snyder quotes

RAVENCLAW: “I mean, after all… we’re mankind. We’re pink, squirming, hairless things. No fangs, no claws. We were basically designed as a quick snack along the evolving food chain. And yet, here we are, dominant, rrrregal. And why is that? Our brains, people. We get cold, we invent mittens. We get sick, we invent chicken soup. We outthink our own demise.” –Scott Snyder (The Riddler: Batman #30)

Zack from the time that I first met with him said, ‘Look, Batman makes the DC world dark. The DC world has to be created as something dark. He said what’s great now is that the League gets to bring Batman out of this darkness. That was always Zack’s vision. That was the intention from the beginning.
—  Ezra Miller on Zack Snyder’s vision of Batman and the DCEU
‘Batman v Superman’ isn’t mocking Superman’s idealism, it depends on it and uses it as the thematic basis for redeeming Batman and the entire world, and for leading us to the creation of the Justice League. The cynicism is intentionally framed as the world’s rejection of Superman, representing the modern real-life arguments about whether Superman is relevant and relatable to our real world, and the claims by a lot of people that Superman can’t be interesting because of his goodness and idealism. ‘Batman v Superman’ argues that in a world with so few good guys who remain good, with so many reasons to give up and stop having faith, Superman’s idealism is more important than ever, more relevant than ever.
—  Mark Hughes, Forbes