I made a little dance/photo-shoot house for our Party for Any Reason sims.

So far it has Zix Crusher, Glowbelle (who I have not shared yet), and also Last Concern/Chance/I’m not really sure which last name I gave her.   Technically, Last isn’t a Party sim, but she was already living there and I didn’t have the heart to kick her out.

The party is looking a little empty.  Know what I mean, nudge nudge, wink wink.


Happy Simblreen!

Feeling like this celebration is out of this world?   Then party with this base sim!

She is a SNWHAL base, and she is “creatively” named SNWHAL Base.

What is a SNWHAL?
They are a style of sim inspired by Poida.   A Small Nosed, Wearing a Hat, Alien Lady  (to see more click here - or just track the SNWHAL tag, that’s what I do 🍬 🍬 🍬)

What can I do with this sim?
She is a base sim so you can edit her as you see fit!  Change her skin, edit her features, give her lots of freckles and horns… All yours!  Enjoy! Probably you will want to give her a real name, at the very least. :)

She is in default and base game everything, except for her ITF hair.

Here is a list of most of my defaults and sliders, but since she is a base sim it’s 100% encouraged to just use what you have.

Enjoy, and Happy Simblreen!

»DOWNLOAD .sim file«


Katzana Niabell (a type of grape) and Squamp (a wirehair cat)

So there’s been a lot of talk lately about getting inspired by others, and creativity.  And I am obviously very inspired by Kitty - her Mizu is so dang cute!

Now that I’m catching up on my NaNo project, I wanted to refresh my brain by goofing off a little. :)

Katzana here is inspired (with permission) by what I think of as the Kitty esthetic - wide doe eyes, wide but small nose, and a heart shaped face.

But she also came out very close to the lovable alien who started my obsession.

Plus, I see a little Merlot in her.  Kitty and Berry - just can’t keep them separate!

In this talented community it’s impossible to participate and also be an island - I’m sure there are bits and pieces of the sims and stories I love showing up in my work all over the place.   All I can do is try to promote and give credit when I can.

And now, to stare at the oven while the apple crisp bakes. TIME! GO FASTER!

In progress.

I had to take all my CC out to get create a style to work, now I’m in the process of adding and testing.

Contacts haven’t made it in yet.

I was inspired by necile to give her a wide nose bridge.  And by skasumi to make a new SNWHAL with a squashy face.   I think she looks like a zucchini.

She is an alien, fyi - not a terrifying human.


More Jericho.

On a whim I tried purchasing an unfurnished apartment.  Why?  I don’t really know.

So I had fun with the new patch content, store stuff I had no idea I owned, and CC I abuse all the time.

And then I let Peppercorn see her new digs.   But only the kitchen and living room, because I ran out of oomph for the bathroom and bedroom.

It looks like a stunning town!  But I don’t know if my computer can handle it.  :(