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Ok it's storming hard rn so I present to you- What if somehow the castle had to wait out a thunderstorm on an earth like planet, the power goes out, and when Lance leaves his room to get food, in the dark he slips &falls down stairs, breaks foot, gets sick from pain, and literally has to CRAWL to find help. (Bonus points if someone gets freaked out bc they hear lance's screams as he falls down the stairs but thinks it's a ghost )

Cough. Look man. 

I got nothing. I tested it out. And I WILL finish it with goddamit family fluffiness ok. LAFLUFF WILL RISE.

I wrote this in like fifteen minutes. So, excuse the mistakes. It just popped up in my head.

Lance chokes up and bites his lower lip as he throws his head back, hands hover shakily over his twisted ankle.

The brunet groans before taking a deep breath. ‘In, out, in, out, ow, in, ow, out’

“Okay,” Lance breaths out, “Okay, okay, okay, I got this.”

He moves a little from his place on the floor, testing himself and his injury. He winces in discomfort when his ankle moves at the action but other than that, Lance pats himself on the back for being able to at least sit properly.

“Step one down.” He says, carefully untying the knot of his robe before taking it off, leaving him only in his long sleeve Altean’s pjs. “Time for Step two.”

He hops. He quite literally hops on his butt and then flinches and shakes his head furiously when his ankle doesn’t supports his way of transportation.

“Yep, nope.” Lance declares, sighing shakily and closing his eyes to control his breathing, trying to ignore the sharp pain, “Dragging my ass back to the room,  it is.”

“I’m telling you, Shiro! Something out here screamed so loud that it woke me up.” Lance‘s head raises as soon as Keith’s voice echoes just around the corner from where he sits.

“Keith, your theory is that the castle is still haunted,” Shiro answers tiredly and Lance can easily hear how he stiffens in a yawn, “Which, by the way, was never haunted in the first place.”

“Thousand Years Old War Castle and you want me to believe there are no spirits of Alteans left behind inside this walls.” Keith deadpans and Shiro hums noncommittally.

“Um, guys?” Lance tries, not wanting to miss his chance just in case the pair leaves before they see him, “I think I’m the ghost this time. I might need a little help.”

“Lance?” Shiro questions, hurrying on his feet and Lance feels a spark of relief when his leader appears in his vision. “Lance, what happened?” He asks worriedly as soon as he takes in the state the brunet’s in.

“I might have fell.” Lance shrugs, appreciating the grounding presence of Shiro’s hand on his shoulder, offering a weak smile to lighten up the mood.

Keith snorts by his side. “Might have?” He repeats flatly but still crouches down besides his brother, taking note of the brunet’s injury with a concerned and serious frown, “Where does it hurt?”

“Ankle.” Lance mumbles, slightly wincing when Keith’s fingers trace the surface of his skin carefully and waves off the teen’s soft apology.

“Looks twisted, a little swollen.” Keith hums, raising his gaze to catch Shiro’s eyes, “What do you think?”

“I think someone should have taken their flashlight if they wanted a snack.” Shiro mumbles, poking Lance’s temple disapprovingly.

Lance waves his hand away. “Sure, blame the poor injured Paladin.”

“Alright, come on, then. Let’s go to my room, I have a couple of ice bags there and a few bandages.” Shiro declares, nodding at Keith before turning to Lance, “We’re going to help you stand up, alright? Try to keep your ankle high, ready?”

Lance bites his lips, hesitates and then sighs when Shiro squeezes his shoulder in comfort. “Yes, yes, I’m ready.”

Two tries, and a few sudden pained screams from Lance, before they are able to stand properly, both Shiro and Keith on either side of Lance as they stay close to the brunet, holding him up high enough for him to maintain his ankle high.

“Doing good?” Shiro asks and waits patiently while Lance grunts and breaths through his nose.

“Peachy,” Lance breaths out after a few seconds, a shaky playful smile over his lips and making an ‘Ok’ sign over Keith’s shoulder, “I’m good.”

“There it was again, Pidge! You will eat your words once I prove to you that the castle is haunted again!” Hunk’s voice suddenly appears, full body turning around the corner where the trio still stands quietly.

Hunk’s victory smirk falls as soon as he sees his teammates and then he frowns in concern when he notices the way Lance is hanging in the middle of Keith and Shiro.

“Hey, bro, you okay? What happened?” He asks, hurrying his way towards them and scanning every body part of his best friend.

Lance chuckles warmly at him. “It’s okay Hunk, I just fell because I couldn’t see where I was going. I’m good.”

“You were screaming like a dying whale, Lance, I don’t call that good.” Pidge announces flatly behind Hunk, the light coming from her tablet adding more vision of their surroundings.

She makes her way towards the team and purses her lips. “Are you sure you are okay?”

Lance smiles, soft and genuine at his team’s concern. “I’m okay, Pidgey.”

“Alright, come on guys, we can’t stand in the middle of the hall all night. Let’s move out.” Shiro chuckles, nodding at Keith before they begin to walk. “Slow steps, Lance.”

Lance nods, eyes narrowed in focus.

Both Pidge and Hunk stand behind the trio, Pidge providing enough light for them to see what’s in front of them and Hunk supporting Lance’s back whenever he wavered.

“Okay, but am I the only one who is thinking about a sleepover?” Hunk pips in as soon as they reach Shiro’s soom, “Some good old team bonding just without poking each other’s mind.”

Everyone inside the room blinks at the suggestion before Lance beams. “Bro! That’s an amazing, idea!” He cheers, smiling apologetically at Shiro when he accidentally moves and the ice pack his leader was holding against his ankle falls.

“I’m okay with that.” Shiro declares, nodding in approval as he picks up the ice pack and places it once again on Lance’s. “Keith, Hunk, please go get a few mattresses. Pidge, you get the blankets. Lance and I will arrange the hologram and movie selection.”

“No more Altean Operas, Lance!” Keith shouts, narrowing his eyes at the brunet.

Lance sticks out his tongue at him, smile tugging the corner of his mouth. “Shu, shu, now, Mullet. I’m injured, I get to choose.”

“Bla bla bla, not fair! You chose last week.” Pidge grumbles, lower lip out in a pout and Shiro pushes her gently towards the exit.

“Blankets, young lady.” He says warmly and chuckles when Pidge rolls her eyes at him and raises her arms in surrender.

“You feeling better?” The leader asks after a few minutes in silence, picking up a white bandage and starting to wrap up the brunet’s ankle.

Lance hums and his eyes soften as he hears the murmurs of his friends, his family, just outside the door, chatting among them happily and playfully.

“I’m good.”

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I'm playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Sky ver.) and I recently recruited a Girarafig and named them ModMad and I s2g they keep curb stomping most Pokemon I face up against with their Agility plus Psybeam spam combo good job Mod

ur welcome buddy! reminds me of the time I had a Noctowl which I called Neil after Neil Richards, the original Mad Mod from Teen Titans, and I stg his hypnosis never missed and always lasted the max number of turns it was uncanny

Hey Guys,

So I don’t really know how Tumblr’s new Safe Mode feature works. I’ve been reading stuff about LGBTQ+ blogs getting flagged as 18+ even though they don’t feature NSFW content (which is absolutely horrific, but I’m not here to complain about this). 

Is ADAD, because we’re having LGBTQ+ Dinosaurs, going to be blocked from minor’s dashes because of this? Cause like, that’s really not okay… does anyone know how this is going to work?




i keep flip-flopping a lot on abandoning my tumblr until i’m in a better headspace but i honestly don’t know how i’d achieve that without you losers so i guess i’m stuck here 

Take Me Somewhere Nice~♪♫

Update on that situation where I used a Monoprice and it destroyed my hand and shoulder: I am recovering. My finger joints are still pretty mad, but I’ve been able to draw a little with my old tablet. Still not back to 100%, and my settings in Sai are all totally fucked from trying to adjust everything for the new tablet… I’m gonna have to go back and fix some brushes UGHHH tedious ugh ugh ugh. also despite installing exactly the same drivers I did before, everything’s a little different this time, so it’s like I’ve had to get used to my old-new-old tablet and I’m confus………………………….

the worst part of it all right now is that I have to wait for this new Wacom to show up from eBay and that is going to be anxiety macarena until I get to plug it into my computer and use it, which hopefully will be by next Wednesday but maybe sooner?

but anyway I don’t think I am going to be ruined for another 18 month period of misery and depression so