so .. yeah

So last night I dreamed I was watching S13E01 and Cas’ true form was a bigass penguin with the head of a dodo and his usual black wings almost dwarfing this bizarre chimera and of course we all started writing bird metas. 

I think I need a hobby.

Okay I saw that picture where they said Keith’s vlog was tagged as Klance on YouTube and thought nah it must be fake but then

And then I thought hey what about the lion switch video witch the Shoulder Touch ™ and

So yeah I’m pretty much crying rn because DreamWorks confirmed it

I just got back from seeing IT and the movie was so GOOD but I felt compelled to post a warning for my friends and followers who are sensitive to or triggered by references to sexual assault, bc I hadn’t seen anyone else mention it yet and it took me by surprise

((Minor Spoilers))

The movie strongly implies that Bev’s father has sexually abused her

Initially, this is shown by Bev’s emotional reaction to her father caressing her hair and asking if she’s still his girl (I’m paraphrasing, but this is the extent of what you can expect). In a later scene, he does the same again but also physically assaults her, knocks her down, grabs at her legs, etc. She’s wearing a dress but also leggings underneath. The scene isn’t graphic but it’s very emotionally intense and ((more spoilers)) ends with Bev violently striking him over the head to make him stop.

Hope this helps someone be prepared before they watch, or be able to choose to opt out. Be safe! ♥

Also I’ve been so MIA on here, at least it feels like it, and I would like to apologize for all of the conversations I don’t continue. It feels like I’m busy all the time and I’m sorry 😓

I’ll try to be better and be more responsive and sometimes all it takes is an extra nudge to be like ‘hey bitch reply to me instead of reading the message and forgetting to reply’

Going to say this once

In the animation industry, you don’t get to PICK AND CHOOSE what projects you work on

Stop being assholes to the artists who worked on the emoji movie. It probably wasn’t their first choice either okay? But if you are picky in this industry you don’t get hired. You show up and do your job you don’t sign up for what movies you want to work on

So i saw a post a few days ago about neurotypicals who say that stim/fidget toys make you *less* focused and how fucked that is and it got me thinking of an analogy.

So you know when you try on a friend’s glasses and you can’t see shit???? Their glasses make your vision worse, right? But you realize that it’s because YOU DON’T NEED THEM. You might mention or make a joke about how blurry things are for you, but you still understand and appreciate that the glasses help your friend see, even though they aren’t good for you personally.

So when you try your friend’s tangle or fidget cube and claim, as a blanket statement, that it makes you *less* focused and that your friend should stop using it for that reason?? You’re being just as much of an asshole as if you tried on your friend’s glasses and said “wow, you know these ACTUALLY make your vision WORSE, right???” because you’re assuming that your experience is the same as theirs when it’s really, really not.

okay but imagine harry making a group chat for his friends from hogwarts just because and draco is there too but he literally never talks because he’s all like “that’s a muggle thing phew” but really he didn’t know how to use that

AND the first time that draco actually talks in the group chat is to send a video of harry who stubbed his toe on a table and is lying on the floor curled up into a ball screaming “I DIDN’T KILL VOLDEMORT FOR THIS

and then the camera switches to draco’s bored face and with the most monotone voice ever he says “the boy who lived twice” and he’s holding a clock that shows 4:27am


Some Random Guy: *Literally risking his life because he Really Likes a video game*

Prompto: Whoa! What do you think they’re doing?

Noctis: Some kind of contest?

Prompto: All the way up there? Looks a little risky, don’t you think?

Noctis: Nah. I’d be there and back in a flash. 

Ignis: I’d fancy a walk up there.

Noctis: You seriously want to do that?

Ignis: Can’t spell “funambulism” without “fun.”

Noctis: How do you even know that word?


Ain’t nobody fresher than my motherfucking clique 


But we’re a million worlds apart..


disney princess meme ♔[1/5] princesses
Kidagakash (Kida)

All I can remember is the sky going dark and people shouting and running. And a bright light — like a star — floating over the city. My father said it called my mother to it. I never saw her again.


The jacket origin story that no one asked for