so (not) twins cosplay

Gajevy family x Nintendo

It’s actually just a birthday present for my friend who is in love with gajevy and nintendo xD But I thought you’d like to see it too :D

Levy cosplays Samus in her Zero suit
Gajeel is supposed to be Waluigi
and the Twins are Link and Kirby <3

Art by moi~

♡Home Sweet Home♡

Lets be nicer to Bunny.

Im sick of the transphobia in this fandom. Yes the blaringly obvious stuff is horrific but so is the more subtle kind.

Bunny has stated that she is uncomfortable with people cosplaying her pre-transitioned Rabbit. Of course she cant and doesnt control who cosplays what but the fact that she says it gives her dysphoria and that should be enough for a decent person to realise that this is hurting her. And therefore it is not worth you wearing a costume.

I cannot begin to describe the pain and suffering dysphoria causes. But I shouldnt have to and neither should Bunny. It should be enough, to just know its hurting her, to get people to stop.

I love cosplay and completely understand the want to cosplay a loved character. SPG has so many awesome characters to choose from, more guys than girls. If youre a guy, cis or trans and you dont feel comfortable cosplaying a girl or wearing a dress, then a) why are you cosplaying a girl to begin with and b) there are so many male characters to chose from, why not cosplay her twin brother The Spine?

If its just GOT to be Rabbit no matter what then here you go:

She is wearing pants. Transitioned Rabbit being herself and wearing pants. You can cosplay her with this outfit.

No more excuses for cosplaying her pretransitioned and ‘male’.

Lets be kinder to Bunny, she has given us so much, she deserves a loving and respectful fandom to feel safe in.


Trust no one

A couple more shots of our monster hunter Pines Twins! I’m still so happy about these cosplays, we felt super badass in them.

Mabel - @partychickencosplay

Dipper - @anyapanda-official

More photos!

Didn’t really get many pictures at ramencon this year cause i was just so caught up in everything going on, but i did get this one of @i-eat-babies-for-breakfast ’s ouran high school host club cosplay for my friend that couldn’t make it since that’s his favorite anime.

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni - Anime Boston 2014 (Sonozaki Twins)


I love twinning with this precious bby. I do<3 PLus, this is another #DREAMSCOMETRUE moment, because like I keep saying, I’ve wanted to do this since 2008. Mission accomplished. 

Not totally happy with the bangs, but it was a tough friday. We have wefts, so we’ll see what happens the next run through :D

photo credits: Mion Sonozaki cosplayed by me, redustrial-ruin, Shion Sonozaki cosplayed by traumaticcandy, photo by our beloved ducesacosplay