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Sometimes I think about Raz discovering movies

He was raised in a circus and it doesn’t seem like his family were all that well off, I can’t imagine him being able to see many films previous to the events of Psychonauts. And suddenly he’s at Psychonauts HQ with access to all these movies that he could never have dreamed of before and he just starts binging on ‘em.

His favorite that he’s found so far is the original Superman movie from the 1970s, and he was genuinely wowed by the flying, even after Chloe explained that Christopher Reeves wasn’t really flying and pointed out all the inconsistencies regarding Kryptonian history and culture.

He tries to get Lili to dance with him in a thunderstorm after watching Singin’ in The Rain, and they have a great time until a giant thunderclap spooks them inside, shivering and laughing together. They also watch a lot of superhero movies together.

Bobby dared him to sit through a watch of Alien alone (Bobby himself can’t watch that movie without having Chloe next to him for reassurance), and Raz did it with ease. He’s pretty terrified of The Thing and Jaws, though.

Raz invites the male campers to a guys’ movie marathon at one point where they each pick a different movie to watch throughout the day. Raz picks The Rocketeer, Chops picks The Mighty Ducks, J.T. picks The Magnificent Seven, Vernon picks The Neverending Story, Quentin picks Spirited Away, Clem picks Cats Don’t Dance, Dogen picks The Little Mermaid, Elton picks Shark Tale (and everyone gets on his case for it), Bobby picks Rocky, Benny picks Phantom of The Opera, Maloof picks Goodfellas, Mikhail picks Fiddler on The Roof, and Nils picks Showgirls. Everyone walks out at the beginning of Showgirls, including Nils.

Dogen usually asks him to watch Disney movies like Bambi and Dumbo, which Raz finds kinda boring, but it makes him happy to see Dogen having such a good time watching them. He also likes the songs a lot, but won’t tell anyone out of embarrassment.

Raz tries to teach himself karate for two weeks after seeing The Karate Kid, until Sasha catches him trying to snap a big wooden board in half with his bare hand and decides to step in and get Raz into an actual class. Sasha explains that he had hurt himself years ago after watching the same film. When Raz expresses his astonishment that his mentor is familiar with the movie, Sasha replies, “Razputin, I was a scrawny, bullied immigrant teenager in the ‘80s. Of course I watched The Karate Kid.”

Ford tries to get Raz to watch some more classic fare along with his “modern junk”, like Citizen Kane, The Wizard of Oz, and Casablanca. Raz tries to discreetly sleep through them but Ford is too good at catching him, yelling him awake and demanding he appreciate the groundbreaking cinematography/acting/etc.

Milla asks if he’d like to watch some of her favorite movies, too, and while Raz agrees to it, he goes into it fully expecting to be bored out of his mind by rom-coms. He is pleasantly surprised to find that Milla’s favorite movies are primarily cool sci-fi and action fare like Logan’s Run, TRON, and Ocean’s Eleven. He doesn’t even complain by the time they get to The Sound of Music.