so 10 it is


So?? I did a thing in case any of you would like to watch it??? (it’s less than 4mins long and I’d really appreciate it!!<3)

“I am really glad I got this!” - Me, about every album ever

I know I’m posting this like a month later but hey at least it’s here now! Just wanna apologize for all the gesturing in the beginning, for all the extra “aaaah"s (there were a lot more before, believe it or not) and for the really awkward editing. Pinky promise I’m working on all of that!

Thank you for watching! Feel free to like this video, subscribe & leave a comment, it would be greatly appreciated! ❤️

Soooooo you guys know how Poppy is my most favourite champion in League, right?
She maaaaay have some actual competition right now x3

Like hooooly shit, not only is he fun to play, HE’S FUCKING HILARIOUS TO LISTEN TO XD
Now I want to RP with a Kled even more badly now -w-

divinedragonilluminae asked:

An aesthetic for a Rinea from Fire Emblem Echoes who has found, gotten close to, and recently started dating her Berkut with themes of love, quotes, and nature for @divinedragonilluminae ! I hope this is alright but please let me know if you’d like something changed!! -Mod Berkut

so last night I played almost 3 hours of competitive and won ONE game


and every single game was a complete and utter blowout (even the win). we did not score a SINGLE POINT in ANY of the losses (in three hours’ worth of games!). and I was solo queueing with different people every time!

the matchmaking system is FUCKED because even if I’m just a terrible player (which I know I’m not), even if I’m god fucking awful I should be getting matched with players of a similar skill level so that there’s at least SOME chance of a balanced game??? 

honestly I don’t know what changed, at least on PS4 but I haven’t had a close game in comp (and barely any in QP) since this season started


lmao yo i’m convinced melania just tryna outlive this man and collect them billions at this point