so 10 it is

It’s nearly midnight and I decided the best thing for me to do was to try making icons, so have some LGBTQIA Dear Evan Hansen teens. Sorry for the graininess, this is my first time trying this and I have no idea what I’m doing.

(feel free to use, just give credit)

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Do you think Zayn would say something nasty about Harry's single?

I’m sure he’ll throw some shade. I’m sure he’ll also need Goji to run a bath for him when the numbers are 10x better than anything he could ever come up with.

Ben 10 headcanons

Ben loves memes. His greatest wish is to one day ascend to meme status himself.

He tries to teach Rook about memes. Rook doesn’t always understand but he’s trying his best

Sometimes Rook will correctly use a meme and Ben will puff up with pride like a mama hen

*some villain gets beat up*
Rook: as the Internet would say, get rekt scrub
Ben smugly: I taught him that

If Mr Smoothie was an actual person, Ben would marry him

He campaigns to get Mr Smoothie to sponsor him/become their official spokesperson á la Game Grumps and Wendy’s

He picks up languages really easily and now knows random phrases in a bunch of alien languages that don’t have much practical use on earth. He likes to show off his skill anyway

Ben: jfshv gu dbk gosbrta slysh kag folp: Human fans: wow! What else can you say?
Ben dramatically: łłüfgçįßrdæã kóòpłûŷtś
Human fans: woah that’s so cool!
Ben: oh yeah? Ėß nõsŶñ'šĘT Y'sïm sī'ta'ti’ ŃĮÆGee

Where is the space bus stop
Pass the salt
That Tennyson kid is at it again

He still gets nightmares a lot so doesn’t really get much sleep at night. He makes up for it by napping a lot during the day

Huge anime fan. Sumo slammers was the first one he watched and then Naruto. He is also a fan of sailor moon and sometimes when he transforms into an alien he pretends it’s a magical girl transformation. He’ll never admit that though

Didn’t have many friends growing up, and for years Gwen was his only real friend. After he put the omnitrix back on he met a lot of people and made a lot more friends, but he still only has a few close friends (Gwen, Kevin, Rook, Rex if you count Heroes United)

He thinks he’s pretty suave but he can’t flirt to save his life. He used to be flirtier when he was younger, like 13-14 years old, but mellowed out because he wasn’t having much success. He doesn’t really flirt at all now, he’s too awkward, and kinda oblivious to other people’s romantic advances (see: Ester)

This scene comes to mind:

Has a surprisingly good fashion sense, but opts for whatever is the first thing he sees in his wardrobe that morning because he’s too lazy to plan out a nice outfit everyday

why do i gotta ask for people to let this 30 yr old man live his 30 yr old life. like. drink a beer phil. call dan a cheeky fucking cunt when he’s being an idiot phil. make a disgusting sex joke that’s so bad it’s funny phil. live ur life. do it for me babe. im sorry people still treat you like a 15 year old scene kid who wants to fuck a plant.