken enough to speak up if they’re uncomfortable with what they’re wearing and how their videos are conceptualized (in this era, at least)… (We saw that in 7/27 Camila. She insisted on wearing extra layers of cloth or pants in her costumes. The girls didn’t. They wore what they chose to wear).


• it’s def better than Down. Down can choke on a hairy dick.

• if this is a promo video, then I guess it’s fine. But this video is all-fluff and no-meat.

• sure, the aesthetics are lit. I love the old-school vibe. It reminds me of 80’s grunge (the film style), and the girls are 100% fine!! Like omg Ally is a fucking stand out! Lauren is Lauren so no surprise. Normani looks like a boss. Like a mafia wife killin’ it. And Dinah is ugh omg she’s soooooo 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

But yeah. The video is nothing. It’s cool yeah, and it’s promising.. but it turned out to be a flat line. Like start to finish there’s nothing happening. But I don’t think it’s bad (they really look cohesive), I just wanted more.

And what’s up with that guy? Is he daydreaming or dreaming? Coz if he’s dreaming then that’s a weird sleeping position 😂😂

Also, what’s up with the random shots of the sky, an ocean, a fence, a lamp post or whatever? Is that a dream-like state? Just random clips interspersed with beauty shots of the girls?

Lauren said the video is artistic. Yeah maybe in a visual sense, it is, but it’s empty.

I needed more.

I can’t even make a proper review of it because it’s severely lacking other than the aesthetics and the girls being immensely beautiful. But we know that already, so can they please give us something more next time? (I think they will. So I need to chill my butt)

In conclusion, if their purpose is to tell us that the girls are no Angels, that they’re hot and sexy and have swag, then yeah the vid is successful.

But to be fair, this video is at least something different from their usually polished bubblegum pop stuff. It’s something gritty in terms of visuals, and I like that 5h3 era is showing us new sides of the girls. They’re exploring and they’re giving us something new. Even if we don’t embrace it the first time, or despite their label’s lack of support, they’re still giving us a part of themselves, and I guess that’s what’s important. I need to chill and be a good fan and just wait for them to do their thing.

The video is a 7/10 for me. 6/10 if I’m in a bad mood. The imagery is cool, but it would have been better if they incorporated something else to balance the meaningless beauty shots.

10/10 just for that one-second clip of Lauren banging the doorframe in sync with the beat. That’s sexy AF and it’s my fave part 😂

And Allysin yeah you’re doing amazing sweetie!!

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I was playing around with makeup in CAS. I treat cc makeup like I treat makeup in irl. If you don’t know I am a makeup artist and I do train with different cosmetics brands. Makeup is a big passion of mine and career. With that being said I came across LIPLINER OMG OMG. I love lipliner in real life so I had to try it out. It shows up on darker skin sims which makes me sooooo happy as a black makeup artist. I tried it on my simself and love it. I found that the lipliner gives great detail and definition to lipsticks. My fave lips I like pairing the lipliner with are remus and screaming mustard. But it works with others beautifully, I think ya’ll will love it because it works for most lipsticks and skintones. Lipliner

Skintone: @xmiramira

Eyeshadow: @savagesimbaby

Eyeliner: @pralinesims (lol 80% sure)

Lashes: @kijiko-sims

Blush: @estrojans

Lipstick: remussirion

anonymous asked:

i have your notifs on bc you're such a lovely writer and i am so! here! for this drabble game. 80 with nct's johnny? i love nct sm and i always get johnny feels 🤧💘

Awh, thank you, dear! I love NCT too omg. I feel like Johnny 100% would be in this position  😂 Him or Ten. 

80.)  “We met in a movie theatre and now you’re clinging to me because you’re terrified and I’m okay with that because it means I get your popcorn.”

Originally posted by lq-johnny

Characters: Johnny

Warnings: A little bone-breaking demon action

Word Count: 550

“No! Don’t go in there! He’s in there!” The demon on screen grabbed onto the girl, pulling her into the closet. You could hear her bones snapping, her screams of terror filled the entire theater. Horror movies didn’t bother you, in fact, you loved them, but the same couldn’t be said for the person in the seat next to you. Before the movie even started, you could tell he wasn’t happy about watching the movie. Then, when the movie started, he started flinching and yelping and in general just being a nuisance to everyone in the theater.

“Hey, trade seats with me,” You called over to your friend. She looked at your situation and shook her head vigorously, “Sorry, you’re on your own there.”

You groaned, then waited for the next thing to scare the guy next to you. You had ten minutes of peace, but then the demon came back. He appeared behind someone, sending them falling out the window they were looking out. Which, apparently, scared the living daylights out of the man next to you. He jumped, then wrapped his arms tightly around you and whined. He hid his face in your shoulder, his entire body quivering. You looked to your right to see your friends laughing at you, then to your left to see his friends laughing at you. You shot the pink haired man next to him a death glare. He shut his mouth and then quickly looked away back to the screen.

“I-I’m sorry, it’s just so scary! Oh why did I let Taeyong convince me to come with him, I can’t handle movies like these!” You weren’t sure what to do, you had this grown man clinging to you, trembling in fear… Over a movie.

As the movie moved onto its climax, you were getting ready for the man to be clinging to you for dear life once more. The demon grabbed onto a man’s ankles and began dragging him under his bed. Miraculously, the man kicked the creature off of him and managed to scurry away—the perfect setup for the next jump scare. On cue, the demon shot out from under the bed screeching and claws ready to slash anyone nearby. The man next to you, this time, nearly jumped into your lap. He had to be sitting on the armrest, he was too close not to. He let out a quiet shriek, burying his face in your shoulder once more.

“I’m so sorry again! Please don’t hate me! Please don’t make me move, I don’t want to see that thing again!” He flinched at the sound of the demon screeching again, “Please!”

You looked at the top of his head, and then down to his arms which were firmly wrapped around your body. “Let me run this situation by you…”


“Right, Johnny, let me run this situation by you.” You waited for a scene of dialogue so the theater wouldn’t be too silent for you to speak. “We met in a movie theatre and now you’re clinging to me because you’re terrified, and I’m okay with that,” You stuck your hand in the bucket that had been knocked over into your lap when he jumped the last time, “because it means I get your popcorn.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you write Kankuro headcanons in a modern au? I love your modern headcanons, theyre perfect. like what pets he would have, What job, how he would spend his time? Thanks!

thank you so much!!


•Soo as far as jobs go, I have something specific in mind. Maybe he’s really into the entertainment business. He’s one of those promoters in the entertainment business that sell tickets to shows/movies/concerts. Everyone comes to him for hookups. He flaunts it too. Brags about how he can get you a discount on those Rihanna tickets. But he hardly ever comes through. He forgets he made you a promise, or ends up not being able to get them at as great of a deal as he previously boasted. Damn Kankuro

•Pets? It’s difficult to say. Kankuro might think owning pets is a cool prospect but he’d be a pretty awful pet owner. Not on purpose, of course. But he just isn’t always attentive. Maybe he’d get a cat? They’re not that high maintenance. He’d be cute with an orange tabby cat 

•Probably drives a sports car. A Dodge Viper might be his car

•He of course spends lots of time working. Maybe he and his siblings actually run some sort of company? So he spends lots of time with Gaara and Temari working and organizing the company

•He lives in a nice apartment/loft. Maybe a condo. He’d have big hopes of finding a cute date to bring home so he can impress them with his crib, but it’s always messy as hell. He never cleans

•Watches lots of sports. Would host big game night parties at his place. Also watches Face Off and Skin Wars religiously. All those makeover/art shows

•WHAT IF as a summer job when he was young, he worked at a carnival and worked at those little makeup booths where kids go to get their faces painted. Omg. I can only imagine that given the sand sibling’s family business, he was never short on money, since he probably grew up well-off. So he takes the job just for fun. He really enjoys it

•Such a slut for classic movies? Classic as in 80s and 90s I mean. Goonies, Karate Kid, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, etc. He loves that shit