My favourite thing is when you talk about gender equality with certain bigoted men, and their first response is ‘so if women want equality, does that mean that I can punch them in the face?’

I mean, firstly, let’s have a little talk about why the very first thing that comes to mind when you hear about the concept of gender equality is the act of permissible face punching. Not the fact that perhaps women might be able to walk down the street without fear of sexual comments orunwanted physical contact, nor the idea that women might be permitted to discuss their experiences of misogyny without being immediately ridiculed and belittled for their gender, but the fact that you might finally get to punch a woman. Why are you so desperate to justify your misogynistic fantasies of violence under the thin guise of social equality? Why do you want to punch women so badly?

Secondly, let’s sit down over a nice cup of tea and discuss why your barometer of equality is entirely rooted in the levels of violence that you consider to be socially acceptable to dole out. Why does your definition of equality revolve so completely around whether or not you think it’s acceptable or justified to physically attack someone? Is your idea of masculinity really so rooted in the use of physical violence to dominate that your only knowledge of how to measure gender equality is to compare levels of ‘acceptable’ bodily harm?

Thirdly, let’s just touch briefly on why exactly the first place your mind drifted to was the idea of punching. Why do you think about punching people so much? Why do you think that punching anyone in the face is acceptable or justified, regardless of gender? Are you OK? Do you need a hug?

now during trans day of visibility i’m seeing a lot of bullshit that non-binary people aren’t trans, people are sending horrible messages to my friends telling them they’re not trans bc they’re nb. i just want to make clear that non-binary people are trans too. separating non-binary and trans is something truscums has done to manipulate people into thinking they aren’t trans just because they don’t want hormones and/or surgery.

if you’re not cis, you’re trans. if you’re not trans, you’re cis. it’s as simple as that. doesn’t matter how much or little hormones you get, or if you don’t get or do get surgery. only /you/ can know. everyone else can fuck off.

non-binary or binary, you’re trans - and you’re valid. don’t let the truscum assholes let you think any different. you’re trans you’re valid and i love you. be safe.

i just had this thought where i was like “i wish they made baths as big as swimming pools” And then i was like “no too much bath” then i was like “i wish they made baths like the size of hot tubs” and then i remembered jacuzzis. and now we’re here.


i can’t find a studio art class that fits into my schedule for next semester that i don’t think i will hate, so that’s gonna break a 5-year streak of art classes. oh well. here are some paintings from the past. 

my concentration in AP art senior year/last year was selfies. i think i spun it something like “teenage melodrama is worthwhile as a subject and deserves acknowledgement and validification.” also, though, it was really easy to get reference photos for my head. 

anonymous asked:

If OUAT characters went to Hogwarts, which houses will they end up?

Ohh I feel like I’m opening a potential can of worms here, especially after that last episode. But hey, you asked, so you shall receive. (Remember we’re talking about everyone’s eleven-year-old selves, here.)

Emma: Gryffindor, on account of being brave, smart, and loyal.

Charming: Gryffindor all the way.

Snow: Gryffindor.

Hook: Hufflepuff, because while he’s brave, smart, and cunning, above everything else he’s about Good Form, honesty, fair play, and patience.

Regina: Gryffindor. The Sorting Hat debated putting her in Slytherin, but she begged it not to, because that’s where Cora was. And while she does have a ruthless streak, she’s also strong and brave and inclined to help others, and lacks ambition for the sake of power.

Robin: Gryffindor, with a strong sense of fair play and courage in spades. He’s even got a lion tattoo.

Rumple: Slytherin, because he’s cunning, ambitious, and prepared to step on others if it’ll get him ahead.

Belle: Ravenclaw, because she’s intelligent, smart, and focuses on that to the point where she sometimes misses or ignores what her heart or gut try to tell her.

Neal: Slytherin, because for him as well, it’s ultimately about what he wants. He’s pretty good at manipulating people and not above using underhanded means and forbidden magic to get what he wants.

Henry: Hufflepuff, because he’s open-minded, a believer, and a firm advocate of fair play and tolerance and acceptance.

Zelena: Slytherin, for obvious reasons, and because the house colours suit her very well.