so (not) twins cosplay

♡Home Sweet Home♡

[This is possibly my favourite photo from our WWOHP trip, and it wasn’t even in WWOHP. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ James and Oliver are always doing this pose and it’s so cheesy but so boss and I needed it in my life.

*Fred and George cosplays made by me and worn by me and my sister, respectively.]

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni - Anime Boston 2014 (Sonozaki Twins)


I love twinning with this precious bby. I do<3 PLus, this is another #DREAMSCOMETRUE moment, because like I keep saying, I’ve wanted to do this since 2008. Mission accomplished. 

Not totally happy with the bangs, but it was a tough friday. We have wefts, so we’ll see what happens the next run through :D

photo credits: Mion Sonozaki cosplayed by me, redustrial-ruin, Shion Sonozaki cosplayed by traumaticcandy, photo by our beloved ducesacosplay

anonymous asked:

I love your cosplays of Andy Sixx. Was wondering if you're willing to cosplay anyone else? I listen to arch enemy and the front woman Alissa is amazing and I do think you look a lot like her. Don't know if anyone's said that or anything xD but If you tried cosplaying her. You'd pass as her twin sister :)

Thank you so much, I do other cosplays as well but I’ve never listened to Arch Enemy but thank you. 


When i met markiplier : (M=mark T= Taylor, me Tr= Tristyn, my twin) M: hi T: hello! Tr: (to mark) He is you M: You are me? *looks at me* T: You are me, wait no. Wait yes. Wait I am you….who am i… M: Who am I? * stares off in the distance* T: *does the same* M: you do me well! T; sir I do not do you that is illegal. M: *smiling slightly trying not to show it* no, Nonono! , NO don’t twist my words! T: You said it not me! *jack laughs in the background* Meeting therealjacksepticeye : (J=Jack T= me tr=Tristyn J: Hey! Are you dressed as him? *pointing to mark. T: No J: oh T: he is dressed a me J: *chuckles* but seriously T: Yeah *smiles* — Jack and my twin talking to each other: My twin was cosplaying Jack. J: hi Tr: So….you’re jack…I’m jack, let’s have a jack off. J: Yeah, totally! We can jack off together! Everyone around us:*laughs*


Yesterday was an absolute blast at Metrocon! Went to some hilarious panels and found some incredible art for my walls. And of course Immet a lot of great people and took some pretty ok photos! I went as Star Butterfly and my best friend went as Monster-armed Marco. If by chance you see yourself in any of these photos just let me know! 

RFA Cosplaying as Anime Characters!

Lol I had a long day so I’m doing this to wind up a bit~


-He would probably dress up as Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita
-Mostly because of the long white hair and beautiful clothes Tomoe wears frequently
-He thinks he’s just as cool and elegant and would love to be him
-His voice is pretty husky though so he can make perfect Tomoe impressions
-Wearing fox ears is a no-no since they remind him of cats lol
-He would probably not want to wear a wig because he wants to show his beautiful white hair ff
-Would prob make you do a Nanami cosplay~
-He would try to be cold towards you
-Ofc it doesn’t work
-He tries to act disinterested at first in order to play his part
-But when he sees you wear her kimono and other clothes from the opening
-And then you get to that point with the cherry
-He f l i p S
- (Bonus: Zen as Jakob from FE Fates, anyone?? Hahaha..)


-Omg this cutie
-Would prob refuse at first
-But then she would see you pouting and finally accept lol
-You try to make her wear something cute but she ofc insists as Akane Tsunemori from Psycho Pass
-Since its the one that resembles most to her
-And is easy to wear
-She would also eventually watch the show with you
-And apart from the gore n everything she would actually think it’s fairly interesting
- (plus Makishima would remind her of Zen hah a)
-Eventually you find her using the cosplay denominator and acting like a cool detective, giggling a bit
-Aahshdbd this s w e e t h e a r t
- (plus she can think of pointing that thing at a certain trust fund kid lmao)
-She would make you her cute little enforcer (lol) and act out scenes together~


- (this is kindof not anime but whatever hahaha //stabbed)
-AAA okay just imagine this cutie in a Len Kagamine cosplay
-With his hair pulled up into a ponytail and everything
-He would probably love it
- “Hey! I saw this character on a LOLOL event once!!”
-Would try to sing some of his songs (mostly the romance ones) to you
-Would actually do pretty good!
-Will probably make you cosplay as either Rin or Gumi
-Bcs Rin would be the perfect twin cosplay and you guys would be so cute
-And then as Gumi you can reenact various cute songs of both of them together aaaa
-In the end he would probably end up putting his hair in a ponytail sometimes
-mostly when he’s at home with you
-or playing games
- But honestly though He Can Be So Cute in a Len Outfit I Cannot Emphasize this Enoug h


-Oh boi
-Oh god
-Oh dear
-S e b a s t i a n J u m i n
-(Black Butler)
-You prob were the one who told him to cosplay it
-At first he would be like ????
- ”But we can hire a buttl-”
- “That’s not the point!!”
-He would rly own that cosplay though
-Probably would do research on him because of curiosity
-Would try some of Sebastian’s hot lines for you
- ‘Call the hotline’ ahahhahhshzcries)
- “But why can’t he have a cat?”
-Perfect Butler Etiquette
-Like seriously this guy is so good at impersonating him?????
-Tbh he mostly uses this an excuse to be with you at all times of the day and treat you like a princess
-Will eventually learn that Ciel exists and would make you cosplay as well
- Ciel with cat ears


-The second you come to suggest cosplay he abruptly walks away
-Only to come back with about 3 million worth of cosplay costumes
-Any anime, you name it!
- ‘Danganronpa?’ Yup ‘Ouran High School Host Club?’ U-huh ‘Haikyu?’ You got it
-’….kill la kill’ Oh yeah ;^)))

-It would take hours for him to decide a final cosplay to put on
-Will probably choose Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew
-And make you go probably as Mint since he thinks her hair is cute as well as her clothes (not as cute as you though)
-Both of you guys would start making silly battle poses and start screaming Mew Mew lines
-would accidentally throw his Ichigo ring at you
-“And mew mew love~”

- *drop kicks*


-This cinnamon roll
-You would probably ask him to be Haruka Kokonose from Kagerou Project and you as Takane
-Since Haruka is an artist he would prob try to draw as well but eventually resolve to pictures haha
- lowkey worried at first that you were talking about cosplay, Seven style;
-Don’t worry V you won’t get a mew mew ring thrown at your face (cough)
-As soon as he puts on his clothes he thinks its rly comfy lol
-His sleeves would be too big for him and hddhdhdh you can’t stand it he’s just so cute!!
-He would also think you’re hella cute as Takane lol
-Would love the uniform and pigtails on you, as well as your sweater
-Will end up just hugging you 24/7 because of how snuggly you are lol
- “Hm..this is what he does to Ene right?~”



Hey all just wanted to share my Yusuke Urameshi cosplay that i got to wear for the first time at AKon 27 here in Dallas. 

Yu Yu Hakusho is one of my fav animes of all time and i was so happy to cosplay the spirt detective himself along with my twin sister as Kazuma Kuwabara.

styled the wigs both myself and i love how they turned out!!!