Honestly rn it feels like they hate us so much they decided to burn their own show to the ground to hurt us. Guess it mattered more to them that this was THEIR show than maintaining any semblance of narrative consistency or character integrity

  • Victor: It's unhealthy to eat past 9pm
  • Yuuri, eating Lucky Charms at 3am: Oh man, good thing time is an illusion
BONES 12x02 Recap: The Brain in the Bot

With the mystery of The Puppeteer gearing towards a resolution at the end of last week, the second episode of the season was back to the typical Bones style of storytelling. But there was mention of Zack, just not prominently sprinkled throughout the episode. No hour of this show is truly stand alone. Every episode builds on the previous. And every episode illustrates the profoundly remarkable development of these characters.

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why do people act like sherlock is a stagnant and emotionless jerk who isn’t allowed to grow and learn and develop new feelings and allow himself to feel them and act upon them in regards to molly, and that his feelings for her will always be platonic and her feelings will forever be one sided even though he’s known her for years and has been going through a lot of emotional development this new season and it’s so not exactly a shot in the dark to speculate that he may actually have developed or is developing romantic feelings for her and may try to become worthy of her affections in the near future, especially after tonight’s episode

anonymous asked:

why don't you get along with other age regressors

I’m a stupid, petty person who;
A) doesn’t really like to have many friends in general,
B) can’t stand people who are too similar to me, and
C) my age regression is scarce anyways so there’s no point in me talking to another one when it’s just going to make me jealous and sad.

Just YouTube searched for “Shiba Inus screaming” for @sherlocks-freebitch‘s birthday ficlet, and I’m not even sorry.  

While this is not going to be a Silence of the Lambs retelling with shibes in place of lambs, I confess I now really want to hear Anthony Hopkins say well, Clarice, have the shibes stopped screaming?