so *hugs*

Dan was scared for Australia. For the choice that they had to make. Because of course there was a chance for a worse ending. And this literally made me cry because SAME. I’m scared every day of my fucking life for all the places who are voting for a better future. But I’m even more scared because there are places where people are afraid to openly talk about stuff like sexuality or gender equality or identity or freedom. It’s literally insane and illogical to even question someone’s existence. Like how? How did you come up with the idea that someone is not valid because he is different? I don’t understand and it can’t be understandable at any point. Children? Don’t you think that it would be better for kids to learn about all these things before they grow up and start freaking out because of the changes? They will question this at some point of their lives anyway. So it’s one of the most ridiculous excuse.

So yeah Dan just said what was in my mind for a long time and I’m grateful for it. I’m not alone (not that it changes my worries but yeah make sense? Idk)

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